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Buy a BlackBerry from Phones 4U and get food discounts in thousands of restaurants

Phones 4U
By James Richardson on 1 Feb 2014 03:23 am EST

If you are in the UK and in the market for a new BlackBerry you may well want to consider shopping at Phones 4U - particularly if you like food. Smartphones and food aren't normally associated, but the UK retailer has signed a deal with The Gourmet Society which will give consumers one years free membership with each smartphone purchased. 

That means that if you buy a BlackBerry from Phones 4U you can get up to 50% off your food bills at a huge list of restaurants, pubs, tea rooms etc - sounds pretty good if you ask me. 

As well as the 9720, Phones 4U sell BlackBerry 10 devices too. On contract they have the Z10 in both black and white and also the Q5

Press Release

Satisfy your taste buds when you shop at Phones 4u this year, as we’ve teamed up with the Gourmet Society to offer you pounds off fantastic dining experiences at over 6,700 UK restaurants. Pick up your new smartphone on contract, pay as you go or SIM free at Phones 4u and we’ll give you a year’s membership to Gourmet Society worth £69.95– all for free!

For all you foodies out there, the membership offers you up to a whopping 50% off* oodles of restaurants, across every cuisine you can imagine. From well-known favorites such as Handmade Burger Co. and Bella Italia, to unique family run locals, as well as Michelin Star goodness for extra special treats.

And the fun doesn’t stop there, as the membership bonus offers more than just savings on dining. Save on various entertainment and leisure activities too, as well as nearly two thirds off the UK’s most popular magazine subscriptions. On top of this, in a typically British fashion, 2-for-1 entry is available at over 100 afternoon tea locations nationwide and over 100 British and Irish gardens.

So what are you waiting for? Visit Phones 4u at one of our 700+ stores across the UK, or go online today to put the cherry on the top of your new smartphone, with a free year-long membership to Gourmet Society*.

Visit Phones 4U to order your BlackBerry



Already have an amazing Z30! Weeeeee

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jojo beaconsfield

Prem should do that at The Keg,here in Canada.


Phones4u have pulled BlackBerry 10 devices from most of their stores. My friend asked for one and was told they no longer sell it. Out of 5 stores I've been in I only saw one BlackBerry device which was the 9720

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Yeah when I tried to buy a z30 from them the in store manager basically told me not to buy a BlackBerry & there's too many problems with them. He told me that they no longer are stocking them & then tried to sell me an iPhone

So went carphone warehouse instead and everything worked out just fine :)

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Yeah, very odd. Phones4U have definitely stopped selling BlackBerry. Perhaps they are still selling stock they still have knocking around, but I went into Phones4u ages ago to ask about the Z30 and I was laughed at and told that BlackBerry was going out if business and that they weren't selling them anymore. I think they may have the BB7 models in some places though.

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Well, if they have started selling them again (and why bother with a promotion at all if they haven't) then this is good news!

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The promotion isn't specific to BlackBerry

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This is why the next BlackBerry smartphone from Foxconn is the most important.

It's most important to show that BlackBerry is alive and kicking.

Too many phone outlets chasing the same customers. Lack of diversity will kill the market. The market needs BlackBerry.

We need to show these companies that we will not tolerate any bias against BlackBerry and will take our business to those who stock and sell BlackBerry devices .

Just download vouchercloud instead.

BlackBerry...Get it done

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OMG those specs from the red leaked Nexus 5 .Gorilla Glass 3, my Z10 display looks same is 3 years old after some weeks now.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App with my Z10 because it's better and dark themed!


Friends Plz see a latest tech info:
ANd new google neexus 5 red variant leak:


Mods delete this post please

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Umm Nexus?

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Who in their right mind would like to shop BlackBerry from a franchise who doesn't rate BlackBerry high and price they have for Z10 is so ridiculous. It seems like they never updated page since the launch of Z10!


Good stuff ;-)

C0038297E Quote of the Day (BBM Channel)



If you don't stock BlackBerry then you're definitely NOT 4 ME!!!!

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Brian Persaud

Is this offer available in Canada?

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Hey buddy, learn how to spell the name of the product before spamming us. "Neexus" really? Haha. And places like that saying BlackBerry is dead need to pick up a paper or read the latest online, BlackBerry in 2014 has got nothing but positive news. The U.S president still uses a BlackBerry but BlackBerry is dead? Haha. Keep dreaming Apple lovers, keep dreaming.

Team BlackBerry


rickster2611 you are 100% correct as well, couldn't agree with you more.

Team BlackBerry


Phones4U do not sell BlackBerry 10 devices.

I have a Z10 from them, and an insurance policy- in the event of damage to my phone, they cannot supply a BlackBerry 10 device.

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