Photo editing options getting revamped for BlackBerry 10, here's how it looks!

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By Bla1ze on 25 Jul 2012 09:12 pm EDT

We all know RIM has been working on numerous different things for BlackBerry 10. Now, we're getting a hands on look at some of their plans for photo editing on the BlackBerry PlayBook and eventually, BlackBerry 10. BlackBerry devices have never really been known for their photo editing skills. Sure, there are a lot of apps out that are great but RIM truly needs a great built-in solution and as shown in the above video -- they seem all too aware of that.

As such, they're building a great solution for it, though keep in mind it could change from what it is currently. Filters, frames, transformations and photo enhancement features will all be built-in making the experience truly awesome, as it always should have been. Looking through the file personally, I can tell it has deep integration with Scalado and that's why it currently doesn't function as it should on the Dev Alpha. It needs the updated camera that RIM is running on higher versions of the Dev Alpha OS. However, there's no doubt in my mind that RIM has it up and running as it should internally.

Jump below to see some of the filtering options and let us know what you all think. Personally, the idea of having Instagram available for BlackBerry 10 is great but having Instagram like functions built-in is just as important to me -- you know, just in case Instagram doesn't have any desire to build a BlackBerry 10 app for whatever reason. Also, video editing is getting a makeover as well but that will have to wait for another day.

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Photo editing options getting revamped for BlackBerry 10, here's how it looks!


It looks good, but it would be nice if there was an image -any image - on the phone you could have tried it out on.

Off topic. What's the weight of the Dev like compared to other handheld devicess? (knowing the DA is not the product to be released)

In my opinion this is exactly the problem with Research In Motion.

They spend so much time making an application like this when instead they should focus more on making their device more user-friendly for development. By having a phone that has great development options like Android/iOS, the end-user can have multiple types of image editing software to choose from. RIM doesn't need to make everything! They need to focus more on they core OS and leave things like this and all their other applications (BlackBerry Traffic) to the development community to make.

I think its an excellent feature that BB10 will have but unfortunitly I do agree with you. They should focus on the core like the os bbm email keyboard and most importantly a good ecosystem. Which Rim has non at the moment or a very poor one. Then and only then should they worry about fluff such as this. However nice non the less.

So, how long did it take them to make this app? Did they put the whole development team on this one app and stop all work on everything else?

Of course those are sarcastic questions. I just always wonder where people  come up with these thoughts about what RIM should be doing. If RIM doesn't include apps on the device, people will say "Oh it's half baked and should never have been released." So they make a cool new app, and people complain. It never fails. lol

Damned if you do, damned if you don't. I actually like the fact that they're giving the BB10 phone an option like this. If a developer won't do it, put it in yourself. I could understand if it was something like a sports app or kindle but this is a photo editing app. The more options (or ones that are available and possibly better) you have at your disposal, the better it is for us the end user.


The difficult, we do immediately. The impossible takes a little while longer.

You must be new to Crackberry, welcome.

Here you have a great opportunity to get all the latest BB 10 news and updates and if you care to, feel free to read all the coverage from BB world and the BB 10 Jam Tour to learn all the wonderful things RIM is doing to make sure that BB 10 is the most developer friendly platform in the world. While you're at it, feel free to read all the posts on Crackberry forums from developers on how awesome the tools are to work with, and there's plenty of articles and interviews on the main CrackBerry blog page to. You may also be interested in the BB 10 Certified Program.

He is def new.
If you see how people complained about the picture app, the music player etc on the PB and realise RIM listened you astounded someone crawls out of a rock and posts this.
He def is new here.

Get a clue guy! Like RIM don't know what they are facing-geeze. Good thing people like you don't work for them!

Can't wait for my BB 10 :)

How does this show Rim isnt working heavily on the Os, last time i checked (unless youre working at Rim) you have no idea what the Os and Ui will actually be like and it could blow away anything on the market now. The Playbook is a good example of rim knowing what to do and it is user friendly.

So far a whole lotta "This is what its supposed to do" and nothing with regards to this O/S actually in action.

RIM is keeping things tight. internally.. it works. I know that for a fact but given we only have one piece of the architecture needed for it to run, have to take what we can get.

As noted in the article, RIM has higher builds of the OS' that haven't been made public which is required for it all to work together. You have no idea what I had to go through in order to get it working as is lol.

