Pick up the BlackBerry Z10 in the UK from just £20 per month

By James Richardson on 5 Aug 2013 03:59 am EDT

UK retailer Carphone Warehouse have a great deal on the BlackBerry Z10 at the moment if you fancy picking one up. As usual - they offer the device on all carriers, but the best deal is on their partner network 'Talk Mobile' where the Z10 will only set you back a mere £20 per month on a two year contract with no upfront cost for the handset.

This may not be the best offer for heavy data users but for the price it will still suit many folk. That £20 per month gets you the following:

  • 450 Minutes
  • 5000 Text Messages
  • 500MB of data

Talk Mobile runs off the Vodafone network if my memory serves me right so if you know you have good coverage where you live and work this is certainly a viable option. Where I see this deal being popular in particular is with the average person who isn't into their smartphones, but just visits Carphone Warehouse looking for a new phone or upgrade. If the sales staff are doing their job then we could well see the BlackBerry subscriber base in the UK rise a bit - which is always great to see.

Tempted? Hit up the link below for further information:

Buy the BlackBerry Z10 from Carphone Warehouse

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Pick up the BlackBerry Z10 in the UK from just £20 per month


Nice deal... Talk Mobile isn't exactly the people's choice of network though! What's their user base?

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I use them, not bad and they piggy back on Vodafone signal, which is the second best in my opinion. Their Customer Service can be better I reckon and the website looks from 1998. Other than that, they offer cheap prices and good signal.

One million isn't good enough. They need to aim for approximately half of their total user base. They should be aiming for 35-40 million people.

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Increase sales figure is not solely down to sales staff but rather as a result of a good blackberry marketing campaign.

Something that I am noticing in the UK is that buy will give you useless minutes and a tiny amount of data...
I will need to decode who will supply we with my mobile contract for the next year a nd a cursory glance showed that one gets minutes but little data...

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When I looked on the CPW website yesterday you could get a better deal on o2 (which is a far better network in general) for just £2 more per month.

O2 is to be getting 4G at the end of this month at 4 major cities too. Just in case that sways anyone's decision.

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i belive 02 are going to be like ee and charge more for 4g data but not as high as ee so if you wanted 4g it would probs be 30 qiud a month thats my estimate on the lowest tariff seeing as ees lowest was 40 per month

Prices of the BB10 devices in the UK really seem to be dropping. My wife's white Q10 just arrived from Amazon (sold by them not a reseller) for £411 inc VAT. That looks like great value to me. It's not a £600 phone, but it is surely a £400 phone with more updates to come

Yes this is bringing us back to the huge price cuts seen for the Z10 lately which in my opinion can only be a means of trying to shift unsold stock of a poorly performing product. We're certainly not seeing the iPhone5 or GalaxyS4 subject to such bargain price cuts.

Unless you are an avid Blackberry fan, avoid the Z10, even at these prices. I purchased in April to replace my work issued bb torch, but sadly discovered it wasn't compatible with existing work systems. After refusing to ever use the torch again I allowed work to take over my personal iPhone 5 and the Z10 is now my personal phone.
I am constantly using my iPhone over the Z10. Web pages won't load on the Z10 when they smoke on the iPhone - yes they both use Australia's Telstra 4G network so no excuses.
Mapping is woeful, so bad I have to take my work phone with me on weekends so I don't get lost. Can't even get a decent GPS lock when my iPhone give my exact location. Where is Google maps?
My photos won't save to Z10 or micro Sd card, and the app choice is abysmal - I thought this last point wouldn't matter but it does and side loading is a massive inconvenience at best.
The Hub is good and I like the ui, mostly stolen from WebOS, but not enough to lay down decent cash.
I thought I would help out the little guy after owning plenty of Android devices but I am so thoroughly disappointed with my purchase it hurts.
I am seriously considering using this thing as a $600 wifi hot spot device once the new Nexus comes out, which is a real shame - what else can I do as resale price has tanked.
These things are already going for just over $400 new, what will I get for a second hand one? I will hold out for 10.2, but in my stomach I know it will make little difference as this thing is an A-grade clunker. Buyer beware!

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"Web pages won't load on the Z10 when they smoke on the iPhone"

"My photos won't save to Z10 or micro Sd card, and the app choice is abysmal"

You must have a lemon or don't know how to use your phone.

I have no problem's with Web pages and I save my photos to my 64gb SD card all the time.

About map apps give "BeMaps 10 pro" a try see if that helps.

If you like listening to music give "Neutron" a try really great for sound.

Take care.

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You obviously don't know how to use the phone properly as I have none of the problems you mentioned - either that or you have a faulty phone in which case you could have asked for a replacement!

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You must have a defective unit. I don't have any of those problems with my Z10.

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