Personalize your BlackBerry with the new CrackBerry Coveroo Store; Contest: 15 Free Custom Battery Doors Up for Grabs!

By Kevin Michaluk on 25 May 2010 12:58 pm EDT

Contest: 15 Coveroos up for grabs! Full Details on how to enter below...

Longtime CrackBerry readers know I've been a huge fan of Coveroo ever since they first opened their doors for business. Their battery door customization service for smartphones makes it easy to affordably give your BlackBerry a big touch of personalization, either buy purchasing one of their already-designed Coveroos (including the CrackBerry pictured above) or by submitting your own design. And since you're buying an additional battery door when you go the Coveroo route, you always have your original as backup should you want to sell the device or need to send it in for warranty.

Introducing the CrackBerry Coveroo store: Today I'm happy to announce the grand opening of our co-branded Crackberry Coveroo store! The CrackBerry community has always been very receptive of Coveroo's offerings, so it only make sense that we further that relationship. Just visit to browse and shop the new site.

Coveroos for the BlackBerry Bold 9650 and Pearl 3G now Available: If you've just purchased or will soon be buying the new BlackBerry Bold 9650 or BlackBerry Pearl 3G, the great news here is you can already order Coveroos for these devices. Check out the selection here.

Grand Opening Contest: To celebrate the new CrackBerry Coveroo store and the launch of Coveroos for the Bold 9650 and Pearl 3G, we're holding a little contest. TO ENTER, visit and browse the store and decide which Coveroo you'd like for your BlackBerry. Then leave a comment to this post letting us know which Coveroo you'd like and what BlackBerry device model you want it for. 15 winners will be chosen in total - 5 for the Bold 9650, 5 for the Pearl 3G, and 5 from all other device models. Contest ends this Sunday, May 30th at midnight PST. Just leave one comment please. Good luck!

Reader comments

Personalize your BlackBerry with the new CrackBerry Coveroo Store; Contest: 15 Free Custom Battery Doors Up for Grabs!



Toronto Blue Jays - Head Image" design on custom cover for BlackBerry® Bold 9700 in Black - high colour plz plz plz!


I wanna "B' English monogram one for the tour...that is.. unless I can get that crackberry one, but i didn't see it on the site :(

a custom picture of me the wife and my son in his tball uniform for the 9630 cause just the like the bb they are the important in my life so why not have them together :)

I would love a "Marilyn Monroe Portrait" coveroo for my Blackberry Curve 8330! That would be awesome :)

Thanks CrackBerry for always keeping the BB community alive!

i would love to win

"Letter H Monogram - English" design on custom cover for BlackBerry® Bold 9700 in Black

BTW great idea.. cheers

The Aerosmith Wings looks nice ofr a Blackberry Curve 8520 White oh and btw crackberry is my homebrowser just saying

I want the L.A. Angels logo cover! (The one with the year established) I need it to support my team in their time of need. It's a great rally tool for me and shows pride in my team! I have a 9700 Bold. (High color please) By the way, rocks!!!!!!

Bold (9650) in black w/CUSTOM DESIGN (file I'd send-ya!). And believe me, it'll make more than me happy! (Nothing x-rated or anything. Just damn cool and funny to boot.)

I dont know if CB will do international shipping. But this coveroo thingy is just awesome..

I would love to have a "Bold OM" on my Storm2 9520. :) It would be just mind blowing.

... a pick me up would be nice ... I would like one for my blackberry tour "letter M Monogram - English" please and thank you

I will take a Chicago Cubs "Cubs in Circle" backplate for my Bold 9700. I would like the "High color" option (even though I wouldn't mind the laser engraved one.


Though I love all of the Boston Red Sox covers, I think the text is my favorite. I am a native New Yorker who was a Yankee fan until 1999 when I noticed the outright cheating in favorof the Yankees. I became a loyal Red Sox fan at that point and have watched my boys through two world series!

This is actually a really good idea. I would love to see how it turns out!

Blackberry Bold 9700 Black
"Custom Design"

that's grate news for the opening congrats
and I want the "CB theme" like the one on kivens 9700 for my storm2

"New York Yankees - NY" design on custom cover for BlackBerry® Tour in Black

do people really win on these contests? =)

if so can i be one?

I would love to rock the Crackberry logo on my 9700 Bold to match the Crackberry wallpaper and Crackberry theme! Ok, Ok, Love me some Crackberry! Crackberry is not Whackberry! LOL!

