Pick up the BlackBerry Curve 9320 in the UK for only £99.95 - That's cheap as chips.

By James Richardson on 28 Jul 2012 02:45 pm EDT

If you are in the UK and are thinking of getting a BlackBerry or maybe upgrading, now may well be the perfect time to do it. The Carphone Warehouse have announced their 'prepay payday deal' and this entails discounting the BlackBerry Curve 9320 to a mere £99.95.

Running BlackBerry 7.1, sporting a FM radio and a dedicated BBM key the BlackBerry Curve 9320 may be a cheap BlackBerry but it offers fantastic value for money. If you are into your social networking and staying in touch with your buddies the 9320 may well be the device of your dreams without breaking the bank. 

The 9320 is available in either black or white so you can choose the colour to suit your style. The offer will run up until Thursday August 2nd and you can pick up the device on T-Mobile, Virgin or Vodafone. This may well be bargain of the year.  

Reader comments

Pick up the BlackBerry Curve 9320 in the UK for only £99.95 - That's cheap as chips.


Wow - steal of a deal.

What's that in dollars, $150-155. Cheapest I have seen is about $200-225 pre-paid.

This is pure awesomeness! Now those looking to upgrade their curve or join #teamblackberry will have a great deal with a great blackberry!

I bought one as soon as they were available here in Canuckistan for $150 and it really is a great little communicator. The 7.1 OS is fast and nimble, while the 3G reception is excellent and the FM radio also works very well, although you have to have the headset plugged in for the radio to function (it probably serves as the antenna). If RIM would set it up so that several devices could share a single BBM ID and email profile, then having multiple BB phones for differing situations would be some thing I would take advantage of; I would think with the 4G playbooks on the horizon, this would be something they would address.

In Canada, virgin sells the white 9360 for 150 outright on prepaid. Comparatively this is over priced.