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PhotoUploader updated to v1.1.0 bringing fixes and new features

PhotoUploader udpated to v1.1.0 bringing fixes and new features
By DJ Reyes on 4 Jan 2014 07:13 pm EST

It wasn't too long ago when we posted about an app called PhotoUploader. An app that allowed you to upload your photos and videos directly to Dropbox. Since the native BlackBerry 10 Dropbox app lost the ability to do so a developer has created an app for those looking for this feature. It has proven to be quite a useful app and over time it can only become better. This update comes with some bug fixes and additional features to the settings.

PhotoUploader changelog for v1.1.0

  • ADDED: new setting to delete the photos after copying
  • ADDED: new setting to skip videos
  • ADDED: new setting to exit app after sync
  • ADDED: details for each list entry
  • ADDED: link to support thread @ CrackBerry forums!
  • BUGFIX: checking SD card permissions on app start
  • BUGFIX: updating active frame on network connection change
  • BUGFIX: showing correct active frame text

This is an app that needs to remain as an Active Frame to function but a headless version of the app shall be coming in the future. This will certainly make this app even more worthwhile. The developer of this app makes plenty of useful apps and regularly updates them. No doubt we'll see more great things get added to this app too. If you haven't checked out PhotoUploader yet, you can download it from BlackBerry World for $0.99. As usual, updates are free. To use this app you must be running BlackBerry OS 10.2 and above. It is available for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones.

Learn more / Download PhotoUploader from BlackBerry World




All Black all BlackBerry-thing!


I'll give it a try

Posted via CB using my Q10


Wtf, when did native lose access and what's BlackBerry doing to fix it? This is tablestakes!

Posted via CB10


From what I've seen, we can still upload things. I selected a pic and pressed Share and it gave me the option for Dropbox. Not sure about videos though.

Posted via CB10


That still works too! But not automatically.


Never used dropbox to auto sync pics. Always used They are better anyways

Posted from the Zed 10 on the cool CB10 app


Yeap, I though the Box native app can do auto upload of pics taken already?!

Posted via CB10


Sachesi is your friend

Posted via CB10


Thanks for the heads-up that it won't work on 10.1, DJ. I bookmarked it in BBW and I look forward to downloading this when VZW finally gets its US customers upgraded.

Posted via my Q10, still on


Still stuck with 10.1 here, too (AT&T). I've about given up on ever seeing 10.2.

Loving my Q10


Sachesi is your friend. No sense in waiting for AT&T

Posted via CB10


No wonder bb10 is not selling well if carriers are so slow pushing updates. That said,one can argue BlackBerry should come up with better finished OS at launch.

Posted via CB10


"An app that allowed you to upload your photos and videos directly to Dropbox"... the "i" and "A" users must be smiling at us right now...

Posted via CB10


I just use box

It gives at least 10gb free and if you did the PlayBook upgrade like undid a few years ago, I have 50gb.

Works great.

I love my Dropbox, but it's too small for photos

Box, is native and automatic and headless

Posted via CB10


Doesn't support auto upload of documents like Dropbox did unfortunately.

Posted via CB10


I've just uploaded a photo to directly to my Dropbox using 'Connect to Dropbox'., STL-100. Can't be bothered to conduct the test on a video. Though I suspect it wouldn't work. Even so, this shows that the suggestion BB10 DB app no longer works on pix is incorrect. Can we get that acknowledged once and for all, Crackberry?

Posted by the inimitable Z10 handheld system


The uploading of stuff to Dropbox manually still works out of the box, but not automatically. Thats what the app is about. Doing it automatically.

Some people, myself included, don't want to switch to for several reasons. But to be honest I don't want to discuss the reasons and which service is the better one here. :)


Or at least qualified.

Posted by the inimitable Z10 handheld system


Good stuff ;-)!

C0038297E Quote of the Day (BBM Channel)


I would love to use this app if it wasn't limited to dropbox and box. I personally use ownCloud which uses the open standard webDav.

Posted via CB10


I have over 170gb on Dropbox. Used it since it first came from beta. Have sooo many pics on there.

Would get the app but in stuck on 10.1 also. :/ hate att sometimes.

Posted via CB10