Peek's BlackBerry Storm Launch Day Stunt

By Kevin Michaluk on 10 Dec 2008 10:36 am EST

I just saw this video posted over at BerryReview (happy birthday Ronen!) and thought all the Storm chasers in the house would get a kick out if it. It's sort of funny in a sad way...

You've gotta hand it to the folks at Peek though - they're doing everything they can to spread the word about their email-only dumbphone (as opposed to smartphone). In NYC on Storm launch day the Peek crew dressed up in prison garb and tried (unsuccessfully) to sway would be BlackBerry Storm owners into leaving the Verizon store line-up to head down to the nearest Target and purchase a Peek instead. Errr... good luck with that one.

What's really funny is that back on VZW Storm launch day I received a number of on-location shots of these guys by this store, yet had NO IDEA what that was all about until watching this clip. I guess it's never too late. Learn about Peek here

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Peek's BlackBerry Storm Launch Day Stunt


Peek would have been great about 5 years ago. 19.99 a month for peek service? I'll stick with my " ball and chain"..

Screw contracts.
All I need is my email.
As for calls, heck thats why there's such a thing as pre paid cell phones (tracfone,etc).

really stupid not funny at all! They needed someone else to talk not the guy with the jacked up mouth! I stopped watching at 340 because it was gross

The funny thing is that if you get the voice and data bundle from Verizon for the Storm, you are eligible to upgrade after 12 months. Boo Ya!

I remember having a little thing called the iGo for AT&T way back when, that did the same thing as the peek. my second point is so you pay $20 a month, and then another $60 (assuming most peoples phone bill) so a monthly bill of $80 a month combined. Then lets take the average cost of a cell phone, lets say $125, and then you add the costs of your peek $100, so your total between the two devices is $225. Well folks for $225 you can buy a blackberry, and for $100 a month you can have a great phone/email/sms/mms/ect plan..... And my whole thing with a contract is we are not going to ever get rid of our phones, so who cares if you have to sign a 2 yr contract.. sorry if this is hard to understand, i am writing this from my friends bb storm, and i am not use to it, but i think you all are catching my drift..

What in the h*ell is that?? So let see if I understand what they want us to do. Go out and buy a cell phone. THEN, go out and spend MORE money on this thing, and carry around BOTH of them. Pay TWO bills each month. My Berry plan is $30.00 a month for unlimited email AND web. AND, I can make a PHONE CALL. ON THE SAME DEVICE. Why not just lug around a LAP TOP??? You can get your email that way too. And, makes about as much sense as owning one of these.....

That was stupid. Don't buy a car and get locked into a payment. While I am at it, maybe I will go rent so I am not locked into my mortgage. Wow, people have some strange jobs. How does this dick think not spending money is going to help the economy in America? Let's all not buy phones and maybe Blackberry can go before congress and beg for money like the auto makers.

I agree, this is what a Blackberry was years ago. I traded in my cell phone, MP3 player, and PDA all for one device (I was beginning to feel like Batman with all the devices sitting on my belt). the last thing I would want is another seperate unit to keep track of.

"What does it do?"
"It sends email and texting!!!!"
".......... and?"
"That's it!!!"
"..... That's it?????"
"Can it copy and paste like a Blackberry?"
"Well no but..."
"Can it make PHONE CALLS?"
"Well no but..."
"Can it surf the internet?"
"Well no but..."
"Can you watch videos, play music, and look at photos?"
"Well no but..."
"Can it take pictures"
"Well no but..."
"Can you download different types of applications for it like weather reports or stock quotes?
"Well no but..."
"So basically you're trying to sell me an oversized beeper."
"Well...... yes..... BUT THERE'S NO CONTRACT!!!"
"........... I plan on using my BRAND NEW BLACKBERRY for more than one month you jackass!!!!!"

Seriously, If i was there (i bought the Bold when it came out for AT&T, no Storm for me) i probably would have. If this Peek could AT LEAST either make phone calls or play music, then they'd have legs to walk on. Not long legs, but legs nonetheless. But the fact that this little device ONLY does e-mail and nothing else, who cares? How Wired Magazine called this the #1 gadget of the year, and it's on Oprah's hot list, is beyond me.

Lets compare apples to oranges. Is this for real? The reason I have a smartphone is so that I don't have to carry multiple devices. What a joke...

I bet you we will see a bankruptcy filing for this company in a few months because they probably spent all the money they had from their 2 or 3 sales on those life size Storm boards. They probably had to work for free that day and pay for those prison outfits out of their own pockets. I wish they would have shown someone just staring at them with a stupid look saying "are you serious?" because you know it happened quite a bit haha

I was there at that particular store when Peek showed up. NYPD was there to ask them to leave the building front because they didn't have any paper work to do what they did not because they loved the product. I even saw that small girl use a Sidekick and asked her why aren't you using the Peek. She had no comment, I suggested that how can you represent a company and not use their products. I had asked them all sorts of questions and no one had any answers. Thsy never did their homework with Verizon's plans, products and services. I have to say they did look like fools.

LMAO. I saw them too at the store across from Bryant Park. I had no idea who they were and didn't care since my focus was getting a Storm

Can someone please tell me whatever happened to the PalmPilot. I will agree that it was not as good as the Blackberry but it was not that much further behind. They also could have upgraded it quickly in response. Is this just a case of marketing or was something else involved (no, not a conspiracy).