Phone Slipper Case Doubles as a Wallet - 20 To Be Won!

By Adam Zeis on 26 Oct 2009 08:58 am EDT

Phone Slipper

The last week or so I've been using the Phone Slipper on my Tour. For years I've opted to be wallet-less, carrying a few cards, my license and cash in my pocket. I've tried wallets, money clips and rubber bands but nothing seemed to do the trick. Countless times I've lost, misplaced or forgotten cards due to my ways, but I made due the best I could. A few months back I discovered the Phone Slipper and I was overjoyed. I carry my BlackBerry with me everywhere I go (duh, who doesn't?!) and to be able to carry my cards and ID right on the phone would be ideal. The Phone Slipper fits on snug like a regular silicone case, but the obvious difference is the "slit" in the side. You can easily put in a credit card, ID, business cards and more. I've found that I can fit just about 2 credit cards, my ID and a business card before it feels "bulky". The cards stay snug against the back of your device, and you can easily slide them with the help of the opening in the back. The build an overall deisng is great, and the only fear I have is that the slit will wear down over time with the constant rubbing of the cards (but only time will tell). The phone slipper sells for a very reasonable $9.95 (83xx) and $19.95 (Tour) and is available in black. The biggest downside is that it is currently only available for the Tour and 83xx series.

Contest: To enter to win 1 of 20 Phone Slippers, just leave a comment on this post telling us why you need one and be sure to include your device model (Tour or 83xx). Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only leave one comment - multiple entries won't count!

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Phone Slipper Case Doubles as a Wallet - 20 To Be Won!



I carry a wallet and hate it. For the few cards I have, it is just toooo bulky! Having one of these for my 8350i would sure be nice.

I use a money clip and this would double as a money clip AND phone protection?! That's insane. I would also like to replace my worn down Innocase 360 as well. Protects well but the keyboard keeps bubbling up and its getting rather annoying.

My husband's wallets keep breaking, and I know he never forgets his Blackberry, so I'll never have to worry if he has his drivers license or debit card.

Plus this would make a great wedding anniversary gift for him! (4 years on Oct. 28).

Thank you!

I need a phone slipper for my 8330 because it doesn't have any protection and I wouldn't need a wallet. I do like my wallet though, it's a Slimmy.

I'd love to have one! My first BB, and a Tour no less :)
Mine has been running stark naked and it needs some protection. I'd be thrilled!!

This is the Duh invention of the year. great job.
I could so use this. I use a front pocket wallet, which gets a little heft sometimes, especially when wearing dress pants. but this would be great to eliminate a lot of the heft buildup in my wallet.

here's hopin'

I rock a near-zero-complaint Storm 9530

this would b a cool accessory for my Tour(9630)....i just started school..and everytime i step outside either for a smoke or store break..i must always show i.d. to re-enter bldg..always gotta dig out wallet n if i had this product,it would save me time gettin back 2 class..oooh,oooh pick me,pick me..cause i need this in my life

I've got a Tour and this would come in handy as I'm always forgetting to bring something with me as I don't use a wallet. Sometimes it's money, other times my license. Once can never tell what I leave at home...until I'm out and it's needed!

this would make and 8320 and me very happy. Combining a wallet and a BB is brilliant. No more having to sit on a bulky wallet would be heaven!

I love my Curve 8310 and although my current case is great it has a thing that sticks out in the back for the holster swivel that I don't use and it will only let me put one credit card in it, which isn't enough. In order to save the world,* I need room for at least two cards and maybe some cash.

*Saving the world includes, but is not limited to, uploading photos of puppies and kittens in funny poses to teh innerwebs, videoing hipsters falling off fixies, stopping friends from committing Facebook faux pas, eating cupcakes and baking a blackberry pie.

What a great idea. Sign me up. I too try to trim down the amount of stuff I carry in my wallet. I am currently at a simple clip with a couple of cards. Would love to give this a try. Curve 8330.

I cant even tell you how much money I've lost or how many times I've lost my debit card! Some how my Blackberry 8330 never leaves my sight. This would saves me hundreds of dollars every year!!!

Pick me! I'm too poor to buy one because I lost all of my cash, credit cards, debit cards, drivers license and social security card..because I didn't have the Phone Slipper to keep all of my belongings safe!

