Phone Slipper Case Doubles as a Wallet - 20 To Be Won!

By Adam Zeis on 26 Oct 2009 08:58 am EDT

Phone Slipper

The last week or so I've been using the Phone Slipper on my Tour. For years I've opted to be wallet-less, carrying a few cards, my license and cash in my pocket. I've tried wallets, money clips and rubber bands but nothing seemed to do the trick. Countless times I've lost, misplaced or forgotten cards due to my ways, but I made due the best I could. A few months back I discovered the Phone Slipper and I was overjoyed. I carry my BlackBerry with me everywhere I go (duh, who doesn't?!) and to be able to carry my cards and ID right on the phone would be ideal. The Phone Slipper fits on snug like a regular silicone case, but the obvious difference is the "slit" in the side. You can easily put in a credit card, ID, business cards and more. I've found that I can fit just about 2 credit cards, my ID and a business card before it feels "bulky". The cards stay snug against the back of your device, and you can easily slide them with the help of the opening in the back. The build an overall deisng is great, and the only fear I have is that the slit will wear down over time with the constant rubbing of the cards (but only time will tell). The phone slipper sells for a very reasonable $9.95 (83xx) and $19.95 (Tour) and is available in black. The biggest downside is that it is currently only available for the Tour and 83xx series.

Contest: To enter to win 1 of 20 Phone Slippers, just leave a comment on this post telling us why you need one and be sure to include your device model (Tour or 83xx). Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only leave one comment - multiple entries won't count!

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Phone Slipper Case Doubles as a Wallet - 20 To Be Won!


I have a storm 9530 and I am terrified of dropping it and cracking the screen ! Oh please crackberry gods, gift me :(


I always have my BB on me, so this would make it so I don't forget my wallet. Because I NEVER forget my BB... I have Storm2.

This seems like a great thing to have! I often take my phone into places, but not my purse, so it would be nice to tuck my drivers license and CC into my phone!

eeek, sorry, I have 8320!

>This seems like a great thing to have! I often take my phone >into places, but not my purse, so it would be nice to tuck >my drivers license and CC into my phone!

I need the protection from scratches and to be able to carry my cards and cash with my Tour phone.

Thanks for this contest!

I am prone to dropping my phone AND not finding a small compact purse for my phone, id, and cards....PERFECT!

I'd love to win one of these for my Tour 9630! I don't like carrying around a wallet and since I always have my Tour with me it would make sense to have the Phone Slipper.

I need this because I need a case for my tour! I don't have anything on it right now...Help me protect my Tour :)

Everyone always tells me that I have a George Costanza wallet, so something that would help me cut down on that and also protect my Javelin (8900), would be awesome!!

Hope I can win!!


curve 8350i
i have not carried a wallet for last few yrs and this is perfect
i need something for id cards and money

I guess the most obvious reason would be that I don't have a case now. My body glove case has run it's course and looks a hot mess. The best reason I would like to have this case is because I always have my Curve in my hand and I hate to carry a purse. I carry my Curve, id and a credit card. To drop the purse would be awesome. The next best reason is I want one and I want to win. Thanks for considering me!!

Considering i always leave either my phone or my wallet at home, i Desparately need it.
Would love to win one rather than shell out money...

to make my wallet and tour into one wad!!!
creates a spare pocket!!! for more stuff!!! plus...rubber cases dont slip out of pockets

for the tour!!!

i "need" one because i don't use protection in the bedroom, i might as well use protection on my 8330... i gets more action :D

if i could win this then i could pass it along to my wife for her bold when i purchase the 9700 when it comes out! keeping it in the family! lol! good luck to all!

Well, the reason I need one is because my poor wallet is falling apart, and my Otterbox is becoming an eyesore. I feel like my case is so... Oldschool. Everyone has one. I LIKE TO BE ORIGINAL!!! Not like the normal person. My Storm 9530 is as original as possible, but that otterbox just makes it so old lookin. So I hope you consider me for an entrant in this contest. Sorry I'm late to the game! I have good reasons. :D

My husband will leave his wallet before he will leave his BOLD. I don't know how many times we have got some where and there he goes looking for his wallet.

I really want one for my tour because I am the exact same way as you, BB and some credit cards/id in my pocket no wallet. This would be really handy to have!

I have a blackberry tour, and would love to get myself one of these cases. I work in the emergency medical field, and have alot on belt as it is and in my pockets. To be able to carry my ID's and a debit card with my phone would help out alot, as my BB is always with me. To be able to carry just the cards I need and leave the wallet out of my back pocket would be great as it would help with my cyatic nerve, and my back with lifting patients.

Can't remember if I already entered this one, so sorry if this is another one!

This is perfect for me since I don't use a wallet i just carry my Driver's License, Credit Cards, Debit Card and Insurance card in my back pocket free to just slip right out, wich I hope never happens. One for my Blackberry Bold would be awesome, Thanks!

I have a Curve 8330 with all the bells and whistles, including the hybrid 5.0 OS.

Every week as I watch football on Sunday I set out on a search for the perfect wallet case (using on-line shopping at Crackberry). I am sure several of the guys do that also but the difference is that I am a woman. A woman who hates purses/bags/carrying anything. I live in jeans with my BB in my back pocket.

This would make my life great! My 2 credit cards, my license, a couple of $20 bills and I am good to go for the weekend.

Please consider my plea.

i always seem to leave either my id or debit card or something behind when i go places, but i always make sure i got my i think this would fit my life perfect so please choose me!!!

I love the concept of the phone slipper! I have a Tour. I work security for a company in Portland, Maine. Quite often I come in contact with people of the "sketchy" quality, so, when I go to work I try not to carry too much... so there's less chance of losing stuff, AND, if I have to run after these people to beat them, I'm not weighted down by a 20 pound wallet and other junk. It would be PERFECT to consolidate and minimize my pocket clutter when working!!