Petition: Dear AT&T, We want the BlackBerry Bold 9900 Now!

AT&T BlackBerry Bold 9900
By Kevin Michaluk on 30 Aug 2011 06:56 pm EDT

Dear AT&T,

On behalf of CrackBerry Nation and AT&T subscribers, we the commenters to this blog post request that you hurry up and release the BlackBerry Bold 9900. We feel that "later this year" is too wishy washy of a time frame and rumors pointing to a November launch date are simply too far away. It's unacceptable. With the BlackBerry Bold 9930 already available from Sprint and Verizon, and T-Mobile's Bold 9900 available August 31st nationwide (it's already available on business channels), we think AT&T is really missing out on sales here and ticking off a lot of subscribers who want to upgrade to the BlackBerry Bold 9900 NOW. We know it's not Research In Motion holding things up here -- it's you AT&T -- and we think it's time you change your priorities and make the Bold 9900 available for purchase asap.

Our CrackBerry forums are full of AT&T subscribers looking to buy the Bold 9900 from AT&T, and every day we're getting overloaded with emails and tweets asking when the Bold 9900 will be available from AT&T. There IS demand for this phone and we need the requests to stop (it's distracting!). Enthusiastic BlackBerry fans have chosen not to wait - they are buying BlackBerry Bold 9900s from other carriers to unlock and use on AT&T. The world would be in a better state right now if you did the right thing and put the Bold 9900 up for sale. Delaying its release does not serve the interests of your consumers.

We're not sure why you haven't announced an exact date for the release of the Bold 9900 or put it on sale yet. We get that the now-available BlackBerry Torch 9810 is exclusive to AT&T in the USA so maybe you're giving it some time in the spotlight, but a huge amount of people want the Bold 9900! And if you're delaying its arrival until after a new iPhone launches for some reason, well that's just silly. People who want the best physical keyboard ever put on a smartphone are going to want the Bold 9900 whenever it's released, so it might as well hit the market now. Or maybe you're mad still about the whole BlackBerry Bridge thing on the PlayBook and want to punish RIM a little bit. If that's the case, get over it. The BlackBerry Bold 9900 is too hot a phone to hold back from people's twitchy thumbs.

We appreciate your attention to this matter and look forward to a speedy release of the BlackBerry Bold 9900 on AT&T.


Kevin Michaluk

PS. In true CrackBerry fashion, we're going to give away an AT&T BlackBerry Bold 9900 to a member who posts a comment on this petition. Be sure to tell AT&T why you want them to release the BlackBerry Bold 9900 now. The contest is open until AT&T releases the Bold 9900. The day it's available we'll announce the winner. The sooner AT&T gets the Bold 9900 to market, the sooner somebody will win!

Reader comments

Petition: Dear AT&T, We want the BlackBerry Bold 9900 Now!



Yes, we want it now!!!!!!

Not sure why Kevin is the suthor of this post because he has no real hurt as we "at&t'ens" do..We want the 9900 NOW!

I addressed that in the letter... I want all you AT&T'ens to get your Bold 9900s so you can stop bugging me about when it's getting released. ;)

Plus I hate to see CrackBery addicts jonesing for too long. You need our hit of that keyboard!

My sister, a very long time AT&T customer, wishes to have this Bold Touch now. if AT&T indeed announces this phone tomorrow, she will get it the same day. Her Curve Javelin is long over due. She may switch to Sprint because she can't wait until November.
By the way, does anybody you know if it's possible to get a 9900 with multilanguage OS 7 with AT&T (or Tmobile). I know Sprint 9930 are loaded with multilanguage OS.


Screw that and waiting, I can't/won't leave AT&T because of the grandfathered unlimited data business, but I'm happier 'n heck with my 9810. It has a larger screen and a better camera, both of which are more important to me than the fact that the 9900 has a bigger keyboard.

-+-BLD$HD+189-+-were not here to talk about how much we love other phones, were here to support our fellow crackberry family & help them get what they want. im glad you love your new BlackBerry, i love the 9930 on verizon, and the 9850 on sprint, but this is the wrong place for that. write something that will help our BlackBerry community out.

I'm in Jamaica and I can identify with the sentiments expressed in this petition. Its been quite a wait, for what?! I like when my BBs are AT&T compatible/branded for the simple reason that the 3G is compatible with what's in my country. With that said, I had to go the ends of the Earth to get an unlocked Rogers 9900! Had this phone been released in the US, I may never have to do that. So it must be very frustrating having to wait for sooo long for the next amazing experience. And yes u r so right Kev, the keyboard is fantastic; the touch experience has been gr8 as well. Excellent combination. BTW I'm running the official .317 build. So I implore AT&T to release this device so the loyal customers can benefit like we have been doing so far.

g'day im in jamaica also,how did u get the bold 9900 and did u pay full price for it lemme kno becuz i wanna get 1 but cant afford full price

-+-BLD$HD+189-+-Good job Kev! This is the type of CrackBerry team work i like to hear about! Obviously this is yours and most peoples BlackBerry of choice, I agree its beatiful! But up next we really need to help all the storm 1 & 2 owners, and everybody that wants the 9850. So, if that leaked info turns out to be wrong,( which i doubt but just incase) We the CrackBerry Nation needs to be there for them as well! So if its not for sale online the 8th or in stores the 15th BigRed(Verizon) your next on the list!

I had the 9810 for 3 days. It is a fine phone but I had my heart set on the 9900. After those 3 days I said why am I sticking with a company that seems to be in love with the iPhone to such an extent that they delay the 9900 release to after iPhone 5 and screw blackberry lovers out of a true bridge experience.

I took my phone back and promptly left for Verizon taking my phone number with me. I hope more people are doing this than waiting for ATT. That is the only way these companies will get the message.

We did the same thing. I went to AT&T to return to BB because they had the fastest BB with the Torch but I was furious about the bridge issue and now this.
Our small business account was with Sprint but I stayed with AT&T for the Torch. But after this last stunt, I just cancelled my account and went to Sprint and got my Bold 9930 and wow! I love it. FINALLY my BB is more than just a device I prefer over the competition but a device I love.

AT&T, you should let people chose the product they want to have. However, to be fair, the Torch 2 is just as awesome and for 49.99 it is a steal. I'm not sure if I would have gone with the Bold or the Torch, they are both awesome in their own way. The reason I left is that AT&T did not give me a choice - again.
I just wish they would give us a choice and not force feed us their own exclusive products. They have a tendency to do that and it is annoying.

Delay? Check with Apple....that's not AT&T. Since Verizon got the iPhone everything changed. When the iPhone hits Sprint you will see that all carriers that carry the iPhone have to follow Apple's rules.

As far as going back to the company that's always in the red good luck with that. When the govt blocks the purchase of T-Mobile all networks will suffer.

I hear you on this--> "That is the only way these companies will get the message." But because compnaies are huge, our message will never be heard.

Verizon has the iPhone and did not delay the 9930. I'm not letting AT&T off the hook!

