Peep It for BlackBerry ditches the beta tag - We have 25 copies for you!

Peep It
By Jared DiPane on 18 Feb 2012 12:07 am EST

Back in January we caught wind of a beta application called Peep It which allowed you to easily read messages without having them show as being read through BlackBerry Messenger. It appears as though the beta went well, some good feedback was received and the folks over at Epic Applications have released the application for your purchasing pleasure in App World.

The concept behind Peep It is quite simple, it allows you to read your BlackBerry Messenger messages without the status of the message changing from "D" to "R". Sure, this isn't useful to everyone, and some think it defeats the purpose of BBM as a whole, don't you ever find yourself wanting to read something and not respond right away?  

Peep It is the quickest and easiest way to view your BBM chat histories on your phone. With one click access to view and delete your chats, Peep It makes managing your history easy.

A device running OS 5 or higher is required for the use of this application and reading and responding to your messages is a breeze. Simply launch the application and read your messages -- if you want to reply directly to a message you are reading you can press the menu key and then click launch BBM and it will open right into the conversation for you. If you would like to be able to read your messages without the other party knowing you have done so be sure to hit the link below and grab a copy for yourself today. The application will run you $2.99 but there is a free trial available as well, but that is a small price to pay to end the headaches of "why are you ignoring me" and any other upset comments.

More information / purchase of Peep It 

Contest: The fine folks of Epic Applications have given us 25 copies of Peep It to giveaway to you, our favorite readers. Entering is simple, just leave a comment on this post and you are good to go. Contest ends Sunday at Midnight PST. 

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Peep It for BlackBerry ditches the beta tag - We have 25 copies for you!



Here's an other way to read your blackberry messenger messages without the status of the message changing from "D" to "R".
Just turn chat history on and go to the chat history from the person ho send you a message.


Man, to have a copy of this little app, would make my BBM all the much better to use. Finally, to be aable to view a BBM & not have someone 'know' that I've read it, would be fantastic.

Me, me, please....pretty please.

Do you guys know that this feature has been included in the new update (v10.0.0) for Advanced OS and LED (Free App)?

You are welcome.

Hi! Please count me in!!!
I'd love to be able to do this with my BBM!!
Hope I win a copy!

Thanks to CrackBerry and Epic Applications for offering this to CrackBerry members!!

Go to bbm setting, set record chat history to on. Then instead of clicking a new message click view history. Now you can read the message without it showing as read.

Beta tested this and worked brilliantly gives a little added privacy in times where you might be interrupted & not able to respond without making you look rude

There's really no point to buying this app.. no offence to the developers. However, if you scroll to the message.. click options and select view message history.. you can read the message without the "R" showing so they wont know you've read it. All t does is access your message history. It's a functionality already built in but you people obviously don't know much about your blackberry. Smfh..

Anybody with a wife, husband, girlfriend, or boyfriend would find this app useful at one time or another. Sign me up!

I feel bad for yalll !!

Am I the only one on this website that knows the trick to read BBMs without them showing read??
I would tell you guys how...but unfortunately things in this world aren't free. It would be unfair to the developpers who took their time to make it.

The only one I can tell is Crackberry Kevin !

Ingenious and time saving when on the run between meetings. Also allows for screening of messages and delete as opposed to having spam coming out of one's ears. Also allows for answering of urgent messages while not opening the rest. Provided it works as promised on a Curve 8520 its the best app yet.

I tested the beta version of this but for some reason didn't get a response about the free copies so it would be great to win one here :)

I could find some use for this app; it has it's use especially for those ppl who like to flood you with broadcast messages! I'm definitely in...

This would be a great way to regain some of my personal time from work related messages that assume I am married to the job even on weekends.

Here's an other way to read your blackberry messenger messages without the status of the message changing from "D" to "R".
Just turn chat history on and go to the chat history from the person ho send you a message.


Would love this! I tend to get surprise favour requests when I least expect it and then I can't say no to them T_T

The delivery status has been part of RIMs marketing strategy in IM, but lately free cross platform IM apps are killing BBM. We need to make it more appealing again

been a very long time since i won a contest:D
ive tried this app on my curve 8900 and it works great!! too bad it was a trial and it ended!!
would love to have 1 copy of it!! th anks alot CB and gluck to all BB World Friends!! :)

Clearly someone was using ther head when developing this app. I'm so tired of the "you read it why didn't you respond" that comes with BBM. Maybe I'm pre-occupied with something else ans just wanted to read the message to see if it warranted urgent reply? This application would really go a long way to putting off those not so important BBMs.

this I'd an app I need! My boss is a good friend who I communicate with through bbm almost exclusively. Even though I love my job and my boss, sometimes I get bbm messages that are work related on my days off that really can wait until I get back to work, but once I've read it I feel obligated to deal with the issue right then. It makes me dread the sound my BB makes for bbm when I am off.

I'd prefer to win the app, but if not its a must have for me anyway.

I was tessting this in Beta, and love it. Very handy in thos situations where you don't want to "read", or at least let the other party know you read it.