Haven't seen this many people pick on Apple since they announced the iPad [NSFW]

By Adam Zeis on 12 Sep 2013 12:45 pm EDT

One thing I love about a new iPhone is that there are plenty of people ready to poke fun at Apple and their hardware. While I'm not against any platform, it's great to see that no one is immune from the humor treatment when it comes to technology - Apple included.

Late nighter's Conan and Jimmy Kimmel got their jabs in along with a few others, so if you're have some time to spare sit back and check out the videos. A few are semi-NSFW so consider yourself warned. 

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Haven't seen this many people pick on Apple since they announced the iPad [NSFW]


BlackBerry should learn from this and use these people who made there YouTube vids better then the ENTIRE BLACKBERRY MARKETING DEPARTMENT!

I had fun watching these videos BlackBerry fan or not. Learn from this BLACKBERRY and keep making your great phones and everything will be ALRIGHT!


Even my friend that works for Apple and was in California for the launch said Apple failed this time. She told me that not getting a larger iPhone was going to allow Samsung and others to continue to steal iphone customers.

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The Conan one was the first thing I though of when I saw the new gold iPhone...does that make me racist?

Jimmy Kimmel's the best! with the girl licking the screen ! I mean come on you can't be that stupid!

I feel bad for the people that have an iPhone 5 right now, there basically using an iPhone 5c lol


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A more fragile 5C. At least that one is plastic... now you have old technology that will crack if you sneeze on it.

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Chuckle. The CB site is so great. Users of the 4th place device manufacturer calling other device users 'douches'.

It's just like the old days of BBRY knowing best and giving the market only what they need and not what they want. Sigh. Good times.

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What's even better is the people who want to be hip supporting the oldest phone around by laughing at the 4th place company to be cool. It's ok, your still not cool with that itoy in your pocket. It doesn't make you stylish, just a follower. Lol

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Chuckle. Assumptions are awesome.

Posting from my z10 yo. It does 'some' things better than the Android I had. It does 'some' things better than the Torch I had. And the ipod touch I have. Won't matter though... the z10 innovations will be copied and implemented into competing OS's before BBRY can get Skype out of preview.

Most rabid fanbois sound like housewives arguing about the best refrigerator. Very amusing.

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The iPhone, like all Apple products, died with Steve Jobbs.

Just give it some time ;)

The fact they started rebranding apple at the same time as releasing plastic phones - shows you they forgot what their niche was.

Their market is dying, it's already contracted it's diseases. Now we get to watch in amusement as it starts it's slow descent to the bottom.

Good time to be a BlackBerry user ;)

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For a dying market, they sure did move a lot of product launch weekend. More than last years wildly successful launch of the iPhone 5. Most people would consider that an upward trend.

Brilliant. Let's hope this is the turning point that makes the average phone buyer realise Apple have been taking the piss for years. Apple iPhone, a triumph of marketing over substance... so far.

The public believes BlackBerry is not doing much to make progress. But CrackBerry readers know things may change with BBM X, the Z30, 10.2, etc once those initiatives come to market. What does CrackBerry do in the meantime? Post a bunch of videos that cut down the competition.

Stay classy, CrackBerry.

Anything is better than nothing.

In change management they show 5 areas to focus on simultaneously if you want to succeed.

CB fills category 5 well, reinforcing blackberry they are making the right changes. BlackBerry needs CB for this more than they realize.

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Lol I still think ADKAR sounds like the name of an ancient diety.

Oh ho hum oh holy ADKAR...

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I'm loving these adverts... and the sad thing about them is, it's ALL true reflection of what the iBone is. LOL

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It's time for BlackBerry to capitalize on this. I have always hated iPhone and always will. Go BlackBerry Go

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Yes I assume he does. And I will hate them in the future too.
Why would you ever want to buy a product from a company who releases the same device year after year and tells you it is new?
The definition of insanity is to repeat the same process and expect a different outcome.

Chuckle. You know a poster is a little delusional when they start suggesting that BBRY will capitalize on anything.

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Chuckle, what's even funnier is you thinking what is hip and cool now will never be beat, so do you still sport a afro from the seventies, a roots sweater from the eighties and a lumber jack coat from the nineties? Remember they were all cool and hip to use at one point too. Lol

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Hehe. You are too much dude!.

Are you mad cos you're a shareholder too? Or because the PlayBook update this week also doesn't resolve the famed random browser crash issue for your tablet? Or because you also cleared your z10 browser cache which rendered your browser inert? (there's a fix/workaround btw).

Sheeeeit. I'm just following the suggestion of many posters who respond to any form of critical analysis around BBRY inability to execute with the famous 'don't bitch - move on'. But me 'moving on' won't kick BBRY from 4th to 5th place in the smartphone space. I'm just one guy.

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Even funnier to me is the iPhanBoyz posting on CB news articles in surprise that there are people who despise apple.

Blasphemy - after everything Apple has done for the poor workers in China and working so hard to keep jobs away from the countries they try to sell in. How unfair for them.

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Funny but Apple's still the one having the last laugh. Almost eradicated BlackBerry market share from the planet.

yea they are having the last laugh because they know that despite the fact that they have released the same thing over & over again, people will buy millions of these things, despite the parody videos

Actually that we can totally blame on the old CEO's and hell Thor too. MARKETING is the key to the general public. One must herd their flock.

I don't think they are laughing. After losing all vision and ability to innovate and I believe they see blackberrys previous failures very clearly.

I assure you, much like M$, they take this all very seriously.

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Crocs one was the worst one. The ipad mini one was good, reminds me of a rick mercer gag.

