Peep It beta allows you to read those BBM messages without letting anyone know

By Jared DiPane on 19 Jan 2012 12:46 pm EST

Peep It 

Ever find yourself wanting to read a message on BlackBerry Messenger but either don't have the time to reply, or you just want to know what was said without feeling obligated to reply? Well one of the greatest evils about BlackBerry Messenger is that it shows when a message has been delivered and then once it has been read it changes to "R" -- that was the case until now. Peep It, a new application that is currently in beta in the CrackBerry forums, allows you to read the messages without having them mark as read. The application will require your device to be running OS 5 or above and you do need to enable 'save chat history' in your BBM options for it to do its job.

You will read your messages through the external application and replying is quite simple -- all you have to do is press the Menu key, launch BBM and it will bring you right into the conversation, marking the message as read. Currently the folks at Epic Applications are seeking feedback on the application,so hit the link below, try it out and be sure to let them know how things go for you!

More information / download of Peep It 

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Reader comments

Peep It beta allows you to read those BBM messages without letting anyone know


This is totally awesome and pure genius!!!!!!!

Wait what? If my chat history is already enabled I can go back and open my history and read it from there....

Or you could just view the history if its enabled to view the messages....this also does not show the messages as being read. I've been using this method since chat history became available, allows you to read all your messages and not feel bad for not having the time to reply right away. Also allows time to think about your reply without being harassed with another message "why havent you replied?!?" lol

Misses the whole point of BBM. You might think you are smart using this. Take it to it's ultimate conclusion and you might as well send a text message.

I agree. I don't like the idea of this app at all. If your busy, set your status as busy.

Knowing that someone got the message is a great feature. People just need to realize that there are times when people can read a message but not respond right away.

I hope this doesn't past beta.

I find that this will take everything away from the whole concept of BBM. And this is probably the difference of why BBM is better than iMessage.

Tried to install twice, both times "Uncaught Exception; Java.lang.nullpointer" when trying to run it. Running however. May not be a necessary app as noted by others, but I like checking out new ways to use BBM.

Wow - BBM is the biggest thing RIM had going for it, and this is the biggest thing BBM had over texting or email or any number of random chat apps. If you love blackberry, this app is penny wise, pound foolish.

I love to try. I downloaded & installed. But it say free trial is expired. I even have a chance to try it...sigh :(

IMO takes away from BBM. That concept is just like normal SMS (text), why bother downloading BBM in the first place....arggggg

Freedom of Choice,

No one forced users to download this app, and as pointed out here, it can be done without using the app ;)

Its developers habit to provide shortcuts for users and to make them aware of hidden feature in any platform, so why blackberry supporters (like yourselves) are discouraging developers to provide such features !!? every app has mixed feelings towards it, let each individual decide for themselves :)

A good question to ask yourselves, are you all really happy with the current apps in blackberry ? I am not, and i'm doing something positive about it, are you ?

@Developer, please continue what your doing with this app, all apps have bugs at the beginning, but if you are determined, you will fix it for sure :)


this is stupid. you could do this without this app. if you enable convo history u just pick view chat history and read it there. it will keep the message as unread. so they just made an app to do something that was already possible.

if they could have done this app without enabling convo history then they would have something.

OR you could just open the chat & check it, & while still in the chat, switch applications to "messages" & delete the chat there...that would keep the message in the chat still at "D" :)

I don't get why people give a crap if the sender sees an R yet doesn't get a reply from you? Just tell your stalkers to get a life...

Buena Noches: Con todo el respeto a todos por su manera de pensar, en relación al tema de la Aplicación para activar o desactivar la opción de saber si una persona leyó o no un BBM, yo opino es algo positivo y que la RIM debe tomar en cuenta para colocarlo en sus opciones referente a la aplicación de BBM. De esta forma se la da la oportunidad a las personas de seleccionar si quiere o no quiere que la otra persona sepa en que momento o a que hora leyó X mensaje! Pienso debería estar dentro de las opciones!