Phones 4u boasts over half their UK stores sold out of BlackBerry Z10s on opening weekend

BlackBerry Z10
By Simon Sage on 7 Feb 2013 03:29 pm EST

Despite positive sentiment, a lot of people have been eager to hear some hard sales numbers for the BlackBerry Z10. The UK had a bit of a head start on us Canadians, so they've been able to tally up and announce that over 55% of their 680 locations sold out of BlackBerry Z10 units on launch weekend. No doubt the exclusive deal on the white model is contributing to Phones 4u's successful Z10 launch. Spokesperson Scott Hooton commented very positively on the launch.

"As Phones 4u is currently the only place people can get their hands on the BlackBerry Z10 in white, it has been a huge success and continues to sell extremely well. A large number of our stores DID sell out of the white model on launch weekend, but because we knew demand was so high and we didn't want anyone to miss out on getting one, we replenished stock within hours."

Phones 4u also gathered up some survey data; apparently desire for a BlackBerry smartphone has doubled since December, with 42% of respondents citing the big screen as one of their favorite features, followed by 40% that liked the faster browsing, and 31% that are digging Flow.

On the whole, this is great news to hear, but without having any kind of ballpark idea of how many units they ordered in the first place (even relative to other device launches), it's hard to seriously guage how well the BlackBerry Z10 is getting picked up in the U.K. 

How many of you trusty UK readers picked up a Z10? Any from Phones 4u? Did you have trouble finding a place that had them in stock? If you're still wondering where to get it, be sure to check out our UK BlackBerry Z10 buyer's guide.  

Source: Phones 4u

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Phones 4u boasts over half their UK stores sold out of BlackBerry Z10s on opening weekend


Yes the key is initial stock, selling out of 15 is different than selling out of 50. Still good news either way but enthusiasm needs to be tempered.

Sorry to disagree with you... I guess there's a first for everything... but 5610 units is pretty p*ss poor in my view.

You add a couple of zeros after that number and I'd be happy with that for an openning weekend for the Z10 ;)


your math is not complete. You only took in to account 55% of 680. The rest of 45% of the stores did not sell zero z10...they just were not sold out. If I were to estimate the math on this, let's say each stores average 15 handsets...

680*15=10200 ---> phones 4u only

let's say other 2 carriers sold about the same amount so multiply by 3.

So Roughly around 30,000 Z10 phones were sold from the UK? Maybe within 2-3 days?

Obviously, I'm taking a wild guess here..

You have a line up of approx: 100 to 300 people per store. Each store must have had at least 200 to 400 Z10's give or take. So lets say 300.

MATH = 680 Stores x 300 Z10's = 204,000 this chain had stocked. 30,000 sounds way too low anywhere, especially all of the UK. Within one week it was reported that several 100 Thousand were sold. Several is larger than 200 and beyond 300.

If 100 to 300 people per store is true, then that's amazingly awesome news. I don't live in UK so I didn't know about this kind of line ups. I know here in Vancouver, Canada, I went to my local bell store in the mall and they said they were supplied 15 Z10 handsets and the store person said they're almost sold out. I kind of think that the average number of Z10s being sold is 15 per store. If your 100 to 300 estimate is true, that would make bbry stock price skyrocket up.

(by the way, how come crackberry doesn't notify me when someone comments on my posts here? Is there a way to get a notification so I don't have to miss a reply to my comments? thanks.)

I picked my Z10 up at my local Rogers store and the clerk there said they received approximately 10 Z10. However, that did not include the pre-order, of which for the white I was number 24 on the list. The clerk also said that the number of Z10 they received were similar to how many new iphones they receive.

Although I'm not trying to put a downer on this story, Simon, actual sales numbers count more than running out of stock (even temporarily).

I'm sure the analyst who said (something along the lines of) some stores only had 15 - 20 devices, was just putting out the information he wanted to.

The fact that is we don't know how many units were in stores (for them to be sold out of), if there were low inventory numbers that could be for a number of reasons (not necessarily bad), etc...

Although I like that Phones4U has said something (at the same time that they mentionned again and again that they are the only UK retailer to have the white Z10) to back-up BlackBerry, we will still have to wait a while for actual sales figures. They are what count.

Until then, it's just a "he said, she said" debate.


While normally i would agree with this argument - i think you need to take into account that this is a company that, up until a couple of short months ago, was considered 'dead' by analysts and media to the point where the average person actually thought they weren't being supported or sold anymore.

To have come from that to sell outs - even if it is of limited stock - is a big deal. Not compared to iphone or android maybe - but a big deal for Blackberry.

I went into their Nottingham store for a demo two days ago and all they had were display units. The salesman did say they were selling very fast and he would have more in stock soon.

I used to work for Phones4u for around 18 months.. Their stock structure is pretty simple, they send X amount to each branch in each colour. If some are sold then they just replace them with a delivery, however if all of the stock is sold then they will double the quantities in the next delivery.

I also know that EE have a commission boost for salesman if a handset is sold on their network, which is good seeing as EE is the only network running 4G currently in the UK.

I had a look at the commission structuring in Phones4u the other day and the Z10 is on their highest commission 'banding' which at the end of the day is all the salesman care about so I think this bodes well for Blackberry.

They have also launched the full Z10 accessory range in store as well as having majority POS being BB10 :D

At this point I'd say that perception is more important than actual numbers. I'd guess that BB kept distribution numbers relatively low so they could generate this type of reporting.

These reports could easily sway people on the fence to make a purchase - thinking that it's a 'must-have' product, and with stock selling out, they better get one before it's too late and they're the only ones without....

I ordered mine first thing in the morning on 31/1 online from p4u and was also informed that I will.receive a free 64gb playbook for being one of the first 250 to order from them. I have a colleague who ordered. From them a couple of hours after me and they did not get a free playbook. So numbers must have reasonable!

The story also says they reordered and continue to sell well. Again, all relative to the numbers they were given but still you have to think that the numbers must be reasonably good. It all pales in comparison to the iPhone and androids big launches but you also need tp consider how much smaller blackberry is compared to those two right now. BlackBerry has between 5-10% of the customer base of those two so expectations aren't the same.

I am interested in the numbers though. Although companies continue to say how well it is doing the longer we go without actual numbers the less I think its doing as well as they need. Apple and Samsung get the numbers out pretty quickly so its not for a lack of info. I hope it does well, not only does BlackBerry need it, so do consumers.

Depending how long the BB10 phones will have had time to sell I am hoping for a few hundred thousand in total sales at least I wouldn't expect a million or above but that would be great... I worry if people feel it needs to be that amount however :x

The boast is meant to create interest for new user and a form of marketing so it is understandable why no number was announced. Stop speculating, the number will come.

These latest articles are starting to give off some Bashing Vibes.
What gives CrackBerry team?

I need to hear the raw-raw-cheer

I bought 3 x Z10s on the 31st Jan from Phones4U. So I accounted for buying 30% of their stock of black Z10s. They confirmed to be they had 10 of each colour. This was on Oxford Street in London at about 2:30pm. They still had some left but the guy said they were selling well.

I will have to wait until the last quarter of this year to get mine due to the contract I am on, still, happy to continue with my 9900 for the interim but every day I am salivating more and more for a new Z10.

I got a 64GB PlayBook along with my Z10 FREE OF CHARGE as my Phones4U order was one of the first 250 orders. good times! :-)