Phone Slipper Case Doubles as a Wallet - 20 To Be Won!

By Adam Zeis on 26 Oct 2009 08:58 am EDT

Phone Slipper

The last week or so I've been using the Phone Slipper on my Tour. For years I've opted to be wallet-less, carrying a few cards, my license and cash in my pocket. I've tried wallets, money clips and rubber bands but nothing seemed to do the trick. Countless times I've lost, misplaced or forgotten cards due to my ways, but I made due the best I could. A few months back I discovered the Phone Slipper and I was overjoyed. I carry my BlackBerry with me everywhere I go (duh, who doesn't?!) and to be able to carry my cards and ID right on the phone would be ideal. The Phone Slipper fits on snug like a regular silicone case, but the obvious difference is the "slit" in the side. You can easily put in a credit card, ID, business cards and more. I've found that I can fit just about 2 credit cards, my ID and a business card before it feels "bulky". The cards stay snug against the back of your device, and you can easily slide them with the help of the opening in the back. The build an overall deisng is great, and the only fear I have is that the slit will wear down over time with the constant rubbing of the cards (but only time will tell). The phone slipper sells for a very reasonable $9.95 (83xx) and $19.95 (Tour) and is available in black. The biggest downside is that it is currently only available for the Tour and 83xx series.

Contest: To enter to win 1 of 20 Phone Slippers, just leave a comment on this post telling us why you need one and be sure to include your device model (Tour or 83xx). Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only leave one comment - multiple entries won't count!

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i'd like one for my new tour, that'll i'll be receiving soon.


Pick me, i could use a nice new silicone case for my phone


This will simplify carrying business cards while traveling and out on calls.
Please pick me.
Tour or 8350i


I so need one of these instead of a wallet.


sounds like a good case


I have a blackbery tour 9630 and just got the innocase II. it's nice and all, but I feel as if a different case would be better. low and behold i get told about a tour case that also dubs as a money clip?! my back issues are solved! I've been trying to convert over to a money clip/non wallet solution in life, and this is just the finishing move i need!


I have a Sprint Tour 9630 and would love the Phone Slipper!
Iv'e been looking for such a product for a while now, and think it would be perfect for me, so.. Please pick me!


this sounds like a great idea - I have a Bold 9000 and would love to win one.


Make mine a curve 8900 please!


I know I totally need one of these! I tailgate for college and nfl football games almost every weekend and have been using a system of ziplock backs for my credit card, student id and driver's license plus 20 bucks, and of course my blackberry tour! (vzw of course in Louisiana!!) This would be perfect! I saw someone this weekend using an iphone hard case that was too large for their phone (iphone 2g for a 3g or 3gs maybe?) and sticking stuff in the cavity in the back but this is a much better solution! I hope I win!


My pockets are too full I need to consolidate


This looks perfect for no pocket times, like going to the gym. Curve 8900 if (when) I win please.


Need a new case for my Tour when I am not using my holster. Would love this and then I don't have to carry a wallet.


This looks really creative and could definitely come in handy. I could definitely use this to carry my school card credit card and other items - ive always wanted to be able to call certain things in order to find them i guess now if i had one of these if i lost my "wallet" i could just call it.
Could use for BB Tour 9630


and i cant wait til they have it for the storm


Like you I don't carry a wallet anymore, just a money clip thing I can put a couple cards in, this would be a great replacement for that.


This would be great for me to carry business cards around.

Thanks for another great giveaway!


Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!!!


I have a Tour and am looking for the best solution to avoid scratching my device and i'd like to try this out. I've never used a soft skin for anything before and am curious.


...for my Bold that's due to arrive. :)


What an innovative the heck out of carrying a wallet and phone! My storm1 will love its new home!!


been looking for something like this for my Tour!


This looks better than pockets on a golf shirt! I gotta have one!


I need one because I lost the case that came with my 8330 and I'm concerned about it getting damaged if I drop it. Thanks!

jackie treehorn

Finally something that allows my to carry all my important stuff in one spot and leave behind my giant wallet. Would love to have one for my bold. Then maybe I won't go through a wallet every two months


this looks pretty nice i want on


I've been "wallet-less" for over a year now and I carry my Blackberry everywhere I go. This would be a great solution to my problem!


i need this cuz my current skin is worn!!!!!


