Phone Slipper Case Doubles as a Wallet - 20 To Be Won!

By Adam Zeis on 26 Oct 2009 08:58 am EDT

Phone Slipper

The last week or so I've been using the Phone Slipper on my Tour. For years I've opted to be wallet-less, carrying a few cards, my license and cash in my pocket. I've tried wallets, money clips and rubber bands but nothing seemed to do the trick. Countless times I've lost, misplaced or forgotten cards due to my ways, but I made due the best I could. A few months back I discovered the Phone Slipper and I was overjoyed. I carry my BlackBerry with me everywhere I go (duh, who doesn't?!) and to be able to carry my cards and ID right on the phone would be ideal. The Phone Slipper fits on snug like a regular silicone case, but the obvious difference is the "slit" in the side. You can easily put in a credit card, ID, business cards and more. I've found that I can fit just about 2 credit cards, my ID and a business card before it feels "bulky". The cards stay snug against the back of your device, and you can easily slide them with the help of the opening in the back. The build an overall deisng is great, and the only fear I have is that the slit will wear down over time with the constant rubbing of the cards (but only time will tell). The phone slipper sells for a very reasonable $9.95 (83xx) and $19.95 (Tour) and is available in black. The biggest downside is that it is currently only available for the Tour and 83xx series.

Contest: To enter to win 1 of 20 Phone Slippers, just leave a comment on this post telling us why you need one and be sure to include your device model (Tour or 83xx). Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only leave one comment - multiple entries won't count!

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Phone Slipper Case Doubles as a Wallet - 20 To Be Won!



I, like yourself, do not carry my money in a wallet; I find myself always forgetting it or it falling out of my pocket somehow. However this is never a problem with my phone. Combining the two is pure genius!

I need one because I hate having to wear a belt-clip and having a big wallet in my pants pocket. I'm a thin guy and it just looks awkward and feels even worse. Curve 8900

I would love a Phone Slipper. I am never without my BB and this accessory would be awesome!!! I have a Curve 8320. Thank you.

I've lost my cards two times in the last 5 months for the saaaaame reason! This case is exactly what I need!

the phone slipper for my tour would be great for when i go out on the weekends and don't want to take a purse with me!

I would like to be considered for the phone slipper for my 8330 curve because of the rough'n tumble nature of my work. I work in a pre-cast concrete plant and my poor blackberry takes a quite a beating IF I drop it in our casting facility...think concrete floors with piles of fresh concrete strewn out on the floor amidst form oil and casting forms...yay hurray if it falls...NOT.
I generally have it in the OEM silicone case, but have found that it is wearing out and doesn't take much to make it "pop out" of said case...blech...
Yet again...if I win biggie...
keep pumpin' out the sweet stuff crackberry!!!

This is a great idea, I hate carring a wallet and sometimes forget my drivers license, but I always have Blackberry 8330 with me at all times.

Ok dude let me tell u how bad I need this case! I have a 18 month old and a 2 month old and they carrying my phone off so much and drop I need something to protect my phone but when I go out I always have my phone with me but I don't know how many time I have left my wallet at the house so please I beg u help a dad out and give me one please!!!!! My phone is a sprint blackberry tour 9630!!!

Recently dropped my Tour into a creek at a wedding. Wallet fell in there too. Found the Tour, not the wallet. I'd rather lose both at once and go for the whole enchillada. This would actually help me out a bunch. Thanks for considering...

... because I'm not a holster guy, and I lost the sleeve that came with my BB Curve 8330. I teach school and I put mine to use a lot during the day and I need to protect it.
Thanks for the chance. GH

I NEED this case, so I can finally be rid of my caveman wallet technology. Every time I pull it out, I feel like I should go beat rocks together. I have an 8300

I totally need one for my Tour! I'm getting lazy about putting my BB in it's case and this slipper would totally rock!!

Thanks CB!

