Phoenix Freeze Locks Your Laptop When You Walk Away

By Adam Zeis on 23 Jun 2009 10:18 am EDT

Phoenix Freeze

One of our members directed me to this and I'm not sure how I missed it in the past. Phoenix Freeze gives you the ability to lock any Bluetooth enabled PC via your mobile device just by walking away. All you need to do is install a small app on both the PC and your BlackBerry and you're done. You run through a few settings, and when you walk away from your PC with your device it will lock up until you return. Freeze allows you to setup the "zone of safety" or distance before it locks. You can walk away knowing you data is safe. When you return it unlocks and you can continue working.  This allows for greater security, as well as better power comsumption. You won't have to worry about locking your PC manually or putting it into standby when you leave your workspace. You can get started with Freeze by downloading the free trial. Also check out this video to see Freeze in action.

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Phoenix Freeze Locks Your Laptop When You Walk Away


I have Vista Home Premium 64-bit. On the site it says that only 32 bit os are supported. So do not load if you have a 64 bit os

I tested this and it works, but not very good. It will lock your laptop/ desktop, but doesn't work too well for unlocking. Also, I think that it takes too long to lock sometimes, not consistent.

I have installed and tried it out. It works ok, but not great. I think with some fine tuning of the settings it might work better but do not have the time to try and tweak it right now.

It has some potential, especially for me being a Administrator who get forgetful to lock his systems from time to time.

After some more testing and changing of the settings it appears to be working better. Still a little nervous to rely on it 100% for security reasons but will continue to use and test to make sure it will meet my needs.

If it does going to be purchasing this for a few of my employees to help keep them secure.

I got the warning where it says not to install if you use bluetooth mice,keyboards etc....what's up with that? of course I have a bluetooth mouse that I use so do I NOT install this?

As a follow up, I installed this. While it works great, it disables the native bluetooth stack/software, rendering any other BT devices unusable. Once I removed it, my system had to re-install the bluetooth drivers for the internal bluetooth module - not cool!

Lack of x64 support makes it of questionable use in an enterprise. Similar idea to what xyloc has, but having it work with a phone is a great implementation.

I looked at freeze a while back. The only two benefits I saw over competitors was automatic locking and unlocking using the native windows methods (most others only lock) and ability to set distance (this is why they use their own Bluetooth stack I would assume). Since I use a Bluetooth mouse, it was not an option. I downloaded the code from an open source project BtProx and extended it to include unlocking.

This product will not let you use RDP to manage your servers. It says that it does work if you're running Vista, but I did not try it out since I of course use a blue tooth mouse and keyboard. (Who doesn't, really?!!)

Love the idea, but c'mon guys, big problems with the product.

This is clearly in some form of beta the company is refusing to classify as beta... I've tried it on 2 computers and it either doesn't work at all or works sporadically. And it will also mess up your Bluetooth drivers and files so be warned.

I'm not at all surprised that it has no support for Mac's, but 64-bit on Vista, Windows 7, and some even XP it should support, especially being that the seller is wanting to sell "peace of mind" and security.

I'd be more than happy to buy it if someone can tell me that they have gotten it to work on ANY x64 platform.

Thank you. :)

Took forever to search for the device. BSOD after it asked to restart. This is on a lab machine, clean image with Windows XP SP3.

I know there is a application out there for linux - I cant recall the name but if anyone could help me out I know it works well.

Does anyone know if thees a product like this for mac?

I installed this on my HP laptop and first off it removed by fingerprint recognition capability, then it turned off my credential manager. It doesn't work with other bluetooth devices connected as others have said. I could not find the price of the software anywhere, which tells me something is up. Finally, when I uninstalled the software it screwed up my bluetooth radio -- I had to do a system restore in order to get it back up and running. My advice -- avoid this software like the plague that it is.

Oh boy !!

We are thinking of implementing this project.
Trying to patch up the shortcomings that were faced in this.
As far as we are concerned, the major problem we are facing is that bluetooth takes time to detect the phone and lock the system.
But with bluetooth v4 we hope this problems might get fixed.
Has anyone tried to work with this software using their smart phones ? the ones with latest version of bluetooth.?