Photos emerge of the 10-inch BlackBerry PlayBook

10" BlackBerry PlayBook
By Michelle Haag on 30 Jul 2012 04:34 am EDT

Well what do we have here? Vietnamese website Tinhte was sent some pictures of what is apparently the mythical 10-inch BlackBerry PlayBook! This mysterious device was first mentioned when the 7-inch PlayBook came out, but then was cancelled in early 2011 so that RIM could focus efforts in other areas.

From what we can see in the pictures here, this larger form factor tablet does have a slot for a sim card as well as the familiar front facing camera and bezels for swiping, but no indication on what capacity this model will be or if it would be a 3G or 4G model, assuming it ever comes to production. Though, you can see it has a 7250mAh battery onboard from the shots of the internals. Remember, the codename for the device is Blackforest, a device we saw come up many times in the past but also notably in more recent roadmaps.

So what do you think of the larger form factor? Would you be interested in buying a 10-inch PlayBook if RIM did indeed decide to go ahead with production, or are you sold on the smaller form factor? Let us know in the comments below. You can check out plenty more pictures below and a few more of the internals at the source link. 

Source: Tinhte via: Engadget

Photos emerge of the 10" BlackBerry PlayBook
Photos emerge of the 10" BlackBerry PlayBook
Photos emerge of the 10" BlackBerry PlayBook
Photos emerge of the 10" BlackBerry PlayBook
Photos emerge of the 10" BlackBerry PlayBook
Photos emerge of the 10" BlackBerry PlayBook
Photos emerge of the 10" BlackBerry PlayBook
Photos emerge of the 10" BlackBerry PlayBook
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Photos emerge of the 10-inch BlackBerry PlayBook


its more squared, looks like a 4:3 apsect ratio similar to the ipad.

maybe this is the 4G playbook everyone is talkign about, although i doubt it and i doubt we'll see it to market any time soon if its for real

+1 I believe the aspect ratio will never be 4:3 because all the apps are being developed for 16:9. We won't have the same quality if they just stretch apps. I believe Apple will face this problem with the "new" iPhone. By the way, fragmentation is a very important issue and I truly believe RIM is making easier for developers not harder. A 4:3 version of any device from RIM at this point just won't get my credibility.

I agree, but that's for RIM to surprise us with a great solution for the full keyboard. I say this because all the apps for BB10 are being developed using either the PlayBook or the Dev Alpha and them both have 16:9 ratios. I mean, for the phones the screen size may not be the actual system size, that's not a problem for the tablets. Just a handfull apps are developed using "fluid" layout techniques.

you nailed it. It has to be 'pixel doubled' from the 7" so that apps will work right off the bat.

Rim, no more fragmentation please...

Dead on!

It's a fake.

The 10" that was floating around the RIM offices prior to cancellation of the project followed the same ratio as current PB...if RIM brings out a different ratio larger 10" then you might as well book them for disaster since they already have floated away from how to build a proper device...

The 10" in the pictures is def a Chinese knock off PB, notice it's not on as well...

The PB 10 pictures featured here have the same 4:3 aspect ratio as the iPad. Would be a ballsy strategy for RIM to take on iPad, but I LOATHE iPad and the Apple arrogance and would love it if the new PB 10 would become an iPad killer.

Playbook, the one and only

More info on the guy who has the 10" Playbook. He's a blackberry dealer in HaNoi, Viet Nam go by the name of Quang3G ( the biggest in term of sales among the local dealer there). I got my 9650 from that guy 6 month ago.
Maybe I would pay a visit to his shop and take some exclusive photos and hands on for CrackBerry if he let me =))

It looks fine to me too. This aspect ratio at 10 inches works great for web pages and documents. Don't see any reason to buy one since I already have an iPad 3.

iPad is portrait (with camera position) but this 10-inch PlayBook is sorta landscape (with camera position). I think the more "square" shape works because it blurs the line between landscape and portrait. I think it will do well, but app ecosystem is key and so is price. I think anymore than $400 for the 32 GB would be a difficult sell with the uncertainty of the platform and the shortage of apps, although the PlayBook has been getting a lot of app-love lately :)

I am excited if the ports are positioned where you can dock it in landscape. To me, the biggest drawback of the iPad is you have to use it in portrait. IMHO, using a keyboard, it would be way more effective in landscape. Look like RIM is thinking hard about the usability aspect. What I really wish? RIM would copy some of the HP Touchpad accessories. I loved the touchstone charger and the bluetooth keyboard.

