Petrol Usage Tracker for BlackBerry 10 gets updated with multi-car support plus more

By James Richardson on 30 Apr 2014 05:36 am EDT

We took a look at Petrol Usage Tracker for BlackBerry 10 just a short while ago and it's a great little tool to have on your BlackBerry 10 smartphone for both business and personal use if you need/want to keep an eye on how much you're spending on fuel.

After some hard work from S4BB the app has been updated - now with multi-car support, which according to them wasn't easy to do but they pulled it off. As you'll see below there are some added further improvements and fixes:

New features:

  • Multi-car support

  • Added import of CSV

  • Moved Export & Import to application menus (swipe from top)

  • Added visual aids to find the application menu (to access options to change currency and measurement units)

  • Minor bug fixes

Although the app is a free download and allows you 100 top ups, if you want to take full advantage of the multi-car support and all features there are some small costs involved:

  • 1 car and 100 top ups - Free

  • 1 car and unlimited top ups - $0.99

  • 2 cars and unlimited top ups - $1.99

  • Unlimited cars and unlimited top ups - $4.99

The app is available for all BlackBerry 10 handsets including the soon to be released BlackBerry Z3.

Learn more / Download Petrol Usage Tracker Pro from BlackBerry World

Reader comments

Petrol Usage Tracker for BlackBerry 10 gets updated with multi-car support plus more


Yes, Petrol Usage Tracker works everywhere in the US. It also works in all other countries of this world and supports 139 currencies.

That's still good. Here it ontario gallon conversion would be about $5.50 a gallon. $1.38 a Litre

Posted via CB10

Been using it since its release and now this update made it perfect. I also upgraded to support the devs for their efforts.
Highly recommend

Posted via CB10

Nice app, but I have an issue. Even though I've selected euro currency, Expenses and Top Up use the dollar sign.

That is very interesting. Some other folks have reported a similar issue. Obviously, we had tested this function before but had not found such behavior. Seems we have to go back and look at this again. We will find what causes this and fix ASAP.

Some folks said that changing the currency & measurement units back and forth a couple of times helps getting the right currency sign to show. Could you try this in the meantime?

Alright. Thanks a lot for trying and sorry for the troubles. We will definitely look into this.

If you have 5 minutes, could you please do me a favor and send screen shots of the following screens to us?
- main overview screen
- car profile edit screen
- top up screen
- options screen (with measurements units and currency setting)
As well as an export of your top ups (swipe from top, then hit "Export CSV").

Please send it to with subject "PUT Bug Report - CrackBerry - ATTN: Patrick".

That would be really helpful for us to recreate your issue and find a solution for it :)

Had the exact same issue. What fixed it for me was switch to US Dollars and back to euros and then the euro sign appeared correctly

Posted via CB10

Used it since I first saw it posted here. Hardest is to remember to update it on fill-up. Had to reset it a couple of times for missed fill-ups. In the habit now and loving the app.

Biggest surprise is that I am not going through as much gas as I thought I was!

Posted via CB10

Great you're loving the app and it is of use to you :)

A quick hint: you can also edit existing top ups by holding down on the top up item in the top up list and select "Edit" from the right context menu. Since the latest you can just tap a top up and you will go into editing that top up.

Yeah, you're right. The app name has a bit of a UK-bias :)

We are open to new app name suggestions. Especially when thinking about going further towards renewable / alternative energies like electricity, gas (lpg/cng) or hybrids with a two sorts of energy sources.

Possible UI tweak.

There is a lot of unused space on the left side menu (where we have Profile and Top Ups now). Since there are multi profiles now it would be neat if this showed the profiles and perhaps the page itself was tabbed with the main page and the top ups. I dunno :)

That's a good idea and we had thought about that too.

Thing is, according to BlackBerry 10 UI guide lines there should be only 1 "tabbed group" in a screen. Right now, the area on the left are tabs whose buttons could be aligned in the overflow menu on the left (like they are right now) or alternatively at the bottom (then there would not be any overflow menu on the left). If those profile/topups tab buttons go to the bottom bar, then the "actions" like "Add Top" and "Share" would automatically move into the right overflow menu for actions which makes them harder to access and that menu is quite full already.

As an alternative way we had thought about putting other "tabs" into the left menu, like the button to activate the switch profile screen. Unfortunately, this would not fit the context of accessing content for a single group of things that belong to each other (in this case that very car's profile and top up list).

The UI design is a kind of tricky thing and we are constantly looking how to improve it. Thanks a lot for your idea; we'll see what we can do in a future version. We have a lot more features lined up in our roadmap and I am sure with each release we will fill up the empty space more and more.

Not sure if you were joking :)

Anyway, you can use it with leaded, unleaded and even premium gas. We don't track those types of gas separately at the moment, but this has brought up a new feature for a future release. Thanks a lot!

For the time being you could type the leaded/unleaded/premium gas type into the "Notes" section of your top up. That way you can easily look it up. For reporting purposes this should be better integrated. We will find a way to make it happen :)

Thanks a lot! Hope you love it :)

If you have any suggestion about the app; what's missing, etc. please do let us know. We are happy to extend it to your needs.

I was using this, but found that almost every time I opened it I got a notification of other apps to try. I didn't like that and Removed it.

Posted via CB10

You can switch off such notifications in the "Options" (swipe from top, hit options, set "promo notifications" to "off").

Good app, but a bit spamy, so i use "milage" app which is an android port, but does its job flawlessly :)

Posted via Z10 from Lithuania

Same here, you can switch off such notifications in the "Options" (swipe from top, hit options, set "promo notifications" to "off").

We are sorry our notifications are of annoyance to you. We will think about how to improve this integration.

Unless I am missing it, include feature to incorporate partial fills. Such that next fill top up and mileage post will give lead to correct mileage stat.

Don Diego endorses the Zed.

Hi Asuhmiaseh,

partial top ups is possible. Just untick the "Full Top Up" check box when entering your top up details. The next time you enter a full top up the app will calculate the average consumption for that stint then.

I hope this answers your question. Please feel free to ask if you have any further question.