And the Blackberry Bridge.... that's all AT&T, every other carrier in the WORLD allows the bridge. F-OFF AT&T!!

I want the 9900 NOW because I wanna use the greatest keyboard ever and have a touch screen too! I'm on a 9800 right now, and sometimes I miss the keyboard from my old 9000.

I got the 9810 yesterday so I left the Inspire. So far so good because I use to have the 9800, 9000, 8800, 8310 and the one thing I missed was the keyboarsd. I would love to have the 9000 but I would rather wait and make sure AT&T can work out as many bugs as possible.



Torch 9800 & PlayBook 64GB Wifi

If the whole point is to let our voices be heard by ATT to make the Bold 9900 available, i don't see how posting on their FB Fan Page is of any wrong "type of thinking"...

So, you're either an AT&T employee or just a very closed minded person.

Oh and it's "Nowhere" not "no where"...


I need this phone come on At&t release this bad boy. ı am in the states for a short period of time and this matches my network at Turkey perfectly!

I agree. I'm currently on Magenta's network. If the AT&T takeover bid goes through, I'd want a Blackberry Bold (currently sporting a white Blackberry 9780) to fully work on AT&T's network. #justsayin'

I need this phone on ATT now!! I need to show all these android and iPhone fans what a real blackberry is like!

Yes please ATT we need this phone now. Switching to att from tmobile before the merger goes through so i'm not stuck with an Edge only Tmobile 9900 and that's the only thing delaying my transition. Release it already because i do not know how much longer i can hold out

I'm a TMO customer and I was thinking about switching to ATT before the buy out takes place to get some better cell reception, but November?!? I might just go with Sprint.

I've actually heard of customers switching to T-mobile for the unlimited $50 plan to grandfather it into At&t once the buyout happens (if it does).

-+-BLD$HD+189-+-where have you been? the at&t & t-mobile merger is not happening... the DOJ blocked it

I've been with AT&T for years now, I would like to pair up my provider with the badassiest of phones to date.

Dear AT&T,

We want the BOLD 9900 NOW because.... because.... because every other carrier has it already :)

I wish ATT would release the bold touch. They use to be the first to release blackberry products, not use to this ridiculous waiting period. Sure the torch is great and it is your exclusive device but the bold is what we all want. I want a 9900, having to deal with art updates and bridge non sense. Goooooo crackberry!

We need this phone to come out NOW because RIMpire is striking back! AT&T, I understand you have an agreement with Apple and their little toys but if you didn't already hear, Jobs has stepped down. BlackBerry is on the verge to RISE once AGAIN so if you don't want to be left behind, you better JUMP ship AT&T and start selling those beautiful BlackBerry 9900's!!! WE THE PEOPLE WANT the BLACKBERRY 9900! And you know what, go ahead and cut the price for making us wait this long. You think this is funny, wait till the sales of the IPHONE start dropping! Viva BlackBerry! Go CRACKBERRY!

The day that people realise the fact that buying Apple products (which break easily and need constant replacing) is for tools who only care about the appearance of what they are purchasing... that will be the day my faith in humanity is restored.

HAHA! Yes, I wish we could get people to realize that! That's why everyone walks around with cracked screens. They just think, "Well this is the 8th time I've fixed it. I'll just leave it like this, and let it cut my face up when i make a call."

I wonder whats wrong with corporations nowadays, its like the like screwing up themselves right from the inside. Im actually amazed at the decisions they take.

"BlackBerry is a right of all sentient beings!" - CrackBerry Prime

Jokes apart, they didn't support the 9780 because they were holding up for the next Bold. The next Bold is here.

Release it.


I don't think that is true. Nor do I think the iPhone is the reason for the 9900 delay. It should be blindingly obvious to everyone that the reason the 9900 has been delayed and the 9780 was not even offered is AT&T wants to push its Bold wielding customers onto the Torch and Torch 2.

I am guessing they have a commitment to sell a certain number which would also explain why the Torch 2 is so cheap.

The delay is impacting my business. I have an account with 10 ATT phones and am a very good AT&T customer. I am out shopping the account. I have sent messages to my key business account contact and they dont have any answers. WHAT IS THE WAIT??? I have phones that need to be addressed. What do I do???

I need this phone AT&T. My Bold 9700 is so slow! If you release the Bold 9900 you will have increase in sales!!


Thanks Kevin, this is a great idea.
Hi AT&T,

I've been a loyal subscriber with you for years now and agree that the delay in the release of the 9900 is unacceptable. Please understand that as Blackberry users, we've been waiting for this product for a long time and that your extended silence regarding a definitive release date is disheartening.

Please make every effort to release this in a timely manner.


Dear AT&T,

The BlackBerry Bold 9900 is the best BlackBerry to date!

It combines everything a BlackBerry user and fan used to beg for into one incredible package. A touchscreen with amazing full QWERTY keyboard!

You are doing a disservice to yourself and your customers by delaying the release of the Bold 9900. This phone should have been in our hot little hands yesterday! The rumored November release - while near my birthday (11/15) - is simply UNACCEPTABLE!

Your marketing director, or whomever made the decision to delay the 9900's release, should be FIRED! (Okay, maybe that's a bit drastic).

It seems as though you're targeting Holiday shoppers with the rumored November release. Why?

What about us diehards who need/want this phone NOW? Furthermore, this is ANOTHER reason to take my business elsewhere. JD Power ranks you, AT&T, the worst of US Carriers for a reason - inconsistent network and a general lack of care/appreciation for customers.


Former Bold 9700 owner. I hate my current device - the Atrix 4G. CrackBerry runs in my blood!

AT&T customer here. Wish they would release it too! Still enjoying the Torch 9800, but would love to be in the drawing for the 9900 whenever it's released.

I'd love to see an AT&T Bold 9900 as soon as possible. I have an iPhone 4 and really like it, but I still use my Bold 9700 to check up on BBM contacts and groups.

I checked out the 9930 at a Sprint store and it was VERY nice.

I'm itching so bad for a phone with GREAT connectivity and the Torch 9800 / 9810 is just not appealing to me. I want the classic BlackBerry form factor, and of course, that WONDERFUL Bold 9000-esque keyboard. I even went as far as to buy a 9300 to tide me over, but I'm getting real impatient! C'MON AT&T! Give us what we want!

Thank your lucky stars AT&T isn't in a rush. I liked it in the past when Verizon was last to receive a phone so the kinks could be worked out by the other carriers. There appears to be a fair share of bugs and hardware issues with the 9900/9930.

AT&T Customer as well. Upgraded my contract to the Torch 9810 when it came out. BUT, please release 9900 now. This is just silly and tired of your on going Apple fanboy sales. If you release the 9900 now I will buy it full price. That's how bad I want this BB. Thanks

I've wanted the Blackberry Bold 9900 (RE: a touch screen Bold) since the original Bold 9000 came out on AT&T so many years ago. I REALLY can't wait for AT&T to put the Bold 9900 up for sale....I needs it!