I would really love to win one of this custom covers it would look really cool unique and original none of my friends has one of this on there bb so i would love this a lot.

"Hey Domo" design on custom cover for BlackBerry® Storm in Black

Hey there crackberry!! I would love to own a Coveroo that has the Yankees symbol on it...i have a blackberry peral 8100 and only have one cover at the moment...soooo this would be a great oppertunity to show my Yankee pride!;)

If I were to be chosen as a winner for a custom coveroo I would choose the Blackberry 9000 Bold White Coveroo with a Call of Duty Soldier on it. Looking forward to hearing back hopefully. Thank you. --Bob

Hey there Crackberry! i would love the yankees symbol on my bb perl 8100...i only own one cover at the moment and would like to show off my Yankee pride witha new one!! thanx ;)

Hey! It's the world cup football in 3 weeks, I support England and this is the most awesome way to show my support, please please gimme the England "soccer" team door!!!

Do it for my nation damnit!

Hey! It's the world cup football in 3 weeks, I support England and this is the most awesome way to show my support, please please gimme the England "soccer" team door!!!

Do it for my nation damnit!

Oops. Sorry for taking up more comment space but i forgot to mention that i have a bold 9700, just in case you do give me it!

Street Fighter IV: Ryu would be awesome or edgy stars would be neat and simple. for the bold 2, 9700!

I think this one looks the best and is perfect for me, should I be so lucky as to win! I have the bold 9000 and this would be amazing on it. It's the Peter Griffin "Yeah!"

This is awesome! I've never seen laser engraved battery doors like this. Should i be chosen as a lucky winner, I would like the laser engraved "Boston Red Sox - 2 Red Sox" design for BlackBerry® Bold 9700 in Black. God knows it has been a rough season - maybe blackberry magic will help! lol

Thank you! :)


being a tattoo fan and also recognizing the awesomeness of zombies I'd definitely have to go with the "Zombie Chick" cover for my black 8530 curve

"New York Yankees - Yankees" design on BlackBerry® Curve 8520 8530 in black!!! Laser looks great

This is soo cool and the back cover to my blackberry 8900 is really worn. All of these covers look so nice and it was hard for me to pick one. I decided to pick my sign PISCES one because i am really into the zodiac and this design just looks soo cool! [: Thank you in advance if i do win!

I currently have a storm 1 9350, and i would love to get a new coveroo. (provided you guys give permisson for me to wear the logo on my device.) hehe...since i have been striking out all the new device upgrades latley, and wouldnt be bad to have a new back to spice it up. i dont think a color option was offered but it doesnt matter, since i would like to keep the black anyway.

Thanks for all you guys do and the many contests!

I would love to win "Courage - Chinese Character" design on custom cover for BlackBerry® Bold 9000 in Brown..
Please pick me.. :D

Blackberry 9700: The Black Eyed Peas

ps...can we get some lady gaga coveroo's I'd deff buy those!

"Call of Duty - Modern Warfare 2" design for the 9650!! I'm just waiting on the word from big red and this piece is all i need to complete that luxurious BB!!

Hi CB team!
What a wonderful gift :-)
If you pick my entry, my wish is the "Smiley World - HeadPhones (Laser engraved)" design.
My device is a storm2 9520.

Keep up the good work!

Spread the love to us in South Africa. i would LOVE this for my Bold 9700. Jack Bauer is my HERO.
BB is growing here, and who knows how many from this country wil start ordering from Coveroo because of Jack bauer :)

"L.A. Dodgers - LA" design on custom cover for BlackBerry® Storm2 in Black

but if i can i rather try to win a

"Custom Design" design on custom cover for BlackBerry® Storm2 in Black

thank you ;)

Call of Duty - Soldier "Call of Duty - Soldier" design on BlackBerry® Curve 8900

Color: Black
Process: Laser Engraved
Personal Message: KABSO
Font: Myriad

My pic is the chinese characters for happiness because I am the most happy when I am with my blackberry! LOL

I would like a "Stargate Emblem - Black" on my Tour 9630. The one with the SGC logo. Or maybe a custom logo with my company logo (yeah im that much dedicated) if this is not too much expensive.

I'd love to see NHL logos, or possibly have the New York Rangers logo done inder custom art.
I would love to be able to win one of these.

I have a bold9000, I never knew about coveroos but I've always wanted 2 customize my berry this way, I got so many ideas I wouldn't know where to begin. C'mon crackberry gimme a free giveaway to get me started

I would like to have the "U.S. Army Logo" Coveroo for the Curve 8520. That would be a nice prize for reaching my 15yr anniversary in the US Army as of 25 May!

