Personalize your BlackBerry with the new CrackBerry Coveroo Store; Contest: 15 Free Custom Battery Doors Up for Grabs!

By Kevin Michaluk on 25 May 2010 12:58 pm EDT

Contest: 15 Coveroos up for grabs! Full Details on how to enter below...

Longtime CrackBerry readers know I've been a huge fan of Coveroo ever since they first opened their doors for business. Their battery door customization service for smartphones makes it easy to affordably give your BlackBerry a big touch of personalization, either buy purchasing one of their already-designed Coveroos (including the CrackBerry pictured above) or by submitting your own design. And since you're buying an additional battery door when you go the Coveroo route, you always have your original as backup should you want to sell the device or need to send it in for warranty.

Introducing the CrackBerry Coveroo store: Today I'm happy to announce the grand opening of our co-branded Crackberry Coveroo store! The CrackBerry community has always been very receptive of Coveroo's offerings, so it only make sense that we further that relationship. Just visit to browse and shop the new site.

Coveroos for the BlackBerry Bold 9650 and Pearl 3G now Available: If you've just purchased or will soon be buying the new BlackBerry Bold 9650 or BlackBerry Pearl 3G, the great news here is you can already order Coveroos for these devices. Check out the selection here.

Grand Opening Contest: To celebrate the new CrackBerry Coveroo store and the launch of Coveroos for the Bold 9650 and Pearl 3G, we're holding a little contest. TO ENTER, visit and browse the store and decide which Coveroo you'd like for your BlackBerry. Then leave a comment to this post letting us know which Coveroo you'd like and what BlackBerry device model you want it for. 15 winners will be chosen in total - 5 for the Bold 9650, 5 for the Pearl 3G, and 5 from all other device models. Contest ends this Sunday, May 30th at midnight PST. Just leave one comment please. Good luck!

Reader comments

Personalize your BlackBerry with the new CrackBerry Coveroo Store; Contest: 15 Free Custom Battery Doors Up for Grabs!



I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to have a custom Coveroo made for my black 9700. I would send in a file with the name of a girl's program that I started at my church called ZOE.

"Dragon Tattoo" design on custom cover for BlackBerry® Curve 8520 8530 in Black

The coveroo is very similar to the actual Tattoo I have on my arm.. It will simply look awesome when matched with my tattoo :D

I Just ordered a Ralph Wiggum one for my 9700 last week, I'd also like the "Homer Simpson Tested" one

I'm a huge SF giants and BB fan.

The San Francisco Giants - SF on the white BB9000 door would be awesome.

"Futurama Bender Bite My Shiny Metal" design on custom cover for BlackBerry® Tour in Black


Could not find the Ohio State Buckeyes or Cincinnati Bengals so guess I would go with the USAF.

Being a life long Red Sox fan. The Red Sox 2sox symmbol with 1,4,8,9,14,27.
And if you dont know what those numbers mean... look it up!

Being a life long Red Sox fan. My Curve 8330 needs the Red Sox 2sox symmbol with 1,4,8,9,14,27.
And if you dont know what those numbers mean... look it up!

Coverooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooosssssssssssss are awesome!!

I want the "Letter G Monogram - English" design on custom cover for BlackBerry® Bold 9000 in White for my girlfriend!!

I love the "fairy sitting" design for my Tour 9630! I fiddled with it and really like that I could add my name to the design as well. This is GREAT!

I live in North Jersey, Big yankee fan area, I'm the only person I know who is a RedSox fan, I love to rub my blackberry in peoples faces, with the coveroo, it would be icing on the cake. Please pick me!

I'd love to get a "'University of Michigan - Michigan M' design on custom cover for BlackBerry® Tour in Black"!

This is the one I want :)

"Lil Wayne Weezy" design on BlackBerry® Bold 9000

Color: Red
Process: Laser Engraved
Personal Message: Brandon
Font: Handwriting

This is a great contest. Please enter me and I would pick for my Bold 9700 The Dexter - Normal People. Thank you for another great contest. Crossing my fingers hard for this one!

The Chicago Bulls back would look even better when Lebron James joins the Bulls New Movement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lol if im chosen id like the "Ollie" in the sports section! (: For my BB Curve 8520! (: My BBs black btw! : D

Help a struggling college student! The New York Yankees - NY Laser engraved would look amazing on my brand new Bold 9650 for Sprint.

We must be hammering the website... I can't get in.

However, I would love a custom logo for my 9700. I have a silhouette of one of my dogs that would look awesome on the back of my blackberry. Then I could quickly tell the difference between my bb and my husband's!

I would love a custom door for my 9550. I looked for a regular pirate skull & crossbones but did not see one.


"USA Flag" design on custom cover for BlackBerry® Bold 9000 in Black.

That's what I am talking about!


I'd love this coveroo: "Chicago Cubs - Cubs in Circle" design on custom cover for BlackBerry® Storm2 in Black

I'll take the Washington Nationals - "W" design on custom cover for BlackBerry® Bold 9700 in Black please and Thank You :)

I would love a custom "USA Volleyball" logo on the cover of my Storm2 or Storm 2, whether the space has ever been officially decided on. Thanks!

I would like "Courage - Chinese Character" design on custom cover for my BlackBerry Bold 9700 in Black.
It would look nice and thanks a lot for the contest.

Way Cool! I think I'd pick the "Krusty the Clown" Engraved cover for my Storm 2. Thanks Coveroo & Crackberry!