I would love to gift this awesome case to my sister for her upcoming birthday. She and her 8310 would be a happy duo! Thanks CrackBerry!

This is so AWESOME. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have this cover for my Tour... like you I'm always looking for lighter ways to keep up with my wallet and this would be absolutely perfect!

I currently carry a front pocket card wallet in one pocket and my Tour in the other pocket. It would be great to combine the two. Travel light, ya know.

this will be the only time i want a slipper, especially for my tour. this will help me reduce my pocket clutter by consolidating my crap to safe area cuz i take good care of my bb

I really need one of these for my 8330. I hate to carry a wallet. This would solve all of my problems. Well, the ones that involve carrying my ID and credit cards anyway.

over the past 2 years, i have lost my wallet 4 and a half times, 4 and a 1/2 you ask? to put things straight, wherever i go, my blackberry is my die hard companion, and it it something i carry with me all the time and since my discovery of credit cards rarely do i carry cash.

Back to 4 and 1/2, i have lost my wallet a total of 5 times and i have gotten back half my wallet once (just the wallet with all my cards and ID stolen).

Recently, and i am surprised as i read this post, i have come across the idea to put my debit, my credit and my drivers license in the back of the silicon skin of my Blackberry Storm 9530.

Why do i want one? because i am a poor sap that needs one!

I'd love to have one for my phone. It'd be so much easier to slide my phone into my pocket when I go for motorcycle or mountain bike rides rather than having to worry about where my phone is AND where my wallet is. That'd be great!

i'm getting calls 24x7 to grab my kids at some other kid's house, at the skatepark, school, mall, etc...depending on what i'm up to, i just grab the phone and run and usually forget the wallet BUT would love to know that i could leave a card and some cash with teh phone at all times for an emergency, would be very, very useful and handy!

i've got a bb tour 9630 on sprint...

Perfect! No more "Bulges" in all the wrong places. The bulky wallet I carry around is annoying. I have a tour9630. Hook me up!

I need one because the only things i have on my wallet are my ID and debit card. so this would be nice to have along with my blackberry 8320!

id like one because i am a police officer and of course i always have my 2 blackberry's (Curve and Storm) with me and its hard to keep a wallet in my pants pocket and the only convenient way would be with my phone in a pouch off my belt.

I'll like to have one because I think that cellphones are a big part of our life and they had become in some way a representation of ourself, so for me, take care of my BB 8900 is important, I really like and enjoy my phone and have my wallet with it would be great.

I'm constantly leaving my wallet where I shouldn't, and far too often I find myself at dinner without my ID (which is a problem considering I'm just over the legal age and need ID more often than not if I want a beer with dinner). This would be totally perfect!

Looks Nice, Wouldn't Mind Wining. I just dropped my new 8330 on the sidewalk and it has a slight bruise on the bottom of the rubber back. Would be nice to cover that up. Also a good place for those frequently used cards and throw away that old leather wallet.

I would love to give this a try. Main reason I would get it is because i have back problems (sitting on the wallet) and I need a wallet that can be in my front pocket and i always have my phone in my front pocket. So my pockets are usually to full for even a wallet (keys).
PLUS This doubles as a phone case and a wallet. amazing lol. I have Verizon 9630 tour.

For a long time I've been looking for a way to ditch my wallet. I went to a money clip last summer, and while it's nice, it's still another thing I have to carry around. This case would be perfect for me because it would give me something to keep my ID and a credit card in without the additional bulk.

My BB Curve 8330 is always with me and I don't carry a wallet but use the current case/cover as a wallet which includes my Drvrs Lcns, Crdt Crd, etc. Its packed and as a result need to empty it out whenever I need to use the camera as it wasn't designed to double as wallet. Looking forward to using the Slipper Case. Great Idea.

This is would be an excellent case for my phone. Being in the fire service this case will give my phone the much needed protection and allow me to carry my important cards, allowing me to leave my wallet on station. Curve 8330

After my leg went completely numb from sitting on my ridiculously large wallet while at my computer all day, which resulted in me eating carpet after an impressive (and unintentional) barrel-roll in front of the office when the day was over, I decided that I needed to streamline what I carry. This would be the perfect way to reduce what I carry and to avoid having to carry anything at all in my back-pocket. I could just take my 8330 and a few cards and avoid any more impromptu office gymnastics.

