People Are Excited About the BlackBerry Thunder!

By Kevin Michaluk on 28 Jul 2008 09:42 am EDT

Free Thunder You know there's a buzz around a device when it hasn't been officially announced by the manufacturer and companies are already promoting contests to give it away. One of our readers, Colby, logged into his MySpace account over the weekend and was suprised to see the ad in this post! --->

The link is safe enough to click, though if you actually want to register for your chance to win a BlackBerry Thunder and "Touch the Cellular Storm" in this contest it looks like you'll have to jump a few hurdles and likely put up with some spammy stuff (and they want your card #). Worth it if you win, but probably not worth the pain. So proceed at your own risk. 

While we're talking about the Thunder, some interesting forum posts have popped up in recent days. Over at HowardForums, a trusted source has said the Verizon Thunder will feature a gig of internal memory and a 3.2 megapixel camera (along with the abilty to purchase Rhapsody tracks OTA and a tentative Verizon launch date of October 8th). In the CrackBerry forums, there's some speculation that it will feature 10 gigs of onboard memory (plus microSD expansion slot) along with a 5 megapixel camera. I hope for the latter, but would be happy with the former. Could it be that both are right and there are multiple versions of BlackBerry touchscreen prototypes floating around out there?!! What kind of specs does RIM's touchscreen BlackBerry have to feature in order to leave you Thunderstruck?!

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People Are Excited About the BlackBerry Thunder!


What kind of specs does RIM's touchscreen BlackBerry have to feature in order to leave you Thunderstruck?!

To answer your question, it has to be what all other BB have been, "A Messaging Machine."

I love having GPS, MP3, Video, Camera, Calendar, Web Browser, etc.. Most important to me is having my email at the ready and it has to be on T-Mobile. I have had much success with them and will not jump ship to go back to Verizon.

At any rate, I travel a lot and the only time I feel I need to be out of contact is when I am in the shower, flying on a plane (even then I cut the deck), or having adult time with my wifey.

BB needs to stay true to its roots, yet I am a hard sell on the touch screen. QWERTY is still top shelf as far as I am concerned.

I like the idea of the thunder but one thing that really upsets me about it and something that I just do not understand is why wouldn't they put the trackball in it. I mean great it's a touch screen but getting around would still be easier with the trackball. So how about it BB guys change the design, please.

You think that ...moving a ball around to navigate menus would be easier than simply looking and touching what you want?

This is just coming from my experiance with the iphone. i think the menus will be too small and it will be a pain to use when driving

.......until I read that service would have to be through Verizon!

I'll just keep beating on tree stumps and listening for the echoes!

1 GB of onboard memory? Uhh, if you want this thing to compete with the iPhone, it has to at least match the iPhone's memory or put more, not significantly less. 10 GB would be nice.

Usually I'd be all over new BlackBerry's, but the Thunder hasn't got me excited, not one bit.

that's what memory cards are for. I rather have a couple 32gb or 16gb cards than built in memory. With cards, your not limited to the amount of memory that the device has.

$500 aint worth that to get a free phone on top of contract 2yrs with verizon AND monthly fees for Verizon..might as well get IV to your wallet if u r to go with them!!

A gig of on board memory with a microSD expansion slot and I'm sold. Since I already am on Verizon I cannot wait for this to hit the market. I am drooling already.

The hoops you have to jump through aren't that bad. Make a spam email account, sign up for 6 stupid free trials, keep good records, cancel things on time, and then wait. I got a iPod and a $300 gift card from things like this. It took a but of time, but I think a few hours of my time is worth a free Thunder.

October!?!? Well at least it wasn't too far off of the original rumor of Q3 2008(September). I just hope my piece of crap krzr k1m can last until october. I am drooling over this thing if the rumors are even half true.

My wish list:
1)Real web browsing like the iphones/ipod touch, and no more crappy mobile web links surfing

2)Not too huge physically, i'm scared about this one

3)Verizon not gimping it and putting their ugly interface on it

4)Instant messaging, like AIM

5)For RIM to officially announce this thing so everyone can stop speculating

What will make me Thunderstruck?

