Personalize your BlackBerry with the new CrackBerry Coveroo Store; Contest: 15 Free Custom Battery Doors Up for Grabs!

By Kevin Michaluk on 25 May 2010 12:58 pm EDT

Contest: 15 Coveroos up for grabs! Full Details on how to enter below...

Longtime CrackBerry readers know I've been a huge fan of Coveroo ever since they first opened their doors for business. Their battery door customization service for smartphones makes it easy to affordably give your BlackBerry a big touch of personalization, either buy purchasing one of their already-designed Coveroos (including the CrackBerry pictured above) or by submitting your own design. And since you're buying an additional battery door when you go the Coveroo route, you always have your original as backup should you want to sell the device or need to send it in for warranty.

Introducing the CrackBerry Coveroo store: Today I'm happy to announce the grand opening of our co-branded Crackberry Coveroo store! The CrackBerry community has always been very receptive of Coveroo's offerings, so it only make sense that we further that relationship. Just visit to browse and shop the new site.

Coveroos for the BlackBerry Bold 9650 and Pearl 3G now Available: If you've just purchased or will soon be buying the new BlackBerry Bold 9650 or BlackBerry Pearl 3G, the great news here is you can already order Coveroos for these devices. Check out the selection here.

Grand Opening Contest: To celebrate the new CrackBerry Coveroo store and the launch of Coveroos for the Bold 9650 and Pearl 3G, we're holding a little contest. TO ENTER, visit and browse the store and decide which Coveroo you'd like for your BlackBerry. Then leave a comment to this post letting us know which Coveroo you'd like and what BlackBerry device model you want it for. 15 winners will be chosen in total - 5 for the Bold 9650, 5 for the Pearl 3G, and 5 from all other device models. Contest ends this Sunday, May 30th at midnight PST. Just leave one comment please. Good luck!

Reader comments

Personalize your BlackBerry with the new CrackBerry Coveroo Store; Contest: 15 Free Custom Battery Doors Up for Grabs!



Supporting the celtics so if I win one it should be the "Boston Celtics with Leperchaun". Would make a good birthday gift for me, May 23!

id love the Clarity - Chinese Characters design for my 9700.... maybe this will end my CB contest losing streak!

id love the Clarity - Chinese Characters design for my 9700.... maybe this will end my CB contest losing streak!

I'd like the Courage - Chinese Character battery door for my 8520 it looks awsome thanks crackberry!!

I would love to get the Los Angeles Lakers Yellow Kobe Bryant 24 Jersey Coveroo for my original Storm Blackberry!!

"Call of Duty - Soldier" design on custom cover for BlackBerry® Tour in Black would be nice 2 have. :) thanks.

I would absolutely love a high-color Spider-Man for my new Bold 9650! I look forward to seeing the winners and their choices...hopefully I am in that select group.

i would love to win one of the university of miami helmets for my bb 9530. there are so many things you can do to and for these phones its amazing. and you guys have some of the best stuff. thanks for having so many great give aways.

I would absolutely love to get one with a Superman logo on it. If not id love to rock the Crackberry one. Either would just look awesome on my 9700. Thanks Crackberry!!

It is the "Boston Celtics with Leperchaun" design on custom cover for BlackBerry® Bold 9700 in Black

Thanks So Much Crackberry!!

" If I got The Caveroo one, I would Like to Chose One Barbie Skin with " Hey Georgeous" In and Barbie Picture..
It Is look So Cute, Hope I can Be So Luck to Get one
Thanks for Chance

Such A Beautiful Caveroo For Blackberry,
Wish To Get One,
Well, People Said Im Not Girly, Because I Costom My Blackberry 9700 With Chrome, And they Say I need To Put Something Pink On It, hoho

I'd go for the American Flag, laser engraved. Thanks for hosting such a cool giveaway. Looks like a great way to customize your 'Berry!

For those who don't know - Johnny Bravo is the man! For those who don't know - HU HA! That's right, that just happened!

Peace I'm out!

Call of Duty - Soldier with Title for blackberry bold 9000 black or white....;)))
thanks for the fantastic offerings.

mkay. so lets see, since I live in Los Angeles.. "L.A. Dodgers - with Baseball" design on custom cover for BlackBerry® Tour in Black" will do just fine. (: congrats to any winners beforehand!

for my 9630 Tour it would have been nice to have Episode V Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back. But we all know LucasFilms is a bad Mother to deal with. So I'll take the the hated New York Yankees.