My wife and I are blackberry lovers and she's due for a new one. She loves her Bold 9000 but it's in dire need of an upgrade. The 9900 is the key!!! Her birthday is coming up in a month, and currently I'm planning on getting her an unlocked 9900...unless AT&T were to come out with it sooner. PLEASE AT&T, RELEASE THE 9900!!

I also agree with this, If AT&T had released the 9900 two or so weeks ago, I would have gladly went in and put down the full $649 or however much and bought one, instead, I had to have a new phone, and that new phone is now an iPhone 4.

I love the iPhone, but I've loved the BlackBerry more, ever since my first, a T-Mobile 7100t back in the day, my 9000 still sits in it's charging pod on my desk, and I still love that form factor, and wish AT&T would just get on with it and put the 9900 out already. I'm hoping that by the time my birthday comes around in November, I'll be able to buy one, and give the iPhone 4 a (very) early retirement, but sadly I'm not holding my breath on that just yet.

I'll continue to love BlackBerry, and I'm glad to see that the comments regarding RIM, and the BlackBerry as a whole are starting to become slightly more optimistic, for a while, even I doubted if BlackBerry would come back out from the lowest, darkest days in one piece, but it's looking like they will.

The 9900 is a perfect final nod to the BlackBerry OS, as we leave it behind and move towards QNX on handhelds, now I just need one in my hand.

"Sorry but everyone here at AT&T HQ is in New York for the Samsung Galaxy S II unveiling. If you'd like to leave a message press 1 now..................."

Kevin is 100% rite, we need the Bold 9900 to be release on ATT, like yesterday, not in November. C'mon ATT, why are you making us wait when Verizon, Sprint, and TMO already released it. If I wasn't under contract, I would have left ATT and switched to ge the Bold 9900.

I agree 1000% (yes I said one thousand percent!) that AT&T needs to step up and release the 9900. I left Big Red when my contract was up. I left them after 10 years. I mostly did it so I could get the new 9800 when it was released. I have been happy with the service unlike so many others. But come on already. I'm not much different from a lot of people that need or WANT a new device when it comes out.

LETS ALL REMEMBER SOMETHING IMPORTANT. There have been people commenting that they would pay full price of $600 for this device. I feel that It makes more sense to cancel the contract (depending on how far in you are) paying the termination fee then starting over. in my case I have been with AT%T for 1 year. that means my termination charge would be $205.00 which is the total of $325 minus $10 per month(12 months). If other people follow this method, you can switch to a different carrier and have your 9900 sooner than November and save a little money in the process.

Just my 2 cents.

Yes I want to see the best phones on the worst network.

I cant stand this POS Android I am about to throw out the window. Samsung infuse 4g my A**, I want a mans phone back not this toy.

C'mon AT&T. It's amazing how much providers hold things up in the mobile world. Devices released late and updates that take forever to come out.

Its not rocket science att. All other carriers have strong blackberry sales and yours is "light". People who wanted a 9810 wouldve gotten a 9810 regardless if the 9900 was out. So why deprive us of choice right away?

Disgruntled future 9900 owner

I need this phone because I'm tempted to go to verizon.... And I have no interest in losing my unlimited data plan.

Lol yeah! What he said!

*shakes fist*

I don't really care when they release the 9900 cos I'm down-under but if this competition is open to everyone then I humbly request AT&T release this phone to the masses immediately. Awww hell, even if it's not open to everyone just give them the damn phone already. Us CrackBerrians need love too you know! :(

I'm in total agreement with this petition, AND I just bought the Torch 9810 the day after it came out. There was a while back when I said that a BlackBerry does not need to have a keyboard in order to be a true BlackBerry. While I hold true to that belief, I do feel that the feel of a classic BlackBerry is somewhat diluted when there is only a touch screen. It doesn't mean the touch experience is any less effective, but just physically and visually. You don't get the classic keyboard setup that you do with the various models without a touch screen. Even my Torch 9800 and 9810 keyboards are lacking in the true feel when compared to the Bold 9900/9930 or even the 9780/9700. They truly are great keyboards that make the users grow attached to their devices.

I tried out the Bold 9930 at Verizon. It was absolutely amazing. I'm not going to lie. I desire the 9860 above all, but there is not a reason justifiable enough as to why these phones haven't been released. AT&T, the Bold 9900 and the Torch 9860 MUST BE MADE AVAILABLE NOW! Or I take my 4 lines elsewhere.

This game you are playing is dangerous. The people PAYING you are Screaming for this device. They have waited for eons for this beautiful piece of craftmanship. And we will not think twice about getting one from another carrier and unlocking it. Costing you quite a pretty penny. And if you wait MONTHS after everyone else releases it, don't be surprised when we won't pay full price. You'll call it a dismal failure because you didn't receive your projected earnings ~ As your competitors take our money and not lose any bandwidth ~ and we play with them on your network, until our contract expires.

I have been a long time at&t customer(since 1989). I have been through so many name changes, company changes and a ton of crap over the years. Yes I believe they just assume I will be here tomorrow. At&t has always been the first with blackberry releases and now they decide to postpone thee best device in blackberry arsenal. WTF!!!! I am upset and just maybe going to jump ship to a different carrier. My Peace is done! Thanks Kevin for the shout out!!!

There isn't anything I can say that everyone else hasn't said. AT&T should release the Bold 9900 NOW, and IT HAD BETTER NOT HAVE CRIPPLED NFC or any other funny business! Stop being greedy and give consumers the features and choice they want and deserve. I've been a loyal AT&T customer from the old GSM charter days, but I'm not above switching my whole damn family over to a carrier that has the phone I want with the features I want.

Very well written Kevin, couldn't have said it better myself. This really is unacceptable and I really hope AT&T management views this and reconsiders their strategy, Thank you for writing this. Now, AT&T, release the damn phone!!!!!

Thanks Kevin!

I really, really, really, really, really, really need this phone! I travel around teh world and need something that is dependable and is the best performing Blackberry out there! If AT&T does not release the date soon, I will have to jump ship and take the 3 family members I have on my account with me!

Yeah so like I really want it cause um like hello every one in their moms all ready has it like just shoot me alllreadyyyy, Beckyyyy!

THANK YOU crackberry for this post! I WANT the 9900 so bad... I want to ditch my torch and get the 9900... HURRY UP AT&T!

HURRY UP AT&T!!! I'm going to switch to Verizon if I do not hear anything soon. I am the owner of a real estate company. We have been long time customers of At&t / Cingular, 10+ years. I am switching the whole company over to Verizon soon. ALL CONTRACTS ARE DUE FOR AN UPGRADE. Most of my employees are excited for the new Blackberry 9900! The iphone users can now switch to Verizon and all of us BLACKBERRY users can have the new Blackberry 9930. Hurry up and release dates. Everyone I have spoken to is thinking of making the same transition.

