Voice recordings done in style with Philips Dictation Recorder for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 16 Jan 2014 04:19 am EST

The Philips Dictation Recorder for BlackBerry 10 is a real gem of application, both for business users and for 'normal' folk that just want to record voice notes and it won't cost you a penny to download. 

As you would expect from a BlackBerry 10 app, the user interface is simple to use and navigate, along with looking pretty sweet on a black background. Once you launch the app you will be taken by default to the dictation page. Here you'll see four large tabs on-screen allowing for quick and easy recording, playback and forward/back controls. 

Once a recording has been made you can then utilize the tabs at the base of the display to edit, send or prioritize the recording. Jump into edit and there are a range of things that can be changed - from the name of the file, to attaching an image from your gallery to it. Once you are happy with the changes you just press the 'save' tab and you're done. 

Press 'Send' and you'll be able to share your file via email. You're default email account will open, but you can use the drop down box to switch email addresses if you desire. 

The tab at the bottom left of the screen will let you dive into any recordings you have as drafts, or view sent items as well as a list of all. Up until this point everything is pretty simple, but open up the settings and there is even more to offer. 

The app works in conjunction with the Philips SpeechExec Mobile Server to manage secure dictation file delivery. This is clearly only going to be an option for large companies as there will be a cost involved, but for some people this could be a fantastic way of making your business for effective. Once an audio file is transferred to Philips SpeechExec Mobile Server, it is sent automatically to the right transcription workstation within your company network. The software is location specific, but to find out more click here

Features include: 

  • The Philips dictation recorder for BlackBerry offers editing functions such as insert, overwrite and append for professional recording control
  • Priority setting for getting urgent jobs processed first  
  • A clear user interface intuitively guides you through the dictation and download process 
  • Easy-to-use touch screen control for intuitive operation
  • File encryption for maximum security
  • Filter function to find relevant dictations faster

Philips Dictation Recorder is available for all BlackBerry 10 smartphone and is free to download - spot on. 

More information/Download Philips Dictation Recorder for BlackBerry 10

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Voice recordings done in style with Philips Dictation Recorder for BlackBerry 10


Even much better news is that 'Remember' can offer probably everything you need in this case. BlackBerry 10 seems to have still a lot on board People can use without apps installed additionally. Why there's no fun around educating the market about BB10 features, this should be a prime question...

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Why does this app ask for so many permissions that seem to have nothing to do with the app's task? And why does it still work when I deny all those requests?

Posted via CB10

Maybe the others are relevant to the server stuff and you are not seeing issues since you are not running that part.

Great to see other tech companies getting involved with BB10, and creating apps.

I probably won't use it, but it's still good to see Phillips haven't abandoned or written off BB for good. "They are bankrupt, you know..." this kind of thing

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

I'm excited to download this. My big question is - What happened to the collection of apps that made the PlayBook more useful out of the box? I was surprised the Z10 has no app for voice notes or a basic podcast manager. These should have been easy to port from PB OS. More functional ones from the Dev community (à le Blaq for Twitter) would still have followed.

Posted via CB10

You don't have to use this unless you really want to, you can always use the remember app that comes with your phone, but its free so why not give it a whirl.

BB devices are so secure that no one knows that it has a voice recorder!!! Seriously, I was amazed that the Voice Recorder was gone in bb10. So I searched or used Help or something and found that for some odd reason, the Voice Recorder is buried securely and secretively in the Remember app. It is there and free as always.

But i don't know why I downloaded it... I already have parrot and remember... but I also have 4 weather apps... so f* it

C00121417 

Thanks CB For this. Why all the negatives? If you don't like it, move on...Life is too short to live it angry and bitter...

Posted with my AWESOME BlackBerry Z10;)

It's great to populate BBW with as many good Built for BB10 apps as possible.
That said, I get the feeling that a lot of people still have not realized that BB10 devices do come with a native Voice Note app...look in the native 'Remember' app.

I use to have my voice recorder on a convenience button I miss one touch touch recording while driving. Dont think Remember or Voice does this.

I downloaded this app last night but haven't had a chance to try it out but it looks really noice....definitely a keeper.

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

I deleted it. Why does a dictation app need access to the camera?
No integration with BBM? C'mon, man.

Posted via CB10 on my  Z10

There are some apps that can help with that, really easily.

This looks and works pretty good, as I tested it out earlier. It should come in handy when I have to conduct interviews and such.

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