I am a nurse tech at the hospital and keep my blackberry curve 8330 in my pocket 12 hours a day. I could really use this cover to help protect my phone. Please pick me!!!

I just went looking for a small wallet to just hold a card or two. This sounds perfect. Count me in for a chance to win with my Tour.

i want one because i am a police officer and it is easier to carry my id card and money in the case than in my pocket fumbling with it. 8330

I've worn out countless numbers of pants prematurely due to my wallet ripping a hole in them. This is the best of both worlds . . . no more wallet plus BB protection for my Tour!

I carry more crap in my pockets... Wallet, keys, lighter, pocket knife, etc. This would consolidate two of my largest daily carry items. As my berry makes my life more convenient, this will make my berry more convenient. Storm 9530

This really is genius, I swear I thought of it last year when I got my curve, but figured someone at some point must have already 'invented' it.

This would be perfect weekend wear for my TOUR! I use my belt clip leather case during the week but on the weekend I travel light and use a Silicone case. It would be perfect if I could ditch the wallet on the weekend and have only my Blackberry with me.

C'mon dont make me take a blade to my phone skin lol.

I need one so bad. my money clip gets way too bulky with everything in my pockets. this would help soooo much.

i have a tour 9630 btw!!

I need this case because I lost my wallet last month because I went to answer my phone and left my wallet on the counter at the atm. But if I had this case I would have both in one and wouldn't have to worry about losing my wallet. Plus I love my Blackberry.

Being at college, I always need to have my cellphone and ID card on me at all times to get into buildings. On countless times, I have forgotten my ID card because I typically just grab my cellphone when I leave. This would avoid the chance of getting locked out of my building at 2 AM or not being able to buy lunch. This would be awesome for me to get. I currently have no case so, my phone is also at the liberty of how well I treat it. This would be so perfect for my tour and would help me so greatly. PLEASE!

Be much more useful for those outings where you don't want to carry a wallet with loads of cash in a place... just a card and phone...

Storm 9530

I am a nurse tech at the hospital and keep my blackberry curve 8330 in my pocket 12 hours a day. I could really use this cover to help protect my phone. Please pick me!!!

I would love one for my BB Tour. I use a money clip now, which is still a pain. It would be awesome to have it all in one.

I would love a BB Slipper Case because I don't want to have to start carrying a Murse (Man-Purse). My pockets are simply over full.

Thanks for the chance!

Tour model please.

What the heck!? This would have been awesome to use with my Bold but I could use it for my Curve 8330. I'm always constantly dropping my phone and I too am trying to find a way to carry less items on me when I go out. I love the idea of slipping it on and slipping it in. ;)

i forget my wallet ALL the time. i never forget my berry, though!!! this is an awesome idea, and i would love to have one! i have a tour!

I would love to be able to win one of these for my 8330. I am a police officer and I hate to carry my bulky wallet with my uniform. This would be a perfect alternative. Thanks for all your contests!!

I am a limo driver in Boston and I can't carry my wallet as it kills my backside, then I always leave it in the car so I have to leave line and go get my CC. I have the Tour and would love one of the Slipper cases.

Having a phone slipper would reduce the bulk that I have to carry around and probably reduce my cedit card usage as I wouldn't be able to carry as many. A win - win situation.

Please let me be a winner of a phone slipper for my BB Tour.

I NEED this case for my Tour. I also hate wallets and always carry my cards and cash in my pocket. Tried a slim wallet but it got worn out and broke within a year. This would be AWESOME, because my crackberries attached to my hip so I'd never lose my cards and ID's again.

Getting my BB Tour this week,plus I lost my wallet during Labor Day weekend. Talk about a sick feeling, especially a Coach wallet that my wife got me for x-mas 4 years ago.

This may sound creepy, but my wallet, which is always in my right pocket, hurts my butt, and I am constantly taking it out to sit down in class. how much more convenient would it be to us my phone case as a wallet, giving my butt some peace. Curve 8330

i currently have the BB Tour. I have back issues so i can never carry a wallet in my back pocket anymore due to those issues. And having a wallet in the front pocket is just completely uncomfortable. So i always just carry everything loose in my pockets which in turn also makes me lose stuff A LOT. this look like a great product and would love to be able to get my hands on one. especially to win one. thanks crackberry.