I would love to win this new phone case, just a few weeks ago my Tour was stolen along with my wallet out of my locker at school. I payed 90$ for a new one with the insurance but don't have any money to buy a new wallet or phone case (i dont have a job, im only in high school) . It would really help me out if i could win this cool slipper case . Thanks

I always seem to leave my wallet at home and always remember to have my BB Tour in hand every time I leave home. Having a case that allows me to carry both would be a godsend. Especially now with my new daughter being born, one less thing to grab before I leave the house!!!

time by losing my wallet and phone at the same time. Actually with eGPS I could actually find my wallet and phone at the same time. Sounds good.

I'd love one for my tour.

I need this for my 8330 so I can finally see the world from a level perspective again. I used to use shims to prop my butt up so it would match my wallet side, but they kept falling out :(

I would love to get a case for my Tour. I work in tech support and would love to show this off to everyone

This would be perfect because the current wallet i have is falling apart ad everything is dropping everywhere. i got my storm and soon to get the storm, and i carry that baby everywhere i go. so please spare me the expense of getting a new crappy wallet please.

All I carry about is my Curve 8900 and my credit card + ID card and this would be ideal for me. Pick me to win this =)

The Phone Slipper seems like a great solution for my Tour when you don't want to carry both the phone and the wallet (i.e. when wearing dress slacks)! Hopefully I win one to give it a try - thanks!!

That would definately work for those times you dont have a pocket for a wallet. Would make it easier for those trips to the gym.

I just bought a new Tour and have been looking for a case to carry my phone and my ID, business cards, etc. I work a police department and teach as well, this case sounds like the way to go to keep some essentials at hand and not bulge my pockets. You can send a free to me for my BB Tour.

Thanks In Advance

I'd love one of these because I just put my first scratch on my BB 9630 Tour, and I am so disappointed! I need protection from myself!

I definitely need this since my wallet was just stolen and I also recently lost another wallet. Do not like carrying those around!

This would be an excellent gift for the wife. She has purses and never uses them, pocket books and never uses them, always trying to limit the amount of cards etc. she takes with her. I would be her hero if she had this as a gift from me.

I wouldn't mind having one for my 8330!! I hate carrying around a wallet due to my sciatic nerve problem. This would greatly improve everyday life. Please and thank you

I just dropped my berry (8330) getting into the car today. I could definately use a case, especially if it holds my credit cards too.

another cool toy I'd like to have!I can't stand carrying a wallet and a phone....hate the way it feels and looks in my pocket! This would be a great for me!

I need a Phone Slipper because I always lose things. Plus, this conveniently combines everything into one!!! You can lose the wallet and morph it all into one!!! Genius!! Gotta get my eager BlackBerry hands on this ASAP!! :D

I currently have a BlackBerry Tour. Thanks!!

I would like one for my 8330 because I need something to hold my license and phone when I am on the sidelines of my kids' soccer/baseball/basketball games! (I'm sick of carrying my purse to the games ...)

I have been using a Storus Lite for about a year now. I would sure love to free up my right pocket!! Incorporating the phone/wallet is a fabulous idea!! TOUR

for people on the go, I usually travel with my blackberry and cards, so this will be very useful. Great contest CB :)

I have a Tour and have been looking for just such a skin - I tried a hard case and promptly quit using it...

I want Phone Slippers for my blackberry tour 9630. I would use it with my bus pass and my earphone. It will make my frequently used items accessible and compact.

i'd love a phone slipper for my Tour b/c my wallet gives me pains when i sit down for my 10hr day. not that i would have any money to put in it...

I take my bb 8330 curve w/me every where and leave my purse in the car! The slipper woukd be perfect! I listen 2 slacker @ work, go on-line 2 check crackberry and I twitter so, I always use my bb, constantly, how cool 2 have my identification w/it!

I'd love to be one of the winners of these... I am constantly losing things because i'm trying to keep things light by not carrying a wallet and a phone, and this would be great for my 8330...


I need a Phone Slipper because I never leave home without my BlackBerry Tour, but unfortunately that's not the case with everything else. This looks like a great solution.

I need this for my tour! This would be perfect for when I'm in school. No more walking unevenly because of a bogged down wallet!

