BlackBerry PlayBook 101: Personalizing your BlackBerry PlayBook

BlackBerry PlayBook Personalization
By Adam Zeis on 11 Apr 2011 12:20 pm EDT

BlackBerry 101: BlackBerry PlayBook Personalization

The BlackBerry PlayBook is yours (or soon will be) so of course you need to make it your own. Just like your BlackBerry Smartphone you can change up the settings, wallpaper and other options to tweak things to your liking. While you can't go crazy (just yet anyway) with themes and the like, you can play around a bit to make your PlayBook better fit you. Let's take a look at the easiest ways to quickly personalize your BlackBerry PlayBook.

Personalize Your BlackBerry PlayBook

Change the Wallpaper

BlackBerry PlayBook Personalization

To change the wallpaper on your device, use the Pictures application. Tap a picture then swipe down from the top frame and choose Set as Wallpaper. 

Show the Keyboard

BlackBerry PlayBook Personalization

To show the keyboard, swipe from the bottom-left corner onto the screen. Note: To hide the keyboard, tap the Hide Keyboard icon on the bottom-left corner of the keyboard. 

Disable Multitasking

To disable multitasking and have applications pause in the background, complete the following steps. To access the Settings menu, tap the settings icon or swipe down from the top frame onto the screen. Tap General. In the Application Behavior drop-down list, tap Paused

Lock the Orientation Screen

BlackBerry PlayBook Personalization

To lock the screen orientation, at the top of the screen, tap the Orientation Lock and tap Off

Change the Password Settings

BlackBerry PlayBook Personalization

From the Settings menu, tap Security > Password. To enable or disable a password, change the settings accordingly. 

Adjust Sounds

BlackBerry PlayBook Personalization

From the Settings menu, tap Sounds. To adjust the sounds on the tablet, change the settings on the screen.

Enable 24-hour Clock

BlackBerry PlayBook Personalization

From the Settings menu, tap Date & Time. Tap the On icon beside Use 24- Hour Time. 

Moving an Item to Another Window

BlackBerry PlayBook Personalization

Touch and hold an item. Slide your finger to a view at the top of the screen, then tap the checkmark at the top-left corner of the screen.

Deleting Items

BlackBerry PlayBook Personalization

Touch and hold an item. When an X appears below the item, tap it, then tap the checkmark at the top-left corner of the screen. 

That's all there is to it! You're up and running the way you want to be. Explore some more and you can get everything on your BlackBerry PlayBook set just how you want it. Check out more in our other BlackBerry PlayBook 101 articles.

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BlackBerry PlayBook 101: Personalizing your BlackBerry PlayBook


Can u set a photo off of you BlackBerry when bridged as your playbook wallpaper? If so when u cancel bridge will it reset?

Will you be able to import a picture from your media files, when using BB Bridge, and use that file as your wallpaper? Thanks

**apologies...first poster and I must have hit send at the same time! :) **

i want to be able to have themes and much like ios to where we can customize the keyboard change colors etc

This tutorials are so damn detailed i feel like i have one in my hand and knowing what im doing even tho im far away from having one right now :P.

Thanks Crackberry, i feel blessed by being a member of your community.

Thanks crackberry! I know more about this device before holding it than any other before. Glad to see they have the prefs partly figured out.

Wazzy9, i feel you on that i just cant seem to sit still anymore, i want one so so bad. CB thanks for keeping the fire buring till the 19th.

That I can't wait!! Honestly, I'm a little tired of hearing about it (ok maybe not), I just want one now dammit!! :)

I won't be able to get one right on launch day but definitely within a couple weeks after I should be good!

I agree with what one person said about feeling like I already have one! Kinda does almost feel like I do because I know so much (thanks to CrackBerry!)

In reference to "turning" multitasking off-I assume to conserve power, is there a Power Management setting that automatically switches to full multitasking when you're plugged in to a power source?

can someone explain in simple terms what Blackberry Bridge is please. I was hoping that Ancestry.Com were going to do an app for all but seems not they have for the other Ipads. does anyone know how I can get an Ancestry app on the playbook?

Need help deleting a song from PB library, not just from a playlist. I have duplicates. Trying to conserve memory space.

i have to say , i really like blackberry , and an a loyal bb user as is my whole family. we bought a playbook at christmas.... i am not impressed, i gave it to my kids . i use my ipod instead, cant use netflix , wont play shows on the pbs kids website etc... the apps that i love i can not get .. i have to say im considering an ipad . netflix is the big one for travelling we do . is it ever going to be available for playbook??

I'm having problems importing anything off my Bold9790 onto this PB. I've found the files in File Manafer whilst the devices are bridged, but after wading thru the directories to get to the files it just reads "there are no files that can be opened by Playbook" :(