Photo Gallery: Team Mercedes 2013 Formula 1 car with BlackBerry branding

BlackBerry Mercedes Formula 1
By Kevin Michaluk on 4 Feb 2013 10:05 am EST

The #TEAMBLACKBERRY hash tag was given a little extra meaning this morning with the announcement that BlackBerry is now the official technology partner and sponsor of Mercedes 2013 Formula 1 car. BlackBerry officially involved with a Formula 1 team is something I've been wanting to see for literally years. With BlackBerry 10 hitting the market globally, and Formula 1's reputation for engineering, innovation and speed, it's the perfect venue with which to associate the BlackBerry brand.

For the all the details on the new BlackBerry / Mercedes partnership, hit up the press release we posted earlier. And to feast your eyes on all the BlackBerry goodness that will grace the Mercedes F1 W04, the drivers, crew and even the timing board, scroll down.

I'm especially loving the driver's uniform. If anybody out there is reading this and knows how to get their hands on one, send it down to CrackBerry HQ. I'll proudly wear it all day while writing. I bet wearing it would make me type up articles like this even faster. 


BlackBerry Mercedes F1 

BlackBerry Mercedes F1 

BlackBerry Mercedes F1 

BlackBerry Mercedes F1


Image Source: First 5 are official from BBRY, 6th photo via Eurosport.  

Reader comments

Photo Gallery: Team Mercedes 2013 Formula 1 car with BlackBerry branding


This is huge for Blackberry marketing wise. Millions of people are attracted to F1. Also Lewis Hamilton is quite active via Twitter so it should help plenty for Blackberry exposure. F1 is the #1 watched motorsport in the world. Sponsoring a team like Mercedes AMG is huge.

Great big step for Blackberry. I wish the Superbowl commercial was better though. As a fan it didnt sell to me. Although I have mine pre-ordered already. Im talking about non Blackberry users though.

I dont think it appealed to me like the Samsung commercial did. Hear me out...Samsung came out with a 1-min+ commercial during the 2 minute warning literally when the whole WORLD was watching the game due to the 49ers coming back and being a tight ball game at that moment.. Now that was $$$ and strategy/PR. Something USEFUL Blackberry needs to recognize...Money talks. Strategy is key for success here and TIMING.

Go Blackberry!

Great news

I'm a big Mercedes fan, a big Lewis Hamilton fan and huge BlackBerry fan, the only thing that's missing is my own BlackBerry 10 device (waiting for the Q10).

You guys really need to give it a break and come to terms with waiting. It's a phone, it isn't a replacement heart for a child or something.

Being here in the Great White North, I have reserved myself to take a stand with my American cousins, and wait until the March launch date to get mine.
I have an upgrade available now, but hey, waiting just makes me want it more.
Solidarity in BlackBerry 10

Is the 04.02.13 the release date of the Z10 in the US or is that some race they are having?

Could be both?

Neither lol 04.02.13 is todays date. 4th of February, 2013. Outside of the US (Canada uses all three formats lol) this is how the date is done. Since Mercedes is European, and they announced this in Europe, that is the "standard" (most commonly used) date format.

Microsoft has had the contract for the ECU used by all F1 cars, since '08. If it runs QNX, it's got Microsoft firmware on top of that.

TBH, both drivers look like, "I feel stupid doing this and have to give up my iPhone for 3 years, but my contract says I have to."

But this will help exRIM. Millions of people will be saying, "BlackBerry? I thought that was history! That's still around and can afford to sponsor Mercedes? I'll have a look next time in the store."

AWESOME...Lewis Hamilton is with them this year...he has millions of followers around the world and is a skilled promoter...great move!!

This makes more sense for BB as the market for BB is huge in S.E Asia and UK and Europe in conjunction with F1 and racing. Way to go BBRY

This is the absolute best marketing move any company could have made as far as getting/keeping me on board. I love watching Formula 1 and Lewis Hamilton. Mercedes does a huge amount of advertising during the races and millions of people watch F1 worldwide. I love who BlackBerry associates with, very classy.

That's really cool!! BB10 will run in this car, now racers will be able to e-mail and twitt live during the races kkkk

This a very smart move Mercedes are on the up in Formula 1 and the amount of exposer they will get from Formula 1 is huge

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Just curious but why is there a TM instead of R when RIM was always been so picky about its trademark being presented exactly right and now it's the name of the company itself?