Unless they are going in a totally different direction with the 10" model the dimensions look totally wrong. It's not widscreen. It looks more like the dimensions of the iPad.

honestly, what would be the reasoning in buying this? just because its 10"?? depending on the price, why not just get an iPad? Unless the Playbook will have more apps and functionality, I dont see the point. I have a 32gb Playbook and I barely use it. I only bought it because of the 7" size and the $199 price tag. Sideloading popular apps, the freezing Android app player, and only being able to video chat with other Playbooks was really disappointing.

The Playbook barely sold until the huge markdown, so why are they wasting their time on this and a 4G model? Where is the BB10 phone??

Just because yours is collecting dust it doesn't mean it's a useless tablet. "Why not just get an iPad?" How about the PB having a superior OS? How about true multi-tasking? Your question about the BB10 phone. Where have you been, bro?

never said it was useless. My point is that the main advantage of the Playbook is its portable 7" size and that its a tablet and not just an e-reader. Yeah, it has a better OS, but whats the point if hardly any popular apps supports it? I questioned the BB10 phone because it seems like they should be putting more focus on getting that released ASAP, instead of another Playbook (that didnt sell well in the first place) most people outside of Crackberry wont buy. Im a RIM fan too, but Im just being realistic.

I'm also being realistic so we have to realize that the concentration is totally on BB10 for Q1 2013. We need BB10 asap but not at the risk of pushing out a bad product, as they've done in the past. The first PB was not only a disaster from an app ecosystem point of view, but also from overall engineering and from terrible marketing. Only two apps people really complain about are Skype and Netflix. I have a good feeling those will be available on BB10, but then people will still complain about something. Totally agree with everyone regarding the portability of the 7" fom factor that other brands are going toward, but some of us want a larger tablet as well.

Needs to keep the same aspect ratio as the current playbook. Needs to be Widescreen. It'll maintain scalalbility for current programs. 4:3 aspect ratio is so yesterday .. so ipad..

Dang was hoping the aspect ratio would be similar to the Galaxy Tab 10.1 than the iPad. HD videos would use only the middle part of the screen rather than all or atleast most of it. Hopefully RIM goes the Galaxy Tab route than the iPad.

I wont buy it. 7 inch factor form fits my need :) Let's wait for the 4G model released!! I would rather buy one for the higher specs.

I hope they plan to rethink the design of the 10". Monolithic slab would just be ghastly in comparison to its thinner tapered edged competitors. Solid and compact fits the 7" form, but that looks hideous especially with that square look. The Bezels scream even more now "giant bezel syndrome"

Ooo is that flash on the back?

I have very mixed feeling regarding the 10" Playbook. It will directly go head to head with iPad, but there is nothing mobile about it which Apple is stealing another page with the rumored iPad Mini. I still will prefer my 7" Playbook with wifi(I do not need the 4g version cause Blackberry Bridge) with the mini keyboard. If to give it a rating, this has effectively replaced Windows for 90% of my task.

That I believe was the purpose of canceling the 10" Playbook due to its lack of mobility and it would have failed all together last year anyway. In my opinion, the 7" Playbook successfully made it through the trial and error due to it being mobile and it slowly gained traction.

So my final thoughts are, the 10" Playbook would be great for those that are just wanting something at home without hauling a laptop(i got tired of laptop's) and keep focus on the 7" Playbook for the mobility. Now RIM needs to get started and may already have, on R&D for a Blackberry Desktop Computer(Rubicon or Cyclone?). Then we would not need Windows other than for heavy PC gaming, which I have moved away from PC gaming cause DRM and prefer my Xbox for it almost entirely. It would be great when EA Games(and others) releases games for Windows and Mac OSX to follow suit and release for BlackberryOS.

By the way, on another note and one of the qualities I love about RIM is choice. They do not develop one phone or tablet and call it good(you know who that is). They produce lots from updated last generation, to low end, to high end products. The media bashed RIM for relaunching the 8500 with BlackberryOS 7 on it, but it was not meant for North America anyway. We currently have the Bold 9900/30, Bold 9790, Torch 9810, Torch 9850/60, Curve 9220, Curve 9310/20, Curve 9350/60/70, Curve 9380, Playbook 16GB/32GB/64GB. So it does not hurt to continue to give options with a 10" Playbook?

That thing is HUGE! As others have pointed out, it's square and don't have that widescreen ratio as the 7 inch. I'll keep mine. Nice size and easy to carry.

