Phones 4 u gives us yet another sneak peak of the BlackBerry Bold 9900 on video

By DJ Reyes on 28 Jun 2011 09:34 am EDT

With Vodafone UK recently giving us a sneak peek into the BlackBerry Bold 9900, Phones4U have also joined in on the parade. However, rather than just do a plain old review of the device, Phones4U have added their very own twist to the review. It's fun to see these videos pop up, but they just add to the pain of waiting for the device. We still have no official release date for the Bold 9900 or 9930 but we're hopeful that we'll hear one for sure before long. Check out the video for yourself.

While you're at it you can join in on the discussions on the Bold 9900 in the forums.

Reader comments

Phones 4 u gives us yet another sneak peak of the BlackBerry Bold 9900 on video


Are you having a laugh?

It's an ADVERT, hence the Phones4U logo in the top right and the Phones4U web browser shots.

Feckin' eejit.

Looks good. Can't wait to pick one up. I wish I could enjoyed my summer with a 9300 bold in hand rather than waiting.

Don't get me wrong, I love sneak peaks at new devices. However, after a while sneak peaks become annoying when you can't get the device in your hands anytime soon.

Yes I agree.

Liked this 'review', loving all the stuff we're hearing about this phone but it's no fun getting excited when we're still over two months away.

Still, I hope enthusiasm for what looks like a great device won't have diminished too much by then. I'll still be upgrading to it.

Looks good. Can't wait to pick one up. I wish I could enjoyed my summer with a 9930 bold in hand rather than waiting.

Video blocked by employer :(

Oh well. The only phone that tweaks my fancy is the Storm 3 (I refuse to call it a Torch. It's not a Torch).
But I might just try and hold out for the QNX devices. Let's see if the 9700 can hold on that long. LOL

why would you call it a torch? I know there's both a torch 2 and a storm 3 (name pending) coming out so to call them both the same phone makes no sense...

It was blogged here a few times that it was going to be called the Torch.

I hated that name. It isn't a Torch. Totally dumb.

Now I could live with the BlackBerry Volt.

It's the same with the "Storm" and the "Tour"...
The storm isn't a storm nor is the tour a tour.
It's a name get over it.

Yup, I want one. The internals are way ahead of any other bb, which is really nice, but just look at the display and the awesome keyboard. I've already started planning new shortcuts.

Do ya think its safe to say that the providers who have advertised the device have already approved it for RIM... Which means we are probably simply waiting on AT&T. RIM has to light a fire under their A$$

I'm waiting patiently for the 9930. I put my Tour on a vacation a few months back and currently have a Thunderbolt...which btw is a fun phone but has major software issues. I've learned that no phone is perfect and well, we just like what we like and I cant wait to get my hands on the new Berry. I seriously doubt any QNX phone will be out any time soon, so I'm very happy to get this when released. I'm fortunate to have one of my other lines be up for an upgrade so I'll give her the TBolt and keep the 9930 for me!

Im gonna wait for the Storm 3 as well. With QNX RUMORED to come out in 2012 whats the point in buying an OS7 when in a year there will be something that much better.....

It's a risk I'll take but I already plan on saving up for when that happens. I did feel slighted when my Tour became obsolete a month after I bought it but hey, even my NEW supposed latest and greatest Thunderbolt won't be getting the HTC Sense 3.0 because they said it cant handle it.

Sorry to burst your bubble ol' chap, but it's our language and if you don't like it, jolly well shove orf and write your own :)

Love that!!! Great review but it was the humour that kept me interested because we already know all about the bloomin' thing. I miss cold ol' England from warm sunny Florida haha..

Someone really needs to get on the "blower" to the man presenting that video and suggest somewhere he might want to insert his handset. What an idiot

Wow, I found this to be a great review. I like when people add creativity to reviews of any kind, and the guy reviewing the 9900 definitely did that.

September can't come soon enough...

I love this guys reviews. Love how he talks (but then i like poms) and like how it's fun but to the point. Blower hehe... Silly pommy! Also, that woman selling the strawberries - Lucky!