Many people, including myself, are anxiously awaiting the new Bold 9900, because frankly the 9800 wasn't cutting it, and the new Torch, although appealing, isn't the flagship phone that we are looking for. Please release this phone in a timely manner, and Crackberry please send one my way, because I am sick and tired of the spinning clock, and I do not really want to spend the money for the Torch 9810 because the bold would truly be an upgrade from the 9800. ATT, this is my final plea before Big Red gains my business.. Please release this device and Kevin, please make this happen for a big Blackberry/Crackberry fan!

At&t, PLEASE release the Bold 9900. I've been delaying my upgrade for months waiting for this phone! Every carrier (Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, etc) is releasing this phone before September, but I haven't jumped ship because I've been a loyal customer for over 7 years and I love the service.

This is the LONGEST I've ever waited to upgrade my phone, especially waiting for a phone that will be released "soon." Please release the Bold 9900 because it is THE phone that most Blackberry users REALLY want. PLEASE!

Agree 100%! I've been anticipating the 9900's release on AT&T for months. The fact that all of the other major carriers have done so, has made the wait even more excruciating. I know a sizable amount of AT&T subscribers who are itching to purchase the Bold. Hopefully, you can take heed and get something immediately done. Thanks.

Hush down... at least you guys will have the new Bold AND the slider Torch! (unbelievable that we Verizon folk are stuck with the slab Torch .... and I have NO idea why anyone would select such a phone)

AT&T come on already! I've been holding onto my upgrade for 5 months waiting for the 9900! I can't hold on much longer, I'm losing my mind and my old phone is driving me crazy!

AT&T needs to remember how much benefit they got from having the 9000 when it first came out. With the 9900 they will get double or even more than with the 9000. Don't lose the BlackBerry flagship device AT&T! Release the 9900 ASAP!!

I use my Blackberry primary for emails. Therefore, the keyboard is the most important part of the phone. Having previously owed a Bold 9000 and currently using a Torch 9800, I know the best phone for me is the Bold 9900. I would like to be able to buy it today from you AT&T. Thanks.

I'm not on AT&T. Heck I'm not even in the US. BUT I will say you guys deserve the 9900. Its only fair. Its only right.. Come on AT&T, be >>>BOLD<<< and let the people have their 9900!

Dear AT&T,

I've been a loyal customer for years now. I've been happy with my Blackberry Bold 9700 and with my upgrade coming up VERY soon I've been looking at the Blackberry Bold 9900. I want that phone. I will get that phone... as long as you make it available to me. Please do so.

If AT&T Brings this phone to the Line up I will Switch back to Blackberry from my Motorola Atrix. Ive been dieing for this Blackberry to come out for YEARS and now that its faster I think I may switch back if it Doest come to AT&T. Last Blackberry I had was the Old Bold 9700 and Loved it, Just hated the OS and the LAG. COme one AT&T Do iT!!!!

Look here at&t ! I'm a student in college, marketing major, to be completely honest, I have NO idea what your marketing plan may be with this hold on the BoLd 9900. I am a part of my dads family plan of 5 phones. None of us have had a smartphone in the plan and I'm ready to be up to date with the world. I like nothing but the BEST! The best means the BLACKBERRY BOLD 9900!!! My upgrade was supposed to be in JULY 2010 (when the bold was rumored to be released). I waited so long for July to come just to hear that the new release date is going to be in NOVEMBER!! My family has no problem switching to Verizon I AT&T doesn't do anythin about it. As I said before, we are a plan of 5 phones. Do the math AT&T, imagine how much customers you are going to lose. We are loyal AT&T customers for 10 years. The number one rule in marketing: IT COST MORE TO GAIN NEW CUSTOMERS THAN IT DOES TO KEEP YOUR LOYAL ONES! think about it!!

Ps: PLEASE PICK ME! PLEASE PICK ME! PLEASE PICK ME! I want the bold so bad!!

I've been holding on to the out-dated cadillac, Bold 9000 for a quite a while now, the 9700/80 didn't cut it for me, the Torch 9800 didn't and the 9810's slider doesn't appeal to me at all.

A full touch screen device is just dangerous for me to use with the potential of droppings, random family members poking at it (or eating it when a little one gets their hands on it).

The Bold 9900 as well as BB7 is a turn around for RIM, come out of the closet AT&T, you love RIM, now just do all of us a favor and release the Bold 9900.

Want it so bad I've seriously considered getting one through Verizon! All my 3 lines on ATT are Blackberries and ALL 3 lines want the new BOLD, now!!!

even though i live in canada, and its already out on pretty much every carrier, younstupid at &t need to give people what they f***ing want

Simply put they owe it to their customers for canceling the 9780!

Thanks Kevin for feeling our pain and grief!
A really upset BB fan :(

I want the 9900 on AT&T now! I switched one of my lines over to Verizon already to get a crack at this phone. Very tempted to kill my AT&T account altogether and make the full conversion to Verizon if this doesn't ship soon.

I want a BlackBerry Bold now from AT&T, been waiting for this phone ever since I started with BlackBerry on the 9000. It is going to be the best smartphone ver made thus far!

AT&T, stop letting Apple boss you around and release the 9900 bold now. We know that Apple is worried if it is released before the iPhone that it will take away a lot of sales. Get some balls and stand up for yourself and give your customers what they want!!

AT&T has been on top with releasing Blackberry's in the past and they should continue this by releasing this phone asap so loyal customers can get their hands on this device!

Crackberry convinced me I needed a OS7 device so I sold my iPhone 4 and begrudgingly got a Torch 9810 since AT&T didn't have the 9900. I love my Torch but the top row of the keyboard is too close to the sliding part of the phone and every time I stub my thumbs on it causing a typo I LONG for the 9900's awesome keyboard. I never thought I'd long for a BlackBerry again, but I AM!

Haha! I have the 9930 from Verizon.......I was dying for the Torch and waited and waited for Big Red to get it....and it never came. So me my Storm had to wait patiently for the Bold. And now i have it. And it's freakin AWWWSOME!
So in conclusion, I know how y'all feel......
Kevin this is finally an awesome post!
ATT needs to release the bold 9900 and here why and why bold rules:
-keyboard..iphone dont have it
-banner for notification--you have to pull down a screen to see what message you are missing on the iphone
-calendar that is productive...dont need to buy an another app for that
-better speakers...dont need to put your ear to that one hole on the bottom of an iphone
-press a button and go straight to phones numbers and contact..iphone have to press alot of stuff to get somewhere...

so can you hear me now ATT...Dont give me the blues
Kevin this is finally an awesome post!
ATT needs to release the bold 9900 and here why and why bold rules:
-keyboard..iphone dont have it
-banner for notification--you have to pull down a screen to see what message you are missing
-calendar that is productive...dont need to buy an another app for that
-better speakers...dont need to put your ear to that one hole on the bottom of an iphone
-press and button and go straight to phones numbers and contact..iphone have to press alot of stuff to get somewhere...

so can you hear me now ATT...Dont give me the blues

The time is now. Wait any longer and the product will lose all steam with the releases of the galaxy s II, nexus, and iphone...

