Phone Halo Helps You Keep Track of Your Stuff - Two Units Up for Grabs!

By Adam Zeis on 30 Mar 2010 12:07 pm EDT

Phone Halo is a nifty accessory that helps you keep track of your BlackBerry (among other things). If you've ever had one of those keychains that helps you find your keys by whistling, you already have an idea of what Phone Halo does - only better. A handy "keyfob" (the Halo) attaches to your keyring, purse, laptop bag etc. and a small app is installed on your device. Once setup, the Phone Halo unit will alert you when you part ways with your items. If you leave your keys behind and run out the door, your device will alert you immediately. Have your keys but not your BlackBerry? The Halo unit will alert you for that as well. If you're in the habit of leaving things behind, you can attach the unit to pretty much anything you want to keep track of (even your kids!). Phone Halo sells for $59.99, and includes the Phone Halo application as well as one Halo unit.

Contest: We have two Phone Halos to give away. Each set includes the BlackBerry application and one Halo unit. Just leave a comment on this post telling us how Phone Halo would help you keep track of your stuff. We'll select two winners to receive a Phone Halo. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PST. Please only leave one comment!

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Phone Halo Helps You Keep Track of Your Stuff - Two Units Up for Grabs!



I don't know how many times while I am at work and need to leave my desk for something and maybe for extended periods of time, do I leave my Blackberry right on my desk and I freak out looking for it. It is one of those things that I alwasy use, but when I get called away from my desk I never remember to grab it. Phone Halo would be awesome. Whenever I got up and more then 5 feet away I would be alreted to "hey dummy, go get your phone!!"

While not a constant problem i have absolutely gotten out the door with my keys in hand and my lonely blackberry tour sitting on the charger or on the table waiting (longingly) for me to pick it up as well. Aggravation does not begin to describe the surging emotions as I come to realize, usually miles from home, that I have gotten off without my phone. If my blackberry were just a phone it would be one thing. The fact that it's one of my most used business tools, address book, calendar, and source of entertainment on the go means leaving it behind is a major calamity.

It sounds like the Phone Halo would eliminate the chances of me getting on my way without my phone, and that would be a FANTASTIC thing!

im the master of out of sight out of mind. The seond I put my phone down I forget where it is. The fact I usually have it on silent doesnt help either.

I am driving and am half way to work, suddenly I realize that I have left my wallet at home. I go back to pick it up. Again I start going for work, I again go back to get my office keys.

This happens to me on a regular basis and Halo would surely help me make my life mych more productive.

Well I tend to be quite forgetful at times, early Alzheimers perhaps. What was I typing about? Oh ya, how great the weather forcast is for this week! No, that wasn't it...WTF was I typing about??? Ahh, the Phone Halo giveaway!!! Does it include an application for my memory deficits? That'd be great!!! I suppose I'd settle for this just for my BlackBerry, hopefully in an update I could attach the device to my brain and my BlackBerry. That would be awesome!!!

I travel constantly for work and I frequently leave my crackberry in all kinds of strange places... For the sake of my blood-pressure that always jumps sky-high in that moment when I realize it's been a while since I laid eyes on my Crackberry I definitely need this device/program. My Doctor will thank you big time!!! :-)

would definately help me not to leave my cell behind n miss on the almost 100 calls which i get daily !!

Besides from the weekely "omg where are my keys" (i seldom misplace my wallet)
There was one time when my Gf dicided to take my wallet to work, meanwhile i had to pic up my mom from work at the PX at fort gordon and i couldnt get on base with out my wallet. And thats all i have to say about that!

I have a habit of leaving my office keys behind. Imagine getting to work, half hour late, and noticing when you're already there that your keys are missing. Every time this happens I have to call my boss and, not only does he find out I'm late, but, thanks to me, he has to get to work sooner than we both wanted him to. It sucks having to call your boss the day you were hoping he wouldn't show up!

i've locked myself out of the house a few times (more than i'd like to admit, in chicago's winter). this would be very helpful.

