PhotoUploader gets headless integration in the latest update

PhotoUploader gets headless integration in the latest update
By DJ Reyes on 21 Feb 2014 06:35 am EST

PhotoUploader is an app that allows you to automatically upload photos on your BlackBerry device to your Dropbox or Box account. We first saw this app drop in December 2013 and it was definitely an app I've been wanting, since Dropbox on BlackBerry 10 took away the ability to auto-upload photos to Dropbox. While the native Box app does allow you to do this, I use Dropbox more so would prefer if my photos were directly uploaded there.

At the time of its first release, PhotoUploader needed to stay open as an Active Frame in order to work as described. For those who didn't jump in the first time, you'll probably want to take a look this time as it has now gone headless. An app like this definitely needed to go headless and I am so glad to see that it has. 

What I like about PhotoUploader to is that there is no need to separately login to your Dropbox or Box account. As long as you are logged in to those accounts PhotoUploader can do it's thing. All you have to do it choose the directory to which you want to upload your photos to and you're done. There are other setting options too, like how often it will look for new photos or whether to just use Wi-Fi only. You can also be notified to the Hub when photos have been uploaded.

PhotoUploader v2.0.0 changelog

  • NEW: app is now headless and runs in the background!
  • NEW: debug log for more informations during / about sync
  • NEW: optional notifications to the HUB
  • NEW: optional notifications to Pebble (Smartwatch)
  • NEW: added german and polish translations

You'll notice the addition of notifications to Pebble in that list. A nice touch for Pebble users. This is something available for other developers to do too. And we'll have more on that coming soon too. So, watch this space.

If you haven't checked out PhotoUploader yet, check it out today. It's not an instant service but I'll take anyway as it is a feature I want. It is available for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones and costs $0.99. Of course, if you're updating, that won't cost you anything.

Learn more/Download PhotoUploader from BlackBerry World



I was waiting for headless to purchase
Right now I'm going to blackberry world
Thanks dev for supporting blackberry
Keep going

From My Sexy Blackberry Q10...


I thought the new OneDrive/Skydrive app uploads pics automatically as well? just d/l the .apk file from your favourite source (in my case, Snap). They give you an extra free 3 gigs when you turn on the "upload camera pics to cloud" option. Best of all, its FREE


Ouh, apk... Android applications of this kind may drain your battery a lot more. Be aware!

Personally I prefer well developed native applications especially when they have to run in the background to make a proper job, just like this headless application. :)

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The Android app is not headless.

jojo beaconsfield

@sandman10...yeah I got some email advising me about One Drive but it seems like there is no support for BB devices,just kills me how the US Co's want to kill BB.

Prem WatsApp

Do we really want EVERY photo to hit the cloud instantly?

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

jojo beaconsfield

@Prem...and once it's there,don't they own it?


Let's say I'm a victim of a crime. Or even a witness. Do I want the photos and videos I managed to get only on my person so the perp can take the phone and destroy the images? Or, do I want them uploaded to a cloud service asap so the perp may not be able to get them? Hmmm. Let me think about that. Oh, yeah I want them copied to someplace off the phone.

The advantage of using Remote File Access, as I mentioned in another post here, is that the files could be uploaded to my computer on a share with write only access. That way the perp can't delete them even with the phone unlocked.

jojo beaconsfield

@jrohland...that makes a lot of sense,thanks


This app demonstrates where BB10 still has much maturing to do. The app has to poll on a schedule to check for new picture files. In the future I hope an app like this can register itself with the camera app so when a picture (or video) is taken, the camera app would wake the PhotoUploader app to send the file. This has two avantages:
1. less battery use
2. immediate upload

As for the app, I would like the option to use any available storage on my phone, Remote File Access for example.


I totally agree with you. The ability to register with the camera app, or something similar, would be really awesome.

And to be clear you can use any(!) available folder on your phone! You are not limited to Dropbox oder! :)



Skydrive.... now onedrive allows you to auto upload and are currently giving away 3gs of extra storage if you set it up.

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jojo beaconsfield

@bbkym...not available for BB devices,unless you sideload.I checked it out and no mention of BB there at all.that stinks.


Box. Hub integration, auto upload, 10gb storage, all variants of file sharing, free.

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Can't see the need, since Box provides this and way more storage. For free.

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Yes I have Box too and it uploads pictures and videos automatically if I so choose and 50GB of storage all for free...


Native in built box works fine for me too, take a pic and its sent all up in the sky ready to pull onto my pc to edit if need be :-)

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ammm.. WHY you need such app, when Box and DropBox does it natively?!


Sadly the builtin DropBox client does it not, as DJ already pointed out correctly. Only the Box client support that feature.


I would like my pictures to go to Flickr. They allow 1Tb of storage and it is a great service. I don't want to clog my Box account with photos.

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damien kupuku

I Wonder why we need this app as Dropbox and Box do the job natively(in Os Core) and very easy to use when u need to tranfert yours pics to your PC wirelessly


Sadly the builtin DropBox client does it not, as DJ already pointed out correctly. Only the Box client support that auto-upload feature.


Oh boy, this app is a life saver. I back up my media files every time I do a sync with BlackBerry Link and before I knew it all the photos and music got a messed up and unorganized. By using this app, I could simply just back up and restore my application files and my setting file while keeping the photos on my phone and computer consistent.