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Photo Studio Pro gets updated for BlackBerry 10 and legacy devices

By James Richardson on 29 Apr 2014 04:19 am EDT

If you've been on Team BlackBerry for some time chances are you would have come across Photo Studio Pro. To coincide with the Android version getting updated it's great to see that our own BlackBerry 10 version and OS5-OS7 editions have also got some new good stuff added to them.

Enhancing photos is all the rage these days as more and more of us share our pictures on social sites. Photo Studio Pro is a great addition to your app arsenal. You can check out our hands on with the BlackBerry 10 version here.

New for OS5-OS7:

  • Film Effects, Flowers Effects Pack

  • Additional Fonts Pack

  • Fix: Text issues, Picframes issue

New for BlackBerry 10:

  • Free-form collage tool

  • Films Effects, Flower Effects Pack

  • New Textures Pack - romantic, flowers and art

  • Fixes and improvements

There is a free version of the app if you want to try before you buy. You can grab it below:

Download Photo Studio (free) for BlackBerry 10

Download Photo Studio (free) for legacy devices



Has it always been free?


Interesting i grabbed the pro one a few weeks back for free... didn't realised it cost money :p or did I buy it haha.. dun dun dunnnnn


I thought the pro version you had to purchase. Although I downloaded it free a while back when BlackBerry was running a promo.

Next BBM update....BBM Peak

Prem WatsApp

Comes with "free"paid in-app purchases, I guess. ???

The "freemium" model. Prefer to pay for an app outright.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "


Great app! Use it all the time.


Really like the addition of U.S. and UK units and mpg. Makes the app much more flexible for us border area users.

lady of the lake

I agree it is a great app. Had it on my old BlackBerry 9930 and was the first app I installed on my Z30 in January. Love the enhance mode, no more bad pics!

My bitchin' Z30 BlackBerry


Mine doesn't work since the updated os. I can "share" a picture to it, & the edit but I can't open the app & browse pictures as the screen just comes up blank

Posted via CB10


Updated it.. I like this app.. and use it along with Typic+ to make pictures I click exciting.

Posted via CB10


Great photo app.

In the next update, how about text on pics. Free writing. With different font and color.

I know some other apps do this and more. I don't need more than one photo app.

I'm holding on to this app until I find something better.

Posted via CB10


This is my favorite photo editing tool.

 CB10 


Nice new collage. Check out 2 latest posts on my channel to see collage.

ChannelX C000D3759 We promote channels

Michele Guzzini

Amazing update!

via my super Z10


One of the best photo editing apps!

Posted via CB10


unable to find "Red-Eye Correction" in this app. not very impressed