This would be a great device for me. I'm a truck driver with 8 kids and it seems whatever I don't leave behind the kids somehow move it when I'm not looking. So many times I leave things at home I should take in my truck and vice versa. I would get great usage out of this device.

I'd love to win this for my wife, she's always leaving her blackberry or her keys behind. It would save me the hassle of having to turn around and go back to get them.

I hardly ever forget my phone, but this is a far more elegant solution to my wife's forgetfulness than I had been considering, which was a string.... Great contest!

halo halo halo..... uhmmmm reminds me of, hot and sweet beyonce. my girl just read it and went on singing hahaha....
thx CB

I hate to say this but this thing was invented with my wife in mind lol! It would be perfect as a gift too :)

I would love to give this to my girlfriend, and then I would probably end up buying one for myself too!

I recently thought I lost my phone, man what a panic.

I can imagine those that lose their phone a lot will be constantly spamming their family with a lost phone notification :) (Though I don't believe any crackberry user would lose their phone)

I always have to return to grab something on my way out. This is simply a great way to save time and avoid those returns home to pickup what I forgot.

I leave my phone on my desk all the time at work. I've left it on my desk over the weekend too, which is pure torture! This would be really handy for warning me when I do this so I don't lose my phone. Count me in please!

i could see this coming in very handy but not for me but for someone i know who i have to constantly remind hey your forgetting your phone or purse...

Man I loose my keys all the time, and my wallet too. Jeeze I just got back from PAX East, and managed to loose my wallet, though I did find it, this would have really helped!

This would be very helpful so that I quit leaving my BB on my desk when I finish work for the day. I'm a telecommuter and have a bad habit of leaving the BB in my office....making it difficult for my co-workers and boss to get in touch with me. (Okay, maybe not so much a problem for me, but they think it is a problem.)

As a busy mom of a 1 year old and a 3 year old, I am constantly forgetting something as I grab both kids, diaper bag, wallet, cell, keys....Oh and being a blonde doesn't help the situation. I could definitely use this!

This is awesome, now I'll never end up on assignment without my precious BB that has all of my business contacts, presentations, credit card info and MY LIFE behind. Oh and not to mention walking out the door leaving my house keys in another bag (as many of us women do) on to find when I return home at 3 o'clock in the morning that I have to wake someone to bring me spares or call a locksmith.

This is too cool. My Blackberry and keys are one thing, but I would probably stick this on my 7 year old when we go out. We had a scare last summer when she got distracted and wandered to far at a fair. This would be a life saver - maybe literally. I can see a lot more use then just keys.

This would be extremely helpful for my wife as she tends to never know where her keys or her Blackberry are. Many a time we are calling her Blackberry looking for it and then discover we can't find her!!

I am constantly losing my BB, and, since I live alone, I don't have anyone to call it so I can find it. This would be a great solution, and would prevent me for being (constantly) late because I'm searching for my phone for 20 minutes (why exactly would it end up in my bathroom vanity anyway?) instead of running out the door. Please consider me as a possible winner. I need this device.

This would be great for me, and I would stop leaving my wallet at home, and I would stop leaving my phone charging at work.

This would be good - especially useful for my wife, since she's always forgetting either her phone or her keys! :)

I would love to have one for myself, but I think this could really help out my girlfriend, too. She admittedly forgets her phone at home a lot. We live in a 3 story townhouse, so she is always having to run up to the top floor from the garage when she forgets her keys, phone, or anything else. For me, this would probably be most useful for when I might accidentally misplace my phone or wallet during a drunken romp through Vegas with my buddies. lol!

I could use this, or more specifically, my wife could DEFINITELY use this. (I just hope she doesn't see this post)

This would be nice, but I always check to do the pat down on my self before i leave!

Thigh for keys, butt for wallet . . . lol

This is really awesome! I hope I can win this cos lately I have been really having problems with misplacing my phone, or my daughter taking it and hiding somewhere and playing with it. Pick me pls!!!

The other day I left my phone in my office, and then later at my house, and again in my car. Wish I would have had this at the time. Would have saved me the time of running back for it.