I as well, like to carry the minimal items possible. I bought the smallest wallet possible which just holds my cards and ID, but this would be sweet. It would make it better to carry less and just carry my phone with everything in it in one pocket and my keys in the other. I need this for my 8330 Curve.

I use a BlackBerry leather case to do this job, but it still leaves my Tour unprotected in use (when I am likely to drop it). Good solution!

I got a tour and could really use this. My tour is always by my side but my wallet rarely is and this would be a tremendous help!

I work as a paramedic on the ambulance so my tour is always getting bounced around, it allready has one small dent to the case. this would help that plus keep some extra cash and cards on hand for those late night meals in between calls.

I would love a slipper case for my Blackberry Curve, I hate carrying a wallet around to classes, but have to have my school ID on me at all times. It would be so handy to have my ID slipped into the back of my phone, cause I know I will take by BB everywhere :D.

This seems ideal for any blackberry user that doesnt, or cant use a wallet. Id like to have this as i rolled my car back in 2006 and have had back aches ever since. Im not able to use a wallet and if i do, id have to have it in my front pocket as i drive alot and it tends to give me back pains if i have it in my back pocket. Thanks crackberry and Slipper. (Blackberry Model Tour 9630)

I would like one of these because i have had the same wallet for the past 8 years. The thing is falling apart and is now becoming a burden when stuff falls out of it. This would be a great addition to my TOUR and i finally can get rid of my old beaten down wallet.

Model: Tour

If I win, I hope it won't make me "gay" (not that there's anything wrong with that) because I have a slipper.

--Relax, it was a joke--

I would love this for my tour, I have washed my wallet more times then I can count, ruining credit card and cash and even my license. I've never washed my phone, this would save me a lot of time and trouble.

i'll take oneeee. i've lost my wallet already and this would help me not lose my valuables againnnn

I think this would be perfect for me since I can't stand to have a wallet on me. My tour is a necessity so it could help me organize the few items I need to have on me. I wouldn't be fumbling with loose plastic either!

Oh my goodness.....what a wonderful idea. I do a lot of hiking with (of course) my BB Curve 8330 phone. This would be so convenient!!!

sometime i just wanna carry my Blackberry Tour and money. Phone Slipper will be really nice for me to keep things organize.

Leave a card with my info but i don't have it on me. Why you ask? It's because my blackberry 8330 from sprint is not with my wallet but it would be if I had this Slipper/wallet.

Could DEFINITELY use one of these for business trips. Can't remember how many times I've forgotten my wallet. Of course, like most crackberrians, our phones are the most important thing to us, so why not make it like this. Great idea!


Please prevent my BB Tour from being arrested for indecent exposure. It's been running around naked for far too long. Plus, I hate carrying around a bulky wallet, so this case would be perfect!

my tour certainly use one as the weather is getting much colder and she is more or less naked at this point in time :(

Well since I never was a real girly girl I only carry a wallet now with just my ID and a 2 credit cards and maybe on occasion a few bucks. This would cut that down even more since I already carry my phone around. Make my life even simplier crackberry please :)

I am a nurse tech at the hospital and keep my blackberry curve 8330 in my pocket 12 hours a day. I could really use this cover to help protect my phone. Please pick me!!!

I need one of these babys because I have lost my student ID three times already lol. Just going out and hitting diff bars and such its gets lost since my ID is right behind it. So I take it out and sometimes just leave it places...oh well hope i win

I have had a huge problem in the past because i dont like wallets or money clips because their extra weight in my pockets. I carry my phone everywhere with me and this will save me a huge headache because i always leave my credit cards and ids in different jeans/pants and im always looking for them. my phone goes everywhere i can 24/7 so this would make my life much easier. Thanks

i have a Blackberry tour

I'd love one! I'd be perfect for going downtown --- just throw my ID and credit card behind my blackberry and off I go. It'd be nice not having to only worry about keeping track of a wallet, and I know I have no problems keeping my BB close at all times :D

i carry my tour and money clip everywhere -- would love to win a slipper to combine the two!

right now i am currently using my blackberry as my wallet. i use my case to put my cards behind the battery door. my case has become really flimsy and doesn't work that well for protecting my phone. getting this phone slipper would make my life so much easier. i have a tour

This is awesome. I want one because I also take my blackberry everywhere and it would just be so much more convenient. When i wear my board shorts I wouldnt have to carry my wwallet and my phone. I would love on for my storm 9530.