Me too, I don't really need something that big. I love my 7-inch PlayBook! :D

Jobs made a bad decision in dissing the 7-inch PlayBook, but Cook will likely put the iPad Mini back on the assembly line. Even so, I don't think the PlayBook will suffer much since RIM will beat them on price and features, once the enterprise stuff is integrated into it.

The primary reason I use my iPad over my Playbook is screen size. RIM would certainly improve their sales of the Playbook by increasing the screen size as well as adding the 4G transceiver.

The 7 " Playbook is not selling , why would the 10" sell ? Waste of time and money ! Rim should just concentrate on BB 10 and get it out as fast as possible.

You are incorrect, the 7" Playbook is selling, otherwise there would not be 700,000 on the market and another few hundred thousand in give away's. It just did not sell as fast as projected and now the 16GB is being dropped with the 32GB being the base model with 64GB and 128GB for the higher storage option's. Yes I said 128GB because there has been a leak already pointing towards this.

umm no. it might have sold during the huge markdowns, but at full price, Playbooks were not flying off the shelves.

RIM should lose Apple's model structure. Just release a 32 GB PlayBook with SD card slot! Forget about those different models and only sell one.

People don't want to carry around a 10" tablet. That's why Apple is releasing the Ipad mini. You can get a netbook cheaper and more powerful if you want something that big.
I think RIM should stick to the 7" form factor and just concentrate on perfecting BB10.

Huh?? Do you realize just how many iPads Apple has sold? A quick Google search shows the Washington Post (taken with a grain of salt) has 55 million iPads being sold in 2012. Pretty good indicator of people wanting the larger form factor.

Apple has a lot more apps, that's true. From what I've seen of Cascades though, devs will be flocking to make apps for BB10. I've looked at some of the codes and even simple apps won't require much work.

The red on the back is a sign, to remember the person who risked his life to get this thing to the outside world. Unfortunately it wouldn't turn on so he couldn't even leave his name. :/

Do ya really need an extra 3"? I most certainly don't.

But, I do like it.

Maybe I would buy it, but it would depend on price and the battery life.

The phones of Rim had a lot of problems, and i am a user! In Vzla. A great numbers of user are changed they bbs to iphone, Why they dont focus on get stronger on that area, and then try with this one, regrads.......

Those users need to clean out and start fresh with a selective restore. Then, they'll be loving their blackberry's again, even more than ever before.

I´m not interested... Boring and weird form factor... I´m more interested in connected arrangements... I WANT TO SEE A SD/MC-Slot (or similar) and the possibility to up- and download stuff over USB-stick....

The phones of Rim had a lot of problems, and i am a user! In Vzla. A great numbers of user are changed they bbs to iphone, Why they dont focus on get stronger on that area, and then try with this one, regrads.......

Those users need to clean out and start fresh with a selective restore. Then, they'll be loving their blackberry's again, even more than ever before.

Posting this again.

From my experience, most folks who have trouble with their BlackBerrys don't close the apps they no longer use. They have a dozen apps running from a week before and they wonder why it's slow or has no free memory. Routinely, just check how many apps is running and close the ones you don't need. Or, you can just reboot the device once a day at night with RestartMe or QuickPull -- download one or both of those apps from App World.

I don't like Apple's selective multi-tasking because it is very dumbed down, but the BlackBerry OS allows full multitasking -- you just have to remember to regularly check how many apps are running. To do so, hold down the BlackBerry button for a second or two. Select the app you want to close, and select Close or Exit from the menu. Bingo! Now your BlackBerry can now show you more love <3!

oh my..
why oh why?

first establish yourself in the phone segment then go for a tablet..even samsung which has cracked the phone segment cant seem to get a track in the tablet market although they literally have 6 various sizes of tabs!

what will RIM gain from this but more losses...bring out the new phone first and see if its palatable to people and most importantly release proper apps for them then go for it..

the timing is also bad...this is when MS is investing heavily in the phone and releasing the tab shortly after, how can RIM compete with them let alone the other big boys?

i have given up on my PB and i almost never use it as it lacks some basic apps and functionality..i have bought since 2 ipads ; one for myself and one for the family...the ipad is a true professional tablet and it can be used for just about anything...i hardly use my laptop outside of office anymore..
i was never an apple fan but like they say, if you cant beat them, you join them..

you should have seen the looks on my friends/colleagues/family faces when they saw me with an ipad..when i told them i bought 2... :)

and to make your larger tab look like ipad..ha ha...atleast apple will be able to end the lawsuit alot faster than their attempt with samsung as samsung has deep pockets..