This would be great for a morning were eveything seems to go wrong and one thing that always goes wrong is I foget my Blackberry, wallet, or keys. This would be one great thing about having a bad morning!

this would be a useful accessory that my son could use...he is mildly disabled and he is always misplacing his phone... I had to replace one just last year...thanks again!

I travel across the country providing training to teachers of infants and toddlers. I am in airports constantly, as well as unfamiliar hotel rooms and training rooms. I always worry about leaving something behind. Please halo me!
Linda Kimura
Babies Can't Wait: International training and technical assistance

I have kids and they are constantly moving my phone and keys. I have wasted countless minutes in the morning trying to locate my phone. This would end all of that. Sign me up!

This would be awesome! Having a 2 year old with a sleep disorder I am often running out the door in the morning 1/2 awake! I forget my purse and phone all the time...which isn't fun when you get pulled over! This would help alleviate this issue:) But even if I didn't win it still sounds like it might be worth purchasing!

This would be great. Use my Blackberry for work and can't afford to waste time looking around trying to find it, especially with a sticky fingered 3 year old at home.

Actually, my wife needs it. She is always losing her Blackberry and her keys. At least if she has one or the other, this will help her find the other one.

I'm always leaving my purse in public places... My husband would love for me to have this so I wouldn't have to panic when I forgot.

Sounds like this was made for me. I always misplace my phone or wallet, but never both. If I could use one to find the other, that'll be great.

Maybe this will keep me from walking off and leaving my wife behind. She has a bad habit of stopping to look at something without letting me know, and i just keep walking. I could slip my halo device in her purse and have my blackberry alert when she wonders off.

this will be great help for me in making sure that i have my keys and blackberry with me all the time...i have a tendency to forget my keys but not my blackberry lol

I have forgotten my keys and my phone too many times to count. I have to pay to get a spare key to my room all the time because I keep forgetting where I put my keys. This would be the best thing ever. Seriously.

Between y kids, medical condition, and doctoral degree, i can finally keep track of my stuff. whooooo

this would work great. especially for those times i'm running out of my house for work, forgetting my storm, & then running back.

This would be a great item for my wife. She likes to misplace her keys and her Blackberry. If her head was not attached to your shoulders, then she would lose that too.

Work. I work for a F.D. and will sometimes forget my Tour on my desk when I get up in a hurry. I could put the Halo on my belt (or pocket)so that when I get up in a hurry, I'll be reminded to take along the Tour.

I could really use this and would help advertise it to all my friends and family...and you can potentially make trillions of dollars....sounds like a business plan to me....and remember, it would be because you picked me....

As someone who is at work right now and has forgotten their phone, I am hoping I am one of the fortuante 2 who win one of these!

I have a hectic life full of unexpected travel and confusion. Anything to help me remember everything would be wonderful!

I work in the wine sales industry and seeing a lot of clients as well as attending tastings etc. You are always fully alert. Halo would effectively end all those late afternoon, 'where is my phone' question that almost always gets asked. I would love to have the Halo. Specially for my sanity.

I think my marriage is going to shambles. lol
I always blame my wife for stealing my berry! This would be a cool app to keep my marriage smooth. She said she is going to tie it around my neck if i blame her one more time for "misplacing" my berry. sign me up!

i could really use one of these becuase i am always misplacing my blackberry bold! I hope i win because i need my blackberry with me at all times but i always seem to forget it! thanks

As with most people, keeping up with keys, a phone, wallet, and kids is a full time job. I've often left the house without atleast one of the above, with the exception of the children. It would be great to have the Halo and hope that it will help me keep up with life!

I can't begin to count how many times I've gotten to the train station, only to realize I have to go all the way back to my house to get my never-want-to-be-apart blackberry! Wish I'd had Halo in the past...

Were you secretly videotaping me? I'm lame, I admit it. This product would help me be more productive. I waste far too much time looking for my stuff. Count me in. Thank you!