This would be great for travelling or even going out on the town! I have an 8310. Even if I don't win, maybe I will order one!

The reason I need one of these is, a few weeks ago i was on my phone in the middle of a long distance conversation. I was trying to load luggage in the car, you know multi task. I came out of the front door and the door swung back and slapped my arm. I dropped my BB face first on the cement.
I was truly heartbroken because I thought all was lost. Well luckily not even a scratch, and I still had the call.
I definitely need this for my curve 8350i, because I know if it happens again, I won't be so lucky.

I hate carrying things around I don't need to. Plus I'm a college student and the less things to carry around the better. I have an 8330.

OH wow.....this is the perfect case...I am one of the people described in the post...I carry loose cash and cards around with me and have been looking for a solution like this.....if I don't win it will be worth the $20 that I risk losing to buy this :)

not sure how it would work with the storm. I have a skin on my storm now and if i put a credit card in the skin it would either cover up the speaker or camera. the phone isn't long enough for this not to cover something up.

How sick is this wallet cell protector? I've been doing the ol' rubberbands around my BB 8330 and it's getting quite tiresome. I can almost make my 8330 bounce if I drop it at the right angle. How's that for protection? Okay, I really need the new Phone Slipper Case!

i could really use one of these for my tour 9630. i always leave my wallet on the bus and in school. this would help make things alot easier and protect my phone at the same time. thanks cb

I am a new tour owner and have been trying to decide on a case for months...This would take care of so many hassles and I would love love love one please

i so want and need this device. i just bought a blackberry 8330 (just like mine) and im lacking the funds to buy accessories for a while. my otter case is cracked and i need something for my poor blackberry!! thanks.

This solves the problem of keeping everything together, specially when you dont want carry a bulky wallet. Pick me need one for my Tour!

please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please pick me

I am a Pharmacy student and carrying around a wallet along with the other nine million things that go in our pockets is a hassle. If I could put my hospital ID and credit card in with my phone I would loose the big bulky wallet in my back pocket. I think this would be great for my tour.

I need one because I'm tired of carrying multiple things in my pocket when I can just use the phone slipper to protect my phone (tour) and hold my cards/cash. Being a college student, I can't bare to spend $20 on a case. Please help!

Sweet now I can get rid of my bulky wallet. Just one question, can I keep a piece of hard candy in there as well?

I have the tour and it never leaves my side. I work for a franchisee and I run all 10 of his stores. I drive all day and am in and out of stores so I never even take my purse out of the house. My credit card and ID sit in the cubby under my radio and I am always forgetting to grab it when I go in somewhere and have to go back out and get my card to pay for something. This would be fabulous!

i need this!! because when my phones get scratched i send them back for a new one with my 1 year return warranty i have a curve 8900 and have bought many items off of ur site in previous years!!! great combo and i hate carrying a wallet on flights and thing like that!

I need one of these to help my butt and hip from hurting. This would also help from people trying to pick pocket since I can't keep my crackberry out of my hands! Please pick me!!!

I NEED one because i am constantly leaving my wallet at work, or home or in the car, but i NEVER forget to my bb anywhere if i had this case i would never leave my money credit cards, and license behind agin EVER! curve 8330

Well probably just like everyone else on here, my Blackberry never leaves my side.

But when I go to the gym, I forget my student id and/or any picture id. When I walk to subway, jamba juice, dutch bros coffee, etc, I forget my id or cash. I get in my car, oh I almost forget my license.

I kinda really really need a Phone Slipper for my Blackberry Tour.

I have had the same problem that you have with not being able to find a wallet. It's hard to find the perfect wallet to fit all your needs and this is perfect. Holds your phone and your cards. What a wonderful idea. I have an 8330 pick me!

I have a tour 9630 and I always only carry my phone and credit card and drivers license and this would help me so I cn keep it all in one place because I'm how do you say this... a bit scatter-brained!

I am constantly dropping my BB because of all the things i carry around in my pocket. This would be a very good/cheaper aternative then having to keep on purchasing outright blackberries. Curve 8320.