They shouldn't launch this till Christmas, and it must have Skype on board! With a 10-incher, they're competing directly with the iPad so they must be prepared to offer more for less. The margins will be much tighter since they have far less apps than Apple does.

However, I don't see what you mean by saying the PlayBook is missing "some basic apps and functionality". I wish I knew what you meant by that. Making a larger tablet doesn't necessarily mean making it look like an iPad.

I'm glad you're impressing your friends with your decision to buy two iPads. I guess you're posting here because you really want everyone to make the same choices as you?

BTW, Apple is shooting itself in the foot with Samsung as Samsung makes pretty much all the key components of all Apple's i-devices. Samsung doesn't need Apple, but Apple needs Samsung -- Samsung has Android and their own OS, Bada/Tizen.

Apple is at a high now but success like this doesn't last; ask RIM. RIM is now in the process of rediscovering itself and refreshing its entire platform, which has carried them for 12 years. Apple did the same in the 90s, and they'll have to do the same again soon.

Hello, this is not being launched anytime soon! Probably never it has been scrapped. The leaked roadmap shows the Blackforest will release in 2014! By then I imagine a total transformation to the hardware than what you see here. Again this 10 incher will never see the light of day.


sometimes it seems like folks on Crackberry are so blind. I love RIm and Blackberry just as much as you guys but you have to be realistic. There is no point in releasing this, when it didnt sell in the first place. Its a waste of time.

10" might not be for everyone (myself included), but it's short sighted for companies not named Apple to not try to make tablets.

How many iPhones have been sold to people to started out with an iPad? I know of many.

If you want to keep selling phones, you need to keep people out of the Apple ecosystem.

My biggest pro for getting a Playbook was the 7" .. So no I would not get a 10" .. Just not a comofrtable size in my opinion.. like 5" is not a comfortable size for a phone IMO .. ( *cough* Note)

Size does matter, but bigger is not always better :) I agree! My 7-inch tablet is perfect and fits in one hand (HUGE plus!), and a 4.2-inch size for the BB10 device is probably also perfect -- any bigger and it's insane to carry around as a phone.

I question the legitimacy of this 10" PlayBook leak. Why would RIM move away from a 16:9 ratio to 4:3, when most BB10 devices will be 16:9?

I'm also questioning that. It could just be a knockoff. Until we actually see the OS and all, we won't know anything. RIM needs to clarify things.

Even though Apple built a tablet that doesn't have "true" multi-tasking they've sold millions of their iPads. RIM needs to beat them at their own game.

It looks like the size of the bezel is scaled the 10" form factor. I don't see why that would be necessary... a bigger display doesn't drive a requirement for a bigger bezel.

Frank P

Ignorance begets more confidence than does knowledge - Darwin

I'll take a 10 inch...I dont need a Sim slot on that one, but it may make me want one on a 7 inch. I've wanted a larger PB since I bought my first, and its for exactly what people say its for THE COUCH! The 7 inch does fine in the world but couch action is lacking for me. Thats why I bought a post fire sale TouchPad.

True. I haven't purchased the 7" because I've been holding out hope that a 10" would materialize. Now the dream is coming to fruition. Besides being used on the couch I see a lot of the professionals I work with switching back from iPads. Sometimes size matters.

That is HUGE!!! My brain's having calibrtion issues right now :p
Unless they upgraded somthing other than only the size, Not interested!!

No way would I buy it. It is too big, I'm guessing too heavy, and it is awkwardly proportioned. I sold my ipad when the Playbook came out and have had it since the initial release date. Perfect? No but it fits my needs and use patterns better than any other.

No way, while it may be a 10 inch just like the ipad its the wrong format factor. I would love a 10 Inch blackberry tablet but it would have to be in the 16 x 9 format for proper movie viewing

If RIM want to go down that route they need to make it more premium and svelte than than. Leather, aluminium, carbon fibre, magnesium, anything other than that black rubber back.
This seems to share the Dev Alpha's camera flash so am thinking perhaps it is that newer.
Yes the aspect ratio is awkward, very awkward.
They need to give it a differentiator too like; package it with a keyboard like the Surface else it will have a tough time shifting units.

Looks frickin ugly. I love my sleek 7 inch playbook much much more.

RIM is the best and I am a crackberry addict.

