Phone Assistant v1.4.2 Helps Keep Your Contact Numbers Organized: Add New Contacts To Home or Mobile Directly

By Bla1ze on 6 Jul 2009 08:55 am EDT
Phone Assistant  v1.4.2 Helps Keep Your Contacts Numbers Organized

Have you ever come across a feature while using a different device that you wish was included on your BlackBerry? Believe it or not, I have on some Windows Mobile devices (yes, shocking I know). The Windows Mobile method of adding contacts is great, mainly because it asks you what type of contact you are adding. The BlackBerry OS defaults to the work section no matter what, so if you are adding a home number or mobile number you are forced to copy and paste the number into that section.

No longer will you have to do so though as Phone Assistant fills that void for the BlackBerry OS. Now if a contact calls you and is not in your address you will be prompted to add it and be given the option of where to add it to - Work, Mobile or Home. Awesome. Also, if your contact exists you can "merge" the contact information as well easily so that Home, Work and Mobile can all be added with great ease. It's a great feature to add to your device, especially if you are like me and are left wondering why something so small yet so functional was left out. Unfortunately, this feature that should be included free in the OS will instead set you back $3.99, but if you're a networker and always meeting and adding new contacts you'll likely get your money's worth.

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Phone Assistant v1.4.2 Helps Keep Your Contact Numbers Organized: Add New Contacts To Home or Mobile Directly


I have the Save Number As... app built by Fabian long back and serves me great. Though he doesn't have that app anymore for Blackberry. Don't know why? You guys can follow him on twitter and ask :-) Btw it was available for free!! and works on my 8900 too :)

Thanks! CB!

I'm with Bla1ze, why would this not be included in the BB OS. Just goes to show you, the BB OS platform is due for a major overhaul/revamping. This is 2009 RIM, people have more than 1 source a phone number can come from.

I would like to have the ability to go back to my call log and add any phone numbers to new/existing contacts. It seems that if I ignore the initial dialog box, then I lose my chance to add the number to my new/existing contacts.

Thank You for your valuable feedback.

I am planning on including the following enhancements to Phone Assistant

1) Provide an Application Menu Item in the Phone Call log, which would essentially provide the same functionality without deviating from the existing UI of Phone Assistant, seamlessly integrating with the Phone Assistant UI you are already familiar with in case you have missed the initial dialogue

2) Provide an Application Menu Item in the Address Book to clean up duplicate contacts by way of merging numbers into a single contact and later get prompted to delete the duplicate contact (please choose this option wisely as you need to make sure you carry forward other contact information if any such as email etc)

3) Provide More button in addition to Home/Work/Mobile which will allow you to choose beyond these categories such as Work2/Home2 etc, in case if the existing 3 categories are already used

Please provide any additional feedback to further add additional features you think might be missing.


I have tried to install this app as a trial from the OTA link in the App Store. I have tried installing/removing about 10 times today with no such luck. It asks me about accessing phone info and I say that it is ok....and then nothing. Is there supposed to be an app icon? Or when is it supposed to come into use?

Phone Assistant is a background application and there is no application icon for it. You can enable/disable the Phone Assistant by going to Device Options > Phone Assistant Options.

The application kicks in when you receive a phone call from a number that does not exist in your address book.

Also please make sure you give full permissions to the application when you are ready to download by selecting the check box to set application permissions.

Or if you have not done that, then go into the Device Options > Advanced Options > Applications > Phone Assistant > Edit Permissions (menu item) > make sure all the permissions are set to "Allow" and then repeat the same after selecting the 2 modules below and set the permissions.

ok I will try and get someone to call me thats not in my phonebook to call and see if it is working. Thanks a lot for your response.

I no longer go into the phone log to retrieve numbers and remember which one belonged to a particular caller. Excellent app!

I receive many customer calls from previously unrecorded numbers and find phone assistant to be a great time saver.

Question for the long is the trial period?

The trial will allow you to receive up to 10 prompts. The number of trial attempts remaining is recorded and kept up to date if you go into Options > Phone Assistant Options.

3.99 for an app that should have been in standard features, like it is in ALL the phones in the market... PFff....!

that is weird. my normal blackberry address book seems to know if i'm adding a business number or a cell phone. hmmm...

I downloaded the trial and when it said expired and asked for an activation code I did not find one. I called in and got one after doing a purchase. I can't figure out where to put the activation code in now. I ave deleted the original install and reinstalled it and I still don't get the question for the code.