Phones 4U in the UK to stock the BlackBerry Q5 in July

By James Richardson on 14 May 2013 11:26 am EDT

Hot off the press from the UK - Phones 4U have confirmed they will be stocking the new BlackBerry Q5 when it launches in July. Although we don't yet know too much about the Q5 that should change later in the day as we get hands on with the device which we can only presume will be a replacement for the Curve.

Again, no prices are confirmed and dates may well change but it's great to see carriers announcing their support straight away.

More Q5 news as well get it......

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Wouldn't mind having this phone avail in Canada.

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UK will go crazy for those phones.


Aww cute. Kinda like the curves


the black one looks the best

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BlackBerry is back with Back 2 Back Action. You guyz will rock the Mobile Computing experince. Eargerly awaiting for Q10 lauch in india.

2 Phonez

Knew it'd be coming to the UK. They'd be fools not to release this here. If the price is right it'll be a hit for sure.


BlackBerry is back and im very excited

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Brutal Efficiency

Go BlackBerry!!!!

Blackberry Faithful - #TeamBlackBerry


BlackBerry is back!

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All the colors i predicted made it... I would've liked to see Blue in there though. Great entry phones for BB10. As for the price... I cant see this being more than 79.99 at contract. Reason being, it was announced that T-Mobile would offer the Q10 at 99.99. By that logic alone, there's not much room to price this device anywhere close to the Q10


last I saw no pricing for T-Mo Q... 99.99 seems low for the Q from what we've seen from the Z and from releases in other countries.

blackberry hermit

A smart, sensible business move by BlackBerry. To deal with the low-end Android and cheap Lumias hitting the developing markets. Yet, no one is remarking on the fact that this is NOT a low-end device. BlackBerry won't do 'cheap'. This is a midrange device. Glad it's arriving in the UK. As for pricing, don't expect cheap. But it will be affordable. My guesstimate? Based on UK sim-free (i.e. no contract) current prices of £529 Q10 and £429 Z10 the Q5 will launch in July for £289.

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Orange UK

Neither do anything for me....Z10 or Q10....


I thought these things looked like crap when we first saw them. Now, not so much. They actually look cool and hip, well done BlackBerry.

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so crow

Will sell very well over here in the UK.

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They'll have this new phone before all but maybe one carrier has the Q10 in the US. Wow

Ninsei Barrow

Omg I want a pink 1... Wish I'd had more colour options for my Z10... I've went a bit over board on cases tho and have about 20 so no new phones for me anytime soon.. :(

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20+ cases?? You could probably have bought another Z10 with all that money =).
I hope you don't have as many pairs of shoes as your phone cases ;)

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Any Dbrand skins?

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I have a Z10 but wanting a Q10 too because I'm greedy. The Q5 however might just mean I get my qwerty phone after all and hopefully it will be priced under the £300 mark!

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Of course they will launch the Q5 in the UK first especially because low budget BlackBerrys are so popular here.. my Prediction on the price are around £230 and free on a £25 contract

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Wait, so these will also have a front facing camera? I thought it didn't for some reason, lol.

blackberry hermit

Yep, definitely coming to the UK. See link:

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