Phones 4 U offers three white BlackBerry 7 smartphones on pre-order

White BlackBerry 7 devices
By DJ Reyes on 28 Oct 2011 12:06 pm EDT

We love white devices right? I know I do and so does our fearless leader Kevin. With the holiday season fast approaching, Phones 4 U are getting in to the holiday spirit and have three BlackBerry 7 smartphones available for pre-order in white. Phones 4 U have the BlackBerry Bold 9900Torch 9810 and Curve 9360 available for pre-order for release during November.

I think white BlackBerry devices can quite sexy and I may just hold off a little bit more before getting myself the BlackBerry Bold 9900. 

Pre-order your white BlackBerry 7 device from Phones 4 U 

Source: Stuff Magazine 

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Phones 4 U offers three white BlackBerry 7 smartphones on pre-order


You would? Well, the 9810 has been available in white in North America since its release in August.


Its funny how bb owners dont feel the need to go spouting out about all the shortcomings of the new iphone 4s battery problems and the lack of security with siri all over iphone messageboards ....

Blah blah..

True that. The iphone4s battery will last no more than 12 hours. The bold 9900 does fairly better. I'd say it has to be that new A5 processor that needs a lot of juice.

They all look great. I am seriously tempted by the 9810. But I don't think I can part with my red curve just yet.

in north america (canada) already see the white torch 9810 and the white curve 9360 coming soon... just waiting for white bold 9900 to come to rogers thats the phone i want...

I kinda want those wallpapers more than the device... I have a Defender Case on my 9900 so the color doesn't matter really....