Personal BlackBerry Plans coming to Rogers!

By Kevin Michaluk on 9 Nov 2007 11:16 am EST

Rogers Wireless

Here's a nice pre-weekend anonymous tip for all you BlackBerry users on Rogers Wireless (I guess that includes me!)...

I just received word that Rogers will announce TOMORROW their new Personal Email on BlackBerry plan and other BlackBerry consumer promotions.

This will include the following:

  1. Personal Email on BlackBerry ($15 unlimited email and instant messaging - BlackBerry Messenger, Google Chat, Yahoo Messenger)
  2. $25/4 MB BlackBerry Plan (BIS only)
  3. and a low-priced $79 Pearl for those elgible for Hardware Upgrades

I will post more details when the "official" release comes out. I'd have to say this is a great move by Rogers. Following T-Mobile's lead, this should put more Berrys in the hands of consumers and will blow out inventory of 8100 Pearls (hopefully to make room for the 8120 Pearl which I hope Rogers brings out soon!).

** UPDATE: Looks like our tip was's the official ad!


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Personal BlackBerry Plans coming to Rogers!


Wonder how this going to affect my BB & Voice Plan that I currently have to pay $75 for w/7MB 350AT/Unlim NW

PS: This "RUMOR" has been floating around for a while, lets hope it's truly legit this time, also I'm not to sure on how they can say unlimited for email/IM, when all the data has to go through the same APN, it seems to that with a little look into it, you MAY be able to turn that Unlim Email/IM into unlimited everything, unless Rogers has patched their APN hole thats existing.

Aside from that it SHOULD mean all plans see an increase as well, cause if they are charging $25 for 4MB, then the ppl paying $30 for 2MB are gonna be livid, so on so forth, this is how they break it down..currently...

$25 -1MB
(THESE ARE BASED ON NOVA SCOTIA PRICING, MAY VARY) you ya can see, if one goes up, technically ALL would need to go up, or they gonna have some mad customers included.

Can someone explain.

They offer unlimited email for $15, but then offer 4mb of data for $25.

Please help me our here I am confused. I thought email was a data plan? What differs here


Customer Relations is gonna be busy...

limited to the Pearl only and NO upgrade to the current existing plans pfft....aside from that the fine print indicates this is part of the Blackberry Internet Service, which on their website is described as..

Real time push email delivery of Rogers Yahoo!, Yahoo! Mail, and Google gmail

Automatically checks for e-mail with your Internet Service Provider (ISP)* or Web email services such as, AOL, MSN, and Hotmail, every 2 – 15* minutes and delivers new messages to your BlackBerry Handheld

View attachments including pictutres, web content, Adobe PDF, Microsoft Work Excel and Power Point documents

Internet and WAP Browsing including support for rendering Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, Corel WordPerfect, and Adobe PDF documents found on the Internet

BlackBerry Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, and Google Talk instant messaging services including one-click download
One click access to BlackBerry HELP! For quick, up to date device and service tips and tricks

Instant access to your BIS account administration page via “Email Settings” icon

Immediately redirects new e-mail messages from your ISP to your BlackBerry Handheld. You may need to contact your ISP to determine if they support Mail Forwarding.*

so by Rogers own description BIS includes web browsing, so shouldn't it say Unlimited Email & Instant Messaging and Web Browsing...I'm so calling them out on this one..having paid MORE for my curve then what a pearl costs, having to extend my contract for it, having to pay $75 for 7MB, I won't get into what else I had to deal with from them..then they launch this and make it ONLY exclusive to the pearl, thats just not right, I'm sure they think it's a good thing and really it is, but c'mon, I can't bend over any further for Rogers if you catch my drift there..

It's advertised with the Pearl, but it's not exclusive to just the Pearl. I just activated this plan on my Curve. And yes Bla1ze, web browsing is not included. I'm happy to see Rogers finally making some price drops.

But why isn't the web browsing included, the basis of the description is enough to complain and question it, I KNEW web browsing wasn't included...but...if you read my prev comment again you can clearly see the discrepancies with the plan it's self, Rogers made a step in the right direction here, but it's more of a trip..then a step

I agree with you. I really would've loved to see something setup with web browsing as well and according to Rogers own description, they are definitely contradicting themselves.