I'll stick with my 7" (13cm) Playbook thanks. And remember, its not the size of the tool but how its used. I know.... I'm bad and yes, I went to the dark side for that ;)

If RIM ends up being bought up or in bankruptcy people will have to look no farther than the PlayBook RIM's unhealthy obsession with the tablet maket.RIM's focus on the PB delayed the OS 7 devices almost a year and QNX-based phones by 2yrs. While the 10" version is what should have been released in the first place the real issue is lack of features and app support...still. Both PBs are going to get lost in a sea of new tablet devices,including the new Windows 8 devices coming in a few months.

I understand your a die hard fanboy but seriously what are you smoking? No debt yes but that has no bearing on bankruptcy when your current product is not selling and the next thing coming that has a chance at selling is not until January 2013.

RIM is on thin ice whether you like it or not.

If RIM ends up being bought up or in bankruptcy people will have to look no farther than the PlayBook RIM's unhealthy obsession with the tablet maket.RIM's focus on the PB delayed the OS 7 devices almost a year and QNX-based phones by 2yrs. While the 10" version is what should have been released in the first place the real issue is lack of features and app support...still. Both PBs are going to get lost in a sea of new tablet devices,including the new Windows 8 devices coming in a few months.

Not sure which genius at Waterloo sat around and convinced the board to take a year off to make a half baked 7" tablet no one wanted or still doesn't even after a $300.00 discount within six months! "Naw!, we don't have to worry about the wave of competetion coming already from Apple iphone, Samsung and these new devices with "Android", Nope...we'll just sit on ou collective asses and give the loyal BlackBerry buyers slight incremental upgrades for over a year and a half. What do we care? we OWN India, The Phillipines, and South Africa...Like Alfred E Newman from MAD magazine..."What? Me Worry?"

Only you don't want it, only you seem to be calling it half baked. Ask the hundreds of thousands who have playbooks, including me, if they're that. They're fantastic tablets. Go away. Why are you still here? Huh? Got nothing better to do? Thought so.

You go away. Lol you must be Super CB man your defensre off anything someone says that you don't agree with is quite annoying.

People are allowed to have opinions even if it differs from yours!

Its called freedom :)

Thank you, and for CB who worships at the alter of's ONLY A FRIGGIN' Tablet, not part of the Holy Grail...jeesh, I have a Bold 9930 and love it, but because I love it doesn't mean RIM has NOT screwed up! Just go to Waterloo, get a tent and 6 months of supplies and wait for your presious no one even knows what real specs or wow factor the os10 will have and dream sweet dreams of BlackBerry.

Understand that with the pommelling RIM/BB has taken in the past couple of years, people get really ticked when trolling sissies come to FAN sites and basically call for the demise of the brand and saying we're blind believers. Please. gtfoh. No really. Take your pessimistic bullish*t and piss off.

You obviously don't understand their logic.

RIM needed an OS refresh for their phones, QNX was easier to put into a tablet in the short term as it would take much longer to build a BlackBerry smartphone using QNX. Also, the phone components at the time was too limited to really take advantage of QNX.

The tablet market was a way to build the new eco for the next generation BlackBerrys. Now, when the BB10 devices hit shelves, there will be an ecosystem waiting to be discovered :) There are probably 2 million satisfied customers of the PlayBook -- I know I am a proud owner and regular user of the PlayBook. It certainly fits my needs very well!

I disagree that the 10-inch should have been released first. It would put RIM head to head with Apple's iPad with very few apps. RIM could not get a price advantage with a similar sized tablet, so the 7-inch allowed them to compete at a price discount.

RIM certainly made a few mis-steps (lack of proper marketing, product delays, etc.), but generally speaking, they haven't been too far off course. If they would communicate their plans more clearly and keep investors and the general public aware of their overall strategy.

QNX is a rock solid OS and its a shame that money grubbing companies like Samsung have had 5+ new OS's since PB7's introduction on April 20, 2011.

QNX is so stable all RIM has to do is give us a new OS every year (which they do) and we dont have to waste our hard earned $$$ on whole new tablets like sucker Samsung and iPad fans have to do.

I hope the new PB 10 is a screaming success as it would be great to see iPad fall flat on their arrogant faces.

Playbook, the one and only

Unless they have almost everything an ipad can offer, then this could be 7", 10" 15"...People whove had Blackberry devices for years are getting to a point of NOT just being happy with 1/2 ass crap RIM produces and we're suppose to say, "Thank You Sir! May I have another?"