I have waited for this phone to come out for over 3 years. Friends and fam think that I am insane because I have been tracking this "elusive" until it has finally been released...well at least to everyone BUT at&t. I am doing my best to hold out but its becoming a losing battle because I WANT THIS PHONE!!!!! I would greatly appreciate it at&t. Stop screwing us over and release the phone already. Ugh. Please and thank you

A soon to be non-loyal customer:)

Dear ATT,

Hurry up and release the BB9900. No matter what you do I will NOT buy an android or iPhone so you might as well make some money.

Release the 9900 now. I've been waiting to retire this torch with its teeny weeny keys that makes me misspell every 8th word! I loved my 9000 and eagerly awaiting the 9900. Would you just release it?!?!?

Sign me up!

Since my 9800 went swimming this weekend, and drowned, a 9900 would be especially special!

Listen to Kevin, ATT! Release that beautiful device!

I sure wish you would write the same letter to Alltel. Sorry AT&T subscribers, wish you all the luck in getting this phone released. I emailed Alltel and they didn't even know what the Bold 9930 was. I think I would rather put up with the BS of AT&T then to be stuck with a carrier that is now so small and releases everything a year after everyone else. Good letter and way to go, finally able to blame the carriers and not RIM.

I want AT&T to release the phone so there's some competition on AT&T. Maybe then they'll realize they need more than one phone that sells well.

I SO need this phone on AT&T. I had the last Bold and fell o it when my daughter tripped me by accident. It was no longer available by then. I loved that phone.

Please get the 9900 AT&T, cause the sooner you do that, the sooner that I can get my 9860! My storm 2 is broke and the longer that I wait, the more upsetting life will be. Hurry it up already! Please?!

Let me put it this way: here's my tweet from the other day... And AT&T NEEDS this device NOW!

Wes Nellans (@wesnellans)
8/28/11 7:43 PM
@blackberry bring back the 8700 keyboard (key separation) with the 9900 form factor and the camera from the 9810. I won't even ask for a ...(truncated by texting the tweet - final word was "holster")...

Dear at&t,

I dealt with your exclusive 9800 while waiting for the 9780 that never happened. And now you release the 9810 and it costs the same as the 9800 with a contract renewal. I have never switched carriers due to wanting a specific cell phone. But I may do that very soon.


An 11-year att/cingular customer

It is time for ATT to carry some new Blackberries. I haven't upgraded because I am waiting for the Bold 9900!

I am no complainer, but this wait for the perfect blackberry-the sole purpose my 9000 has been kept up such as replacing; trackball, LCD, bezel, battery, and now on it's way keyboard-has gone out of hand! We At&t subscribers will jump on the train when we can pre-order or surprise release.

So Please At&t release the Kraken.

I am going to be nice any patient, so will AT&T please release this magnificent device so we can help them get lots of money for their shareholders when we use an extraordinary amount of data because we can"t put down this device called the 9900 Bold. i'm crossing my legs and not peeing until its released. dum de dum dum

Something doesn't add up.. get with the picture AT&T and ride this wave while you can. Tick tock, tick tock. Your recent track record needs devices to distract us from the horrible network you're trying to improve.

I've posted numerous messages on ATT Facebook page about the Bold 9900, but we all know that's about as useful as spraying in the wind..... I firmly believe, however, that Blackberry users are more loyal to their phones than to their carrier, so ATT needs to get going and offer this phone before we switch carriers......

Dear AT&T.

I have been a loyal subscriber since the bell-south days...yes that's right, before Cingular was even a thought. I have purchased all kinds of phones from you as well as the ipaq from compaq...remember those guys? I have purchased the Treo when it first came out and upgraded to the treo windows based version. From there I bought my first Blackberry from you....the 8310 Curve. What a great device, from that point on I was hooked. I bought the Blackberry 9000 (first one at the store on opening day). The 9000 was the best device I have ever used as a business professional (and I still have it). As time goes on devices get upgraded with the latest and greatest (and that's totally me) I bought the 9700 the day it came out as well. Was not crazy about the tiny keyboard but liked the trackpad and the battery life was much better. I went on with the Torch 9800 and was happy with the touchscreen and bells and whistles it came with, but really missed the 9000 keyboard. I can't say enough on how the 9000 device rocked. Being the loyal Blackberry consumer, I took one for the team and bought the 9810. Hey for fifty bucks you really can't go wrong especially with the OS 7. The 9810 is a very nice device and anyone considering the it! Don't even think it. This is a device I will pass down to my wife as she like the Apple look, but in this house....NO WAY! It's Blackberry or two cans and a string baby.

I will say this. The day you decide to release the 9900 I will be one of the first ones to get one. As i said earlier, the Bold 9000 was the best keyboard I have ever used and cannot wait to get back into it....and with OS 7, WOW! What a great device.

So you see, you are NOT loosing sales by putting the 9900 on the back burner, just aggravating your customers that are disappointed and who still buy the new devices you release. AT&T is supposed to be the biggest guy on the block. New devices all the time hitting the market before anyone else ever did. I used to feel that way, but lately with all this flying around, I hang my head low mumbling what happened?? I am with the best network but with the best device in the DARK why handcuff us. I hope you don't think we are going to buy the iphone instead?!? Let's be real here..... Give to the people and you will see it come back to you ten fold. Have your customers hold their heads up high and parade the BEST devices around you so BOLDly release......

Signed a loyal seventeen year AT&T customer.

I'm not even an AT&T customer and I'm confused. Maybe it is so they can see how they can soak more money from customers by finding ways around some of the capabilities.

i'm going to take my family plan over to t-mobile so i can get access to this awesome phone now! after i win i'm going to hand down the t-mobile branded phone, unlock the at&t phone, unbrand it & rock it on the t-mobile network. how does that taste at&t?! you stink at&t!

AT&T needs to release the Bold 9900 now, or risk losing loyal customers to other carriers who have released it already. We're not all slaves to Apple!

Dear AT&T,
As both a true business user of BlackBerry as well as a general consumer, this is more than the greatest phone to date that we the CrackBerry nation will lay our hands upon; this phone is truly a tool that allows me to maximize my productivity.

In the past, AT&T has been one of the leaders in not only supporting the BlackBerry platform, but also selling the latest and greatest BlackBerry's to date.

The iPhone market has their niche and Android has theirs, but you know as well as anyone else, the BlackBerry has been around much longer than either of those and the customer base to these phones is unlike no other. It's not just a phone; it's a way of life. It's a device that allows me to manage around 1000 emails per day - in a way that the iPhone and Android are not even close to.

So, AT&T, I second Kevin's petition to please release the BlackBerry Bold 9900 - that flagship BlackBerry that will surprise you with sales and ensure that RIM stays a strong competitor in the smartphone market.