Everything current Blackberries have now, plus:
1. A sliding screen with a qwerty keyboard in addition to
the on-screen keyboards
2. A pc like browser, similar to safari
3. Wifi(Possibly (802.11N or WiMax)
4. Full Java and HTML support
5. Voice playback of anything on screen (user selectable)
6. Speaking call ID like the Nextel I580
7. Functioning Screen Saver when idle or locked
8. Maybe a Firewire or eSata port
9. A RF transmitter for remote unlocking or arming of a car
and opening garage doors
10. A much louder speaker like Nextel Phones
11. A 6MP or higher camera
12. Maybe a fingerprint reader for security use
13. To be able to take a picture of a text document an use a
built in OCR program on it
14. A very powerful processor to handle numerous intensive
15. A battery with enough capacity to rum numerous programs
and talk for at least 16 hours
16. A webcam program of some sorts
17. At least 32Gb's of on-board memory
18. Rain proof or Water proof
19. A built-in voice scrambler
20. $300 or less price tag

I personally think it will have 1Gb of on board memory(Possibly 500Mb's) and a 3.2MP camera considering the current state of the cellphone market. Now if they (RIM) are actually trying to make a multimedia phone, I feel quite confident that it will have at least 8Gb's or 16Gb's. But I will just come out and say it. It won't come out with a 5MP camera. No way, no how. At least for now. But either way I can't wait till it comes out so I can see if I am wrong or right.

P.S. I hope it comes out on Sprint or some other carrier. LOL! Come on, I'm waiting for it.

Who are you....James Bond!!!!! That would be a nice product but I think we are years away from packing all that into a thin touchscreen. Especially for $300. i would be camping out to get one though.

Lets hope that if the thunder does have an SD card slot....they move it out from underneath the battery like it is on the curve. That is the most rediculous spot for a card slot. I realize that it isnt often that you have to swap it out but when you have to power down and remove battery to do so. Ugh!!!

How can it be old news....the BGR pics popinting out the features didnt make any mention of an SD Card slot on the side.....besides....there is still no official release of specs so I will believe it when i see (or read) it.

Sorry, i could have sworn it was on the side. I did some checking and its behind the battery. But there wouldn't be a need to take out the memory card anyway. Why would you constantly take it out?

Considering the current state of cellphones and especially BB's. I am quite positive it has a memory card slot. If RIM listened to their customers it will be on the side. However if not, or it was not physically feasible it will be under the battery. Heck it might even be on the bottom or the top! And to the responses to my first post. The article said what features does the Thunder have to have, to be Thunderstruck(Amazed, left speechless, etc..). Well those things where definitely the ones that would do it. I am well aware of what a UMPC is. I am sure that those features will never end up on a phone. Given the technology that would be needed to accomplish all that, we would probably be using a whole other means of communicating by then. You know, stuff like embedded tooth or jaw phones or something greater. But back to the question, if it did have these features. I would definitely be Thunderstruck! Heck I'll be under Cardiac Arrest!

P.S. Who I am is irrelevant. I am just a plain old hardworking Joe, who really dislikes Verizon! :)

For me...I look forward to having very good camera/video camera resolution -- the more pixels, the better. I'd love to ditch the camera and video camera for one device: the BlackBerry.

The BB needs to do a better job recording long meetings/lectures/etc. Even with 3rd party software, the BB's recordings sound "canny" and the BB's microphone is very weak compared to both my Treo's. (I still carry my de-activated Treo around just for this purpose because the BB doesn't live up to my expectations.)

-8 gigs of onboard memory
-awesome web browsing
-iphone like gestures (you can all keep lying to yourselves, but the gestures are awesome)
-easy internet browsing (flash enabled, fleshed out, no bare bones editions)
-micros SD slot
-ability to read .doc and .pdf (this may already be there, I'm new to blackberry)

ummmm . . . that's about it

I'd like a nice built in camera with flash and maybe a good mp3 player, but that's not high on my list.

I'll be SHOCKED if verizon releases the thunder with wifi. They'll cripple that at the very least, so you have to buy their $50 a month data plans.

Wifi is a must, Verizon has almost no phones with wifi. I have wifi almost everywhere i am and would use that over the browsing costs.