Yes, definitely an awesome job! Thanks for the post and the great article to go with it.

though I think the only mistake Thor has mmade to this point is letting Scalado slip into the hands of the competition as it would have been a crown jewel for RIM. I wonder how Nokia owning Scalado's IP will effect any company interested in licensing BB 10 as Nokia has stated publicly that existing contracts will be honored but no new licenses will be granted. Does RIM's license to Scalado Tech cover their potential licensees or would they have to exclude great features like this from a licensed offering?

It's looks very pre-alpha. Like the rest of BB10. Q1 2013 might be a tad optimistic for a BB10 smartphone.

So seriously. Are you really judging the completeness of an OS based on what you see presented of a single feature that was never intended (i.e. given peripheral support)to be released to anyone outside of RIM? Everything that we've seen so far of BB10 are snippets or islands of information, that do not stand alone.

If you looked at one of the leaked pictures of a part of the new iPhone, like the back/front cover or casing; would you say "Hey, look at that! They'll never get the phone finished by fall. They've only got the cover finished!"

Please, try not to be an idiot!

Yeah berrybait, I thought the same thing . . Someone leaks a picture of some scrap piece of plastic, says its for the latest iPhone, and everyone gets 'aroused' (you fill in the word-picture). When apple or samsung keeps things a secret they are clever genius's, when rim does it they're idiots who are twiddling their thumbs. So sick of the double-standard (yes, I know, here come the posts griping about past history and track record and so forth . . . sigh).

at the end of the day, you can't please everybody. i hope RIM continues to change the conversation so that instead of everyone looking at them as being reactive to the market, they view them as being proactive to the changing smartphone landscape.


The difficult, we do immediately. The impossible takes a little while longer.

Assuming it does what its suppose to do. I'm pretty excited, hopefully it has a sharing tab so we can share pictures right from the app. That would pretty awesome. Thanks for sharing Blaze.

Oh man I love how much tease this vidz of the Dev Alpha phones are giving us. I'm so happy my upgrade for a new device is in the beginning of next year, so really I'm just waiting to upgraded to awesomeness. BB for life!!!!!

I agree. Pretty awesome surprise. I was out all night. Didn't look at the site. Didn't look at my phone even. Came home to go to bed... saw this awesomeness and was like wtf?! That crazy Bla1ze.

This is NATIVE photo editing. WOW. As a dev, I think this is great. Perfect for consumers. People are getting more used to sharing what they want in various channels.
This will fit in perfectly with Invocation and BBM, and powerful set of native features introduced with BlackBerry 10.

Def winning.

Now that Facebook bought out Instagram, would it shock anyone if RIM creates full integration with Instagram in BB10 the way they are so connected to Facebook and Twitter? I would love to see a native integration with Instagram along with Facebook and Twitter!

Given that this looks pretty similar to Instagram, did RIM just increase the value of the company by $1,000,000,000? Mark would seem to think

Nice app. Go RIM.

It might have if RIM actually owned all the tech behind this. but as noted in the article, the app is powered mostly by Scalado (Nokia) tech. I'm sure there's some TAT in there but RIM licensed this they don't own it so it does not increase the value of RIM as others who want to use the same tech would have to pay Nokia not RIM.

This is pretty nice and I'm assuming your talking about Jaycut with the video editor and "another day" would be PlayBook 2.1 with video editor built in?

2.1 has to have more than what I read on the image. Something has to have some oompf too it if they want to relaunch the PlayBook.


Jaycut was a brilliant purchase by RIM and the video editor is something I am definitely looking forward to seeing!

One thing is for certain beyond ANY doubt. BB 10 will be the most socially integrated platform for sharing content, ideas and communications in the world. RIM is going to impress with what BB 10 can do. If they can close the App gap, they will without a doubt still be the 3rd major platform this time in 2014.

IN fact, RIM could drive value by actually launching a solid native app such as this with advanced capabilities. This demo just proves that BlackBerry 10 will be solid and appeal to many people around the globe. No need to download an "Instagram-type"photo filter app/clone when you have the functionality built in natively if you want to use it. Reduction of friction. +1 Flow +1 Connectivity +1 This is like viral marketing. Imagine the integration potential with BBM and every other app.

There are a million and one photo edit apps...this is not special, looks bogged down. The OS better be perfect or its RIP RIM. They delayed for a photo edit app...SMH, show and prove RIM

Anyone who thinks rim dead, is stupid at best, if you had 80 million people paying you close to $10 a month each, im sure you laugh at these dumb statments. They built in just over a year an os it took both google and apple years to create. I'll sell both my android, iPhone 4s, n old bb 7 to have the new blackberry. I'm a die hard bb user, as are many others, ontop of the peopl who jumped ship to android. I loved n still do love everything bb from bbm to them being the most secure phones ever!