The phone case would be great for my Tour because I would only have to carry my phone and still be able to keep up with my military ID, ATM card and other cards required to when on duty. This case is a awesome idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would love to have this. I don't like to bring my purse in places, but bring in my phone. I don't always have pockets and this would solve that problem. Thanks for the try!

This is the PERFECT accessory for a guy with a blackberry... I would never EVER lose my wallet or my phone... having one of these would make life so much easier... I think my posterior would appreciate it just as much as I would. Great idea... I would love to win one...

I work with EMS(Emergency Medical Services) and having something like this for my 8330 would be great to have my phone and cards I need in one place so I could just grab and go for a call...PLEASE PICK ME!

I would love one of these for my Tour. I hate trying to fumble wallet phone and card holder all at once. This would be ideal.

This is just what i've been looking for! I hate carrying around wallets let alone purses. This would be perfect for my tour (:

This case sounds pretty useful with all my credit cards. I'll finally have more space to put in all my stuff! Hopefully I'll win one for my tour.

Does this work for the 8900? If it does, this would be awesome for me. I am super paranoid about my belongings and I am often freaked out of my mind when on the bus, I hate leaving my wallet unattended and this way, I won't have to worry. So, I need this, if this exists for the 8900, so I can stop having anxiety attacks on the bus. =)

I would love this phone slipper as I being a woman actually leave my pocketbook everywhere I go. This would allow me to take what is important and leave the rest at home, which would make my husband happy as he is sick of calling the credit card companies to cancel our cards.

This is definitely pretty cool. I can definitely use it. I carry a clip for the money and my card in my pocket and phone in the other pocket. On many occasions I left my house without actually puytting my cards in my pocket and if I have something like this, that would have not happened because I never forget my phone. Looks very convenient

Pick me...well, not actually for me, but pick me get my wife to take her tour and leave her "fashionable" purse at the a dude out

I am a total Crackberry addict, I am always losing my wallet and this would be the answer for me. I never carry cash it is always credit/debit for me and it would be so nice not to have to sit on my wallet any more because I am NEVER without my Tour!

I am a college student up in Buffalo, NY where is snows 10 months out of the year, with having so many different pockets to choose from I always seem to misplace my wallet and my student ID card which I need for pretty much everything. If I had one of these cases, I would be able to put everything together and have my Tour and my ID Card, my credit card, debit card and license all in one without misplacing it all!

So please crackberry choose me! :D

I need one bc I was out and got pick-pocketed. They took my wallet but not my BB. If I got this I wouldnt have to buy another wallet and be pick-pocketed again.

I own a TOUR :)

i always loose my cards but never my phone, but if my cards are in my phone case, there is no way i can loose them anymore. i definatley need this phone case. it would help a lot. (i have the blackberry tour)

My new baby in the Tour is refusing to accept me into its life until I can find it's silicone slipper and make its dreams come true!

send one here please. I dont have any case for my Blackberry Bold 9000 and I need one, especially one as cool as this.

I've had no luck finding a case that would fit my needs on a everyday use. I have the Verizon Tour and I've had the case that came with it since August. I have been looking for a carrying case that would be just the perfect fit and I hate wallets. I believe this is THE CASE for me. Please pick me!

I just busted the tabs off of my plastic case, today, so I would love to win one for my 8330! Ya just can't go wondering around without a case to protect your priceless BlackBerry...Duuhh...LOL!

this is perfect for my tour as i currently carry a wallet and my phone, both separate being a hassle to carry. Combined they will be super-powered and only one thing to bring along!

i could really use this case i have bought so many ones and they all just last a few days. My bb Storm its high priority for me so maybe this case its what i need.So make it happen and let's show the world that this is the right case for all the Storm users out there.And what makes it better is that i'am trilingual so people are really going to here from me in French,Spanish and English.

i could really use this case i have bought so many ones and they all just last a few days. My bb Storm its high priority for me so maybe this case its what i need.So make it happen and let's show the world that this is the right case for all the Storm users out there.And what makes it better is that i'am trilingual so people are really going to here from me in French,Spanish and English.