Because people actually want the best from RIM. Not everyone is happy with any device with BlackBerry written on it.

RIM does need to step it up and people who will blindly buy products just because rim manufactured it need to get a grip.

I know rim can do better and I expect them too!

Choice is good. I have always loved that BB has various devices (though I agree consolidating to three or four makes good sense) under one OS that communicate seamlessly with each other. Bring on the 10" tablet.

Would I buy one. Yeah. The 10" tablet be O.K. for keeping it at home. For true traveling or mobility I don't think you can beat the 7".

Hey, I'm as much of a RIM fanboy as anyone, but this thing looks like a lunch tray from my kids' elementary school. Kindle Fire and Nexus 7 validate the 7 inch form factor Playbook pioneered... why should RIM even bother with a 10 inch device?

Could this be an ingenious plan concocted by Mike & Jim ala Mel Brooks in his hilarious Play/Movie, "The Producers"?Jim Balsillie has Gene Wilder and mike lazaridis has Zero Mostel..."Springtime For outdated by at least a year products" "Ten Inches of almost fun!...that compared to an ipad 2 or even the ones that's new...will still have you singing "Springtime In "What The Hell Are We Thinking Up Here In Waterloo?"

Bleh bleh bleh. Nobody cares. Go back to where you came from and quit spreading misinformation and negativity about RIM. You aren't going to change mine or other people's minds. STOP shitting on the blogs.

Where is BalckBerry at in terms of sales or any future indication of even being a third platform, let alone being one or two in the United States, and now Canada for that matter. BlackBerry is percariouly walking the line of the Palm Pre, Pixie and Pre II. If? in Feb of 2013, the BB OS10 does not gain some sort of momentum and a returning loyal customer base, would you at least agree they will be in dire straits in North America? Or are you so "Rah Rah RIM!" you may note see the writing on the wall? The OS10 WILL be the make or break for RIM in the USA. Not sure how you can even argue that point.

This prick of an Apple trolling under the bridge is funny, love seeing him gravel at the feet of Blackberry knowing Apple is going to get kicked off his high horse or bed bunked with Android in the near future! :-D

Seriously troll, Look at the market for real and look whose got the superior systems. Microsoft needs a major clean up in Windows but it is still the rock solid system in the world so they win their place on the market. Apple's Mac OSX is rock solid, but your iOS products are a joke and a failure that is catching up. Google prances its garbage to much, they have ChromeOS which cant even function half way without internet access and even at that its a lousy experiment in puberty that has Android curious about himself and what he cant do. BlackberryOS IS a rock solid system just as Windows and now being powered by the QNX kernel will be lapping the track while iOS and ChromeOS/Android is still putting their panties on.

Or maybe you forgot your pink panties this morning?

Pretty sure I put on my "big boy living in the real world and not dayfreaming of a day when RIM regains anything more than 15% share of North American sales." I've talked to quite a few Sprint reps who've said they have seen at least a 50-60% drop in BlackBerry sales within a year. They are waiting and very hoepfull the OS10 will turn RIM around,,,but for now...thier BlackBerry sales have stalled to nothing! Again, the BB OS10 had better be the best friggin' platform ever produced, otherwise, all the hoopla and smoke and mirrors by Thorston Hines will be a total sham.

I'll stick to the 7" formfactor since it's big enough for me. I don't need a larger one. :)

PS. Damn trolls, mods need to clean 'em out.

This guy ( girl?) "Rootbrian" is acting like the " KGB " on this site fanatically trying to set the "dissidents" straight ! :)

If I used my tablet as a laptop replacement I would consider getting a 10" for easier viewing. Also if I used my tablet more for watching video's I would consider the 10". But the 7" has it beat for portability. The 7" fits in my wife's purse or in my back pocket! Knowing what a $500 laptop can do compared to a 10" tablet I would get the laptop. I guess it all depends on what you would use it for to need 3" more.

I'd be happy to get a big brother for my Playbook. There's several situations that I can think of that the larger screen would come in handy.

I only see 10" good for home use as a laptop replacement, 7" is still the best for going out. Want to share what came to your mind?