We the people of this great nation of the United States of America, specifically this wonderful and faithful community at, plea that you AT&T, make the release date of the BlackBerry Bold 9900 known, and with all your power, expedite its release.

A faithful AT&T customer and BlackBerry addict,
J. Wolf

AT&T -

Release the Bold 9900 now. Demand for the Torch is lower than the 9900, so fire the idiots who thought it would be a good idea to release that first instead of the 9900. Oh, and release the 9900 now.


A customer who will buy another 9900 and unlock it if you dont get your ass in gear.

I am waiting on this phone so i can switch carriers, getting fed up with the call quality on our verizon phones............ready and waiting............and waiting..................

This phone should be released immediately because competition is necessary. This just portends even worse behavior for when AT&T takes over T-Mobile and is the only GSM network in the country. Then it can do as it pleases with GSM phones. Bad omen.

Prove me wrong AT&T by releasing the Bold 9000 now!

i remember a few years back when a petition was started for an update to the original bold.and what happened? rim answered. but this at&t we are talking about this they really care about some petition or do they care about releasing devices when they feel its the right time to?forget about folks that are jumping from device(iphone)to device(bb),device(android) to device(bb).i have been waiting for a very long 3 years.i deserve my new device.i really don't care if its soon or october.just make some announcement.if its october,then i get to play with the highly anticipated i5&i4s and the other berries(9810,9860) as well.but im so super ready for something new.folks that alternate devices regularly like changing underwear should have nothing to complain about.folks that stick it out with older devices for the long run should be applauded for their endurance.we don't have money that we can throw around like toilet paper lol.

My Bold 9000 is on its last legs. All I have begged your company for the last year is to bring a good blackberry to the table. This is the one. Bring it.

I waited for the Bold 9780 to come to AT&T. It never did. I stayed loyal to AT&T and ended up getting a Torch 9800 instead (which I absolutely love).

I don't feel like I should have to beg a company to allow me to give them money. When I'm ready to upgrade to the 9900, I'll take my business to the company that carries the product I want.

Dear Mr. de la Vega

Unless AT&T so tied to Apple devices eating that much data and video on your network that you're choking so badly you can barely breathe... why not release the 9900? It's a network friendly device with high ARPU and your Government clients will also thank you as well. Our cousins across the border (and most of your competition) have already released it.

Sure it'll take away from Apple sales because it's THAT beautiful. But better to eat Apples, then be eaten yourselves by Sprint and Verizon with their outdated networks?

Just thinking with fingers on the keyboard..


I have been using the 8300 for over 2 years on att. need a new phone desperately if its not out in a month i will switch to verizon

Not sure this will help, but KEVIN I THANK YOU FOR DOING THIS. I am very uoset they are sitting on phones just to fill schedule dates. These new BB's are out everywhere and they need to get on it or they will lose customers fast. Seriously. People are as carrier loyal as carriers seem to think. Its all about the phones, price and speed. All of which can be matched at other carriers!

Bring on the 9900 and 9860 now!

Oh, and... I can haz Bold 9900?!?!

Please, AT&T, the Apple Faboys I know are shooting huge sticky wads and high-fiving each other because I haven't got it yet.
Back to the matter at hand, I would seriously love to have this released on AT&T because loyal customers have obediently waited for ages, while watching other countries and networks slowly release it. These happenings only adds onto the stress and insecurity of when it will be released. Sometime this decade, maybe?

AT&T I need the Bold 9900 to come out NOW. I have a Torch 9800 from work, I am able to upgrade and I do not want to upgrade to another Torch(still a fine blackberry). I NEED a BOLD 9900 please!!!!. I need a real keyboard for the qajillion emails that I have to process all day long. AT&T please hurry.


at&t, you need to release this phone ASAP or you will lose customers to other carriers. Not a threat, but simply a fact. This phone is in demand and you're not providing it.

AT&T will sell as many of the cheap 9810s as they can and then as many of the new iPhones as they can. That is their plan. They don't want to cannibalize sales, especially of the new iPhone. So all of the wishing in the world will not make a company with almost 100 million customers change their release timeline for the 9900. BTW...I'm waiting, too.

they need to release this fast! this is the blackberry we have been waiting ever since the original bold 9000 came out and it totally sucks we cant get it because they dont want to release it.

You know we want it, get with it....maybe next time it won't just be the JD Power and associates survey ATT flops on - maybe least desirable carrier due to least desirable phones is next.Why insist on being last out of the gate?

PLEASE START A PEITION TO VERIZON FOR THE 9950; you can start with mine. What is going on with Verizon that they would stop short of coming out with the 9950 along with the 9930? What's up Verizon Do You Hear Us Now? Many of us want the 9950! Send out surveys to your customers who have BlackBerrys and see our responses. Thanks at least someone hears us, respects us and advocates for us.

There was a time when if one wanted to always have the best and latest BlackBerry smartphones, one had to be an AT&T subscriber. This is no longer the case. Sprint already has the BlackBerry Bold 9930 and T-Mobile will have the BlackBerry Bold 9900 tomorrow. Meanwhile, AT&T has not even provided a hint as to when the BlackBerry Bold 9900 will be available. Many customers who prefer BlackBerry devices are finding AT&T’s silence disappointing.

Last week I handled a BlackBerry Bold 9930 and a Torch 9850 at a Sprint store and decided that the new BlackBerry Bold is the smartphone that I am going to get. I have a BlackBerry Torch 9800 and am not upgrading to the 9810 even if it is available for only $49.99.

The 2 months it took AT&T to release the BlackBerry Bridge application for connecting BlackBerry smartphones with the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet also frustrated many of us. Furthermore, after AT&T finally released the BlackBerry Bridge application, it imposed a tethering plan despite the fact that what the BlackBerry Bridge application does is not Internet tethering as explained in a article.

In sum, AT&T customers are beginning to suspect that AT&T’s close relationship with RIM is over. There are many customers who prefer BlackBerry devices over Apple’s iPhone and who might switch carriers if they do not find the BlackBerry devices they want at AT&T stores.

AT&T: It is in your interest to release the BlackBerry 9900 now.



AT&T -
I need a new Blackberry. I actually switched to an Android phone for a time. I hate it. I want that Bold 9900. It's the perfect combination of the 9000 and the 9700. Please hurry up.


This phone needs to be available on At&t, because it fits perfectly on my 3G network at Venezuela!

I NEED IT, so it is just for me to win

I am a TMO subscriber waiting to switch to AT&T but because AT&T has yet to even announce a date for the 9900 I'm deciding if I should go to a different carrier

Today as I was ringing out a customer I look up to see her holding none other than the bold touch..."I ask what carrier do you have?"...she says, "Verizon.." I say "Wow, I have ATT and it hasn't even been announced yet.." She says "That's too bad, I couldn't imagine still having my old blackberry.." Please ATT, I LOVE my 9700...but I've been following the bold touch since it was the wee old Magnum....and if I have to deal with my 9700 antics for several more months my favorite color will go from Orange, to Big Red...