This is the perfect case for me! I absolutely hate carrying a wallet. I will not carry one; however I have no problmes taking my Tour/ Storm where ever I go.

This would be the ideal product for me!!

Thanks for the chance to win the Phone Slipper!!!!


It would be great to have one of those when I go out with my boys age 5&7.. I would just have to take my keys and phone case no wallet for my cards and $$... That would really make my life easier...

Would love to give this skin a try! Would reduce the amount of stuff I take with me everywhere I go, especially at work since I'm on the road all the time. Stuff that always goes with me now is my Tour, wallet, and keys. Combing two of those would be great!

Storm 2 (will have)

I care for disabled MIL and need hands free as much as possible when taking her out, this would be useful and compact for me, I always need my wallet and BB. :)

Am in need of a phone case because i never had one for my phone. They are kinda expensive and i dont have money to spend on little things right now since i lost my job. Would very much apperciate a great free be.

As a police officer my phone is subjected to all kinds of weather, condtions, and abuse. A nice silicon case would be perfect for my BB Tour, and a way to eliminate carrying a wallet would just enhance the value in this case.

i am always walking and driving now because i am a door to door cable sales guy and i have to carry 2 phones (work and BB) wallet and business cards.
this would solve so many issues with filled pockets and help with productivity with my job and for me time really is money when going to 40 houses a day.

this would be a great addition to my 8330

please please i would love one

This is awesome! I hate carrying around a wallet. I usually put my money in a clip and stuff my cards in my back pocket. I'd love to have one of these :D

Plus, I'm always misplacing things and having everything all together would be great for me. My Berry is always safe :D

BTW I have a Tour.

I would absolutely love this thing! I got pick-pocketed twice this month!

No one would suspect that my wallet is in my front pocket with my phone! :D

My 9530 that is ;)

I have been through 5 different cases since I've had my Blackberry. None of them seem to do the job for me. The main problem that I have is it slipping out of my hand and getting scratched up from the ground. I am in need of the slipper! PLEASE!

Thanks Rob

would like to win this.
need it because i always carry around my phone and other things lose bills or my nyc metrocard and work ID
want it because i want a new cover for my phone and this one looks cool
love it because it has to do with Blackberry!!!!!!
i just gotta have it
pick me!!!!!!!!!!!

I am a student at Texas A&M and also a verizon rep. There are always people questioning me about phone stuff while walking around campus. This would allow me to keep my business cards with me at all times rather than having to dig through my wallet and backpack trying to locate one for the potential customer.

Blackberry Tour

I believe I need this case because I have been trying to save up for a BlackBerry for a long time, and I finally got the money and bought a BlackBerry Tour. I love it and I have been very addicted to it! But I do not have a case yet, and I really want one. I have been carrying around my wallet plus my BlackBerry, and with both of them, I am carrying a lot of things around and my pockets look huge! Cutting down on the things I carry would be very very helpful. I hope you consider me for a Phone Slipper. Thank you.

8330 - I'm currently carrying a small business card holder type wallet and pocket carry my berry. It gets too bulky and I usually end up palming the berry. This case would kill ... like 3 birds with one stone.

Quick, I need that slipper before midnight- or my chariot will turn into a pumpkin!
signed, Cinderella and her Curve 8330

I am a mom of three that means I carry a BIG purse. It would be so convient to get one of these to hole my credit cards and driver's license instead of having to pull everything out at checkout. Also when I got to gym instead of luggin BIG purse I can stick my driver license or any other card I just need for gym.

Thank you,

I have 8900 but intend on getting the 9700. I rarely like to carry a wallet - I had gotten pouch that allows you to carry a few cards and cash. This case should be really convenient and it's a great design - I just worry that the cards might scrape the berry while taking out or putting in the cards and cash.

Just got my new Tour yesterday. Looking to buy a new skin, and this one couldn't be any better. Plus it looks classier than carrying a hair binder.

I love this idea. I actually lost money the other day because i refuse to carry a wallet. This would be great for my 8330 curve!! Pick Me!!!

