Photo Studio updated to v1.1.13 for BlackBerry and BlackBerry PlayBook

Photo Studio
By Michelle Haag on 28 Oct 2012 06:25 pm EDT

Super popular and feature packed photo editing application Photo Studio has been updated to v1.1.13, and as usual KVADGroup has added new features and options as well as bug fixes. In this release they implemented a big opportunity to collect and re-use your favorite operations such as filters, effects, frames and so on with new cool feature – action sets. This makes it even faster to edit and upload your images.

Other new features include:

  • Lens boost (available in PRO version)
  • New filters in Lomo category
  • UI improvements and bug-fixes

You can download Photo Studio free for BlackBerry and for the BlackBerry PlayBook, or buy the Pro version for $3.99 at the links below. The free version offers a 5 day demo mode so you can try out all that the Pro version offers before buying.

More information / purchase Photo Studio Pro
More information / download Photo Studio (free)

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Reader comments

Photo Studio updated to v1.1.13 for BlackBerry and BlackBerry PlayBook


this app and this developer are great examples that android player was good decision and can work well for developer and for users. I have this paid app and it is updated constantly. worth the money !

For Playbook, ported. For BlackBerry smartphones, its native.

For my input, never had an issue with either version.

It is android port but the thing is it is updated all the time. Not like other well known apps such as Dolphin etc. That is why I said that some developers are proof that android port can work well in terms of updates etc,

I won't pay for Android ports. I really hope they have a BlackBerry10 app...then again I heard that BlackBerry10 will have some pretty awesome built in photo editing powered by Cascades.

actually i did not pay it as well as i got it free since i bought version for my bb phone. anyways this is good app and you can certainly pay for good app ? who cares if it is native or not. if it works and works well and it is updated all the time why not to support developer. this app is just as good as if it was native.

I would think an app dev that gets a good response to an Android port would be more likely to move into native app development. I don't understand the prejudice against Android ports. Some native apps don't work well, and some Android ports work very well.

Give the developer some slack. They put allot of work into their port. If you don't like the app, don't download it. Don't give it a bad review either. Feedback trolling is so lame.