Regardless of the existence of photo apps, it can ONLY serve to do RIM good to make the native functionality of the BB10 OS as dynamic as possible. RIM is making leaps and bounds thus far with OS10 like we've never seen before. Let's embrace that for what it is and moreso what is can mean for the success of BB10 and for RIM on a whole.


The best part of this, is that it shows they have it. Why is this good? Because a lot of mainstream consumers are hooked on simple-editing-photos and RIM finally opened its eyes and is looking around for what people are doing and using these days. Even if the application is limited in use now, they can always update it after release.

Another side effect of making features like this, is stumbling on problems for multi-phone functionality. As noted in the post :"New slides show off RIM's BlackBerry 10 photo editing app further". This forces the DEVS from RIM reinvent space usage and UI possibilities so they can adjust or create better API's which in turn can be used by all Developers. And so actually helping developers bringing theirs apps to BB10 in a way it's good and make sense.

And for the people that worry about the core functions such as BBM, don't forget that even Thorsten said that: "groups are working on individual parts of the system". Also note that if one team finishes up all their assignments, they can work on overall system integration and get reassign to other teams, helping them out.

Closing comment:
KEEP IT UP BLA1ZE! The more we see of BB10 the more we see Bla1ze back in action!

yeah it looks like it has more options and is built up from scratch to take advantage of the gestures and BB10 OS.. would much prefer this free than a similar app that's free but supported by ads.
Also until it starts adding in a walled social aspect where you can follow other users then no it is.

on another note, this can only be a plus for users because judging by the insane amount fb paid for instagram, there seems to be an appeal of editing pictures straight from your portable device

looks like you don't have to crop your photos to a square. better than instagram imo...

Bold 9900 - Playbook 32GB - Lumia 800

This app looks VERY powerful. It actually has many features seen in production apps like iPhoto, Piccasa, and others. I.e white balance, contrast modes etc... The big question for me is whether or not this app will support RAW files from different DSLR manufacturers like Nikon and Canon. In fact if this app supported importing directly, via USB or even WiFi, photos from the camera, THEN we are talking... My take on this is... KEEP ON KEEPING ON!! The iPhone, 'Droid fanatics keep boasting how their apps are so damn great. This app looks great. In fact if RIM has developed BB Traffic and Travel and some other core apps like this then GAME ON...

I find RIM's software integration into their phons exceptional. I've been rocking an android the last 2 weeks and I really do find some of their standard built in solutions lacking. If it weren't for such a robust app store and manufacturer support, android really isn't a viable option for me. at least prior to ICS.

The only other company that seems to put much effort into buit in solutions is apple but even then the OS is far too limited in multi-tasking. BB10 will surely birng about a new way of doing things!

this app is a good example of that. THanks RIM.

I think 3rd party devs will appreciated the deep integration of this BB10 too :)

I think RIM could integrate deeper with KVADGroup team to make the best photo editing application for BlackBerry PlayBook and BlackBerry 10. Do they need to make another app? Let's work together! :)

Now that's what I'm talking about!!! Even though it'snot working perfectly, show us something from BB10 working on some hardware!

Thanks, Bla1ze

The camera on a phone shouldn't be an afterthought or disregarded, as considerable buzz does get generated based on that alone. See the Nokia 808 PureView, or anytime the iPhone is released. "The best camera is the one you have with you" is a popular aphorism, and an industry has been built out of that. If BB10 devices have the best camera, people will notice. The sharing aspect of BBs will really shine here, too.

Also, if it has a great camera, and the ability to make adjustments like contrast and saturation, then there's no need to cover up a crappy photo with filters! /rant from a photographer :)

Thanks Bla1ze really appreciate all the great articles! So now they need a commercial (i hate to say it) like apples. there commercials are very catchy and make you want the product! RIM needs that badly!... but instead of the boring tap... tap... tap show the amazing swipe! :)... cant wait for BB10!

Anyone who thinks rim dead, is stupid at best, if you had 80 million people paying you close to $10 a month each, im sure you laugh at these dumb statments. They built in just over a year an os it took both google and apple years to create. I'll sell both my android, iPhone 4s, n old bb 7 to have the new blackberry. I'm a die hard bb user, as are many others, ontop of the peopl who jumped ship to android. I loved n still do love everything bb from bbm to them being the most secure phones ever!