Personal Guardian now free in BlackBerry App World and OS 7 compatible

By Alicia Erlich on 26 Aug 2011 08:58 am EDT
Personal Guardian
Awhile back we told you about Personal Guardian a one-push panic button for your BlackBerry smartphone. If you ever find yourself in an uncomfortable or emergency situation quickly send out a silent distress call by pressing the convenience key. Messages are immediately sent via the various communication methods you preconfigured on your device or the online portal. These include sending an email, SMS text, phone call to an emergency center, or a Twitter message with your GPS location.

While also packaged with SmrtGuard Pro, many of you voiced concern over the hefty one time fee of $19.99. Well fret no more as it is now free to download in BlackBerry App World. As someone who's usually in the city late at night for work I feel secure knowing I have a quick way to reach out for help. Personal Guardian is compatible with most BlackBerry Smarphones running OS 4.5 and higher including the newer OS 7 devices.

Personal Safety Features:

  • Dial 911 (or configure a number of your choice)
  • Send out a Twitter Message with your location information
  • Send out a Email with your location information
  • Send out a SMS with your location information

More information / download Personal Guardian from BlackBerry App World



"If you ever find yourself in an uncomfortable or emergency situation quickly send out a silent distress call by pressing the convenience key. "

Can it be configured to other keys? The convenience key is probably the key I hit accidentally the most.

EDIT: First!


You're right. The convenience key is normally my camera button, and I hit that key often. They need to make it easy to activate, but not annoying.


Wow! A very nice gesture by the SmrtGuard folks. Everyone should get this!

It would also be great if these type of apps would continue to send out location updates via SMS every 2-5 minutes in case someone is abducted.


I'm making my girlfriend download this!


LoL if this was your wife you would be politely asking her to get it.


I think she will kick you out of the house if you MAKE her download it.


I can say congratulation for the app, to bad it doesn’t work it out of USA.......

I’m writing from Italy and even though the app is available to download, here is useless cause the emergency number to get in touch with is, by default, 911 and there is no way to change it…………..
Why to say “ All countries available” if so is unreal????


By default a mobile phone emergency number is 112 which is when dialed will use the local emergency number ie 911 North America, 000 Australia etc.


I just installed it, and you can set the emergency SMS and phone numbers to anything you want.


this is a good idea for sure! kind of suprised its free...told the gf to get this asap!


I don't need the app on every second of every minute, but it's always running in the background. Does anyone know how to lose it?

Otherwise, great app.