Personal assistant app VIKI coming to BlackBerry 10

By Adam Zeis on 22 Jan 2013 10:19 am EST

The voice control functions on BlackBerry 10 look to be very robust from what we can tell, but there is always room for improvement. Looking to fill the void and act as your personal assistant, VIKI will be make its (her?) way on to BlackBerry 10 phones very soon. VIKI, which will have the obvious Siri comparisons, is a personal assistant app that lets you schedule reminders, send email, access news, weather, movie times and much more.

There's no word on an official release, but it looks like VIKI should be available at launch next week. You can check out a quick teaser video above then hit up the forums for more discussion.

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Personal assistant app VIKI coming to BlackBerry 10


EXACTLY! V.I.K.I. from I, Robot.

The good news is that this is V1KI with a 1 not an I. Other than that we are clearly doomed!

I'm concerned too...what's up with all the spelling mistakes? Streessed out? and Its not something, its someone? come video without checking spelling?

"[...]should be available at launch next week[...]"
So, the Z10 will be launched very very soon after the event?!

"launch" in this case means Jan 30, however, rumours are that the phone will be released in Canada the first week of Feb. with "major" supported countries soon thereafter, with the lowly US market not seeing it until end of March/early April.
For the US and BlackBerry's sake, I hope they don't wait that long for the US release. They will get *hammered* in the press/blogs for it.

In terms of US BlackBerry Interest and Adoption? Absolutely, "Lowly". And supported by RIM's backhanded launch delay (if true, that is). The US is simply not a premiere market for them at this point in time. They're "rewarding" the loyal markets first.

Sorry guys! Don't shoot the messenger. =D And I was not being insulting. Just saying what I heard directly from RIM.

I have to say while most of the US has been licked by the carmelized Apple . I have been a LOYAL!!! BlackBerry fan for several years as I'm sure all the BlackBerry fans in the US have been as well. To say we have been anything less is ignorant. Can't blame us for blunders that led them to their demise here. This defines us users from the players. Thru thick and thin. If you ask me it's the perfect time to strike back for the RIMpire. Regain a strong hold close to home.

Some might say the US deserves to be last because of the way the company was treated in the powerful US media.

Anyway it's interesting that this app is exclusive to BB10.

I live in America, and I hate when people bad mouth RIM; we are supposed to be the country who supports an underdog, not an evil empire.

I for one really do pray that the RIMgods do show mercy and give us an early release date. No later than a week after the Canadian release. Selfishly I want it right away, but I also don't want the US Media to rip RIM.

PS: I was always thought that kindness is harder to execute but more effective. You kill people with kindness.

It's easy to lose credibility with simple errors like that in my opinion.

On a side note, I see this as being a feature that will be included, not because it's useful, but more likely because they have to appease those who make comparisons to Apple's Siri.

I can't recall an instance where I spotted someone in public using Siri over traditional search options, but that's just me.

I totally agree. Simple errors can hinder the credibility. Aside from that though, the simplicity of this piece kept me engaged.

I know that was not a "BlackBerry" commercial, but that right there, is the types of commercials I want to see for BlackBerry 10. Simple elegant and to the point. Connects on a real level and even adds an emotional element. No Slandering, no comparison, just This is what we do.

I Bleed Black & Berry

"someone to talk to when you're stressed out"??? really??? what's next??? happy endings??? "hi VIKI, I'm stressed out." "I'm sorry to hear that. Can i give you a hand with that?"


You can only talk to it when you're "Streessed" out. So we have to get a definition for the word. I might not be able to talk to it.

At first I was bothered that this, and tje commercial screamed iphone. That was a fleeting moment. I like that RIM, and it's affiliates, are straddling the line catiously. It's almost a messge of, "I do what you do...BETTER." Can't wait for the launch! I. Just won my phone yesterday,so I'll be in New York!

Take me out for a Birthday Drink Kevin/Crackberry Team? :)

Resistance in futil!!!
Nevermind, that it's the Borg

I will be back... Better BlackBerry is Back!! ;)

Live Long and Prosper!

The VIKI app makers need to correct those spelling errors, especially on their tag line. It's not its.
Anyway, hope it works better than Siri.

On a serious note, I welcome any developer that wants to get their product on the BB10 platform. From the videos I've seen so far, however, the built in voice control looks to be more than sufficient for me.

Yea, I saw a vid (big hands German guy) where the BB10 voice commands were quicker then Siri & didn't have any mistakes (unlike Siri)

Though it was only a few commands, & not by any means an exhaustive test

This video was a let done. Just a bunch of text telling us what it supposedly can do. Not even a sample of the voice or the app in action.

Dang. I was hoping the voice assistant would be called B.A.R.I . (Blackberry Automated Research Intelligence). And to personalize with a male voice, you'd get Barry White, and for a female voice, Halle Berry! =)

I wonder if I can make her sound like GLaDOS from Portal?

"Cake, and grief counseling, will be available at the conclusion of the test."

Wondering if V1k1 is actually the native app? But we have seen a stripped down version in the Z10 hands on vid? Perhaps we are going to see some advanced demoing of the full capabilities on launch day? The people behind viki are saying it's available at launch? Is that because it's the Voice Controls that is already on the z10?

Seems these are the people behind V1k1, and they have created some form of humanoid with AI, which looks like it is the core tech that is going in to V1k1. They said in the trailer, and it sounds a little funny, you can talk to it when stressed out, but how deeply can you communicate with a voice assistant? When it's just programmed to respond within certain parameters of communication, unless it is able to actually use some degree of intelligence. Is there some level of AI in v1k1 that is beyond anything we have seen in a voice assistant so far? Is this going to be a big reveal on launch day?

Or have i watched too much sci-fi tv and over analyzing it all? hehe.

That was very interesting. That video was posted in October 2012. If someone high up took it and ran with it, look out Tony Stark.