All in one. Blackberry is already everything i need and to be a wallet at the same time would be perfect. I have 8520.


I carry too much junk in my wallet. It could cause back problems. The phone slipper could stop all of that.


My Tour could use this. It needs a place for some dough and the protection.


Every weekend i fear that my wallet is going to get pick pocketed out of my pants when i am out. This is exactly what i need since it doubles as a wallet and as a case. I have the tour and this would be the perfect accessory to it!


so my storm can ward off any possible pick pockets really who can sneak a storm out ur pocket?


This wallet I carry is way to large for what i need to have on me at all times. All wallets really are just too large. This would really streamline my pocket load.


because my wallet give me back problems. Don't you care about my health?


a spare battery!



Well, since these are only available for the Tour and 83xx it works out perfectly. I have the 8310 and I'm still using the plain old case that came with it... You know...the cheap leather one you just slide your phone in/out of. Yea, it sucks...bad... So yeah, a new case would be right cool.


I hate wallets! It would be so much easier to carry everything with my Tour (it goes everywhere with me, too)!


Now when my phone gets stolen so do my credit cards and money! I'll take one for my Storm.

edit: obviously I didn't RTFA. oh well i'm an idiot.


When I am at classes, I hate to carry around my wallet since mine was stolen once and this is the perfect case to prevent that since I never put my phone down! I have a bb tour!! choose me!!


I too would like one of these since I'll be changing to the USCC Tour once it's released.


what an awesome logo. I want one!


i've got 2 blackberrys to tote around, plus my wallet & also my ipod touch. minimizing the load would be a nice change!!


sweet I could use this since my wallet is gigantic and my phone doesn't have any skin so its exposed I really need something to protect my blackberry and with the functionality of a wallet. so its killing 2 birds with 1 stone.


i have been searching for months for the perfect pocket solution for my cards and cash.. i always find too bulky pocket clips and fear that they will scratch my precious berry... this is perfect!!!

i would loooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeee to win this!


My pants are over flowing right now. If I could rid of my wallet I might be able to fit in them again.


I need one so I can hold onto my Storm 9530 more securely. It will allow me better, safer access to my phone!!


wow, if i won this, it would be really cool to use my storm to hide my "stash". Just kidding, seems like a real cool product. Good luck to all.


Please pick me I need a cover


I have a 8900 and i hate carrying a wallet, this would be ideal for me as i always travel.


I would need one to carry less load since I always have my phone on me. My model is 8900 Jav.


i just got my tour and i need a case uber badly!! havent found the right one for the right price yet but if i get lucky, ill get to carry my fone and money in style!! yea!


I have a Storm 9530.
And I could use one because I have never purchased any sort of case or protectiveness for it. Every time I drop it, I cringe and slowly pick it up fearing the worst.
Also, Storm is > 9000, etc.


I would like one for my new Tour


Of how much AT&T rips me off every month on my bill.

Blackberry Bold 9000


If you pick me I can be wallet-less too!! haha

Looks like a great product. I wouldn't mind trying this out



My Blackberry travels with me more then my wallet, great idea to combine them

Duct Tape Panties

i need it, im too fat to carry my phone & wallet at the same time (Bold)


I think it's a great idea! I need one for when I go downstairs to lunch and I don't have any pockets, like, if I'm wearing a dress that day. Then I can carry my BB, my credit card, and a little bit of cash with me and still keep my BB safe.


...because, thanks to my BB, I don't have the cash flow necessary to justify a wallet. ;)

EDIT: I have an 8330 on Verizon.

Rapid Dr3am

I need one as I leave my cards in my wallet, and they snap when I sit on them.


i need this for my tour badly. i am constantly losing business cards and other cards and i hate carrying a wallet. help me out crackberry!


I've been using a Norevo case on my Storm but it has worn off the Security ID on my cards when using the pouch.

I'd love one of these for my Curve 8330 though to give it a shot!