Seriously wtf. All the carriers are pretty much the same in my area. This really makes me want to leave to another carrier that gets the newest latest and greatest phones.

I think the iphone is of the past ans want to trade my iphone in and upgrade to the Bold 9900 to become a part of the blackberry community. Please release he 9900 before i leave ATT to go to verizon and buy the bold 9930.

Thank you and Sincerely from,

Derek Kovacik

AT&T, you need to step up here. Your CSI is again at the bottom, it is not always the fault of front line people in the stores or those in the call centers but decisions like this releasing the Bold 9900 in November. Every other major US carrier has the device this summer; Sprint, Verizon, and T-Mobile (as of tomorrow). This is a terrible mistake and I know that the Torch was designed for you by RIM but really give us your customers what you want. The Torch is a nice phone, but the Bold 9900 is what your customers really want. Customers, you remember us, the ones who pay our bills so that you have massive profits, awesome stock options and bonuses, huge salaries and nice jobs. It probably would not hurt your effort to acquire T-Mobile if you had your customers support and happy, hey just a thought. So get with it and release the Bold 9900 and while you're at it add the 9860 Torch too.

Thanks Kevin and for the chance to win a new Bold 9900

It's not fair that my husband got his shiny, new 9810 that he's been flaunting. I really want my shiny, new 9900!

Please, please for the love of the BlackBerry gods release the 9900! I've been waiting for a new BlackBerry since last year (the torch is not my thing), and a new Bold specifically :( I'm off contract, looking around at the good deals I could get at other carriers that have or are about to release the Bold, including TMobile who you just bought. You passed on the 9780 AT&T, and I could understand, but stop holding my 9900 hostage!!!

I have been a loyal AT&T customer for more than 10 years now and I have 2 lines with AT&T. Both lines carry a Blackberry smartphone since I have converted my Wife to the Blackberry way of life. She has replaced her Curve 8310 with the Torch 2 9810 and absolutely loves the phone. I am using my old 9000 that has served me extremely well, so well in fact I am unwilling to participate in RIM's generous trade in program. My AT&T 9000 has been a revelation because I have a disability that causes me to have a short term memory impairment.

It wakes me up in the morning
It ensures I never miss an appointment with the doctor or any other appointments I may have
It reminds me to take Insulin twice a day as I am diabetic
It allows me to list or record things I must do or things I must buy at the grocery store since I forget so many things
It allows me to keep current with all my email accounts and to email people when I am not at home
It allows me to chat with my Wife through out the day whenever need be
It allows me to have hands free conversations in the car so I can concentrate on the road
It allows me to surf the web whenever the mood strikes
It allows me to check pricing and reviews when I am shopping and in doing so saves me money
It allows me to talk to more than one family member at one time
It allows me to listen to music wherever I may be
It allows me to find and locate just about anything or place I am interested in,,...

AND it makes super phone calls with great sound quality and reception.

Those are just some of the ways I use my Blackberry and although I hate to admit it, because I would be floored if I were to win a Blackberry, my 9000 smartphone works just as well or better today than the day I bought it.

I am definitely one of those Blackberry Fanatics who checks many times a day to see if AT&T has released the 9900.

Sure I want it to be released now!!! I hope and I wait.

Agree i'm just to cheep to get 9810 yet but if 9900 being offered I want in. And stop being jerks about the bridge we will use more gdata anyway and probally have to pay more anyway.

att stop bullshitting us. I will leave to verizon if you dont provide a release date. I swear i will!!!!

I don't know what else that really needs to be said. If you have seen all my comments, you would know that I myself has been awaiting the successor of the Blackberry Bold 9000 since the Bold 9000 came out years ago. I have had a BlackBerry for years. I have had many different BlackBerry smartphones and have supported them too. Nothing to me compares for my needs as much as the 9000 did, and even with the newer bolds, nothing had compared to its keyboard which made work and personal play more enjoyable. The fact that at&t is taking so long to release this device is beyond me. Some think, that they want to give some fame to the (unchanged in hardware) Torch 9810, which is probably true, but I believe at&t have lost some customers because of this as more people await the arrival of the Bold 9900. Having waited for this device for years, as its predecessor was only released on at&t, it is sad to me that at&t would be the last to release it's successor because they want to help the sales of the Torch 9810 when it is clear that the Bold 9900 surpasses it. Everyone has their opinions and so do I and my opinion lies with Kevin where this phone is the best BlackBerry so far, and I am one of the many that is in waiting for it to drop on at&t. I can't wait to upgrade my Bold 9000 to the new Bold 9900. I will stay true to Blackberry.

Because I live in FL and I am one of the many FL employees losing out because it is getting rough in these waters.

This would make me forget how much things really bite out here.

I want at&t to release the 9900 asap so I can unlock it and use it with my carrier. I use an unlocked at&t torch currently and have used a 8320, 8820, 8900, and 9000, all unlocked at&t phones, as they seem to be the only phones that work correctly with my carrier. I have tried unlocked verizon, sprint, and t-mo blackberry's and always had trouble with them. Seeing how the newest and best bb my carrier has to offer is the 9700 I need to get my fix elsewhere, so at&t please get the 9900 so I can partake in the bb7 goodness.

I Agree with Kevin...Yes at&t, WE WANT THE BOLD 9900 NOW!! ...Pretty Please!!

Kevin: You couldn't have said it any Better!!

...Count Me, JerseyKurt... a Faithful CracBerry Member in for this one!!

WANT!! I've been on AT&T for a while now, and I have waiting ever so patiently!!! PLEASE COME OUT SOON :)

We want the Bold and we want it, we want the Bold and we want it.......................................................... NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am gonna be 100% sincere on this: AT&T is my least favorite mobile carrier among any other service provider. Yes, you guys -- AT&T-- have the best coverage in my country, and that's the reason I signed up with you, but your protocols, and customer service just SUCK. I took the Torch 9800 over the iPhone 4 because, even though I'm 19, I'm really into serious typing (4 emails accounts, 70+ emails per day, continuous tweeting and posting, and of course, I loved the physical keyboard). However, I haven't found out yet why do I feel that you guys (AT&T) have something against BlackBerrys, and somewhat against Android-----Simply against anything competing versus your once exclusive iPhone... And that makes me hate you even MORE! I've been thinking about switching to Verizon (called "Claro" in here) to get the effin 9930, but I'm in the middle of 2yrs contract... I also have thought of buying a Bold 9900 from ebay, but $700+ for a phone is sort of insane...

So, PLEASE, make them available for zeus' sake! :(

If I make it to be the lucky winner of this contest I'd run down the road in front of my house naked with just the AT&T logo painted on! Kind of promise it! o_O

AT&T was the first to get the iPhone...where is the Blackberry love?? Before the iPhone came out, AT&T had mucho love for RIM, now we've been pushed to the back burner! Unacceptable AT&T, stay true to your roots and your loyal customers who use you and Blackberry. Release the 9900 ASAP, we not only deserve it but we earned it!

