Pick up a BlackBerry PlayBook for $249 after rebate at Staples next week

BlackBerry PlayBook on sale at Staples
By Michelle Haag on 24 Sep 2011 03:20 pm EDT

If you live in the US and feel a little left out of all the sales on the BlackBerry PlayBook this week, chin up! We received a tip that between 9/25 and 10/1 Staples will have the 16GB PlayBook on sale for $349 with an additional mail in rebate of $100, bringing total cost down to $249. Each household can have up to 5 rebates, so go ahead and buy a few. Thanks for sending this in Ryan!

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Pick up a BlackBerry PlayBook for $249 after rebate at Staples next week


I really hope that all these sales actually get the units off of shelves and into peoples hands. Win for Rim, and a win for PlayBook owners as maybe app development will be taken a little more seriously.

Fortunately, you can do them online and not have to mail this in. Still takes about 8 weeks and will come and a Visa Pre-Paid gift card though.

Still wonder why Canadians are getting screwed on pricing. Canadian dollar has been at par or above for over a year. BlackBerry is a 'Canadian' company, yet Staples Canada sells it for $399 and Staples US can sell it for $349.

Probably because the US economy is tanking and since ours is doing pretty well we can afford it. Or it is the Man trying to keep us down.....

i was wondering when rim would cut this"wannabe apple" arrogance and find a true price point for this tablet. i hope the next tablet doesnt get dragged through the muck price wise like the playbook did. can you imagine the sales numbers now if they started by selling them at 249 to begin with? folks would be buying them on impulse at costco.

I've not seen any but the 16GB model in stores. Not just Staples, but Best Buy, Fry's etc. I have to think that the $500 starting price had something to do with it. How can a retailer who likely doesn't know much about the product put the 16GB tablet next to the 32GB Xoom for the same money? If the price drops for the 32GB and 64GB Playbook models as well, we might see stores stocking them.

I think non-iPad tablet prices have to fall, it's now or never for RIM grabbing market share and making the platform a go. RIM blowing these out at cost to grab some attention and share makes sense to me, it's painful for profit now but accumulating inventory is also. I think the 200,000 shipped number last quarter told the story.

I will grab another one for my mom for Christmas. She wants one and at $250-300 is affordable.

Too bad you only get discount in the US or Canada.
In Europe you still have to pay 410€, thats $550 for a 16Gb Playbook

So the price is 349 dollars + you get a 'Visa prepaid card' with it... Why the hell don't they cut the price to 249 dollars?

I'm sure that they don't expect everybody to submit the rebate request, or to submit it IAW the terms and conditions. That then becomes an advertised sale that doesn't cost the company anything extra.

In addition to the reason given before, it also prevents competitors from price matching. Most price match arrangements explicitly state that rebates are not matched. There is also the possibility that the rebate is not being paid for by Staples, instead the funds for the rebates are being fronted by another entity.

Yes, there are certain price matching concerns, and the fact that the rebate can be paid by a different company (like the manufacturer).

There have been studies about mail-in rebates. If you put two products next to each other, both identical, and have one priced at $250 and the other priced at $350 with a $100 mail-in rebate, more people will buy the one with the rebate. It makes no sense, especially considering how many people forget to mail it in, but there you go.

I have to learn to stop asking for too much, but, $249+ tax would be sweet out the box. Just sell it to me for $259+ tax and i'll sign the rebate off to Staples :o), they can consider the $9 an interest payment.

Why would you buy one, it will probably be discontinued in a month considering it now costs less than many BB's? Stillborn.

I just went over to Staples and bought one. That way if the sale happens I just have to get a price adjustment. If it doesn't happen, I have 14 days to return it with no re-stocking fee.

Um... you'll get the price adjustment for the $100 instant off, but how will you deal with the rebate, which states it's only valid for purchases between 08/25/11 - 09/03/11? Better ask for a new receipt with that price adjustment...

Edit: I was quoting the online rebate redemption form. The rebate form from the store is 09/25/11 - 10/01/11.

Any chance of these prices hitting the UK? It's my birthday in 15mins, hopefully someone will be willing to get me one (or I will probably get it myself) at the discounted rate.

So newbs get a discount and only have to wait a month or two for what early adopters have waited over 5 months for. FML!

i'm in the Philippines and they cost $548 here for the 16gb model. that's also how much i paid for mine. :(

This is not going to move many considering the Amazon tablet gets released next week, most likely, at a $250 cash price point.

