Photo frames and app settings now available in the latest MockIt beta update

Photo frames and app settings now available in the latest MockIt beta update
By DJ Reyes on 21 Mar 2014 05:39 pm EDT

MockIt! has just been updated again. The first non-BlackBerry developed app to be available via BlackBerry Beta Zone has been popular among those who love to create memes and I am starting see lots of device mock ups make their way around the interweb too. It's not an app for all but it's an app fit for the purpose. This latest update brings around photo frames, the third section of MockIt!, giving you the ability to create a collage using your very own photos. Glad to see this addition. All the new features and fixes in this update have come from feedback and suggestions given via the discussions forum within Beta Zone.

MockIt! Beta 4 changelog

  • Added prompts to remind users to save their creations
  • The app no longer dumps background images into your shared file space
  • Device Mock backgrounds, both custom and pre-loaded, can be edited before each use
  • New Splash screen and launch animation
  • Optimized the meme editor making it easier to use
  • Fixed some typos
  • Made many many other improvements and fixes

No easter egg this time. I didn't manage to get it last time, sadly. Anyway, you should start to see the update available within the Beta Zone app. You need to have BlackBerry 10.2 running in order to install MockIt!, as well as a Beta Zone account. Take note, if you had anything marked as favorite, they will be reset when you update.

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Reader comments

Photo frames and app settings now available in the latest MockIt beta update


I've loved this app since day one. I'm just glad I've been able to test every version.

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Me too.. unlike BBM :(

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Cool. I updated this morning. Would like more options though.

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Instead of being a separate app, how bout BlackBerry just integrate this into the phone with photo editing.

Come one BlackBerry. Loosen up the tie and be a little cool.

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What could be added to make it useful for you? I would be happy to improve the app based on your suggestions.

As the developer, the initial device mock up functionality in the app was born from a need. I made that portion for developers to be able to create device "renders" using screen shots from their own app to use for promotional purposes. (To show their app on a device in high resolution).

Since then I added in fun additions like Memes and Photo Frames to add more of a consumer appeal.

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I love your app and have a lot of fun with it. And it is great to be able to say it's a BlackBerry App when people ask me how I made it. One thing I would enjoy is the ability to add my own photos to the menu so they are always there for easy meme creation. Thanks for a great app.

Glad you like it! That is a good suggestion. I am working on some things like that and hope to have that in a future release.

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How about the ability to add the text in conversation bubbles. Forgive me if this is already present but I haven't found the feature. I'm referring to the bubbles (and custom placement)used to show what is being said by each person in the photo.

Edit: I'll add suggestion to the feedback.

I think that app is great. I love using it. And even better with frames I say you get BlackBerry to buy it from you. Have it fully integrated and then we won't an "app for that". It's out of the box which would be a cool factor.

Keep up the good work.

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Thank you for supporting it. I am looking forward to hearing some user feedback next week (Beta Zone survey) so I can get it ready for BlackBerry World.

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Hey I just wish when I tap text I have written that there is a little cursor so I can go back and see what spot in the text I'm editing instead of defaulting to the end. Does that make sense?

Thank you for the BlackBerry support!

I love the app and have been teasing my family for days now.

The last update was great and made all the difference in the world.

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The last update took a while to get out mainly due to adding this third section. I had to test and polish it up But things should move along a little faster now. Thanks for supporting!

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Hmm, when you put it that way, you're getting warmer in tempting someone like me to give it a whirl; not that I would call it "useless" because I don't think it's something I want or need. A built-in mobile design workstation (sort of), I am sure I could make good use of.

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Like it's a simple concept, yet it only updates like once a month and still isn't in bbw. Snap2chat was a much larger undertaking, and probably took less time (WHY WON'T SNAPCHAT JUST LET US HAVE IT???)

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I'm only one man! Haha.
Won't be long before it lands in BBW though. That being said, I create all content in the app (minus the memes). Content can take time to create.

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Please revert to the old icon, or at least ditch this one it is not a very beautiful icon.

And, regardless, I love this app. So much fun. Your doing a great job.

Have a nice day

I like the app but I have never been able to load my own pictures.
Anyone else have this problem? I'm rocking a z30.

dont listen to the people who say its useless. not everything is for everyone. this app is freaking awesome! also with the collage type capabilities, it eliminates the need for other bloated apps. my only wish is that this is kept simple and to the point once it moves outta beta. i would also like to vote for the donation method to be implemented. none of that freemium crap. thanks dev!

I appreciate the feedback and the support. I will have in-app purchases for OPTIONAL purchases. And I agree the app should remain focused on its core abilities. I think many apps try to take a scope that is too wide to really do anything well.

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I think this cake is ready to be taken out of the oven!

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awkward that there's a BerryFlow sticker but no CrackBerry... yet this is a CrackBerry post...

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I'm reaching out to all blogs for permission to add their logos :) Not playing favorites

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Mine doesn't updating !! Starting but in the middle stopped! Anyone knows why?

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I've extensively tested 3 beta releases and this is great. The photo frames is amazing and FAST. One of the fastest collage creators I've used. 10x faster than instaframe... good job so far.

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Hmm. Small point but wasn't Evernote the first non-BlackBerry developed app to be available via Beta Zone? Anyway, still not seeing anything I like in Mockit. Guess I'm not the target market seeing as I'm over 40!

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Love the app. However, still have the mock it frames in the picture folder. Was expecting that to be addressed but no biggie.

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