Pick up the BlackBerry Q10 SIM free this week from Selfridges

By James Richardson on 24 Apr 2013 08:07 am EDT

If you are holding out to pick up the BlackBerry Q10 it appears that Selfridges in the UK will have stock from this Friday, which will be the first place in the country to sell the new BlackBerry 10 device with its glorious hardware QWERTY keyboard.

If you head on over to their website you can grab the Q10 and orders will be dispatched on 26th April. BlackBerry UK sent out the announcement on Twitter stating that "The #BlackBerryQ10 is available exclusively at @Selfridges this Fri/Sat/Sun,"

At £579.99 it isn't cheap but with more and more folk in the UK going down the SIM only contract route I'm sure Selfridges stock will shift pretty quickly.

Tempted? Let us know in the comments. Oh, and don't forget to check out our extensive Q10 review.

Order the BlackBerry Q10 from Selfridges

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Pick up the BlackBerry Q10 SIM free this week from Selfridges


So 100 pounds more than the Z10...
(480 pounds and unlocked for free by O2)


Posted via CB10

if I wasn't married, I'd most probably be ordering this right now instead of commenting on the post...

As much as I would love to grab one I just cannot simply afford it especially after buying Z10 on its launch.. Also I think price is bit higher than I was expecting. Same price offered by Carphonewarehouse on Pay-as-you-go. Will wait until price drop :)

Q10 will be starting out at $250.00 USD in the states, with a contract. I just saw that Verizon was going to accept pre-orders shortly. Z10 is at AT&T for $199.00 with contract.

Had the money saved up for Feb launch, spent it on a trip to Lemans instead.. :D

Contract route with Tmobile UK seems the most likely.

I brought the BlackBerry Z10 in New Zealand where I had to go to an importer as our telecoms dont yet stock the Z10 to buy it for for $960.00, which is expensive in my country,...if you are a crackberry.....like me.....who cares about the price......I don't.
I am long BlackBerry......!