This won't even look like a sale price at that point.

Guess that will depend on what the Amazon tablet has. For a media consumption device, there's really no need for a back facing camera, except maybe for quick snapping of things to buy. There's definitely no need for a front facing camera, as they're not out to support video chat.

HuMmmm buy now, wait or get an ipad. I will go and check it out again. There is a lot to like about the Playbook but a lot to be nervous about as well. Will the new software update bring big enough changes? I wish I knew someone who had one so I could really test it out before buying it. It it was $250 out the door it would be a no brainer.

A couple of apps that would have been nice for traveling for work, Kindle, Sirius and a movie down load site.

Great, thanks for screwing with us early adopters.

Maybe this is the last time I buy a RIM product? Ya know, in case they drop the price 3 months after I buy it...

Hey, they're trying to get more Playbooks in the hands of more people so that you'll get more apps... or are you happy with the current state of that?

TouchPad's went on fire sale 2 months after launch. It could be worse...

First of all, every time you buy something within the first few months, you're going to pay more. If you feel you are getting screwed by being an early adopter, just wait and buy it later. All electronic equipment prices drop like crazy, anything you buy today is cheaper next month. Would you rather have the prices stay high? Also, if you buy from Staples, you have 14 days to return it even if it has been used, no re-stocking fee.

Don't just think about yourselves, think of how the Blackberry fanatics feel that bought at full retail. The RIMM faithful will feel screwed and that is not a good thing for RIMM.

This is one reason I'm waiting until the Bold 9930 drops from $250 to something more reasonable given that it's competition is vastly superior in many ways. (4G, better cameras, faster processors,better screens,more applications, etc.)

Think of how the Apple fanatics feel that bought iPhone 2G at full retail $599 in 2007. The AAPL faithful will feel screwed and that is not a good thing for AAPL.

Just ordered at Staples.com. $499 - $100 instant savings. With $100 Visa prepaid card rebate, total is $299. Not as good as $249, but better than $499. Expected delivery (free) is Tues 9/27. If I don't like it, I'll send Neri to get my money back.

Ordered mine at around 12AM, but just got my email confirmation. Usually they are sent instantly, but I just got mine which concerns me. Also when I click the link in the email to "Track my order" it says that my delivery may be delayed and that "We're sorry, but problems with your order may prevent us from delivering it on time."

My question is, are you having the same problems?

Dissapointed, i was into the hype about the PB and so got one within two days of the launch, paid full price only to be very dissapointed with what it can do, it cant do any more than my BB torch, oh ok it can, it can be like my BB torch but on a larger screen that about it. People saying that they bridge there BB's to use the PB, i dont see the point, it just drains batttery on both devices. Very dissapointed about the PB. Now even more dissapointed that in October they are releasing PB OS 2 which will have native apps on it, and guess what the price is now half. I really wish id waited till october and got a FUNCTIONING PB for half the price.
RIM, can you give me a ddiscount or money back for me loyalty that is misplaced with your products.
I bought the new Torch 9860 thinking the same faster, slicker and more dynamic. like yes ok. Work has given me the Samsung Galaxy S2 for work and seriously side by side it blows any BB out of the water. Faster ineternet, download of apps in seconds without the need for a 20 minute reboot everytime, better GPS, better Nav apps, Better Music apps.

Really trying very hard to find a reason to stick with BB now even though i have been a fan for over 10 years.

Unfortunately early adopters often get screwed. RIM should have had native e-mail and the Android player out in the summer as promised, that is my disappointment.

I was an early adopter too but I knew this could happen. Regrets - not really. I use my Playbook every evening to check out sites, do some reading and play a quick game. That's what I wanted, that's what I got. I tether when at the cottage and it works like a charm.

I'm not clear why you're choosing your tech based solely on the brand. Shouldn't the devices you choose be based on the functionality you desire? It's like you're setting yourself up for disappointment. There will always be tech coming out that is going to be better and at some point cheaper.

I wonder how many people wonder if they got a raw deal from Apple. Their iPad is no better than a big iPod Touch that they already have, only with a larger screen. Sure, RIM promised more, with the Android emulator, so you have a valid complaint there. Apple only promised iPod Touch apps.

The 9860 is my first Blackberry and my first smartphone. I've read the reviews of the Galaxy S2. For me, it's not worth the extra $10/month on Sprint. I was frankly glad that the Blackberry's aren't 4G. They're the best 3G phones on Sprint. It's like having the speed and resolution of the Evo 4G without the extra fee.