I really think that RIM will have to make the new 10" Play Book better looking than that. The back of this is really cheap looking with the use of that flat cheap black plastic. The one shown above just has no panache... Kind of looks like their cheap looking Dev Alpha device.. Pictures like this make me nervouse for RIM. I just hope that they've learned from their mistakes and make their BB10 phones and 10" Play Book look beautiful and sexy to put RIM back in control again.

i think this is the absolute worst idea for them to do is make a Bigger screen, the markert is not looking for bigger tablets at least i feel anyway having the 7" form factor is just flawless and i work for Apple. Having that option to just slip your PlayBook in your pocket or purse(for the ladies) is very efficient vs holding this 9.7" iPad all day

If they want to improve on the PlayBook, then they should decrease the width of the surrounding bezel area and increase the screen resolution to something like 1280 x 800 pixels, which is in line with what the competition is doing. This would make it much better for web browsing, which I find a little restrictive with the current screen resolution. The 7 inch form factor is the perfect size for this type of device and I'm sure RIM is well aware of that since all their competitors are moving in that direction ( imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right? ). No, RIM just about created the perfect tablet in the PlayBook, now they should only concern themselves with improving what is already the best 7 inch tablet on the market. I love my PlayBook as it is and if they want to make improvements on that, I'm all for it; just don't mess with what is already the ideal form factor.

Size and shape of a sheet of paper is the ideal tablet for most things. I think having an exact digital replica of the standard 8.5 x 11 makes the most sense for business. Media and gaming are better served by widescreen format, but documents, pictures, etc. are better in a ~4:3 ratio

For a larger tablet I agree with black.rhino about the 8.5 X 11 form.

This past weekend I walked into the first Samsung store in North America in Burnaby (Vancouver to most of you) and wanted to experience what they had to offer. I was not impressed, but maybe I'll go back to give it another go. They had few tablets for the whole store to play with. The other tablets were physically hooked up to GS3 phones and I couldn't move any of them (tablets) much less make any real use of them. It's a much different experience than the Apple store in that the Apple store is bright and inviting and it doesn't feel claustrophobic.

Whatever RIM does I hope they learn from their past mistakes and the current mistakes of other brands.

Personally, I think that if Apple is going to offer a "mini", RIM NEEDS to offer a "max" to compete effectively against Apple.

That's IF they plan on staying in the Tablet market - which they should.

whew, that looks gigantic compared to the 7 inch PlayBook! I might buy it if I have extra cash, but the form factor has yet to grow on me. I'm more likely to buy another 7 inch PlayBook than a 10 inch one. Although it probably is a good idea to make a bigger one to compete for the large tablet market. I do like carrying my 7' PlayBook with me to take pictures and check e-mail on the go. I don't think I'll lug around a 10' tablet on the go, it seems tedious. With that said, congratulations to RIM for putting out this product, I'm sure it will do well!

This has not been put out by RIM lol. This is the old 10 inch scrapped PlayBook.

If RIM survives BB10 we will see a 10 inch PlayBook in 2014 and it will not look like the above.

The bezel will be smaller and the tablet itself should look different than a stretched out first Gen PlayBook.

Again this will never see the light of day. Doesn't mean a 10 inch PlayBook won't be released though,just not this^^^ one :)

Unless it has an SD slot, I'm good... I like my 7".. the idea is to make the tablet not look like a laptop... that thing is stupid and ugly looking... RIM take all that money u spent on the 10" and pay skype to have the app and then watch the 7" fly off the shelves then hit them with the 10... what are u guys thinking up there...If I worked for RIM... we need tools and skype I would say is a tool



What's wrong with the ratio? It's a 10" tablet. It's not going to cause an issue with developers for one reason....the N-series isn't going to be 16:9 right. Sontheres still going to be only 2 ratios:
16:9 -L-series and the 7" PB
4:3: n-series and 10" pb
So what's the real issue? If android supports both tablet sizes, and apple is next, why not rim?
I can speculate why all the hate for a 10" PB, but that will stir up this more than a troll.

They NEED to wake up and get the best BlackBerry Smartphone to market as quickly as possible and make sure it can stand with, or even surpass iphone, Samsung or HTC. I just hope all this fairytale talk from RIM and Thorsten Heins isn't smoke & mirrors...if it is..Wow talk about rats leaving a drowning ship!

I think it's just a KIRF :/ both my PB and the def alpha "logos" are printed under the screen whereas this one looks like it's printed on top :/ no reason do change method in between

Agree, appears to be a KIRF. It is a real device, it is just NOT a BB. Too many little things appear off. #1 is the aspect ratio; #2 is the bezel area looks wrong; #3 Fonts are printed on the surface, not under the glass; #4 Data ports and the SD Card Slot are different design than current BB's (9900/30), finally; #5 Is that supposed to be a flash on the rear camera? Have NEVER seen any mention of a flash for the PB.

