Pick up a BlackBerry PlayBook as low as $295 at the BlackBerry Store in Australia!

BlackBerry PlayBook
By Michelle Haag on 17 Oct 2011 08:08 pm EDT
Hey Australia, if you're looking to get a BlackBerry PlayBook, but missed out on the sales that Harvey Norman stores just had, you can still find a good price. The BlackBerry Store is advertising all three sizes of the tablet on sale, with the 16GB priced at $295, 32GB at $349, and 64GB at $398. The site is listing them as on sale for this week only, so hurry and get yours!

More information from BlackBerry Store
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ya lemme just walk on over to Australia and pick one up!


Hmmm.... looks like not anymore...
This very moment they are listed as $485, $625 and $746....
Seems as a "week" means something different there...

PS Just noticed: For the 9900s walk-trough video they gave credit to CB :-)))