Personalize your home screen with Fancy Widgets for BlackBerry!

By Michelle Haag on 20 Jun 2011 01:57 pm EDT
Fancy Widgets

BlackBerry users are all about customization. Be it with wallpapers, ringtones, themes, or apps, there are countless ways to go about making your BlackBerry reflect who you are. Another way this can be done that is usually not the first thing that comes to mind on this platform is through widgets. While not a native function of BlackBerry at this time, you can still have widgets on your home screen with the help of applications such as Fancy Widgets, which we first showed you back in December.

Packed with options, this application will replace your current wallpaper with the widgets you choose. Don't worry if you are a wallpaper fanatic though; one of the included options is a wallpaper changer. You can add widgets such as stocks, weather, quotes, countdown, Twitter, and RSS feeds, and place them wherever you want. If you switch themes often, this is a key feature as you can reposition, add, and remove widgets as needed. You can even save and load previous profiles to save time! BerryWeather is supported as well, which I know is huge for a lot of you out there.

The latest version of Fancy Widgets is v1.2.4. This version has brought some worthwhile updates, so if you haven't checked it out yet it's a good time to do so! You can download the free version which gives you access to just two widgets, or get the full version for $2.99.

Change log for v1.2.4:

  • Improved Clock Widget. It is now Digital Clock. Supports custom fonts.
  • Fixed some Wallpaper switcher bugs
  • Reworked all widget settings, added more visual customizations
  • Totally reworked Weather widget. Added location picker, 3 layout templates and icon packs support
  • Reworked Stocks widget. It has now 3 layout templates
  • Internal fixes to improve stability
For more information and to download Fancy Widgets
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Reader comments

Personalize your home screen with Fancy Widgets for BlackBerry!


Anyone in the admin side tried this app? Just wondering how well it works on the older (9000) BB's.

I downloaded the trial, setup two widgets, went back in to adjust their position, which prompted my BB to reset. After 3 tries I said "F This", and deleted the application. Too bad, I was looking forward to giving it a shot.

I have only two people having similar issue with moving Calendar widget. One uses app as Super Fast Pull :)
Still trying to find the issue. Normally no app can cause reboot on BB platform.
One user reported that after Os wipe this is not an issue any more but another app giving this issue. So might be device memory failure.
Looking forward on any details on this thing cause cannot reproduce it any way on test devices in lab.

It's not an expiring trial... you are limited to just 2 widgets in the trial, but in the full version there are like 12 widgets you can add.

S mall correction here,
you're not limited in widgets to use.
You can use any of the widgets but you can place on the screen max 2. I assume one of them will be wallpaper, either static or switcher.
In next release this number will be increased as new features added to the app.

Can't run the app...keep getting the message "Uncaught exception: pushModalScreen called by a non-event thread"..any ideas what this is about?

this is known issue now if the app was not given required permissions that it asks on launch.You can set permissions in Setting to make it work or wait for patch later today.

Make sure you grant "Allow" or "Prompt" to:
Connections: Server Network, Internet, Wi-Fi
Interactions: Cross Application Communication,
User Data: Organizer Data, Files

Pretty good app, I love my theme - But the today is in the tab, and so if I click end, it goes away. This app is a tad sluggish, I hate to say, but very useful!

I really saw lots of Potential in this App, but every time I wanted to move my Calendar Widget it Forced my BlackBerry to Reboot. Although I can move around the BerryWeather Widget just fine!

Giving it another try in a future Build, because I love the idea of Theme Independent Today Screens =).

Yeah this looks like a real problem so I'm going to address it asap. please let me know if you ready to test a new build because I cannot easily reproduce it. If ready please send yor device details (model,Os version) to

I enjoy using the app. Very neat but whenever I battery pull. The device will start up and load but show a black screen for at least a min. Is this normal ?