- heh ; I cld use this ;i neva forget mah BB or mah keys buh its always good to have a reminder here nd there ; neva kno wt cld happen ; hopefully I win this one

Wow, this would be an incredible thing to have (unless of course I had the keyfob thing on my keychain that I left in the house!). Lost my BB before? Yes. Lost my keys before? Absolutely yes. Wait, maybe I should give this to my son who loses everything!!

I leave one or the other behind all the time. Hopefully this will help me remember to leave with both my keys and my precious blackberry.

Wow, this would be an incredible thing to have (unless of course I had the keyfob thing on my keychain that I left in the house!). Lost my BB before? Yes. Lost my keys before? Absolutely yes. Wait, maybe I should give this to my son who loses everything!!

This is a wonderful invention. I am always leaving my phone at work and am not able to get it until the following day. This would help to prevent this constant problem. PICK ME!!

I'm a busy mom of a 2,5, and 6 yr old and a busy executive. Need I say more? I am never able to keep my head on straight. I need this badly. Please help a poor mom out!

Because i live everyday checking...

My house and car keys,
My phone,
My wallet,
My work id,

And ecaus if i dont do it, i already lost twice my house keys, i almost lose my blackberry once (was ugly) xD

Jajajaja could definitely help me with my forgive obssession problem...


Just last week I could have used this! I was on my way to work and missed my exit due to traffic and reached down for my BlackBerry to call my boss phone was left at home!!! So I drove back home(I go NOWHERE without my Berry ;), plus I only lived 15 minutes away) I was 40 minutes late.

my life like others is so busy very easy to forget things. well it just got busier my wife gave birth to our first child and my mind is shot with all that is going on. i forget at least one thing everyday on my way out the door. please this would be perfect for me to help on my new journey as a new dad.

I want this for my WIFE! She ALWAYS leaves her phone behind and she's on the go with our 8month old. The phone is always in the diaper bag when she takes the "carry bag" or vice-versa. I'd LOVE a reminder (other than my nagging) so she doesn't forget it again - god forbid an emergency!

Thanks Crackberry & Phone Halo!

I'm the person that has left keys, laptops, and cell phones in very obvious places, like at the counter at the grocery store! Halo would be a god sent to my already hectic lifestyle!
So please pick me!

I've lost too many phones! Now that I use blackberrys for work, I'm paranoid that I'm going to lose it and lose all my important files that I keep on my memory card. I have actually left my phone at home many times when I go out to a bar because I'm afraid to lose it and have someone snoop around my important files.

This is a great idea and perfect for someone in my situation!

I am a helpdesk Admin and I am always running around to users desks and I always either leave my keys or my bb at their desks. This would be perfect for me.

I started laughing when I saw this, because I thought of my brother-in-law. If I won I would promptly give this to him. The guy can't go into our house without loosing his phone and keys constantly. This would save him and me hours of searching. Hook my brother-in-law up!

My young toddlers always pull a ninja and slip away from me! They'll always be within reach with the Phone Halo.

This is by far probably the most useful "key finder" type product I have seen in a while. Very nice, would be great to have one

While I may have thought of this idea, I do not have tech sense to develop it. how brilliant, having one would save much time and lost objects. And cut down on thinking about what I had with me! Brilliant! Love to think less! Break my loss habit!

Although I never let my BB out of sight for more than 2 seconds, I do lose my keys and leave them behind on a regular basis. It has caused me many problems in the past, such as accidentally locking myself out of my vehicle, house, and workshop. This causes me great amounts of anxiety and stress that, in all honesty, I could live without. I could easily live without the extra stress if only I had a Phone Halo!

Thanks for the chance!

As a Paramedic I have a huge need for the Halo. I have a Storm2 in an Otterbox case. On more than one occasion it has been knocked lose from the case and left onscene, either someone picked it up or I have caught as I have a habit of checking. Just this past weekend I had to use my insurance to get another phone as I lost it on a motor vehicle accident call. I believe the Phone Halo would solve alot of my problems.

my brother always leaves his bb on the bus/train so i would give it to him in case it happened again. thanks for entering me into the contest.

this app/product would allow me to keep track of my BB whenever my lil' man takes it and hides it or makes a run for the toilet.. its happend more then once.


