Phosphoresce Premium BlackTheme Now Available!

By Bla1ze on 15 Nov 2009 04:43 am EST

KD is back down to theme making after a short little break. Wasting no time, KD has jumped right back in with his new theme Phosphoresce. Intense graphics and screen transitions make this one an impressive and eye catching theme. Integrated hot spots and hidden areas help with the navigation, making it easier to access all device functions. You really need to see it in action before you can get a full feel for it but after having tested this one out on my 9700 I can say it's quite impressive.

Phosphoresce supports the 8900, 9000, Storm 1 and 2, Tour and 9700 and is currently on sale now until midnight tonight for only $3.99

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Phosphoresce Premium BlackTheme Now Available!


what's the load time on this one?

I loaded a 5.0 theme on my storm and it changed the loading time from 2 mins to 10. I wanna make sure this theme doesn't do the same..

Looks pretty sweet for a theme... I'll look into it this coming weekend after I get some work done on my car and my fiancées car.

I am curious to the speed of it and if you get the today screen in landscape mode. $2.99 would have made me bite on it to be one of the first to try it. Now I will just wait until I see some reviews. Looks cool.

2,167,360 Bytes -> 2116 KiloBytes -> 2.06 MegaBytes... <-Storm 2.

Don't know if different devices are different sizes.

I think that this is a great theme, I just downloasded it.

I do of course wish there were some modifications available.

One of the issues I see (and of course it might not be theme related) is when I open Facebook and select the menu key 'everything' is white. The background and the letters are both white, which makes it very difficult to see the letters. It can be seen, but only when that option is highlighted.

I love the design of the theme itself. It works great, even when in landscape mode.

I would also like to ask, is there a way to have the name of the folder displayed on the folder itself? When a folder is created, it just says "folder." The only way to differ between them is to look at the selection it gives at the top of the screen.

Again, thank you for such an awesome theme.


KD is one of my fav theme designers (actually top 3), but this theme to me is decent at best. I like the slide in menu and the quickness, but I'm not too pleased with the fact that you get a total of 4 icons to choose. (1 being WeatherBug - and that doesn't even display the temperature) - and the other 3 in a corner box. KD had always had the option of getting near 16 icons, but this one has 4? Not too high on it. 3/5 stars.

just grabbed it and tweaked it out to where I liked everything....was using iBot 2.0 and liked it, though, it not being a 5.0 theme meant it's got the white increased load time (Storm1 OS5) and MUCH less memory usage from what I can tell.....haven't had it long enough to tell whether or not it has a memory leak like the other theme did....though, something that showed where each hidden area was and what it triggered would be nice since I'm finding more each time I start tinkering.....