PGA Tour now available for the BlackBerry Z10

By Adam Zeis on 6 May 2013 09:48 am EDT

Even though it missed The Masters by a few weeks, the long-awaited PGA Tour app for BlackBerry 10 is now available. If you're at all a golf fan then this one's for you.

The PGA Tour app gives you the inside scoop to all things PGA with standings, live scores, news, highlights and much more. The app makes use of native BlackBerry navigation gestures as well so it's easy to find just what you're looking for. 

Features include:

  • Native BlackBerry® navigation ("peek") for easy access to all your favorite sections
  • Live scoring & leaderboards for all PGA TOUR events, including "favorites" to follow the players you care about
  • Highlights & other videos - News & blog posts from writers & talent
  • FedExCup standings
  • Searchable player profiles & statistics
  • Course overviews and hole-by-hole information for PGA TOUR courses
  • Twitter feeds from PGA TOUR staff and players

If you're a Z10 owner you can grab this one now, unfortunately no Q10 or 10.1 support just yet however.

More information/Download PGA Tour for the BlackBerry Z10



About Time!!!!!!!!!!!

Ahh, no 10.1 support.


Nice. Let's Go TW!

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Awesome app. Love it.

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Been waiting for this for so long but I installed the 10.1 leak :/

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jojo beaconsfield

I'm in .Hope it will improve my handicap!!


Any info on the NBA Game time app I tried side loading but nogo.

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I'm still on and this app shows nothing but the home screen...

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Did you deny some permissions?

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I'm on the same O.S. and it works fine. Hope you get it working. Awesome app.

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It worked perfectly for me. I'm running
Then this morning it updated to support 10.1.

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I am having exactly same problem


Very nice. I did not suspect Gary Player would be a prolific tweeter.

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Downloaded yesterday. Buttery smooth...

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Awesome! Keep them coming. What about the "Golf Channel" app?


And fully featured!!! So excited!

R Field

You can sideload the NBA game time app off goodereader. Works ok. The PGA tour app is great, good to see them using a native build.

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On 10.1 it just hangs.

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Maybe you should read ^^^^

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Not sure what you mean by 'Maybe you should read ^^^^'? What if the application never asked for permissions, as it did with myself, and does not show up in the 'Application Permissions' settings? Sorry, just looking for clarification before I delete and try again.


His reply was meant for stanwest31 who apparently tried it on a 10.1 device when Adam clearly wrote that the App will not work on 10.1


Same here...doesn't show up on app permissions list. On first download I denied bbm connection but why would that cause the app to only show the home screen?

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Jimmy Fong1

Thx once again for the heads up on the PGA app. Just installed it. What a great app. Gives me update info on the latest. I love the tweet section, a pleasant surprise.

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its a true blackberry 10 app, great work PGA


Update from the Dev RE:10.1:

Thanks for your interest in the PGA TOUR BlackBerry 10 app.  We are aware of the issue on BlackBerry 10,1 OS and we have corrected it and released it into BlackBerry World.  The update should be available today so please download it when it becomes available.  Also, please let us know if you have any other feedback on the new app.
Jeff Powell
Project Manager, Mobile Platforms
PGA TOUR Digital

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I'm still on and this app shows nothing but the home screen...


Tried it out today. Well worth the wait. I'm surprised this app is free? It is far better than most of the apps out there.

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This is the most impressive sports apps I have seen on any phone. Well done!!

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The issue for 10.1 is fixed. Try now

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Confirmed. All is well now in the land of 10.1.

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Works just fine on the latest leaked 10.1 OS. :) Nice....


I'm on as well and nothing but the home screen. Plus the app does not show up in permissions for me either.

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Awesome! Been waiting patiently for this one.

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Ronald Bak

I have been waiting and waiting and it's finally here. Great app, now it's one more reason to stick with the BlackBerry z10.

I even like the BlackBerry OS10 version better then the IOS and Android ones and it's a native app to boot, Great job.

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