You're lucky work gave you a Galaxy S2. I don't get that kind of perk.

It's $449.00 - $100 instant rebate, or $349.00 in the store. The mail-in rebate nets another $100 off, for $249.00 before taxes.

So, you pay $349.00 + taxes + any recycling fees at a Staples store and then redeem your $100 rebate afterward.


Jonathan K

im still glad i got my pb even at full price. its the greatest product i own and i have an ipad 2. both are great but my playbook is incredible, bring it everywhere i go. flash is a big deal, so many sites dont work on the ipad. i can only imagine how much it will be when that update comes out in a month...hoping it comes out in a month. might look to get another one for 250 because its a steal. could always give it to someone i love

staples uk website only offers cases and skins for the playbook but plenty of other tablets..

The Wife actual wants a Playbook as the 9860 still doesn't play all the youtube videos that an old itouch can but like Rim products and the size of the playbook compared to the Ipad.. But now we are thinking why pay 399 if prices are dropping in the US and after the touchpad fiscao..

Another masterstroke by RIM

where are we getting the $249 from. all i see on staples site is $299 after all rebates? if i show this to them tomorrow will they honor the $249 price

The website says $499 - $599 - $699 with 100 instant and 100 mail in.
But check out the dates on the rebate form 8/25 - 9/3 go figure..

walked into my local staples today, picked one up for $350 + $100 mail in rebate for a total of $250. sweet!

The rebate they gave me instore had the correct date printed on it, unlike the online form which seemed to relate to an older offer.

"eyalk" on slickdeals.net reported that if you have a Staples account (not clear if it's a premier or government account), pricing is as follows:

16 GB $199
32 GB $299
64 GB $399

after $100 instant rebate and $100 mail-in rebate. Pricing is $100 less starting out because of "Exclusive Savings", i.e. $399 16 GB for premier/government account.

So, if you have a "special" Staples account or access to someone with one, you get an additional $50 savings.

After ordering online Sunday a.m. for $299 with discount and rebate, just got my $50 pricematch over the phone to the $250 instore price.

Hey everyone, I live in Canada. Me and a friend went online to order 3 BB playbook for pickup from Futureshop. The order went through and everything with a confirmation number. When we went to the store, the manager says he won't sell it to us. He said the policy is 1 per customers and refuse to show us the policy. After 15 minutes of argument, he went into the office for 10 minutes, bring out a peace of type out letter saying, "There's a mistake on the web site for the Blackberry tablets. It is not at 299.99$ + gift card of 100$, you're supposed to read that the tablet is 399.99$ + gift card of 100$. With this promotion you have a limit of one per customer. Sorry for all inconvenient. The Dirention."

There's no signature or anything. My friend wrote down what the manager said earlier and ask him to sign the paper, and he refuse to sign it. Is this normal? it's not about money or anything but about principal, can I do anything about it, complain to someone. I also call customer relations and they were being a jackass about it too. Please give me some insight, thanks.

Hey crackberry nation,

I went to a store (Staples) just find out they didn't have any in stock. I called another one and they said they only had one. Wanting to pick these puppies up before they were out, I called the online folks.

Guess what!!! PRICE MATCH!!!!!!!! Got two at the store price with the same rebates and being delivered tomorrow. (24 hour turn around time with FREE Shipping).

So if you want to avoid going to the stores and getting the bad news of 'Not In Stock' give the folks at 800-333-3330 a call and see if they can price match.

Until then, tomorrow will be a good day provided God grants me another day of life.

Took advantage of the Staples deal yesterday. I supposedly got the last one in stock, although I think the manager was saving it for himself. Anyway, later that day I went looking for another one for the wife. Nobody had them. So I just now took gp0777's advice, and it worked like a charm. Just call Staples if you're looking for one and they will price match the deal in the store.

By the way, other than the power button on the top of the Playbook, this thing is awesome. Not sure some of the complaints I've read are warranted, but to each their own.

I went into a Staples today and grabbed one because the advertised $249.99 was posted, though when I checked out they tried to insist it was $299.99 instead. I got them to honor the $250 (after rebate) but they actually removed the $250 sign and put up a new one. They had another sign dated this week as well that said "$299.99" instead of "$249.99". Not sure what that was all about....just glad I got mine at the better price!