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Photo Studio for BlackBerry updated to v. - includes Valentine's Day frames and more!

Photo Studio
By Michelle Haag on 5 Feb 2012 01:51 pm EST

Win 1 of 30 free copies of Photo Studio Pro! Keep reading to see how. 

Just in time for Valentine's Day, KVADGroup has released an update for Photo Studio that includes an all new Valentine's frame pack, new effects in the art category, and a new feature called PicFrames, which allows you to combine multiple photos into awesome looking frames. If you enjoy taking pictures with your BlackBerry, and adding fun effects and frames to them, Photo Studio is a must have.

A few other fixes and updates include:
  • Problem 'Can't Browse' is fixed (found in v.
  • Add localization to Spanish, French and Russian
  • BBM Connected (OS5-OS6)
  • Fixes, algorithms optimization etc.

Photo Studio is a great app with a ton of features packed into it. The free version is great, but you'll want to upgrade to the Pro version to unlock the full potential of the application. Photo Studio Pro is just $3.99 and you can find out all the detais on both versions in BlackBerry App World at the links below. 

Contest: We have 30 copies of Photo Studio Pro to pass on to you guys, courtesy of KVADGroup! To enter, leave a comment below letting us know what you like to take pictures of and how this app will help you out. One entry per person, please! 

More information/download Photo Studio for BlackBerry smartphones
More information/download Photo Studio PRO for BlackBerry smartphones

Michelle Haag Michelle Haag "@_Miche11e_ and C0001B3B5" 1191 (articles) 1683 (forum posts)


i like to take pics of the clouds and flowers and landscapes....and old gadgets...id love to win ths app tho... :D


Cooool. So how do I win ? :D

Actually I love taking pictures of things around me ofcourse using my BlackBerry 9800.


My 10th year anniversary is coming up on Feb 11th. I would love to use this app to edit the pics I'm going to take using my Bold 9900. It will also be a great early anniversary present :)


I like to take pictures of cars and this will help make cleaner photos


I would use this app to make a gift to my girlfriend for Valentine's Day



I love taking pictures with my 9860!! I use it to capture those moments with family and friends.
This app would surely help in making great collections of events.
And since Valentines Day is just around the corner, this would be cool to have to document that special day with my girlfriend!!

Please count me in!!!

Hope I win a copy!!!


My favorite app..aww yeaaaah..(ง`▾´)ง...!!

Count me in... to get this photo studio pro apps (ง'̀⌣'́)ง

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hope you win bro! Haha :p


Count me in! I always capture photos of wherever I go with my bold 9780 and share it in twitter and facebook... Having Photo Studio pro with the beautiful effects like lomo definitely helps enhancing the photos a lot!


Love the free version. Would be great to have the pro version!


I use my phone whilst out on my bike. I take pictures of landscapes mostly. This would be a great app for adding something a bit different to my pictures.


I use it to edit the photos of my friends and send them


this app will help me frame the speciual pictures i take over time


this app will help me frame the speciual pictures i take over time


I like making my pics look retro :) this is the best!


Nice, that would be much appreciated.


Awesome! I like to take pictures of cars! Hehe!


Yes please. Fantastic to use and lots of fun


I would love to win this app because i already have the free version because I loveee thanking pictures and I love messing with them. Is not just because I have nothing better to do than chance the color is about getting a beautiful pictures and transform it to something beyond ur imagination so that's why I would love to winn this app!! Thank you!


No real preference on what i like to take pictures of, could be where I am, who i'm with, what i'm doing. This app will add that funkiness to pictures :)


I like to take pictures when I travel. I love share moments with friends and I would use this amazing app to make it all look even more fun!! Thanks!!!


dogs and young family members having fun as well as seniors


My dogs of course. But the 3 panel picture setting looks cool. I want one!


I like to take impromtu photos of people and thing I come across. This app allows my to crop and touch up my photos before sending to my friends.


Love the app. Need the full version though.


I take pics of anything, but lately it's been floral macro shots. And I'd like to win.


It would be a great idea of a photo with a special frame for my 1st year anniversary with my gf!


I recently purchased a BB Playbook and I just love taking family and pet pics with it. We place these photos on our family albums which my wife faithfully creates new themes. The Photo Studio would greatly enhance our family photos.


I use my phone to take pictures nearly every day. This would be great!


I use my blackberry's camera eveyday to post pics on twitter!! Oh and PhotoStudio is probably the closest bb app to instagram!!