Most nights I work past midnight, and more often than not, I forget my keys at home. So, when I get home, I either have to call someone to let me in or head to a friend's house and stay there for the night. If I had this, I wouldn't have to do either of those things again because I'd never forget my keys. Pick meeeee

Having to be on-call every 4 weeks, I don't know how many times I've left the house or office and left the phone sitting on the charger. This would be a great help in not leaving it laying around.

Most morning's I walk out the house without my keys or BB pretty much without fail. This is generally due to the kids moving one of them from their 'normal' place which just throws me!! Maybe I could attach the Halo to my kids ;-)

Once she had her phone and couldnt find her keys so she set down her phone and then found her keys but couldnt find her phone. :-D

Actually I would like to have this for my daughter who is a college senior and covered up with carrying books/packpacks etc... More that once she has misplaced items including keys an her BB!

i would love to have this awesome tool. cause i go nuts if i ever leave my house or car and i leave without my phone. my bb is my lifeline.

I could really put this to use in a unique way. Although I memorize loads of medical information daily, I tend to forget important things such as my stethoscope around the hospital at times after examining a patient. Being very expensive and important to me its quite distressing when I lose them. Also, imagine how vital this could be to a doctor when preventing on a extremely long-shift or night call when they are real tired.

Id consider myself a rare case in which I could really put this to use as a necessity and not just as a luxury, which I feel this app will become otherwise. With my student loans piling up, I don't have the luxury of extra apps like this for years to come.

The only exception would possibly be those BB users affected with Alzheimers, in which case they deserve this app more than others without a doubt.

Thanks for the Contest chance!

Not only will the Halo be helpful when you misplace the BlackBerry and other Bluetooth devices, but also seems like a handy anti-theft deterrent. It's not to say that one shouldn't still keep an eye on your devices but is helpful when something is starting to walk away from you, since it's not likely it's your keys that will get stolen. And it's better than wrapping a heavy bike chain and lock around your electronics.

Maybe this will help me from the massive amounts of time I lock myself out of the house. Sounds like a great tool. Count me in!

OMG with my busy schedule this would help me to know what the heck is going on. I do the morning dash to the bus for my 2 hour commute to work. I get on the bus and wonder what I left behind. My heart sinks when I can't find my BB right away. Then at 5 the same dash to make it to school on time. Now if this thing could fill in for me at meetings!!!

Halo sounds like an angel. The three things that I need are my BB, wallet, and keys. On more than one occasion I have found my 19 mo. (who was trying to help clean up) throw away my wallet and BB. I have pulled my BB out of the trash once, and had to replace my drivers license and credit card once (I recovered the rest of my wallet). The Halo would have been a great tool to tell me that my little helper was throwing away my most important daily wares.

This can be useful for wƺñ I leave without mý keys to mý job for wƺñ I open thƺ store in Ðã mornings. I left without mý keys 3 times already and I live almost æ half hour away from mý job.

I constantly walking off without my device (I guess it's my age.) Anyway this would make it a whole lot easier to keep from forgetting it (and maybe someday leaving it behind forever.)

so this would be great to have! please pick me. I would definitely attach this to my keys to make sure I'm not scrabbling last minute!

This would help me out majorly since I have A.D.D. And A.D.H.D. And I forget to grab my phone all the time I feel unconnected when I forget my bold 9700

I want to win this so i can never lose sight of my phone even though it either in my pocket or in my hand 85% of the time there still that 15% i might put it down at the gym or while i am in the shower and not know where it is yes thats right I answer my phone while i am in the shower sometimes

This would be a great item for my wife. She is constantly leaving her phone and not remembering where it is. She constantly walks out the door with her blackberry.

I always find myself forgeting my keys/phone/wallet in the morning when I go to work and it takes forever to find the. I definitly need this!

Given between my student professional lives...backpacks and briefcase...this would be invaluable!
Me please!