Your contests are awesome and keep me coming back for more news and updates!

My choice, when I win (LOL):
"New York Yankees - Yankees" design on custom cover for BlackBerry® Bold 9650 in Black

I've tried so many times to win, can you help me out this time?


the don.

I'd get either Street Fighter Blanka or a Street Fighter Dhalsim for my 8350i, except I don't think the model is an option. I'd love some more bands, NHL, or Fire Department/First Responder/Police choices

I going to have to get this one.
"Cleveland Indians - Mascot" design on custom cover for BlackBerry® Curve 8520 8530 in Black

my favorite custom coveroo would have to be either of The University of Texas Mascot ones. I think that burnt orange would look GREAT on my black and chrome 9700. PLEASE PICK ME CRACKBERRY!!!!!!!!

I'd love to have a crackberry logo on the back of my 9700! (though I couldnt actually find that one on the site.)

Either that or a custom one with my company logo.

"I've Got Game (by TH Goldman)" design on custom cover for BlackBerry® Tour in Black

There are some cool designs on there. I think the covers look better with the laser engraving than the high color.

I am an alumnus of the University of Alabama, and possibly the school's biggest fan. What better way to show off my pride than a coveroo with the University of Alabama Crimson Tide logo on my BB 9630 (laser engraved of course)?? Thanks in advance for the hook up, CB and Coveroo!!

Stargate Emblem - Black, for BlackBerry Bold 9000 in Brown. Thanks for the opportunity to win CB and best of luck to ALL!

I didn't see one I want on there, but I do see that I can get a custom one. I would love to have a sweet triforce or Legend of Zelda themed one for my Tour (or Bold 9650 if it ever comes to Verizon)

I would fly the German flag on the back of my Tour 9630 every day of the week. Coveroo is Über Awesome

I would love to win the "Los Angeles Lakers - Lakers" design on custom cover for BlackBerry® Bold 9700 in Black Laser engraved!

this is so cool. would love to try out some colourful design that matches my personality on my 9700. please choose me!

Big Red Sox fan. Would love to get the Red Sox cover (not the two Sox, B or text, just the circular logo) for my BB 9700.

Wow thats pretty neat! i have a Tour 9630. The Italia 2010 world cup one looks sweet or simpsons logo! im not picky! lol

"Klingon Symbol from Star Trek" design on custom cover for BlackBerry® Bold 9700 in Black - that's me, and I'm wondering if winners are allowed to personalize.

I made it 4 years in the Navy without getting a tattoo. Now I need one for my storm 2 with Sailer Girl

I would get the MLB with Cincinnati Reds logo with custom laser engraving that said Cincinnati below so I could support the "BIG RED" machine!!

so many choices but i would pick U.S. Marines Military Seal because my grandson is our MARINE ONE and will deployed to Afghanistan for a 2nd tour of duty soon. so i would put that cover-roo on my beloved BlackBerry battery door! if i win one!

I'd like a Coveroo for the 8330 Curve (Titanium) with the chinese symbol for Destiny. It's going to be a while before I can get my hands on the 9650 so I'd love to have the Coveroo to spruce up my old Curve!

This would be difficult for me. I am a huge Texas Longhorn fan but I have a son that is fixing to start at Texas A&M, so I feel I am going to have to change my impressions of the Aggies. I would go with either the burnt oragnge of Texas or the maroon of A&M for the Bold 9650 that I hope to get for my birthday coming up in June. Hope you guys can force me to choose by picking me!!!

I usually have a hard cover of some sort over the back of my Tour, but that might change! A picture of my kids or the University of Arizona "A" would look good. I initially thought about the "Dexter" engravings, but I think my husband would send me away if I did that.
Thanks Coveroo and CB!

I'd be proud to show off the "Hey Domo" design (laser engraved) on my 9550!

Congrats to CB on the partnership with Coveroo, seems only natural.

I can't get enough of Iron Man! I'd love to score an Iron Man 9 design for 9700 (black battery door/stock). Thank you!!

I would Love, without a doubt, a coveroo for my storm 9530 with the "Triple Deke" on it. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pick me! Thank you in advance!

My 9630, is not considered a LIMITED EDITION phone since its at the End of Life status.

Id love a pic of my wife, and kids on this one at the beach where I work...or my company logo...not sure i can get them all together


Congrats on the new store CB. I would like to have the "Florida State University - FS" design on custom cover for BlackBerry® Bold 9000 in Black Laser Engraved. Please! Thanks again!

"CrackBerry" design on custom cover
I know it's pretty not original but it is something I really would like.
I love this site.
On Black for my Inferno 8330.
It would make my year if I won.

these look great, plz count me in for a free one, even though I'm sure I'll be ordering one from the site. Like they say if its free its for me I'll take one! GO YANKEES!

(Since she's at boot camp) ... Hook her up with the Dolphin with the Moon and Stars for the 9700! Thanks guys! You rock!

really love this one for my curve 8520!!!pls?pls?pls?grant my wish pls??more power crackberry!!=D

a custom design for my Storm 2 with an image of Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory popping up in the ball pit with the word "Bazinga!" on it.

Sweet contest.

I'd love the I'm Cooler coveroo for my Storm3.

But since that can't happen yet, I'd be pretty happy having it for my storm 1.

I'm stuck on the actual logo or the lettering. Also stuck on laser engraving or the coloring. But it's a great tough decision to have to deck out my 9550!

Thanks CB!