I am a college student and always have my tour with me. I'm on it right now even but sometimes I need to carry my wallet with me when I have no pockets which causes problems since its hard to carry my keys phone and wallet. I feel like this case would help me out greatly with carrying my I'd and credit cards without the hassle of carrying my wallet too.

Not going to lie, I don't really need a case that doubles as a wallet, but I can see the value in being able to carry some important stuff there with your device. I could use this!

this slipper/wallet would be just great i could definitely use need/want job during day and most nights is i run and work a needle exchange in my hometown having to worry where my wallet is or trying to figure were to put my cash and keep an eye on it having it on my Blackberry Tour well is just brilliant thank you plz count me in this contest....

I lost my wallet about a month ago and have been trying in vain to use a money clip. I have recently switched to a passport wallet which is entirely too big. I would really like the case/wallet for my phone as I am exactly who the target market is.

Got too much cash for a wallet in the back pocket. If I was to put all my $$$ in a wallet I would sit down with a permanent lean!

Tour 9630

It'd be a godsend to have one of these for my 8310; I leave my wallet on my desk or couch (always with the intention of "it's visible so I won't forget it... right?") constantly, and it's a pain having to rush to work because I had to double back.

I haven't used anything like this, and had never considered walletlessness, but I like the idea. Love the idea of high speed low drag.

Tough 9630

Man I would love not to have to carry my wallet with me everywhere I go, this would do the trick !


well my tour 9630 is a beautiful thing and like you a chunk of leather in my back pocket just does not feel well. but after misplacing my Drivers license 3 times in the last 2 years it would be a thing of beauty to be able to carry a id with me!! keep up the good work!

I would love to win one of these for my 8350i! This is probably the coolest Blackberry accessory out! Thank You!

i have a BB tour and this would be awesome to take the phone and run .. can just keep the bare essentials with me at all times ... great for the weekend !!!

I also don't like to carry a wallet and it gets very annoying when you forget something you need. Like going to a bar and forgetting your ID. So I need one of these.

Blackberry Tour on VZW

I would absolutely adore this, winning it even more so. I too don't carry a wallet and have a pile of I'd's, receipts bills, etc. I had a holster and it broke and that was 20$ down the drain. I can't afford a new case yet, so if ya pick me I would appreciate it!

I need one cause i would love to be able to leave my wallet some times and just carry my licence. Please let me win one!!

Please pick me I have a Tour and I need this for those nights that I go clubbing. I also need this because at work I keep my wallet and phone on me so noone can steal anything (I'm a nurse, there's all kinds of people walking around).

...for my girlfriend who has an 8330 as she has a silicon shell around it that she stuffs her id and credit card underneath. She has to keep taking that thing off to get to the items, and it just increases the posibility of droppage with all that fumbling around, potentially with the silicon off which would cause even more damage (has been lucky to survive a couple falls with kicksaves). This Slipper solves that problem hands down. Hope I/she win!! ;-)

This would come in very handy for my 8330. I've always hated carrying my wallet. It just does not feel right in my pocket especially when I'm sitting on it. Never has.

Best of luck to everyone.

love this idea, i'm always scared my wallet is gonna slip out of my pocket everytime i take my phone out. one of these days it's gonna happen!

you know women not like walking around with stuff in there pocket always a bag but at times she dont like walking with her bag only her phone so she makes me hold her bankcard , metro card ,id and her business cards . with this i want have to be her walking purse get what i mean . because i have my on blackberry an my on thing to care . so can you plz give my one for my mother so i dont have to be a walking purse because it do get annoying every min. she's asking me for thing thanks CRACKBERRY . HER PHONE IS THE CURVE 8320.


I have been doing this with my skin for I don't know how long... My way may take a little bit more but I can't see buying a new skin to save a few seconds of pulling mine off.

To cool of a case. I hate having wallet and phone in a pocket!! This will solve that for me. What a great idea? Any Idea of what they will sell for? My chances of winning anything are like nil….

I have an 8330 and REALLY need one of these. I hate carrying my purse everywhere its almost begging to be snatched because god forbid I carry one smaller then the state of Texas! I often cannot find my cash, credit cards or license quickly once I have removed them from my purse and put them in my pocket. I hate carrying them in my pocket because I am just waiting for them to fall out and have some slimy identity thief find them. I think this looks awesome and I would LOVE to have one!