Photoshop 101: Figuring out the Thunder's Size

By Kevin Michaluk on 15 Jul 2008 11:45 am EDT

After seeing real images of the BlackBerry Thunder surface, one of our readers (thanks Brandon!) spent some time tooling in photoshop and honed in on the relative size of RIM's new touchscreen phone compared to existing BlackBerry devices.

BlackBerry Thunder vs. Curve

Look closely at the image and you'll see the BlackBerry Thunder and BlackBerry Curve appear to be pretty darn close! Turn your Curve sideways and start fake-typing across the width of device - I'm thinking it should make for a comfortable (and hopefully quick!) typing experience. I can't wait to see side by side live comparisons of the Thunder. Another comparison shot is waiting for you after the jump!

Thunder vs. Curve

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Photoshop 101: Figuring out the Thunder's Size


The curve sideways did feel good. The photoshop pictures are not that good of an indication though. I can make the curve the same size as the Empire State building.

Good thing the device isn't the size of a brick like said competitor, i think it will make for a formidable opponent!

For some reason, I had it in my head that it would be more the size of an 8800. I think if you stretch the Thunder picture out to that point, the screen would be almost exactly double what it currently is. Who knows though. Like was said earlier, I can't wait to see an actual picture of this thing sitting next to an 880, a Curve, and a Bold.

I am the one that made these comparisons, the way that I was able to hone in on the size was by using the blackberry emblem as a size reference, since the proportions of the blackberry logo stay the same from blackberry phone to phone, I was able to scale it to the proper dimensions. Thus (hopefully) getting a pretty close size comparison.

That image does not prove anything because they are two completely different pictures and each have their own scale. They could have been taken with the camera at different distances from the phone and therefore their size is not actual size. Holding up a Curve to the monitor shows that the Curve picture isn't actual size either :)

Maybe if you read the comment a few above yours you would see how he did it! He matched the two Blackberry logos and laid them on top of one another thus creating a (hopefully) perfect scale.

Its all the blackberry logo my friends, using that as the basis, because the aspect of the blackberry and the size of the blackberry logo do not change from phone to phone, that is the reference point i used.

I'm not convinced by the recent pictures of the Thunder, they could easily be Photoshop FAKES, and I've heard to many conflicting stories about the supposedly GREAT or RUBBISH keyboard.

...a lot of are you just that. Look, the point of the comparison is just to give a possible ballpark image of what the Thunder 'COULD' look like. So let's stop reading into it.

At least the person that took the time to do this; did so with some enthusiasm and sincerity...and here a lot of you are just lambasting the guy.

Anyways; if the Thunder is close to the size of either the curve, 8800,'ll still make for a nicely packaged touch device (size wise).