I want the AT&T Bold 9900 because I've long been an AT&T customer and I want a 9900 with 4G speeds and simultaneous talk and data.

My AT&T contract is up. I want a BlackBerry 9900. Why should I wait for AT&T to get with it when I can just go to Verizon? If I don't at least hear a RELEASE DATE soon, I am taking my business to Verizon. Easy decision.

Unless there's a technical issue with the 9900 hardware (why would RIM have released it and other carriers accepted it if that's the case?) or AT&T is waiting for a RIM software upgrade, it's hard to imagine AT&T's logic in delaying release of the phone.

Would AT&T prefer that its customers buy the new iPhone? Perhaps, but that decision has already been made by most users based upon the functions they need, i.e., a great physical keyboard and the email, texting and computer-like functions of the Blackberry Bold series, versus the visuals and huge numbers of apps of the iPhones. If you want some, although perhaps not the best, of both worlds, and at a relatively low price, you buy the BB 9810.

The real choice in the US, leaving out Sprint, is between AT&T (with the likely to be subsumed T-Mobile) and Verizon. AT&T seems to have more problems holding calls than Verizon in some locales, and probably a slower "4G" network than Verizon, but offers the advantage of simultaneous voice and data usage that the Verizon CDMA system cannot provide technically. Both now offer the BB line and the iPhone.

Consider this, AT&T: many of your subscribers, including myself, will seriously consider switching to Verizon when our AT&T contracts are up, or even within a couple months of expiration when the penalty for cancellation is fairly small. The longer you wait to put out the 9900, the more customers you are at risk of losing, since the only real selling point you have over Verizon, the simultaneous voice-data feature, is a relatively minor consideration in this age of ever decreasing voice communication in favor of text, especially for BB users.

I have purchased each and every new BB since they have been releasing them!! I am jazzed about the new 9810 (which I am using now) but really really want the Bold 9900!!

AT&T, please releaseeee!!

I would do an early upgrade if it ever came to ATT.... I really don twat to go to one of the other carriers that already have it.....

I can't even begin to tell you att how proud I am of you guys to continually live up to your reputation as the worst carrier in customer service. That's some serious dedication. You really have to try hard to be ranked number 1 so I applaud you in keeping with your horrible standards and decision of holding the release of the 9900 to your loyal customers. I think we can all agree that it doesn't take a genius to see that the 9900 was the model that has been anticipated for over a year now and you guys really showed us that you don't care. 2 thumbs up to att!!

It's a bridge. People cross them and burn them down every day. Don't be the latter. Get over it. Release my new phone immediately.

Thank you Kevin! I want this phone already! My torch is just not cutting it anymore..i want the feel of the bold keyboard ;)

absolutely ridiculous so just had to unlock a rogers 9900...must be some battle about the NFC technology. Greedy as always AT&T.

Thanks Kevin for the post!!

In the few minutes it took me to log in on my playbook and post the replies have jumped close to 20 more of our crackberry addicts imagine how many more folks want this that are not on the forums!

Come on at&t get in sync with your customer base.

Dear AT&T,

Please release the Blackberry Bold 9900. The reason, we, the customers have put up with your $hit for too long. Reward us loyal customers for once, instead of making us feel bitter and annoyed.

Been annoyed with AT&T for too long

Come on AT&T!! Dont deprive us of this phone!! Your only depriving yourselves of customers!!

As a die hard Blackberry user I have always liked the fact that AT&T got the best Blackberries first. When I switched to AT&T 8 + years ago, I did to get the best Blackberries. Now the rest of the world get the 9900 and all of us AT&T people have to wait. I know the iPhone is a huge money maker for you but RIM and Blackberries have made you plenty of money. I am waiting for my 9900, please release this soon.

AT&T - first it was the blackberry bridge, citing QA concerns for your customers. While noble and seemingly customer friendly, we are not living in an age of consumer ignorance. We are educated and knowledgeable. It is time to look past the cell provider war and truly put customer service first. There is no need to harbor and shelter a product that a mass of your customer base desires. This contributes to the provider jumping. I have been a loyal customer now for over 10 years. Lately your business practices have me questioning that loyalty. It is time to stop acting like a ruling class dictating to the peasants what we should have or not have. Especially when there is little substance to your reasons. Release the phone and prove that you listen to your clients concerns and opinions.

i think i will go to tmobile if at&t does NOT release within the next few weeks. I also hope that att does NOT buy t-mobile and monopolize the GSM network in the U.S.

Unless the BB is gonna be 4G then I see no reason why it should be out or on the way. Cant wait to get this BB. I currently have an iPhone but I want something a little more serious.

Maybe a rhyme will help:

How hard can this be,
If you want phones sold,
Give us the new Bold!

We don't want to wait,
So give it to us straight,
When will it be,
The new Bold will we see!

CrackBerry Kevin,
Like a man from heaven,
Submitted this plea,
Give'n a Bold away for free!

So hurry it up,
We don't have all year,
Bring us the new Bold,
Or your name we'll smear!

Come on, give me a new Bold 9900!!

Ok, so this is enough. First you deliver phones and make update promises, then fall short and keep me waiting for an update on a phone that never comes. I have been with ATT since it's Cingular days and have never, even after the above incident considered switching providers until now. You don't even have the decency to treat your customers well enough to give us a release date. Look, my life is about to get complicated. I'm going back to school for some courses and working fulltime, taking care of a family, etc. I have been looking forward to this phone all summer in the hopes of getting one to really enjoy before summer ends. No crack opoen the safes, release the phone, stop dissapointing and do not give us any lame excuses. Ahhhhh, I feel better now.

the wife and i are both up on our contracts, about to jump to T-Mobile for the 9900, even though i'd prefer to have it on AT&T. Please release it already!!!

why do we deserve such low service? i can understand a week or two delay but this is just ridiculous...

People have been hoping for this phone for years. It finally comes out, is the best BlackBerry ever made, and ATT holds it with no explanation. We need this phone!

Love this petition! I hope it works. I'm days away from going to Rogers. My money could be going to AT&T. I'm not up for an upgrade so either way. My $600 is going to either go to Rogers or AT&T. I would like to not have to unlock a phone. So AT&T needs to get off their butts and earn my money. Make it happen!!!

Dear AT&T ..... I 100% echo Kevin's sentiments. It makes NO sense to punish your customers by making them wait while all other carriers are on the ball with their 9900 release. Please, please release this phone so I don't have to buy one elsewhere and unlock it. I would much rather give you my money .... but if you don't want it .... ok.

At & T is a great phone company. I heard that the BOLD 9900 is an awesome smartphone. Why should I wait to get it?
I won't, there is no need to if I can get it elsewhere, correct?

So I plead just as Kevin does. PLEASE PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE .... launch the BOLD 9900 ASAP. I have been waiting long enough, and don't want to wait longer.

Thanks AT & T .... I know that you will do right !