As a college student in Buffalo, NY our weather sucks, lots of wind, lots of snow, and always cold!I always seem to misplace my wallet and my student ID card, which I need for everything here at school, especially because of my hundreds of pockets! This case would be so ideal for my use, especially because all I ever take with me is my new vzw blackberry tour, my license, student id card, debit card, a credit card and some cash! Carrying that all in one, what more could you ask for!

I love the idea of protecting my new BB Tour and being able to carry my valuable cards with the same product.

The case looks pretty cool and the concept looks like a winner. My only concern would be demagnetizing the cards, so if I had a credit card and another card or two that have magnetic strips, could they demagnetize each other? It also also looked easier to put the cards in the case than take them out. Anyhow, I think this case would come in handly when working out at the gym or going places where having a thick wallet is an inconvenience. I'd like to have one to test out...! :-) Thanks! Blackberry Tour 9630.

Now that my company is moving to an area that isnt safe, this would come in handy since I can hide my money and credit cards in the phone incase something happens and I need to give up my wallet.

Tour 9630

This product is a great idea. The one major flaw is that you should never have magnetic stripe card touching - they will eventually wear each other out. I worked for 10 years in the banking industry, and this was a major reason for debit and credit cards failing - they were placed in the same sleeve in someone's wallet. The cards may work for a while, but be prepare to have them replaced regularly. Like I said...great idea, but not completely practical. Suggestion - keep 1 card (the one you use the most) + ID and a few business cards in it. That would work.

I'm so glad someone came up with this idea. I find it easier to carry less. Also where i work, I have no where to put my purse. So I have had to downsize on carrying "everything" Thanks for the innovative product!!

I have a hard time finding my Metrocard when I need it, especially as the subway is coming.

Since I always have my Blackberry Tour in hand, I could keep my Metrocard in the PhoneSlipper and always make my train!


*** I have a BB Tour

Man could I use a nice case for my phone that would let me carry stuff more conveniently. My current wallet has destroyed my debit card!

83xx Curve

man this is super cool...i never carry a wallet just credit card (debit) and drivers license, money clip with cash..this is AWESOME!!!!! PLLLEEEAAASSEEE. PICK ME
CURVE 8320

curve 8900

i want to win one becauseee, im in college and it's such a hassle carrying your phone..dorm keys AND wallet. with thiss, i can just carry my phone/money in one thing and just have one more thing left ;)

I saw this and my Tour was peeking at the screen as well. All of a sudden I hear "Oooooh, that's what YOU need! I need it, too - then your cards won't get lost!" So, yeah, my Tour wants one!

i was just looking on the net for something like this. i went to the feild of screams friday and i wanted to take my id and credit cards and phone but not my wallet,so i took my phone out of its rubber case that i have now ,and put my cards behind my phone then i was worried that i might loose my cards so good job. so please consider me. i would talk to all of my blackberry freinds about this cool idea.

This wonderful case would assist me in my duties. I work hard, and work hard to keep others safe!

I have yet to find a phone case till now that would fit my needs for my Tour 9630.

Please consider me in the drawing.

Blackberry Curve 8310.

I can't be without my phone. I would like to carry the cards & cash with the slipper.

BlackBerry Storm 9530

I would like to get my hands on one of these because I'm always losing my wallet, but not my phone. I know that if I get this, that it would save me a lot of time and money by not having to call the bank and getting a new card every few weeks. I hope I win :-)

This would be an excellent case for my wife's 8330. She is always lugging a HUGE purse around with everything but the kitchen sink in it. With this case, she'd be able to carry just what she needs to run errands with out the big purse. This would be even more beneficial since she is always taking our 2 young children around with her.

I am a nurse tech at the hospital and keep my blackberry curve 8330 in my pocket 12 hours a day. I could really use this cover to help protect my phone. Please pick me!!!