...would be the Resident Evil Umbrella Corporation symbol in full color.

THAT is the cover I would want. The others are nice but I use a silicon casing for my Tour 9630. That symbol on a Coveroo plate would cause me to stop using my cover!

I want Jeff dunham peanut, and I was going to have as the writting on it as well to promote this awesome site. I waited for YEARS for a blackberry and I got my first one just a few weeks ago. I love it! I love this site! Thanks so much! I have the 8530.


"Futurama Bender" design on custom cover for BlackBerry® Curve 8300 series in Emeraldblack. would be just plain awesome!

First of all...I am dissapointed that they carry the "u of a" in the college section.

How you pass up on the ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY DEVILS...I don't understand. Sparky would look way better than a little cat that has "gone wild".

Anyways...I would love to win one for my boss!

What a great gift!!!

He has a 8830 World Phone...and I would love to get him his name engraved with a pic of his favorite dog.


I want an orlando magic coveroo for my tour!!!! They might be down 3-1 in the eastern finals but I'm no fair weather fan. Go Magic!!!!!!

It Looks Good Just wished they had more designs to offer like some more movie themes and car logos would be ideal

Would like the Family Guy Evil Monkey for the 9650. Always liked the idea of Coveroo, just haven't gotten around to getting one.

I want a bicycle kick for my storm. It is an awesome feeling to score of a bicycle kick in a soccer game. I did it in an indoor game from 18 yards out caught the keeper out of position. Hook me up to celebrate my goal!

"Circling Dragons Tattoo" design on custom cover for BlackBerry® Bold 9000 in Black ... would absolutely LOVE it if my 9000 had this :)

I've never won before but I gotta win NOW!!!! I'm waiting for my new Verizon branded Bold 9650 and I want a Washington Nats Coveroo with my name on it as well. Woo Hoo. Rocking the Nats and Crackberry with a new Bold and a Coveroo!!!!! What a summer that will be!!! Pick me please!

"Wassap B (by TH Goldman)" design on custom cover for BlackBerry® Bold 9700 in Black would surely "pimp" by blackberry and make it stand out.I hope i win it! i'll be a crackberry and coveroo fan for life!

Florida State University - FS design (color or laser etched) for the Blackberry Bold 9700

These are awesome and I'd love to win one.

I have wanted a Coveroo from the day I got my Curve 8900! Because I became a Crackberry fan before deciding which Berry I wanted I had already picked out my Coveroo. So far, I haven't been able to come up with the $39.95 I need for the one I want. It has to be a custom picture of my English Mastiff, Hershey, because there are no Mastiff's in the dogs list.
Thanks for the opportunity to show off my girls, Hershey and my beautiful (soon to be beautifuller with my new Coveroo) Curve 8900!

I could use the Courage Chinese Character for my Bold 9700. It will remind me to have courage on what's happening with our economy. I'm a victim of economy right now. :)

"Boston Celtics - Text with Clover" design on custom cover for BlackBerry® Bold 9700 in Black

Since my Blackberry Storm 9530 is outdated I would love to win this contest and have the Orlando Magic design engraved on the back of the cover

I could so rock the Ribbon Skull & Crossbones (Goldman)...hook a girl up...please...please...please
for the love of my blackberry 9630

You guys are just the best ever! Who else just gives away stuff to their customers. Keep up all the great work.
I would love to have the American Flag Battery door! What better way to say I LOVE my country then to sport our Flag more than one day a year! I Love My Country every day!
Have a Great Memorial Day weekend!

Just saw the website and a new cover with the Purdue or MN Twins logo would look great on my 9700

I would love the pink ribbon cover for my blackberry tour 9630. I'm a big supporter of finding a cure for breast cancer, especially since I had one family member and a friend who suffered from it.

"Letter P Monogram - English" design on custom cover for BlackBerry® Storm2 in Black .....Now that's what's up. =) thanks for the contest guys.

