PeeKaWho Gets Updated - Win a Free Copy!!

Win a Free Copy of PeeKaWho!
By Kevin Michaluk on 23 Dec 2008 11:45 am EST

If you're a BlackBerry user and still don't know what PeeKaWho is, you'd better pause your reading for a second and click here, here and here to learn what you've been missing.

Now that you're up to speed with what PeeKaWho was, let's take a quick look at how this already awesome email/SMS alert application has gotten even better with the release of version 1.2. What's NEW in PeeKaWho v1.20:

Core Features:

  • PeeKaBlock - SPAM Control on your BlackBerry. You can now setup Blacklist and Whitelist with PeeKaBlock. Learn how to use it.
  • Improved LED Notification. When you read an email, the LED alerts turns off with the email.
  • Multi-lingual support - See our options in these languages: French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Portegese, Chinese (Traditional/Simplify), and of course English.

Extra Features:

  • PeeKaLight - using your BB as Flash Light - now works with Left Convenience Key for quick access
Bug Fixes:
  • PeeKaPic not showing up bug when language is not set to English.
  • HTML Support showing tags.

And for more details on version 1.2 you can check out PeeKaWho's online manual. PeeKaWho is available for $10.00 from our software store. But DON'T FORGET... we have a 20% off sale going on right now in our mobile app store, so if you visit on your Berry's browser and use coupon code endofyearsale20 at checkout you can save yourself $2. Click here for sale details.

PeeKaWho Holiday Giveaway Contest

'Tis the season for GIVING, and SmrtGuard is living up to that notion by giving readers the chance to win 50 copies of PeeKaWho! Entering is easy. Just be logged in to and leave a comment to this blog post! Looking for something to say? Why not wish everyone a Happy Holiday! You have until December 26th at midnight PST to enter, so HURRY. Good luck!!!

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Happy Holidays!

And I hope I'm one of the lucky 50!


This actually looks pretty interesting.


Merry Christmas everyone!


And Happy Holidays to all!


Merry Christmas everyone, hope you all got some cool BB accessories in your stockings! ;)


well i a new to the black berry world i have the storm i think this would be a great program hope i win


Haven't had my Curve 8330 very long but I'm ready to put some apps on it. Looks like a really cool app.


Hope Santa realizes we're in a Recession and gives me a PeeKawho...Happy Holidays 2 all! Peace


Merry Christmas fellow Crackberrians and Have a Happy New Year from South Carolina!


I never win nothen.
So will this be the first?


Happy Holidays to all and extra happy to the ones that are giving me a free PeekaWho :-P


merry christmas everyone! and a happy new year!


I've always wondered about this program, from reading the post it looks like a great application for someone to have on their Blackberry. The Blacklist and Whitelist should be a RIM standard, thank the Berry Gods for someone making an application to remedy this issue. I hope I have the opportunity to win a free copy!


I saw Santa last night flying over Playboy Mansion singing HOE HOE HOES
Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas from Hawaii. Good luck to everyone that entered the contest. GOOD LUCK!


hmmmm, I wanna win this app...


Wow free Aerize Alerts on x'mas and now a chance for PeeKaWho free, you got to love it. Happy Holidays everyone!


Love this app! would love to have a copy :D


and have a happy and safe holiday everyone!


Wishing Everyone and their families A Merry Christmas and a Happy New years


Wishing Everyone and their families a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Snoopster J

Merry Christmas y'all, hope everyone's having both a sweet and safe one, especially here up north with all the snow.

I've also always wondered - does the camera app Peekaboo have anything to do with Peekawho?


sweet, this program seems pretty awesome to find out who's calling/txting/emailing you in the middle of something


What a cool name for a cool application. Cheers!


Looks like a great piece of software. I would sure like to get my hands on it...Christmas style :)


Merry Christmas to everyone and I love my storm!


Hope everyone had a nice Christmas! And yes, I said CHRISTmas.



I hope I get one too.


App seems pretty interesting. I think I'll try a copy of it and try it for 2 days.


Happy holidays....let's celebrate with free software!


Merry Christmas Crackberry!! The best resource on the net for Blackberrys!!! :-)

Thanks for all the support you all have shown here.

Happy Holidays to everyone.

Best wishes in 2009

Everyone here @ SmrtGuard


Still have to read up on all the updates, but sounds really cool so far!


wouldnt mind checking this out... make me a winner crackberry?


I just wanted to take a moment to wish everyone at Crackberry a safe and joyous merry christmas, and a happy new year. May you all be blessed with a happy and prosperous new year.


this is freakin sweet. i hope it works for the curvee


I'd love to give this a try....


Today I was "wished a Merry Christmas" by 11 people. However because a woman who I am crazy about is confusing me, all I could think about all day is her and the situation. I wish I would have had PeeKaWho today. Perhaps than I could have been able to prevent being disturbed from the work I was attempting on my BB to distract me. Honestly, I just need something posotive to happen to me, such as winning something. Christmas is dark when you spend it totaly and completely alone. So Merry Christmas? Bah hum-bug.


Happy Holiday's to all my fellow BB owners!



I would love to have this application!!! Hope everyone had a safe and Happy Christmas! Good Luck! :)

David K

Thanks for giving such a great offer. I LOVE this program. Now, hopefully, they can bump up the number of freebies to match the number (6000?) given out for free by Aerize.

Merry Christmas all!!


Used the trial, pretty decent app. Would love to win one!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Pick me, pick me!


Looks like a cool little app...


Newbie here! Am just tapping into the awesomeness of my Storm. I would love PeeKaWho!!!!


Hoping all the CrackBerry addicts had a great Christmas and wishing a great New click


Hope everyone had a Happy Holidays and I hope I win.


I tried the demo version and didn't find it helpful. Maybe I didn't give it a good enough chance. I'll try it again!


happy holidays to all, may the new year bring great things.

John Hoffman

Happy Holidays and a great New Year !!!!


Looks like a cool little app.


I'm working today and my day is going badly. I would love to win something fun!


Hope Everyone had a Great Holiday!!


I would love to have a free copy!!

Louis P

Sounds like a GREAT app. For free sounds greater. Love to be one of the lucky ones, so I don't have to pay for it.


PeekaWho...excellent product. My trial has expired and sure would be appreciative of a free copy.



This application looks like it will come in handy. It's nice to see SmrtGuard giving away a few free copies for th holidays.

Good deal!!



Have a happy and safe New Year!


Would love a copy of this great program.


Merry chrismahanakanzika


I tried the free trial and this was a great product.

Jeff Pinheiro

I hope I didn't miss the entry date!


this is something the bb os should include built in
now to decide: peekawho vs aerize...


i'm open to free software.. :)

Mariah O

What a great program.


PeekaWho could offer the same AfterCristmas' sale as Email Alerts for 2.50$. Then more people will use it.


I tried that for a bit, it was really neat! I was contiplating about actually purchasing it. I did find tho while my work emails are coming in (About 1 every 20 seconds) it lagged pretty badly.


Really great application!


Unless it comes with a crack at Serena, I'm not interested. Installed the trial and it crippled my Bold. SSDD.


So I hope I WIN this


Hi. I would like to know if there still any available PeeKaWho copy to give away. Please let me know.
Thanks a lot and regards to everyone.


Hi. I would like to know if there still any available PeeKaWho copy to give away. Please let me know.
Thanks a lot and regards to everyone.


It would be nice it it worked with BB Messenger.

Daniel M

I loved the trial version of peekawho and cant wait to get the full version.