I am a nurse tech at the hospital and keep my blackberry curve 8330 in my pocket 12 hours a day. I could really use this cover to help protect my phone. Please pick me!!!

when I go into the grocery store and I am sick of lugging around my big purse, all I would have to keep up with would be my keys and my phone (with the sneaky slit for my debit card). Currently I take in my wallet, my keys and my phone. I am always afraid someone is going to take the wallet out of the cart while I am looking away.
And...I am a I'm broke! lol (of course I still make room in my budget for my bb and data plan!)

Why do I need this? Because we are coming up on the most major shopping time of all and I need to be toting as little as possible! The less I tote, the more I can shop and buy! The phone slipper will let me carry the essentials--id and debit card! This is a definite must have! : )

I have a Tour and I could really use one of these slipper cases! I hate carrying a wallet. Help me be free!

Ah I would love to have one of these for my Tour. It would be awesome to ditch the wallet. I have lost 2 credit cards and my license because I just throw them in to my pocket!

I could use this because i tend to carry way more than i need in my wallet and would love to be able to be wallet-less. I have a 8330m.

I am a Tour owner, and I also hate carrying a bulky wallet. I opt for a money clip and my drivers license and ATM card in my pocket for easy access and comfortable fit. This phone appears to be the answer to my prayers. If I don't win I'd probably buy one...

I need a phone slipper cause having and having a a wallet just simply makes sense. Now, maybe now I won't lose my credit cards so often.

It's a smart and practical invention. Please send one my way :)

Butter Fingers X 10 , and thats me I have dropped and broke 2 8320 curves so far Im on my third , Pleaseeeeee I really need a good case like this , Save me from buying another 8320 (they are slippery little buggers)

it's really cool
i useually wake up late and forget my wallet....
cant go in unless i use my ID card cuz it's kinda complecated in this company, they didnt let me in once cuz i don't have my ID drove back for 70KM and forth just to grab a small plastic card -.-

I'm pretty clumsy. Skins don;'t protect my phone. I lost my last phone in a toilet. lol. I normally keep my cell on my thigh while driving and it tends to fall when I get out. The first day I got it It fell and I didnt hear it, I searched all over and lucky noone had gotten it. So much more has happened, but I'd love to have one! :)

I totally need one of these to save my wife. She has a 9530 like I do and is constantly losing all of her cards, ID's keys, and only seems to keep one thing, her phone. At the very least, if she were to lose her wallet (which would now be her phone) we can call her ID and find out where it is! Please, I am on a first name basis with my credit card canceling people here... save my wife!

I'd love to win one of these for my tour, as my username states im on an ambulance a lot so the less things I have to carry the better. I'd be able to carry my certification info, id, money, and my phone all in one little device, it would be great! Here's to hoping I win one!

I'd love to try out one of these cases. It seems like exactly what I have been looking for, even though I settled for an Innocase II. One for the Tour (9630) would be amazing.

i'd like one for my blackberry curve 8900. my wallet is getting so worn out. i think this would be a great replacement!

Let's face it, who doesn't want a little bit lighter pants? I'm not much for cases on my phones, but let's face it, mostly because I simply always have my phone in my holster or sitting on my dock at work. A case tho, with a slot for a little cash or credit cards, hell, when I go to a bar I don't have to worry about losing my wallet for I will new lose my phone (knock on wood),

I can never find anything in my purse (who can, right?) and I always am losing something or leaving something behind. True story....I have 3 Driver's Licences in my purse because I lose 1 every month or so. lol


I carry my Tour around with me when I run in case I have an emergency and need to call for help. I never carry my wallet...just in case I am mugged.

With this case, I'd be able to carry some money ($20 bill) and my ID (in case an officer needs my ID). It would also make running easier, considering that right now I have to hold my id and money in one hand and my cell phone in the other.

I really hate carrying around my wallet in my back pocket. I was looking for something new and this seems to be it.

this really would help me find a spot for my condoms, last time i left them in my wallet and lets just say, the protection didnt serve the purpose. I think having this for a holder would be the best protection by far!

I have the tour