Never leave home with out my BB Tour but I have been known to forget to grab my wallet on several occasions. This great idea would solve that problem immediately. Would no longer have to ask someone to borrow a few bucks.


My wife has a purse, and a wallet, but still leaves her ID card and credit cards loose in her pockets. She never misplaces her phone but is constantly looking for a card.


This kind of thing is perfect for students like me, espeically when I'm on campus and need to carry around my id. give me a phone slipper! help a struggling student out!! :)


wish i thought of that first, its such a great idea

Michael Hepples

Would be quite handy. I have no money to put in it anyways. :p


I need one so bad...tired of carrying everything in about 3 different holders. This would help me put everything in one...AND HELP MY back... so I didn't have anything in my pockets... thanks... can't wait for the email...


oh. forgot my device- its a tour :) PICK ME! Go terps!


I'll give it a test drive.


can't remove my comment :( . Neglected to see this was not storm friendly.


I hate carrying my wallet and phone all the time. It would be extremely kewl to just worry about my phone when I'm walking out. Been looking for something like this for a while and haven't found anything like it. I'd love to win this item for sure!


I WOULD LOOOOOOOVE THIS!!! I definitely could use one of these for my 8330 Curve!

Obi Wannabe

I need this because I don't leave the house without my wallet or my 'Berry. If they were all in one, I'd be set!
*edit: I have a Curve.


I'm sick of carrying around my wallet too! Would love one for my 8900.


I have a Tour and would LOVE to try this out! I am always popping off my OEM gel skin to slide a credit card in the back anyways-glad someone finally came up with an easier solution!


I carry my Tour everywhere I go, and carrying a BlackBerry and a wallet with you everywhere can sometimes be pretty cumbersome. This seems like a great solution.


Definitely count me in for a VZW Tour.

Thanks for the opp!


My pockets are cluttered with my wallet, BB Tour, ipod, and other junk. I'd love to be able to consolidate my wallet into my BB.


Love to get one for the new 9700 Bold

Tired of carrying both my wallet and the bold 9000 in the same pocket... hurts

Don't like using the belt clips as I constantly break them


because I HATE carrying a wallet, and I'm tired of losing things when I don't...and like all crackberry addicts...I'm never without my blackberry 8330


For those times I don't wear pants. I would love this for my Tour.


This would be a great addition to my tour, just so I stop forgetting my wallet, or losing it. I never leave without my phone, but the wallet's another story.


I am tired of sitting on a wallet...please pick me!! Thanks.

Curve 8330


I need this because my phone gets 100 new scratches a day and is starting to look prehistoric. Curve 8320!


My work involves supporting the construction industry, so I am outside a lot. I wear company clothing with minimal pockets and it's really hard to carry my wallet since I already have my Blackberry 8330 with me. This would really help me out since I can't use my holster easily. Thanks!!


Office Building Access Card. (8330)


please please please!!!

i have the same problem with not carying a wallet!!!
I have the tour and i need this slipper!


i love my tour and would not mind protecting such a great phone.


My work involves supporting the construction industry, so I am outside a lot. I wear company clothing with minimal pockets and it's really hard to carry my wallet since I already have my Blackberry 8330 with me. This would really help me out since I can't use my holster easily. Thanks!!


for TOUR, looks like a way to protect the phone and reduce overall bulk of the things i need to carry.


I would love this for my tour. I hate carrying a wallet everywhere...its just too bulky and all i ever carry are ID cards and credit cards with me. So fora year now I've opted to placing my cards in a Guatemalan looking coin purse....Let me tell you it gets a lot of attention when i take it out, the wrong type I should add. My co-workers make fun ofthe fact that I have a little coin purse but it gets the job done. Now if I had this it would be awesome 'cause I carry my BB Tour with me everywhere so I could finally say goodbye to my darn coin purse and say hello to a new way of protecting my BB Tour and carrying my ID and credit cards. Please save me from the coin purse!


Just got my first curve. A case would be nice.


