Photo Studio goes native for for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 27 Jul 2013 09:06 am EDT

Photo Studio has been around for some time now on legacy devices as well as the PlayBook. But now there is a native BlackBerry 10 version which is awesome. Cleary we already have some photo editing options on our BlackBerry 10 handsets anyway, but Photo Studio brings us a ton of extra good stuff.

There is a free version of the app as well as a pro edition, however the free one has so many options and for many people (probably including myself) this will be enough. Once you launch Photo Studio you will see three tabs at the base of the display. These are to allow you quick access to either images that you already have on your device, the camera - if you want to take a snap of something, and frames - although these are limited within the free edition.

Once you have an image open the tweaks you can make are almost endless. There are filters, effects and sketches tabs on screen but jump into the menu and you'll find so many more options. There are base operations, transformations and even magic tools. In fact, I don't think there is anything you can't do with Photo Studio.

Once you are happy with the finished result you can just press the save icon and you'll be prompted to save the image as its original size, small, medium or large. From here you are then given the share option where from within the app you can send to any of the accounts you have set up in your BlackBerry Hub.

Am I impressed with Photo Studio? Too right I am and this one is staying on my BlackBerry forever! Give the free version a shot and let us know what you think in the comments.

More information/Download Photo Studio (free) for BlackBerry 10

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Photo Studio goes native for for BlackBerry 10


Instagram who? Never used it. Something to do with pictures I think. If they are not interested in making an app for us why should we bother with them. I am sure you will not die to live without them and you might even spend your time more wisely.

James have you checked out " Neutron Music Player" I just bought it, fantastic sound quality, one of the better Apps that I have bought.

Take care

As having one of the biggest apps right now would help sales. There are a lot of people that focus on the apps.

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I have Instagram on my Z but got bored with it after 1 hour. Just not that interested in photos of people I know or they know.

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So start your own BBM Channel like xxxxxxxxfoodpics invite your Friends and Share your Food pic of the day ?

"But now there is a native BlackBerry 10 version which is awesome" - if removing features just to claim "hey, we are native now" is awesome, than you're right, especially because speedwise there are no improvements.
"In fact, I don't think there is anything you can't do with Photo Studio." - hmm, here is the short list of what you CANNOT do with new Photo Studio: resize, select area for autolevels or even affect it in any way (became useless tool), tilt/shift (was used by many).

All features from the Android version will be implemented. I spoke to the Dev yesterday. Give them a chance. At least they are still Team BlackBerry.

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In time every app will be pefrect :) I simply don't see a point of releasing "native" app that lack features, didn't improve speedwise and even don't follow design guidlines (same Android version)

I have to agree! I'm happy to see a native BB10 app being developed but if there is no performance improvement and lacks in anyway over what was one of the better android ported apps we had, then it's not really an improvement in my books.

Dev should have just waited till he had at the minimum the same functionality as the android port he previously delivered. It would really eliminate any bad reviews he may be getting now and frustration of users having something they previously enjoyed, updated to something of less quality or function in the name of BB10.

Posted via CB10 using a Z10

Haven't you ever used an iOS or Android app? It's not like devs are holding you hostage. Upgrades are free and features continue to arrive. Any cross platform development - or any new app - follows this path. You're kidding yourself if you think it's a BlackBerry specific "problem.

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I would bet most normal people who have bb10 phones do load android apps on their phone. So having an app the user can get to improve their bb10 experience is awesome. And the dev should be thanked for it.

Especially an app legacy user will recognize.

Nah I know 4 other people who got Zs around the same time as me, and another who got the Q10 and there is no way in havana any of them will ever side load, and I doubt more than 2 of them have heard of it.

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Hope so. I miss some of the features in the Android port. But going native is a good step and adding those features back would be great

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Everyone complains when an app isn't native. "Stupid android port" and here's a developer that had a working port and built us back native version and now we're complaining that the first release native isn't perfect? With the constant complaints, I'm beginning to think that even if BlackBerry gets a huge user base thatvdevs will still stay away to just not have to hear the whining.

I've been using this app since Legacy, on my PlayBook and one of the first apps I loaded on my Z. I have no doubt this dev will keep updating and adding features. Best app I have.

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Where have you seen complains? Those were just facts. I hoped we could have a real competition in BlackBerry World that usually bring better apps, but it seems this one just left the race. Let's see which one among competing photo editors will be updating faster and bring more features (PicShop or Effetica). Photo Studio now can only compete with filtering apps

If PicShop or Effetica read this thread they probably won't build anything for bb10 seeing as they will just get crapped on by the community.

Well, I hope they won't release update that instead of adding features eliminate them, otherwise they definitely can stop building anything for BlackBerry or any other platform. It's the first time I payed for app that had certain list of features and update removed some of them. Is this something BlackBerry specific? Maybe I have chosen a wrong platform then (again?)

