Photo Studio for BlackBerry updated to v0.9.9 - Now available for the BlackBerry PlayBook

Photo Studio
By Michelle Haag on 6 Jun 2012 08:57 pm EDT
Photo Studio by KVADGroup is one of the best image editing apps available for BlackBerry, with tons of filters, effects, frames, and editing tools all rolled into one application. It seems like every time they release an update there are all sorts of new goodies added in, and this week's update is no exception. With the release of v.0.9.9 they have added in 27 new effects, a Summer Frames pack, and more!
  • Color Splash editor (available as BETA for devices with touch screen)
  • New user interface with lightbox for your photos and so on
  • Fix for processing portrait photos (OS 6 and higher)
  • Now you can configure some of the effects (Grayscale, Draft and Sketch)
  • Widescreen frame is added to default pack of frames
  • And many improvements and fixes

This release of Photo Studio also brings the first version for the BlackBerry PlayBook. While currently an Android port, I'm hoping they will be able to bring us a native version in the near future. This first release doesn't have as many features as the smartphone version, but is still a great option for editing images on your PlayBook.

  • Base photo operations: brightness, contrast, RGB color adjustment, hue, saturation;
  • Base transform operations: resize, rotate and crop.
  • 24 unique effects in categories: ‘Simple tone’, ‘Old Style’, ‘Vintage’, ‘Summer mood’ and ‘Art’.
  • Apply several operations to one photo: you can edit a photo and apply all features and effects to one photo at the same time.
  • Save the result in two formats: Small and Normal. Large and Original will be available soon.
You can download the free versions of Photo Studio for BlackBerry smartphones and the BlackBerry PlayBook as well as purchase the Pro version for BlackBerry for $3.99 at the links below.

More information / download Photo Studio for BlackBerry smartphones and PlayBook
More information / purchase Photo Studio Pro for BlackBerry smartphones

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Reader comments

Photo Studio for BlackBerry updated to v0.9.9 - Now available for the BlackBerry PlayBook


Dl this and few days ago but haven't tried it yet. I see that it's an android port but the Android player is much improved in 2.1 beta.

I'm still using picshop instaphoto and touchup pro but ill get to this soon enough. It's good on my phone. I do know that much :)

Loving the new color splash.. Needs some updates for it but it is still in beta .. Lol & love when you go to save a picture they redesigned the screen & it also shows your previous saved photo creations :-)

Have to agree. I don't mind the Android ports, but it is annoying when you are prompted to go to another platform. Big supporter of the BlackBerry device app, so this disappointed me a little. Even to share your pic you are sent to tweetcaster for Android.