"Gritty wings" design on custom cover for BlackBerry® Curve 8900 in Black

That would be freaking awseome!

I would really love a University of Alabama 2009 Champions battery cover for my Curve 8330. Thanks for the opportunity and ROLL TIDE!!!

these things are great. i would like the cincinnati reds one because i think this could be the year. it would look great on my storm 2!

"Stars" design on custom cover for BlackBerry® Bold 9700 in Black is my choice :)

Although if i don't win one i'll still be buying that design come payday :)

the Call of Duty - Soldier with Title will look great on my Bold9000, since it got a lot of scratches and the leather is peeling off...pick me please! thanks

This is my first post/comment on and I need the "New York Yankees - NY" Coveroo for the BB 9650

Hook a newbie up!!!!

please get me the
"Taurus" design for a blackberry 9630... or i can pretend i have a 9650 since you're giving out 5 of those and im sure not many people have them yet. so yea... i want a "Taurus" design for a 9650 :-)

oh... and i already talked to them about this, but you can add color to any design. I'd like my Taurus symbol to be light blue or orange. :-) surprise me!

thanks guys!

"Chicago Cubs - C with Mascot" design on custom cover for BlackBerry® Curve 8520 8530 in Black


Hi! I want "Star Trek - Starfleet Command" design on custom cover for BlackBerry® Curve 8300 series in Titanium. Thank You!

I would like to win the University of Oklahoma Helmet coveroo for my husband's blackberry curve8330 titanium. Would be a GREAT father's day present for the best dad on the planet!!

I love the Pirate Smiley...ARRRGH! I think the Engraved version looks better.

Hope ya'll get NFL teams soon. I would definately buy one for the New Orleans Saints.

Either the NY Yankees or Upside down Domo for my Tour 9630 or Bold 9650. I am probably getting a Bold soon but I think either door will work on either.

I would really like to personalize my Curve with this selection "Cleveland Indians" design on custom cover for BlackBerry® Curve 8300 series in Titanium. I moved to Florida many years ago but have always rooted for my Tribe from home no matter if they are doing bad or good.

"Let's Go Drink from Family Guy" design on custom cover for BlackBerry® Storm2 in Black High Color.

Thx CB 'n Coveroo!


this is what i am looking for "24 - Every Second Counts" design on custom cover for BlackBerry® Bold 9700 in Black

I would get the an 8900 BYU one for my wife. Unless I win Kevins 9700 an I once again am a blackberry owner. Then I would get a BSU one for my 9700.

Thanks Crackberry. Congratulations on opening the store! Would love Garfield & Odie Back to Back. I have a Blackberry Bold 9700.

My Coveroo for my BlackBerry Bold 9700 would have to be the red STL symbol for the St. Louis Cardinals. That way I can display my two biggest passions at the same time, the BB and the Birds.

Oh boy I would love to have the NY Yanks' logo proudly displayed on my BB9700!

Great job as usual to CB for offering so much to its members!

I would love to win the "Chicago Cubs - C with Mascot" design on custom cover for BlackBerry® Tour in Black. The laser etching makes it look sick.

Yeah, I know. I'll get a better phone when I'm eligible for an upgrade. But meanwhile, I'll have a cool battery cover.

My first choice would be a custom one, with a photo of my 8 month old daughter. If the custom ones are not included, then I would go with the Odie Wagging his tail, from the Garfield collection.

This would be for a Storm 2.

Great contest, Awesome product !!

"Chicago Cubs - C with Mascot" design on custom cover for BlackBerry® Bold 9700 in Black with Highcolor please !

Star Trek - Command Insignia" design on custom cover for BlackBerry® Storm2 in Black

Not bad at all

Well, throughout all the searching I still liked the clean cut simplistic approach of, "Love - Chinese Character". It's a nice symbol representation and i'd looove to have a chance to win it! :)

"University of Michigan - Michigan M" design for my awesome BlackBerry® Bold 9650

Gotta go with this, being a double U-M Alumnus!

Now this is a really cool thing. I would love to customize my beloved bold with the EAGLE GLOBE and ANCHOR. That's right I think the Marine Corps emblem
On the batt cover would definitely speak volumes on what I represent and would be great advertisement for coveroo. SEMPER FI!

I would like the "University of Alabama Mascot" design for a BlackBerry® Curve 8350i in Emerald black. Roll Tide!