My work involves supporting the construction industry, so I am outside a lot. I wear company clothing with minimal pockets and it's really hard to carry my wallet since I already have my Blackberry 8330 with me. This would really help me out since I can't use my holster easily. Thanks!!


perfect for me when i go to the gym and dont want to take my wallet!


I have a Tour and I really need this cause I lose my wallet 2x a year.


GREAT IDEA! Would be very helpful when like you I always have the BB but not necessarily the wallet!! Curve 8330


I have a BlackBerry Curve 8330 and would love to have one of these Phone Slippers! I like to be organized and this seems to do the trick!


I have a tour and I think this is a fantastic idea... I would really like to use this thing.


i have forgoten my wallet before, but never my bb. This case would be perfect for me. I currently have the bold 9000, but soon the bold2 9700


If I could combine my wallet and bb case that
Would be great. Thx for the chance to win one!


But I am not sure it really is. I guess the reality is that I don't need one, but if it works as well as Adam says it does, it would be cool to have. I hate carrying my wallet and often times don't have it when I need it. I'll give it a try if you let me.


My work involves supporting the construction industry, so I am outside a lot. I wear company clothing with minimal pockets and it's really hard to carry my wallet since I already have my Blackberry 8330 with me. This would really help me out since I can't use my holster easily. Thanks!!


Count me in! I have a 9530! ;D


That I might have a chance to win


sounds like a great idea! would love to try it. - 8330 is my device


I could definitely use this since my current wallet gets bulky, making it look like I have a giant growth on my thigh. This case will hopefully reduce the clutter that's in my current wallet. I have a storm1, btw.



I need one because if I lose my wallet one more time the government is going to take away my social security number due to the huge risk of identity theft from losing my wallet 20 times. Also I think I'm getting a crooked back.


A Phone Slipper Case = No More Costanza Wallet!


This would be a LIFE saver!!


In the past, i have had issues with credit cards being next to my berry cause them to lose the magnetic strip. my berry is the only electronic thing that gets close to them for them to be ruined. i keep all of my credit cards in the opposite pocket as my berry. i recieved a new cc one time and had it and my berry in my back pocket and after a few hours, the cc wouldn't swipe any more. made a pain the a$$ to have to have every cashier put the number in, instead of swiping it.....i would never purhcase this item. has anyone else had this kind of issue?


...Not to carry a wallet at all. Since my first trip to India in 1999, I have carried my wallet in my front left pocket. Since I have graduated to the Blackberry 8330, I have been carrying that in my right front pocket. Allowing humor to take precedence over embarrassment =) it is comical at best when stepping up to a urinal to stop my pants from dropping to my ankles with all of the extra weight. It has to look like a contortionist trying to wrestle with himself!
Needless to say, if I could fire my wallet a significant improvement would occur in this endeavor.


I have gone through 4 wallets/money clips and have never been able to find something that can carry everything I needed. Obsessed with my new tour and this is perfect


perfect for my tour for running out of the house for a few minutes to using it at a bar!


looks cool...wouldn't mind getting one!


Maybe it will keep me from 'composting' my debit card at our cafeteria.


seems like a great product

curve 8330


I definitely need one for my Bold 9000. I have also abandon wallets and am in the same predicament.


Between my Curve 8330 in my front pocket and my Costanza-sized wallet in the back pocket, I'm in need of help. Maybe I'll be able to sit normally for once with this new case. Thanks Crackberry!
Curve 8330


My naked Tour is yearning for a case and this one would do the trick!


Pick me but doesn't cell phones kill bank cards and the like?


I would love this for my Tour. I would be able to carry my BB, train pass, Metrocard, and a credit card without having to carry a Costanza wallet.


Because I just this mournin dropped my baby on asphalt and scratched her beautiful face!

I can go through that tramatic exsperiancs anymore!! My 8900 now has battle wounds!


would make a great present for my son's new tour!


Would be nice to have one for my new curve


This would be great to eliminate all my pocket clutter since my berry gets first dibs in my pocket!!! Great idea!!!


Looks like an interesting phone case


Sweet another contest! I would love one for my 83XX!


I have the same problem as you, always looking for new ways to carry my pertinent cards/ID whilst negating the need for a bulky butt hugger wallet. This slipper seems ideal.