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I personally understand 10 percent unemployment figures. Wow.....some people.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

Click it and lick it. Very good. I believe that's due out in the iPhone G (gullible)

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Yes totally agree Iphone has lost its innovation and to some extend its lack of larger screen size mojo. But still millions and millions of fools shall but it. I wish people had a same feeling for BB! Even if 1/4th people bought BB10 then BB would be a solidly profitable company!

Yeah, I remember having a few chuckles over the iPad myself. Then somehow Apple went out and sold millions of them.

Actually.. tens and tens of millions.

But all for naught. Thor was pretty insistent when he cancelled the PlayBook: the tablet market is not going to be around in five years.

Dude is ahead of his time. That's all.

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...let alone tablets that operate on the same OS as the phones. That's so last decade. Oh, I'm getting as skeptical as you, old bird, me here with a Z10 and a PlayBook.

These too will sell millions and millions, because the ecosystem is just there. The reason the iOS devices can still command a premium price. You're not paying just for the hardware and new features. You're paying for access to the catalog of iTunes, and an app you buy on your phone will more likely than not work on your tablet.

Thanks Adam. Now people are wondering why I am crying with laughter at lunch. Gotta remember the correct pronunciation of Cheapass.

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I find that Apple seems to have the exact same arrogant attitude as BlackBerry did back in 08. We see the fractures in apple now, and they don't seem to be doing anything to stop going down the same path as BlackBerry. I'm sure we all remember when BlackBerry was king of the world, the great, untouchable, tech company, then we started to see the cracks....is history on repeat for apple??

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They stole BlackBerry 10 IS interface and Nokia color scheme . Who wouldn't pick on Crapple?

I used my Z10 to create this CrackBerry madness!

Very funny, nice to see people calling out at Apple for releasing a un-innovative iPhone once again plagued by iOS and that irritating home button that is still in use since 2007. North American’s must be intelligent enough to understand how ridiculous these overpriced and overhyped phones really are.

What about all the bb phone that looks a like since Hmmm many many years, don't see any difference with the curve and the Q5.

BlackBerry sucks! yes!! I have my z10 and im bored with it because sometimes you just dont know what to do with the useless apps and the apps I need (missing) that i dont want to sideload or download the port version.

Even when you have to laugh with videos like this you enjoy watching them...WHY ? BECAUSE IT IS ABOUT iPhone!...


BlackBerry 10 devices are not the right device for you. You should probably have an iPhone or an Android device. Just curious: why did you buy a Z10 in the first place?

Ive been using BB since 2007 so you better zip it.
This is why BB is what it is TODAY because you always wait too much from them even if their not doing it right at this time. Never satisfy with a company with the worst marketing ever since Jan 2013. Its your fault that BB act like that but hey, dont worry you're not the only one who thoinks like that, there are plenty more on CB who thinks BB is just a new OS and it needs to mature, haha. You act like an iPhone user, happy with the same s#it they release, different to BB, you always happy with the lack of apps, not a great working OS and too many bugs to be a smartphone in 2013. You know what, just keep moving/waiting when they care about us and not only business.

I love that Kimmel video.

I don't think anybody would repeatedly lick a BlackBerry playbook like that. It goes to show that the Apple brand is incredibly powerful among consumers.

My ZeeTen strikes again! (Z10STL100-3/

That was pretty funny, the sad part is that I'm sure Apple users watch the videos, laugh their a$$es off, and then go right out and purchase the product *facepalm*

Lol. IPhone users r really blind believers. The only good thing apple did is to form a religious company and have many believers that they can deceive.

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I laughed as well. Then reality struck and realised that the iPhone cult like following will buy this phone. The reality is that Apple has set a train in motion that will take years to derail.

We all watched how the sheep were wooed. It's a fact folks. No matter what anyone else designs, Apple will recycle the same device and sell millions. And I'm a diehard BlackBerry user.

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Well, as someone said once, negative advertisement is still a free advertisement, better than to be a company that is ignored.

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This is the most enteraining blog on CB ever! Favourite part was the chick playing with the iPad Mini thinking it was the 5S and a dude in the background walks by using an iPad Mini.... PRICESLESS

I cracked up reading that "douchebag approved " ad for iPhone.

Now let's see a " zombie approved" ad for the next Android release.

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Means they should probably start MARKETING. This will be a great case study for colleges and universities marketing programs.

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Marketing is not the issue.

Marketing is used to show people your products exist.

People know they exist. They need to improve the experience. And start staying ahead in innovation.

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Yup. In fact I'd be interested to see how one of the current Board members shines a light on how his decision-making contributed to one of the best examples of wealth destruction in Canadian business history.

If... y'know... he's capable of making that sort of connection. And would be courageous enough to include in the B school program where he is so highly connected with.

Probably not.

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I don't know which is funnier, the people who criticize Apple or the people who criticize the people criticizing Apple...

I laughed at the videos as much as the next guy, but I don't get why people are bustin' Apple's balls about not "innovating" enough. Dude, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. We can laugh all we want. It won't change the fact that they've got racks on racks on racks in the bank. Someone get me a gold iPhone, i've got twerking to do ;)

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Thanks for the laughs! My favorite ones were Jimmy Kimmel, the Douchebag, Cross, and David So Comedy. :-)

Sent from my sexy white hot Z10 in Sin City ;-)

nice fun guys,i think apple will also feel the heat in future as my opinion is that there ins no benchmark solution or innovation they have provided until now

omg this is the blind faith that apple has been successful in creating a mirage about their products

Funny stuff... and yet, they still sold 9 MM phones the first weekend and will sell upwards of 60 MM in the December Qtr... They are laughing all the way to the bank! Even with their "small 4" screen" Apple still pulls off a magnificent campaign...

BB could learn A LOT from Apple!