BlackBerry Experience Pods start to roll out in the Philippines

By James Richardson on 4 Mar 2013 07:44 am EST
These new pods are pretty swish. BlackBerry Philippines are rolling out BlackBerry Experience Pods across the country in order to promote their product range. Currently BlackBerry 10 is not yet available in the Philippines, however the word on the street is that they will have their official launch event this week. Even once BlackBerry 10 does roll out it is quite clear that BlackBerry 7 devices are still huge in the Philippines and that will continue for some time until the current user base has made the transition over to BB10.

"We are excited to introduce the BlackBerry Experience Pods in the Philippines. It is the perfect place for consumers to truly experience the full range of BlackBerry devices and solutions," said Cameron Vernest, Director of the Philippines, BlackBerry. "With the introduction of the BlackBerry Experience Pods, customers will have peace of mind when purchasing authorized BlackBerry products and will also enjoy top notch service by trained BlackBerry personnel."


The Pods are all about bringing the best BlackBerry Experience to Filipinos.  At each BlackBerry Experience Pod, customers can find:

  • Full range of BlackBerry products available in the Philippines: Customers can experience the power of BlackBerry smartphones with the live devices at the Pods.
  • BlackBerry authorized accessories: BlackBerry Experience Pods have a wide assortment of BlackBerry authorized accessories which are perfectly suited to customers' lifestyle and their new BlackBerry devices.
  • Highly-trained BlackBerry staff: The trained BlackBerry consultants are there to answer all questions and assist those who want to get the most out of their BlackBerry smartphones. They can also guide customers on activating their BlackBerry Messenger (BBMTM) service, experiencing popular services like Facebook for BlackBerry and Twitter for BlackBerry, and downloading applications from BlackBerry World, among others.


The first BlackBerry Experience Pod is already open in SM City Pampanga. The next one will open in SM City Santa Rosa on March 8 followed by other BlackBerry Experience Pod locations in other malls across the country.  To celebrate the launch, BlackBerry will have exclusive consumer offers at each of the newly opened BlackBerry Experience Pods.

Aside from launching the BlackBerry Experience Pods, the company is also making the BlackBerry experience even more accessible for customers in the Philippines by introducing new offers for two of its best-selling devices. Starting March 1, 2013, the BlackBerry Curve 9220 smartphone will be available for Php 6,990, while the BlackBerry Curve 9320 smartphone will be available for Php 8,990 at authorized retailers. Besides the Black, the BlackBerry Curve 9220 is also available in Pure White from authorized retailers.

The pods look pretty awesome if you ask me. Maybe a worldwide roll out should happen?

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BlackBerry Experience Pods start to roll out in the Philippines


I don't know about World Wide but BlackBerry should do something similar for the BB 10 launch in the USA. Have dedicated Kiosks or stores that sell the Z10 and other BlackBerry smartphones and Playbook that augment carrier store where sales staff bias might cause people walking in to buy a Z10 to walk out with the usual Samsung or Apple phone.

Or at least get a few thousand BlackBerry specialists inside carrier stores and retailers like Walmart or Best Buy to assist BlackBerry customers for the first month or two on the market.

they already do ,these guys work for bb,subcontracted, but they are not taught everything about the product and the one i met didn,t know how to focus on the dark spot in the frame to get a better exposure.i think he didn,t even know about

this is exactly what bb friend went to a bell store in st.jerome ,quebec to buy a Z10, they were sold out and the sales girl tried to sell him an LG luminia for 26.dollars.the sales people don,t care about the Z10 they just want to make a sale no matter what device ,with these sort of pods,apple style,success is sure to follow.

Pampanga is sort of "out there"-- approx. 1.5 hrs away from Manila. Guessing this is a test run to iron out kinks before unleashing the Experience Pods in the Manila malls, where the true purchasing power lies. And obviously, this is also to very recognizable centers for the Z10 launch later this week.

I'm really stoked for this-- glad there will soon be dedicated retail and service centers for Blackberry. Currently, the authorized retailers are Mobile 1, and other distributors in malls. Service centers (warranty redemption, repair, etc.) are through specific offices like Microwarehouse.

Will be there soon! Definitely will stop in pampanga and hope they also set one up in Davao!

And in the US, nothing. While I am thrilled for the rest of the world - and those marketing pods in the Philippines are a stroke of genius - I truly wonder if someone has been trying to sabotage BB's resurgence here. The providers have nothing on the floor, and the websites hide references to BB10. Yes, we're waiting, but I really can't help thinking that someone out there is saying "If we delay just a few more weeks, the momentum will fade and BB's launch will fail..."