I have a phone
my phone's a Tour
I bring it with me
and nothing more

but when I'm out
and buying things
my Tour can't help-
it's not money

Now if my Tour
it had a case
it had a case with special space
I'd be able to bring my cards with me
and by some Tour accessories :)


My job prohibits me from using back pockets. This would be ideal to use to keep everything organized. TOUR!!!!


I have been searching and searching for something like this! Nothing I hate more that bulky pockets!! This is exactly what I need!! Please hook a brotha up!!

I have a TOUR!


tony bag o donuts

I always leave the house without my wallet or cell.
Always one or the other!
I use a small wallet to carry a few cards, but would love this instead!
I use an 8330


I hate carrying around wallets and card cases! This would be a perfect solution to have my Tour and Wallet combined into one!


Would really like this for my Tour.

Love Crackberry!!!



Just got a new Tour and this would defintely make my life easier. Wouldn't have to carry anything but my Blackberry when i go out of the house! The only device anyone ever needs! Now carries your credit cards!

I've never forgotten my blackberry at home, but have forgotten my wallet numerous times :$


I have a tour...
Wait.. reason why I need one? We are talking about an accessory for our crackberry right?

I mean, you people should be the last ones I'd have to explain the reasons to for needing this.


would love to try on my 8330

Bolo Banderas

This would be great for my storm so I could kill 2 birds with 1 stone


I have a 9630 and hate carrying even the business card sized wallet with 3-5 cards.


How convenient.. lost my wallet @ an amustment part 2 weeks ago, still refuse to get a real wallet. This would be great for me!!




1)I need a case for my phone. Haven't found one that I like for my Tour
2)I need a wallet to carry my ID, train pass and Business Cards
3) I would like to win one since I have no CASH or a C.C. to purchase one.



Hi, I need something that would carry my phone and money. :)

I have a tour, by the way.


I always use my paypass - swipeless credit card to just hold up to gas pumps and a lot of take-out places - with this, I could just carry my blackberry and the one card.

BB Tour, btw.


Please pick me...Not only do I need a new case for my Tour (9630), but I always forget my wallet when going out and this would make a huge difference.


Wow! What a great solution to eliminating my wallet! I'd love a chance to win one for my Curve 8330! Thank you!


This would mean I have one less thing to carry (wallet).


This would simplify my regular day at school. Debit card, I.D., Student I.D., and job badge since I take off right after classes. This would look sweet on my Tour.


deff need one


Id love one, seeing I have no case, and no wallet.... this would be perfect for me.


Hope I win!

I use the Tour!


I would love one for my 8320


Lost my wallet close to 10 times.
Lost my blackberry close to 0 times.

I'll take one off your hands!
Curve 8330 =P


This looks really cool. I'd love to have one for my BB Tour...and I agree with goes with me wherever I go!


That's cool. I like how it works. Please enter me in the contest for my 8310.


For my Tour so I can continue to drop it daily.


oh my i could use one of these for my 8330, there is a worn out spot on the back :( and i've always hated wallets


Great idea! I'd like this for my Tour. Would be great to keep my metro card in there, then when I get to the turnstyles, I could just touch my phone to the card reader and off I go!


great multifunction wallet, hope I can get it..


Ive been looking for something similar to this. It isnt quite what I had in mind, but I would love to give it a try.

I have a Tour, BTW.


I am a no wallet guy and know the pain of leaving cards and alike at home when you need them. I would love one of these for my TOUR. It looks like it would make life a lot easier for me!!

Thanks for the chance!!


I use ZAGG right now.. but its all yellow and i need a replacement. please let me try this :)


Save the need of carrying a other wallet.

Tour 9630



Save the need of carrying a other wallet.

Tour 9630



Save the need of carrying a other wallet.

Tour 9630



Save the need of carrying a other wallet.

Tour 9630



Save the need of carrying a other wallet.

Tour 9630



Save the need of carrying a other wallet.

Tour 9630



Save the need of carrying a other wallet.

Tour 9630



Save the need of carrying a other wallet.