After I activated this plan (which was a tough choice for me because I still had the 25MB + 25MB Double Your Data Plan which is no longer available and I didn't want to lose it), I noticed the Facebook app for Blackberry stopped functioning the same way. I would still receive notifications of new messages and wall posts, etc.. but when I would open the message it said the message thread was not available. I called Rogers about this and asked them if I could add a small data plan to my account. He told me I have to choose either a regular data plan or the Blackberry Lite program (the Personal Email Plan). One or the other, no mixing. He then explained to me that Blackberry devices operate on 2 protocols:

1. - which is email and PIN only and driven through RIM.

2. - which is all other forms of data usage and is driven through Rogers.

So this new plan is activating the protocol only and not the, which disables all connection to the data usage.

So apparently, the information about $25 for 4MB is wrong according to what the Rogers rep explained to me.

Now, I'm not a tech guy at all (I still have trouble programming my VCR.... yes.. I said VCR) and I'm just repeating what the rep told me, so don't stress if some of my tech jargon is off or sounds too nerdy - although I have to admit, I was kind of proud that I understood what he meant.

I don't know if that explains the reason why web browsing is not included but I hope it helps.

P.S - another piece of wrong information from the Rogers camp: the rep who activated the plan for me, told me that I would be able to use Google Talk and Yahoo Messenger under this new plan. Wrong! Both IMs use the protocol so I'm no longer able to access either of them. No push content (weather, etc), Google Talk, RSS.. nada. Email and Blackberry Messenger ONLY.

This is seriously the best news I've ever read! I'm so excited now cause I pay waaaaayyy too much for my monthly plan. I just called Rogers and tried to subscribe to it, but they said it wasn't in their system yet....which is weird cause I know that one of the posters said he just activated it with his curve. I will try again tomorrow!!!...soooo excited...Unlimited email and IM?...DAAAMMMNNN!!!!!

Call back. When I called in the rep didn't know what I was talking about at first but then put me on hold and found it in the system. Apparently, they only received the email about the plan yesterday, so the rep I had was actually reading the email out loud for the first time while on the phone with me. Try calling them back and tell them you see it on their site ( you know people who've already activated it. They'll find it in their system for sure.

It's funny how adamant they are about including "Only for Blackberry Pearl" in their description and even in their system, yet none of the reps (1 who activated it for me and another when I called back) even thought twice about it or raised any questions when they both found out I had a Curve.

I called them today and they managed to find the package, but were unable to add it to my account due to some conflict with my current voice and data plan. They told me to call the BlackBerry department tomorrow, so hopefully it all works out fine.

So can someone confirm this:

I have a voice plan existing with a blackberry, but no data plan. For $15, on top of my existing voice plan, I can get unlimited emails? Oui?

Yes, exactly. The new plan will give you unlimited emails and PIN messaging (includes Blackberry Messenger). If you don't care about web browsing, this is a great price, - especially for Rogers and their ridiculous rates.

Just got off the line with Data Customer SVS and was told that i should not add the $15 dollar plan to a curve. She said that i could add it on but it would not work right with the curve - it was designed for the pearl. As someone who works with BES for a govt agency - i find this hard to believe.
Think they are just blowing smoke to keep curve owners away.

would like to here from someone who has added it to a curve and it works correctly.

I feel like the ambassador for Curve owners on this plan now, with all my replies to this topic. lol.

What would you like to know? I'm not a tech guy but I did activate this on my Curve and it's working perfectly. I'm able to access all my email, attachments and Blackberry Messenger. And although I cannot access the Internet or WAP browser, I am able to connect to the BIS admin page for my email setup, which opens in the WAP browser. I guess that still opens fine since it's routed through RIM.

Anything else you need to know, just let me know and I'll do my best to help.

I just got off the phone with Rogers and they too told me I could only activate it with the pearl and some bs saying that it won't work for my 8800....I'm sooo pissed...