"Rich and Shameless (by TH Goldman)" design on custom cover for BlackBerry® Curve 8520 8530 in Black .... i would love this on my blackberry

"Boston Red Sox - B" design on BlackBerry® Bold 9000

Color: Blue
Process: HighColor

This be the one I'd LOVE LOVE LOVE to have for my phone this summer to get in style for the MLB season!

These are a really cool product!

My Pink Curve 8830 needs a St. Louis Cardinal battery cover. I have been a fan since I was 3 and it's so hard to find Cardinal stuff in North Carolina...this would be sooo cool!!!


I would gladly appreciate a coveroo with the NBA team Boston Celtics leperchaun only back cover for my bb 8330 curve. This would be such a blessing if I could win this.:D

I would truly appreciate it if I won a Boston Celtics Leperchaun only Coveroo for my bb 8330 curve. It would be a blessing to me.:D

I would truly appreciate it if I won a Boston Celtics Leperchaun only Coveroo for my bb 8330 curve. It would be a blessing to me.:D

First of all Congratulations to CrackBerry for the opening of the CB coveroo store, Keep up the good work, and thanks guys for all the amazing contest that you guys make for all your menbers, incluiding me XD

The 1 i picked was the Minnesota Timberwolves - Snarling in Laser Engraved for my Bold 9700, I was going to pick the CB logo which looks very cool, but this one looks sooooo cool, and i love the NBA, so guys PLEASE pick me as one of the winners, i would really appreciate it. :)

"Smiley World - Monogram Y" design on custom cover for BlackBerry® Bold 9000 in Black

Can we upload our own graphic or pictures? Thanks.

would love the US Air Force for my Tour to continue to show my pride after serving our country for over 20 years

I want the University of Florida-Mascot coveroo for my Storm 2! This would be an awesome birthday present!

Are you really giving away a coveroo this time? Last time you had a contest for some, I won, but never got anything. If this is the real deal, I'd still like one.

"Libra" design in black for my BB curve 8330 - here is why...recently my wife went into labor 6 weeks early with our second son. Everything was going well, when he went into full arrest right after delivery and we nearly lost him. Our son spent the next month in NICU at John's Hopkins after lifeflight during the second blizzard to hit the east coast (Maryland), and we nearly lost him twice. He is currently on a heart and Pulse/O2 monitor and doing much better, but the Libra design is not only my zodiac sign, but more, a reminder to live in balance and remember what is important in life. Thanks for considering my request.

Huge Family Guy fan and when I saw they had them, I nearly fainted!

If I win, I would like the Family Guy Peter saying "Freaking Sweet"

I have a Blackberry Tour! Please make this happen, I will be eternally grateful (and would even consider doing this that I would prefer not to mention)

These are very cool, but I am disappointed that there are no NHL logos available...I would want a San Jose Sharks logo for my Bold

Such a tough choice, but I think I'd have to go with "Auburn University - AU" design laser etched for BlackBerry® Curve 8900 in Black.

I just looked through your website...many choices. Thanks so much for the opportunity. I'd like the University of Texas mascot for a Storm 2. I hope I win! Thanks!

My BlackBerry Bold 9000 has a Coveroo from Star Trek with Captain Kirk in one solid color, dark. I would love for my BlackBerry Bold 9700 the Coveroo From the New Star Trek's Captain Kirk (Christopher Pine) which is in full color. I love both my Bolds and Star Trek! :)

"Star Trek - Command Insignia" design on custom cover for BlackBerry® Curve 8520 8530 in Black.

You know it.

Please choose me to be one of the winners. I just got my tour a month ago and its naked! it needs an amazing customized cover to look sleek and fashionable! I love my tour and this would be the bestest gift it could ever receive and i would be greatful if crackberry was the one to provide me with this special gift! Go Domo Go domo get your groove on as a coveroo!

"Stewie Griffin" design on custom cover for BlackBerry® Curve 8520 8530 in Black
Stewie Griffin really has a way with words.

This is really an awesome thing your doing. Hopefully i can win one but if not i will buy a few anyway.

I would like to have "Call of Duty - Soldier with Title" design on custom cover for BlackBerry® Bold 9700 in Black on my 9700 :-)

Oh please pick me. I want the Phoenix Suns for my Curve 8530 and the 26th is my birthday ! would be a great birthday present....please pick me !
thank you