Tour 9630



I need one of these because I have a 2 year old, and the less things I have to carry the better! PLEASE, PLEASE pick me. I have a Tour.


Hope to get mine for 8900 curve


I could definitely use that, pick me!


Wow . . . I was just considering dumping my wallet for a money clip. . . . lo and behold crackberry comes through again. . . . I work outside often so a bulky wallet is not exactly an asset. . . . I want it!!!


Finally my Tour and my cards can get along. Gimme gimme gimme!


I hate carying my wallet around with me. This product would make my life a little easier.


I have a two year old and whenever we go out i carry alot of his toys etc in my pockets.. he looves searching my pockets and sometimes he goes for my wallet and throws my cards and cash around. My 9000 with this sliper case would be the perfect security for my cash and plastics!!


I never win anything, this look pretty cool for my 83xx


Tour - I need my tour to not get all scratched up real bad and junk!


this is a great idea - all i carry is a debit card & my license (wife won't let me have any cash) - i needz this


I hate having a wallet, I put stuff in it just 'cause it fits. It gets to the extent that when sitting, I'm visibly lopsided. Currently I've moved on to a money clip with license holder, but not only do I not like the idea of keeping my credit card so close to a magnetic money clasp, but I don't carry cash... ever. One of these would be perfect because I always have my Tour (9630) on me. This way I'm carrying no more than I need. I consistently assess what items I carry with me so that I can do so it the most effective way as possible, and yes, I do the same with my icons and folders on my Tour. The simpler the better. All that being said, give me a free one, okay? Thanks.

Additional note: ROCKS!


i want one for my tour


A case AND a money clip?
This could really come in handy while running aroung town!


This may prove to be the BEST CASE ever! Ever since I had a Palm Pilot, I have not carried a wallet. With the Pilot, I had a case from Swiss Army that held my credit cards and license. When I got my Treo, I just carried my cards, license and cash in my pocket. I did the same with my Pearl and now my Tour. Needless to say, I have either lost or washed many a card or license over the years.

I would really think to win this!

Oh So Cool!


Blackberry Tour
I need one because of my back problems from having such a fat wallet


I really need this case because my tour is completely naked and getting killed by keys. As well as the fact that I love the concept of the case because I loose my wallet far too much but never my phone. It would be a great item to have and I might even buy it without winning! I have a tour 9630 as well. :D


This is a great idea. I want one for my Tour and my wife's Curve.


...and give me one for my 8330.

Pastor Ron

What an ingenious idea. I can see where that would be most useful. Please sign me up for a free slipper on my Tour 9630.


I too hate carrying a wallet and would love one of these so I don't have to worry about losing my cards and id.


I hate the buldge of a wallet and want the only buldge that matters to get the full attention of the ladies ;)... oh wait that probably is the wallet $ !

bb 8900 or 9700 here.


I've got a Tour and I need a wallet. Let's kill two birds with this case. No stones needed..


OMG my prayers have been answered.... I've been waiting for something like this, I totally need this for work school and life in general, I always have my bulky wallet, my BB and my my girls other girl stuff in my pockets... This would totally help me out in the bulky pocket area... I never even knew this existed. Lol hopefully I win... Ah and FYI I have the 8330 hehehe I wanna win this...thanks crackberry guys for contest I always look foward to these


For many, and I mean MANY years I have been searching for the slimmest wallet ever to carry just two cards and even one or two business cards in, but every "Slim" wallet I get ends up not being so "Slim". I go everywhere with my phone, in fact I get yelled at all the time by friends and the girlfriend because I am constantly on my blackberry and I have been ever since I found out blackberry's existed in our world (lol).
This will be very convenient for me because I constantly have my phone on my hip, it should literally be glued to me, so if I had the convenience of carrying my credit cards along with me at all time as well, it would help me end my search to finding the dream wallet and I can stop spending so much money on wallets and put the money towards a new blackberry!!


oh man I don't carry cash in a wallet so I am always looking for a way to carry my id and credit cards in something small. the phone slipper sound perfect. I could really use it. Count me in on this one. And I am sure it will look good on my Sprint Tour 9630.