Personally I love the 7" form factor and will not buy a 10" tablet. But too many details say this appears to by KIRF. So without more I'm on to the next fantasy of the day.

Yeah!!!!! would be nice!!!
I just bought a normal pb and it is awesome, i take it everywhere!
But a bigger one would be much more fun for in my house :)

Its really nice to see Playbook 10 is a reality for several reasons. First I LOATHE iPad and the Apple arrogance, and would love it if the Playbook 10 would become an iPad killer.

Second I just LOVE my Playbook 7 inch for on the go and at home, but could really do a lot more with a 10 inch unit.

I'd want to PB 10 to have 4G (of course) full Android support and apps, an SD slot, 2 cameras and 10+ battery life.

It really irritates me how mega apps like Skype are completely bypassing the Playbook, so I'd like to see full Android suppont on the QNX OS, and not this half assed Android support thats on my PB 7.

One of the BIGGEST things I love about my Playbook is that loser companies like Samsung have gone through about 5 or 6 new OS since the PB 7 was introduced on April 20, 2011, where Playbook who has a screaming fast processor actually cares about their customers and gives up full FREE new OS's instead of forcing us to buy a new tablet every 4 months like idiot Samsung. Not sure if I dislike Apple of Samsung more lol

Playbook, the one and only

Sorry, I actually like the 7" format. I thought I would hate it, especially owning an iPad, but then discovered the portability factor.

Just PLEASE up the resolution, but keep the 7", it's near perfect

Leave the 10" to Apple and focus on business devices. A 12" HD PlayBook would be much more useful in meetings.


Love it!

To the person who said its fake because of the shadow, I think you're wrong. The shadow looks good to me.

Were all pretty divided here, but I am one for it. I love it. But I would have to have a hands on before I buy, mainly because of the screen ratio.

D.O.A!!!! (Dead On Arrival)... So, while the rest of the tablet world (Apple as well) are moving AWAY from the 10" format... Your falling brand geniusly wet for it; BRILLIANT!... The Playbok's appeal is the portability of the 7" design. Even with the lack of apps, to me, it was a no brainer for a corporate "on the go guy like me to go for it rather than the IPad. I hope this was a scrapped project that somehow made it to this forum as a goof, cause RIM cannot afford another let down. THIS would surely be a bigger disappointment in sales than its predecessor. There is no room for Blackberry to mess up AGAIN. As a fan, i want BB to thrive but this would surely be their end if this is the way they are moving. Demands run a market and sadly, RIM's #1 problem is NOT listening to consumer demands. being 2years being everyone is not how you stay ahead. Hope you have A LOT more for BB10, cause what i've seen so far does not impress me.

I wouldn't want any 10" tablet. One reason I like the Playbook is I can put it in my coat pocket. In fact when my friends watched me take my Playbook out of my satchel and start star gazing with What's Up they were pretty impressed. So much so that they all decided to switch to 7 inch tablets, not all PB's mind you but lots of Android 7 inch tablets and they say they won't go back.

I think the tablet market hasn't yet figured out that there is a market for those who want 10 inch tablets and some who don't. To those that want something compact like the Samsung Note or the Playbook it's because of needs. Personally a 10" tablet doesn't fit my lifestyle needs.

I remember when the Playbook was released some financial anylists suggested it wouldn't do well because "nobody wants a 7" tablet". This riduclous statement came on the heels of Job's famous "Over my dead body" comment when refering to a smaller iPad. I found this amusing, since they also sell a 4" tablet called the iPhone and that apparantly is very good for doing things.

So which is it Apple? is a 4" screen is good as along as you have an iPhone, but a 7" iPhone wouldn't be a good idea? Ridiculous

I think that blackberry really needs to look at this and confirm if it actually is real or not. After all we all bought the 7inch tablet for some of the same reasons, this being that it is very portable, easy to use and fits what we all need it for. This competition for someone to beat the ipad needs to change we all buy tablets for what fits our needs this goes for mobile phones as well.

Im not sure why no one brought this up yet ... but in all of the leaked documents of the QWERTY form factor BB10 phone, the aspect ratio is definitely not 16:9. It actually looks very similar to the aspect ratio of the 10" playbook pictured above.

So, I figure they will have 2 different screen aspect ratios for BB10: one for the Full touch phone/7in tablet and one for the QWERTY phone/10in tablet.