I have been making pictures since I was 15 and I am always looking for ways to enhance them. Would love to give this a try to see how it does for my BB pics.


Love to take on the go pics when I'm shopping for later reference. And my 9850 has lots of pics of my dogs in it too. The new frames will make them Facebook ready!


I would love to win this app


Looks like a great app, love to win a copy.


I love taking pictures of my daughter and her horse, this would be nice.


would love this, would be great for capturing photos of my little guy


I would love to win this app. The free version is too limited and i hate having a buch of effects that i can't really use!! I hope i get a copy.


I usually take pictures of cool looking food I eat and places I go to.. I'd love the new effects and frames that they give me :)! The lomo effects are my favorite xD


this is one of the best photo editor, i would love to win a copy


I love to take pictures of everyday life lol. Took a awesome sunset on my way to the airport before on my 9930. I'd love to have the hawt app! thanks Crackberry team!


i could totally use this.. i have always loved photography, it would be great to have a photo app similar to scrapbook for your phone!!! love this idea~!

matty p


I take lots of pictures, both of landscapes and people-oriented photos. The efects that Photo Studio ofers are really nice, transforming ordinary photos into queer, interesting and downright hilarious works of art. But the free version's a wee bit limited. I would absolutely love a copy o the Pro verion :) Thank you :)


Count me in. I love using the app on my blackberry.


Would toatally help me out with sending photos of my children sending pictures to Japan to my mother inlaw! Not only that but to make my callages look that much more sweet! Thanks


this would be very useful to bring photos really alive and more interesting around valentines day! one for me please :) thank you


pics of fam and friends to share!


I like to take any pictures everywhere I go.
This application helps me to edit any pictures that I took.
˚Ʈ♓ªƞƘ ♧ ƔoƱ˚ CrackBerry & Photo Studio for BlackBerry.


I go to a lot of concerts and I love taking pictures to keep the memories alive.

Using the filters and effects on Photo Studio will help make those moments even more awesome!

Thanks KVADGroup and Crackberry


I would like to win a copy for my girlfriend plz!!! I would gift it her and she can take pictures of me and edit my face:) please and thanks!


if i had this i might start taking more pictures.


take pictures my cat


The new PicFrames feature is what I am looking for on my BlackBerry to share quick snapshots online.


This app looks great. Would love to give it a go.


I would love to have the pro version, 'cause I'll be flying to another country in 1 week and I will stay there for almost 3 months! So I've been using the free version to edit the photos that I've been taking with my BB that later I share with my friends, my family and my girlfriend!! so.. This time I want to give them the best I can do with this app since I want them not just to miss me but feel what I feel and in some way have me there with them. Thanks CrackBerry dot com ! Hahah love how it sounds :)


I like taking pictures of my puppy and when doing work on my house.

Being able to create funky pictures of my puppy would be fun!


I like to take photo of my friends, flowers and insects. This app helps me to make some effects for my photos such as increase brightness, contrast and so on. Also, I really some effects of the app, it makes my photo more attractive and different.

Count me in..Thanks so much.


i like to take photos of the world of nature including my self, family and friends. This app would really fit into my life with the kind of super natural effects it has. Good luck everyone


every chance I can I grab my Bold 9930 and capture the moment, party, family , friends...
things I love..
photo studio would improve that experience! getting some pics improved B/W, sepia....
i´d be great for my memories




I like to take photos of the world of nature including my self, family and friends. I would love to win this app. Thank You CB and KVADGroup!!!


I take pictures of things to remember, and my phone is usually the only camera I got! ^Want :)


When young students reach a goal, I take their picture so they can remember their big moment. Then they get to show their parents. Some are child protection cases and nobody has ever commemorated a special moment before. I use the free version and would really use the pro version of Photo Studio. Thanks!


I love photography, it's true when they say a picture is worth a thousand words. Good luck everyone :)


I would like to have one :)


Can't wait to try this.


Casting my luck for my wife :)

Looking forward to my own copy.


Pearl 8100 > 8800 > Storm > Storm 2 -- Call me Oldie :)

La Mûre

It's amazing what you can do with a phone these days ! Need this app to compete
with my wife and her Instagram!!


sounds like what i need


This would really help out with the pictures of our newborn. Please count me in. Thx.


I would use it to take pics of my 3 year old son - and my birthday party coming up on the 15th feb, the day after valentines day!!