I hate having a wallet, I put stuff in it just 'cause it fits. It gets to the extent that when sitting, I'm visibly lopsided. Currently I've moved on to a money clip with license holder, but not only do I not like the idea of keeping my credit card so close to a magnetic money clasp, but I don't carry cash... ever. One of these would be perfect because I always have my Tour (9630) on me. This way I'm carrying no more than I need. I consistently assess what items I carry with me so that I can do so it the most effective way as possible, and yes, I do the same with my icons and folders on my Tour. The simpler the better. All that being said, give me a free one, okay? Thanks.

Additional note: ROCKS!


I need this for my wife. She is constantly dropping her phone. Once in the toilet, and several times from her car onto the pavement. The last drop was from the top of the car. She left the phone on the roof while loading the groceries into the trunk and drove away. Needless to say the screen is cracked and I have to replace it once again. I am getting her new tour this week and would really feel better with this sort of protection. Please pick me.


My pockets are bulky! Everyday I drive to school, which is 100 miles round trip and I need my wallet which has some credit cards, school ID, money, frequent breakfast/lunch discount cards and my drivers license. I need to free up to pocket space because I also carry a bunch of keys in their too (for my car, house, girlfriend's apartment, mom's apartment, and my locker). Please crackberry, save my pockets!


I need this, for my TOUR 9630, because I'm sick of carrying around a wallet and a phone! They must become one!!


I need this because I HATE wallets. They just collect useless crap slimline I need to go.


loe that im usein the tour 9630


I would love to give you my card but I have no wallet with my phone.


Hate to carry a wallet, always carry my BB Tour.


Does this work with the 8350i??


I have an 8330 and I ride my Harley all the time. I do not like to use a wallet when riding in fear of it falling out. I currently will stick a few cards and some cash in my pocket. It would be very handy to have this case to slip my cards into.


I've been saying for months that I need something to carry my security access card in so I don't have to get it out of my pocket everything I need to enter the building. This will do that and some business cards? Perfect.


Hate to carry a wallet but I always carry my BB Tour


Very Cool, I would love one for my Curve 8900!


I am still desparately searching for the right case and would love a shot at this one for my curve 8330.


I would love this!! I have 8320 I work in an ER and would love to just put my ID on the back of my phone and work:)


my back is killing me from sitting on my wallet


This is perfect for people like me, who constantly forget their wallet at home. This would save us a lot of time, as we all know, nobody ever forgets their blackberry! (Tour)


tired of sitting on my wallet


Between, cell phones, wallets, change and the likes. I sure is nice to see a product that can do double duty these days ! Much like me on the go, and less item to deal with makes life that much easier. So looking forward to winning one & promoting the product where ever possible !!


Thats a great idea for a case. Bold 9000


I can be forgetful at times but I never forget my berry. Great idea, hope I win one.


I have a back problem and using a wallet sets it off terribly. This would be a great thing for me to use, instead of just stuffing cash in my pocket. I have a Tour. Thanks!


Sounds cool, hook me up with a case for the tour.


Same as you! I hate carrying a wallet. I leave my wallet in the car. This slipper seems to be a perfect solution for my Black berry Tour


way to clumsy already dropped my tour once and was lucky with no damage, tour 9630


I hope I win this phone slipper I think it is a cool ideal I think it would help me Thanks


I need a case to keep my 8330 warm. Its so cold natured it shivers whenever I get a text or a call. Please won't you help the poor little feller?


Tour user. Looks like a great case, which i've been in the market for for a while. currently a magnetic clip carrier and this would allow me to consolidate!!!


This would be great for those quick day trips! For my Tour!


I would love to try one of these out!


My girlfriend currently has a Pearl 8100. Her slipper is starting to rip and she's always saying how she hopes it doesn't rip because the back of her phone becomes loose very easily. I just thought that winning her this slipper (even if it may not be the right size...i'm sure we can improvise and make it fit) would be a very nice surprise for her and a useful one too!


As a result of my bad back doctors have advised me to not sit down with a wallet in my back pocket. So now I carry everything in my front pockets to try and prevent and further damage.

Curve 8330.