Um, not sure what you are talking about in regards to speed. Did you use the old app? The native one is noticeably quicker.

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"what you CANNOT do with new Photo Studio: resize..."
Is there any bb10 app at all where you can do such basic stuff like resize a picture?

Downloaded the native version two days ago. Missing some features but still works great. I'm sure the missing features will be added over time. I've used photo studio for years now and I'm glad they're showing BB10 some love!!

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I've owned the Pro version since I got my Z10 back in March. Loved the app then and love it even more now.

What moves you, my Z10

awesomeeeee. I bought yhe pro version when it was an android port...happy with native solution. :)

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Thanks, have downloaded it. Had it on my 9000 but was difficult to use. Then deleted it because 9000 ran out of memory :-(
Seems easier on the Q10.
But I don't see pro version in app world. Is that coming later? How much does it cost?

Posted via CB10 on my Q10

OK. I found it by clicking on more from this developer. It is $3.99, but is there any way to pay with PayPal.

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It have been wonderful that it's gone native. It's smoother and very neat... I know more other apps will come, it's just about time.

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Great developer. There is another great app that just came out Be Maps Pro. Native Google maps client for BlackBerry. Awesome

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been using photo studio pro on legacy for quite a while. Good little app. would imagine the bb10 native would be pretty sweet.

It shuts down every time I want to use the "pencil " effect. Not so random...

Posted via cb10 on my gorgeous white Z10

Looks like a good app - will definitely be downloading. Big thanks to the developer.

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Wow I upgraded to the native pro version, I didn't have to pay , I just deleted the ported one..yesss ty Dev!

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To the developers, thank you for producing a native apps. Please keep the features coming.

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Agree. Stop whining. Native apps will get better over time. Keep complaining and devs will just stop bothering to put any effort into native apps.

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My daughters been using instagram for months as a side load. Works great. Quite honestly....i could care less.

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The only upside to the port was that if you had sideloaded Instagram and tumblr. Because they were all android you could upload straight to them from photo studio

But i happy this is native. No more random freezing

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Thanks for this review James. I don't shop around for apps, so when you show off a good one it makes it easy to decide if I need it or not.

A little disappointed that there are several features missing from my upgrade to Native from the port.

However, I really can't complain as this developer charged on only 4 bucks back when I had first bought it on a Bold 9700. I've been able to upgrade for FREE!!! From OS6 to OS7, PlayBook, BB10 Android port to native so I'm pretty happy about that!!!! Not all devs are offering those type of transitions for free.

I emailed them to kindly ask about the missing features and they responded quickly to let me know they're coming!

Posted via Z10 and CB10 on Rogers

I've got to say that I'm not even a little impressed. But hey, it's free, and there's the promise of more to come. That works for me. Lighten up a little, guys.

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Awesome, the pro version difference is just a bunch of filters and crap that I won't be using anyway. Never understood the whole "make your good photos look crappy" craze...

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Thank you for the video James, glad that another developer decided to create a native version of their application for BB10. I do not mind the yet missing features, but have bought the app to support their future support for our plattform.

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What or who is instagram... oh that crap app, the ones who can't be bothered to serve us bbry hardcorist... anyway go photostudio... can do with an pro app like yours... time to upgrade to pro...

Sent by Bbry Z10

BlackBerry. Is anyone home? REALLY? IS ANYONE HOME??? The kids don't give a damn about this app. Get Instagram if you plan on selling to teens. How many times do people have to give you this feedback??? How many times do the loyalists have to tell you what the word on the street is??? Can someone wake up over there? BBM cross platform like YESTERDAY (with full video and voice calling, not some waterdowned BS version). Instagram like YESTERDAY. Updates pushed through link like YESTERDAY. I'm really surprised how all the folks at CB can remain so positive when this company is frustrating as F to watch.

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I have been using it daily for my channel. It worked fine with Android version. Glad that they went native but lost many features. So now I am using PicShop more.

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I've had this app on my bold 9780, to my bold 9900, have always enjoyed it! Big high five for going native! Since I bought the pro version on my 9900, it came straight to my Z10 when it launched on the bb10 platform, looking forward to trying the native 1!!!

Loving my sick ass Z10!

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If you had this app on legacy BlackBerry devices and/or PlayBook, you should know the developer provides routine updates... So, stop complaining about missing features, they will come - soon.

People complain that to much lol. By the way, I was very happy to see this app go native :).

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I waited for this native version, reviewed and rate it 5 stars! Very good job for the developer, very intuitive interface. This is the way to make more revenue, go native not port. Thanks!

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I like this app and am planning to buy the pro version. The only negative I see with the Q10 is that many of the frames don't show up against the black background. Is there any way to remedy that?