THis will make my picture with honey awesome


i'm already buy it for my wife's torch 9810 but i'd like to have it too, for free ... ^_^

Pilot Prop

I like to snap photos of my family and random things that I find interesting. This app would allow me to have a bit more fun with it


I love to take pictures of everyday life and this app will be great to edit and add some cool effects to the pictures.


I would like to win this great application, Greetings


I actually use the free version of this app... It's great. I don't have to go on my pc to modify my pics, I just use Photo Studio for BlackBerry!!! It's easier to use than the other photo apps. My pics have professional touch. Note 10/10


I take pictures of family, beautiful scenery, funny greeting cards, and anything else that amazes me :)


Actually I've never been a professional photographer, but who cares whent there's such great apps as Photo Studio? I've been using it for making my pictures jucier and more alive. But of course access to a full package of functions would be awesome! :3


Takeeee meeeeeeeee pleaseee :) please


I take pictures all day. Thanks Crackberry !


Yeahhh!! Cool app. I hope to get lucky


i love to take pictures of food and then share the online with friends. this would be nice for making my pics look nicer!


I love editing pics on my phone. Would love to have this app.


I travel a lot and take loads of pics... this is the perfect app to make my pics AWESOME!! :D


I have a new baby and this would be so useful.for me and the Mrs!


Random sights of everyday life are the most entertaining. This app would only enhance those moments.


I would love this, it looks great.
sent from my olskool os5


I take pictures of everything. what else should my BB do in its spare time?


I love taking pictures of my puppies. This app could come in handy!

Good luck everyone! :)


I love love love to take pictures of food and my pets. The filters on Photo Studio would make the food I take pictures of look yummier,and my pets ever so cuter! :)

I'd love to win this app! :)


This will complete my set of apps!!!


Maybe the best photo editor! Love the filters


love shooting landscape and street.

BB camera helps on scouting good landscape location capture for reference before the actual day... but great on instant or immediate captures for street shooting at anytime.

photo studio is handy when photos for fb sharing!!



this software would be great help to edit the pictures of my girlfriendfor valentine day!


Looks like a cool app! I need a good photo editor because i really suck at taking picture with my phone. Maybe this will help a little.


I would like to earn one please!


This would be a great app for all the pictures I take every day of my daughter, assorted pets and things in general.


I like storm chasing and I use my BB for communication purposes, including snapping photos of the storms. I think this app will help create better "finished" photos for my personal files, as well as good clean photos to send to weather agencies.


I love snapping candid shots...make for the nicest pictures. Posing just kills it!


I would like to get this


Cool app, good features...Ill take one for a try :)


This is one of the best editors out there! i really love this app!


I already have this Amazing app, but I got Peeps to pass a free copy to...


Would like to give this a try.......


I'd love to take pictures of family, and other objects that I take, as I am a "rookie photographer" as I like to say, and I snap many shots with my phone at times. I use this app to edit the colours/effects of the image, but unfortunatly I am not able to get all the effects :( therefore the full version will be amazing !


I take pictures of everything!! I got rid of my camera when I first got a BlackBerry. Friends, family, animals, nature, anything I come across that I like I take a picture of with my 9930. This would be a great app to have! :)


I love taking pictures of my babies (my 2 chihuahuas) and my family and it would be fun to be able to do creative things with those pics!!!! COUNT ME IN PLEASSSSEEEE!!!!


This is a great app to win. I would be taking pictures of everything under the sun. Since my 9900 has a solid camera this app would only just add to the value/appreciation for my phone and its abilities.


This would be great to have for my 1 year old daughter!


I would LOVE to win Photo Studio Pro! I love taking pictures with my 9900, and the outside pictures are AMAZING!! I hope this comment is good enough to win! Thanks for the opportunity!


I would LOVE to win Photo Studio Pro! I love taking pictures with my 9900, and the outside pictures are AMAZING!! I hope this comment is good enough to win! Thanks for the opportunity!


OMG!!! I want the full version of this app so bad!!! i love to take photos of the people around me/ that i love. then editing it. then print them.


I would love to win this :D


Click, click, click. Cheep, cheep, cheep. I like to photograph birds at my feeders.


I'd love to try this. Sign me up.


I love this app so bad. I like taking picture of life, every little change of nature. I think every picture is like an different way to tell a story and keep memories. Photo studio is a great app. I love the vintage effect because it's romantic and beautiful. Please, count me in. I really love this app.
Thanks in advanced