PGZ Space Invaders comes to the BlackBerry PlayBook

By James Richardson on 13 Nov 2012 01:40 pm EST

I think it is safe to say we have all heard of Space Invaders - in fact many of us on Team CrackBerry probably grew up playing the game. There are a few Space Invaders options in BlackBerry App World for the PlayBook but new this week is PGZ Space Invaders that I really like.

As you would expect there isn't much to the classic game, just shoot the attacking aliens and dodge their missiles that they will shoot at you. What I like about this version though is the simplistic colours,. With just green, black and white on the screen it retains its retro feel and that I dig. Controlling your craft is done using the PlayBook's accelerometer and firing your missiles is achieved with a simple screen tap.

And that's about it. The game will set you back $0.99 and it's a worthy price in my opinion. In fact, I'm of to play it again now.

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Reader comments

PGZ Space Invaders comes to the BlackBerry PlayBook


Wow, I still have the Space Invades on Intellivision. Just no hook ups to the TV. Spent hours on this game when I first go it.

Fantastic! Suddenly I'm a spotty kid hogging the console at the local arcade again! This is probably the best rendering of the original game I've seen on any platform.

Definitely worth a buck to try, even if it doesn't end up having the same "cheats" (like firing 72 shots and then waiting for the UFO to come out and be 300 points).

I am the developer of this app. I would just like to say thanks for the kind review and words, and im very glad you like it!

So you know, i try to write cross-platform, and this game is also available on the Play and Nokia stores incase anyone is interested.

If anyone has any reasonable feature requests, let me know,

Ive got one -ve review so far asking for on-screen controls, that shouldnt be an issue so i'll likely add that.


Ive just uploaded version 0.7.3 to the App World, so, in a few days you will get a bug fix release that allows uploading of scores to the global table, and also some optimisations.